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Name Daffan, Bliss-Continued.

Donnell, William Logan.-

Farmer, Guy--

Farmer, Margaret.-

General Excavator Company, R-1006.
Pure Oil Co., 16-C328 (rev. on app.).
Fisher Body Corp., VII-C-291 (rev, on app.).
Burgess Battery Co., C-851.
Commonwealth Telephone Co., C-581.
Niles Firebrick Co., R-362, C-958.
Joseph Birnbaum, C-828.
American Radiator Co., R-1097.
Seas Shipping Co., Inc., R-1099.
Roemer Bros. Truck Co., C-680.
Burson Knitting Co., C-733, R-807.
Union Mfg. Co., R-1378.
Hydrill Co. of California, R-1381.
California Cotton Oil Corp., C-1200, 1201.
Wilson & Co., R-929, 936.
Armour & Co., R-937.
Berkeley Steel Construction Co., R-944.
Gulf Oil Corp., R-940, 941, 942.
Eastern Footwear Corp., C-632.
Goshen Rubber Co., C-604.
John Hancock Mut. Life Ins., II-C-1536 (rev.

on app.).
Breeze Corp., C-608.
Picker X-Ray Corp., C-682.
Sanitary Refrigerator Co., C-949.
Kelley's Creek Colliery, C-1255.
Elliott Bay Mills, R-622.
The Sorg Paper Co. (IX-R-185), R-633.
Chas. R. McCormick Lumber Co. (XIX-R-

81), R–645. Postal Telegraph Co., R-646. E. Hubschman & Sons, C-476. Flexo Products Corp., R-709. Fanny Farmer Candy, C-532. Henry Glass & Co., R-733. Cupples Match Co., R-597 & 522, C-427. Postal Telegraph, R-997. Jac Feinberg Hosiery, R-770, C-774. T. A. Allen Construction Co., C-817, 818. Jos. H. Meyer & Bros., C-655. Watson Bros. Transfer Co., C-739. California Walnut Growers, C-762, R-816. American Oil Co., C-1008, R-793. Ohio Greyhound Lines, Inc., et al., C-1246,

7, 8. Climax Machinery Co., R-1391. Paul Finkelstein Sons, Inc., R-1387. Peoples' Gas, Light & Coke Co., R-1402. Federal Fibre Mills, R-1408. Narragensett Plush Company, C-1022. Ryan Car Company, C-1028. Air Associates, Inc., C-1175. Ford Motor Co., C-199. Shell Chem. Co., R-287. Cleveland Worsted Mills, R-223. Mackay Tel. & Radio, R-345, 6, 7, 8. Columbia Broadcasting Co., R-379. Cating Rope Wks., C-236. G. Sommers Co., C-285. Garden State Hosiery, II-C-260. National Rivet Co., XII-C-86. H. T. Poindexter & Sons, XVII-C-69. American Radiator Co. (XIV-C-64), C-444. Stehli & Co., R-595, C-463. Columbia Broadcasting Co., R-813. Massachusetts Knitting Co., C-700.

Findling, David

Freeling, Ann.--


Name Freeling, Ann-Continued.

Freund, Bernard--

Majestic Flour Mills Co., C-1095.
Sneath Glass Co., II-C-324 (rev. on app.).
Aspinook Co. & Corp., I-C-676 (rev. on app.).
Joe Lowe Corp., R-1331.
McNeel Coal & Coke Co., R-356.
Canadian Furtrappers Co., R-357.
Stafford Milling, R-350.
Pitts. Div. of Penn. Greyhounds, R-422.
Utah Copper Co., C-399, R-273.
Atolia Mining Co., R-737.
Marathon Rubber Co., C-406.
Adeline Art Needle W ks., XI-R-862,

XI-C-1431 (rev. on app.).
Island Creek Soap Co., IX-C-726 (rev. on

app.). National Tea Co., C-1713. Delmar Shoe Co., II-C-1702 (rev. on app.). Fort Schuyler Knitting Co., R-973. Zone Oil Truck Corp., II-C-1753 (rev. on

app.). Standard Magazines, Inc., II-C-1626 (rev. on

app.). Yellow Truck & Coach Mfg. Co., VII-C-290

(rev. on app.). Garcia & Vega Co., XV-C-298 (rev. on app.). Wilkes-Barre Record Co., C-599). Kendall ('0., X-(-490 (rev. on app.). Summers Printing ('o., (-831-842, incl. Champion Paper & Fibre, C-975. Meadville Malleable Iron, C-952. Koch Butcher Supply Co., C-974. Mooresville Cotton Mills, C-85. Estanislando Lopez Pecen Shelleries, C-991. Oneita Knitting Mills, C-976. Brazil Mfg. (o. & Northwestern Mfg. Co.,

Mason Mfg. Co., (-759.
Max Ams, Inc., R-1171.
Anderson Mattress Co., C-735, R-791.
American Smelting & Refining, V-C-276 (rev.

on app.).
Payson Paint, II-C-2360 (rev. on app.).
Robbins Drydock, II-C-2.527 (rev. on app.).
General Foods Corp., VII-C-228 (rev.


Friedman, Howard S.


North Electric Mfg. (0., C-1130.
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., XV-C-333 (rev.

on app.). W. L. ('ameron & Co., II-C-2117 (rev, on

app.). Kelly Axe & Tool Works, IX-C-1036 (rev. on

app.). Okolona Pajama Corp., XV-C-307 (rev. on

app.). Vicksburg Garment Co., R-539. Paragon Rubber Co. (I-R-107), R-571. Allen Mfg. Co., (*_411, 412. ('arlisle Lumber Co., (-93. Hewitt Soap ('o., C-510. Wheeling Steel Corp., R-759. Em-Bee Hat Corp., R-767. Luckenbach S. S. Co., (_475, R-591. W. F. Hall Printing, XIII-C-880 (rev. on

app.). Electric Motive Mfg., II-C-1569 (rev. on



Cases Friedman, Howard S.-Continued.

Sinclair Refining Co., XVI-C-406 (rev. on

app.). Read Drug & Chemical, V-C-584 (rev. on


J. Freezer & Son., Inc., R-1463.
Galton, Herbert -

Detroit Steel Products Co., C-1198.
West Kentucky Coal Co., C-1015.
Roberts & Mander Stove Co., R-1444.
Wilson & Company, Inc., C-1149, R-1138.
Bear Valley Coal Co., IV-C-686, IV-R-329

(rev. on app.).
J. E. Mergott Co., II-C-2359, II-C-2145 (rev.

on app.). Harrington, Daniel J.

Blake, Moffitt & Towne, R-423.
News Syndicate Co., R-424.
Michaels-Stern Co., R-469.
Falk Corp., C-293, R-278.
Waterman S. S. Co., C-375.
Hoover Co., C-374.
Wilson & Co., C-483.
Sterling Corset, C-653.
Clark Equip. Co., C-620, R-792.
International Lumber Co., R-999.
J. & A. Young, Inc., R-800.
North American Aviation, R-1067, 1068.
Yates American Machine Co., R-1070.
Ford Mfg. Co., R-1112.
Socony Vacuum Oil, R-1114 and 1115.
Douglas Aircraft Co., Inc., C-557.
Federated Fishing Boats of New England, C-

1114, R-1120.
Pittsburgh Standard Envelope Co., C-926.
Thompson Products, Inc., C-1305.
Abbott Worsted Mills, Inc., I-C-1007 (rev. on

Mathieson & Heckler Zinc Co., XIII-C–440

(rev, on app.). Harris, Milton.-

Johnson Lumber Co., R-1151.
Spring City Foundry Co., R-1100.
Phelps Dodge ('orp., C-1193.
Alexander Smith & Sons Carpet Co., R-1159.
Cooperative G. L. F. Produce, Inc., C-982.
Royal Neighbors of America, XI-C-374 (rev.

on app.) Hertzmark, Marcia.

Westinghouse Electric Mfg., C-770.
Canyon Lumber Co., R-1414.
Sloss Sheffield Steel & Iron Co., R-1438.
Utah Poultry Producers' Co-op. Assoc., R-

International Harvester Co., XIII-R-325.
Park Drug Company, R-1453.
Schierbrook Motors, (-1105.
Miller Abattoir Company, C-1125, R-1131.
Peter Pan Co., Inc., (-1139,
Peter Pan Co., C-1317.

George P. Pilling & Sons., C-1264.
Hoban, Albert J.-

Monument Mills, R-1055.
Hershey Chocolate ('orp., R-1098.
Riverside Mfg. Co., C-995, R-996.
Jones Lumber Co., R-1148, C-1080.
Portland Lumber Mills, R-1153, C-1079.
Eastern Western Lumber Co., R-1155.
B. F. Johnson Lumber Co., R-1151, C-1077.
Inman Poulsen Lumber Co., C-1078.
Harrisburg Children's Dress Co., C-761.
Coldwell Lawnmower Co., C-1017, R-987.


Hoban, Albert J.-Continued.

Nerada Consolidated Cooper Co., C-1052.
Wayne Novelty Co., XI-C-319 (rev. on app.).
National Carbon Co., R-1358.
Straight Creek Coal Co., C-921.
Louis Shoe Co., Inc., I-C-1160 (rev, on app.).
Rand McNally & Co., I-C-2278 (rev. on app.).

Monte Glove Company, Inc., C-1281, R-1350. Hoffman, Malcolm A.

Newberry Lumber & Chemical Co., C-1069.
Holmes, Margaret.--

Middle West Corp., et al., R-1024.
Mar Knitting Company, R-1054.
National Sugar Refining Co., of N. P., R-1126.
Cudahy Packing Co., R-1134.
Norfolk Shipbldg. & Drydock Corp., C-626.
L. A. Bus Lines, (-791.
Cudahy Packing Company, C-901.
National Sugar Refining Co., R-1313. 1314.
National Sugar Refining Co., II-C-2274 (rev.

on app.).

La Farorite Rubber Mfg. Co., C-1220.
Johnson, Ray C -----

Isthmian SS. Company, R-1009.
Russell-Miller Milling Co., R-1416.
Western Union Telegraph Co., R-1415.
Armour & Company, R-1429.
Reynolds Spring Co., R-1434 and C-1329.
Drorers Journal Pub. Co.. C-1320.
Illinois Zinc Co., C-1137 and R-1005.
Bauman Brothers Furniture Company, C-1174.
Rer Textiles. I(-2112), (-1337.
Allor Cast Steel Company. C-1344.
A. Werman & Sons, (-1310.
Greenebaum Tanning Co., (-1199.
Producers Cotton Oil Co., C-1342.
Deere & Company. John Deere Tractor Co.,

and Dain Mig. Company. C-1345. Kay, Wendell..

Pan American Petroleum Co., R-1000.
American Range Lines C-542.
International Nickel (o., R 610.
Quality Shirt Mfg. ('o., (-704.
Swift & Co., R-11.18,

Tripler Screw (0., C-1034.
Kheel, Theodore

Fry Prulues, Inc., R-125.
Gemmer Mfg. (o.. R-1314.
Sloss Sheffield & Co., R-1302, 3.
S Karnen Bros, R-1310.
Great Lakes Steel Corp., R-1321.
Long Bell Lumber (0.. R-13201. 1321.
Oregon Washington Pirwani Co., R-1332.
Se-Ling Hisiers Mills, Inc., 0-1007.
Iratt Beiring Division, G.M.C., R-1336.
Rembrandt Lamp Co., R-1336.
Triplett Electrical Instrument Co., (-$55.
.. Y. Handkerchief Mig Co., ( 941.
Gutman & C, 10:1
American Encantic Tiling Co., 2-6-2432 (rev.

on app).

Gin't Public Seruin (0., R-1012 C-1019.
Killian, Frederick..

Willrs Overland Motors, Inc., R-141.).
Lacan Woolen Mills of John Grieves Sons,

Sehnstian Stuart Fish Co. R-1446.
Fartreet Fywherren, Inc. R 1417.

Anacrtrs (antil ro.. R 144S.
JS Papper. Inc. (11 46.

Pork Brothers ( 1210.
Klaus, Ida

Bison & Co, R302
IS 1:1 (0,99
William Mg (0, CSS; R 334.

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Name Klaus, Ida-Continued.

Koretz, Robert

Kramer, Robert---

Honolulu Stevedores, C&R, R-232.
Calco Chemical Co., R-304, 305, C_468.
Inland Lime & Stone, C-301.
Cincinnati Milling Machine, 9-C-365, C–461.
Tenn. Coal & Iron, X-C-117.
Easton Made Underwear, C-696.
Edw. J. Ramsey, C-566.
Acme Air Appliance Co., Inc., C-587: R-632.
South Atlantic S.S. Company, C-632.
Western Union Telegraph Co. of N.Y.C., C-

Bishop & Company, 21-C-643.
West Coast Wood Preserving Co., R-1392.
Minneapolis Moline Power Implement Co.,

Armour & Co., R-1423, 4, 5, & 6.
Armour & Company, R-1458.
Jamestown Metal Equipment Co., C-1082.
Martel Mills Corp., C-1216.
Piedmont Granite Quarries, Inc., R-960–966.
Easton Made Underwear, C-696.
American Numbering Machine Company,

General Motors Co., C-681.
American Can Co., 3_C-199.
Central Greyhound, 3-C-242 (rev. on app.).
Automotive Machinery Co., C-711.
Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Co., R-1028.
Weinberger Banana Co., R-768, C-785.
Penn. Salt Mfg. 19-C-293 (rev. on app.).
Marsh Fruit Co., 19-C-389 (rev. on app.).
Carolina Alum. Co., 5-C-399 (rev. on app.).
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., R-1058.
Trenton Mills, C-126.
J. Wiss & Sons Co., C-553.
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., 6-C_319.
Goodyear Tire & Rubber, C-311.
American Steel & Wire Co., 13-R-63.
Los Angeles Nut House, R-354.
Phelps-Dodge Corp., 21-R-391.
Holland Reiger Div. Apex Electric Co., 8-R-

American Petroleum Co., 16-C-106.
Richfield Oil Corp., R-711.
Aronsson Printing Co., C-517.
Maryland Bolt & Nut Co., C-798.
Indiana & Mich. Elec. Co., XIII-C-994 (rev.

on app.).
Westinghouse Electric Elevator Co., II-C-2266

(rev. on app.).
Joe Lowe Corp., II-C-2518 (rev. on app.).
Olympic Steamship, II-C-2404 (rev. on app.).
Blackstone Cotton Mills, 1-C--1192 (rev. on

American Tankers, II-C-2416 (rev. on app.).
Green Bag Cement, IX-C-732 (rev. on app.).
David Kahn, Inc., II-C-2340 (rev, on app.).
Fein's Tin Can Company, C-1285.
Union Buffalo Mills, X-R-70 & 71.
Paper, Calmenson & Co., 18-R-86.
N. Y. Handkerchief Co., 13-R-162.
Globe Cotton Mills, R-516, 10-C-148.
Superior Elec. Prod., 14-R-11.
Beloit Iron Wks., R-577, 12-C-144.
Derby Sportswear Co., C-443.
Piqua Munizing Wood Prod., C-302.

Krug, Jacob.--

Landy, Ann.-.

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