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vacation not exceeding two weeks in any one year upon such terms, if any, as they shall think expedient.

“ And the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the Board of Aldermen, may, if they see fit, whenever any member or officer of the Fire Department shall, by reason of such vacation, or sickness, or otherwise, not attend to his duties in the Department, select a substitute."

Amend the numbers of the subsequent sections to correspond with the number of said new section.

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SECT. 56 (now 57), between the and chief insert the word "present."

In Common Council, June 13, 1861.

Passed. Sent up for concurrence.

J. H. BRADLEY, President.

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In Common Council, June 27, 1861.
Read, passed to a second reading, and ordered to be printed.

C'lerk of the Common Council.


No. 32 Congress Street, Boston.

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In Common Council, December 27, 1860. THE Committee on Public Buildings, to whom were referred certain plans for a new City Stable at the South End, with instructions to procure estimates thereon, have attended to that duty, and beg leave to


That, with some slight modifications, they cordially approve the plans laid before them. If the stable is built according to these plans the City will have a structure suited to, and sufficient for the wants of the Internal Health Department, ample in size without any waste of space, and substantial in construc-· tion without extravagance. The most advantageous estimate received by the Committee places the cost of the Stable, complete in all its parts, at about Forty-five Thousand Dollars. There being already an appropriation of Ten Thousand Dollars for this Stable, the Committee ask the passage of the accompanying orders authorizing the execution of the work and providing the necessary funds therefor. Respectfully submitted. For the Committee,


ORDERED: That the Committee on Public Buildings be, and hereby are authorized to build upon the site set apart therefor, on the South Bay Lands, a Stable for the accommodation of the Internal Health Department, at an expense not exceeding Fortyfive Thousand Dollars.

ORDERED : That the Treasurer be and he hereby is authorized to borrow, under the direction of the Committee on Finance, the sum of Thirty-five Thousand Dollars, the same to be added to the appropriation for the construction of a City Stable at the South End.

In Common Council, January 3, 1861. Referred to the next City Council. Sent up for concurrence.

J. P. BRADLEE, President.

In Board of Aldermen, January 5, 1861. Concurred.

OTIS CLAPP, Chairman.

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