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Name Landy, Ann-Continued.

Law, Ben..

Lebmann, Henry.--

N & G Taylor Co., C-151.
Union Tribune Pub. Co., R-489 & ( 459.
Minn.-Moline Power Imp. Co., C-691.
Minn.-Moline Power Inrp. Co., R-701.
Hollywood Citizens News, C-606, R-712.
Beloit Iron Wks., R-928.
Ford Motor Co., C & R (St. Louis), R-766,

L. G. Lockwood Company, R-1534.
Western Pipe & Steel Co., R-1247-8-9.
Link Belt Co., R-1255.
Waumbee Mills., Inc., (9-S66.
Ray Nichols, Inc., (-871.
Hanover Cordage Co., C-1233.
Ohio Match ('0., C-1235.
Port Oxford Cedar Co., R-1337.
American Brake Shoe & Foundry Co., C-1252,

1253. Joseph Freeman Shoe Co., C-1258. Mill B., Inc., R-1347. Stokely Bros. & Van Camp's, R-1382, 1383,

1384. Bisbee Linseed Company, C-1191. The Texas Company (Marine Div.), C-1276. Morgenthaler Linotype Co., R-186. Ohio Foundry, R-193, 194. Louisville Refining Co., C-177. American-West African Line, 2-R-359. Mansfield Mills, Inc., C-193. W. Virginia Pulp & Paper Co. Toledo Steel Prod. Co. American Sugar Refining, R-363, 364. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, R-402 A20. West Va. Pulp & Paper Co., R-421, N & G Taylor Co., (9-451. Hershey Chocolate ('orp., 4-C-2 12. Lone Star Gas Co., 0-465. RKO Radio Pictures, Inc., et al., R-1071-1081. Columbia Pictures Corp., of Calif., et al.,

R-1092-1099. Paramount Pictures, Inc., R-1061-1066. Walt Disney Productions, Ltd., R-1102 & 1103. United Artist Studio Corp., R-1104-1112. Columbia Pictures Corp., et al., 21-C-812-831,

R-1011-1031. Universal Pictures Co., et al., C-1055-1064, Walworth (0., (-927. Warner Bros., XXI-(-98 (Rev, on App.). Austin Studios, XXI-(-838 (Rev. on App.). Fleischer Studios, Inc., R-160. Vincennes Steel Corporation, C-1190. Tennessee Electric l'ower Co., (-1147. Magnolia Petroleum (0., C-1254. T. W. Helper, C-319. Sterling Elee. Motors, (-415. Green Silvers Coal, C-332. Columbian S.S. Co., C-311. Vultree Aircraft Div., R 732. James McWilliams Blue Line, Inc. Paragon Slipper Co., R-756. Merchants Delivery ('o., C-401. Eagle-Picher ('o., R 836. Admiar Rubber Co., R 845, 6. Tovro Pack. ('0., C 622. Ingram-Richardson Mfg. ('ompany, R-991 &

992. Clifton Manufacturing ('o., R-989 & 990.

Levinstone, Frederick R..

Lind, Allen.--


Name Lind. Allen-Continued.

Lindquist, Leonard E.----

Lippman, S. G.

Mercy Hat Co. (II-C-1579, 1354) (Rev. on

App.). National Hat Co. (II-C-1652) (Rev. on App.). Brown Paper Mills Co., Inc., C-168, 487. Decatur Newspaper, Inc., C-760. Dahlstrom Met. Door Co., C-912, R-968. F. S. Elam Shoe Co., C-1011. Export S.S. Corp., C-738. Cooper-Wells & Co., C-737, 738. Pearlstone Stationers & Printers, C-631. Warren Textile Print Works, Inc., C-857. Tex-0-Kan Co., XVI-C-356 (Rev. on App.). New Orleans Stevedoring, XV-C-36 (Rev. on

App.). Elk Refining Co., IX-C-658 (Rev. on App.). McDonald Construction Co., XIX-C-442 (Rev.

on App.). Capitol Theatre Bus Terminal, Inc., C-1124. Munson Line, II-C-2303 (Rev. on App.). Protective Motor Service Co., C-25 Star & Crescent Boat Co., C-1223 Ohio Rubber, 8-C-162 (Rev. on App.). Florence Pipe Foundry & Machine Co.,

R-1460. B & B Shoe Company, R-1465. Decature Iron & Steel Co., C-1286. Seas Shipping Company, Inc., C-223. Stylecraft Leather Goods Co., Inc., C-210. Hat Corp. of America (Hodshon & Berg)

R-268. Regal Shirt Co., C-250. Bartlett & Snow Co., R-301, 302. Scandore Paper Box Co., C-227. Somerset Shoé, C-278; R-3-3, 344. Tip Top Creamery Co., C-287. Art Crayon Co., R-358. Fitzgerald Cotton, R-482. John Minder & Sons., C-303. Sunshine Mining Co., C-364. Pure Oil Co., C-429. Egry Register Co., C-586. N. Y. Porto Rico SS., R-934. Woodside Cotton Mills, R-729. Good Coal Co., C-509. U. S. Potash Co., C-561 & 562. Washougal Woolen Mills, C–469. Pennsylvania Shipyards, R-174. Northwestern Publications, R-1013. Aluminum Co. of America, R-1021, 1025. Corinth Hosiery Mills, C-769. Hoover Co., C-676. Radcliff Motor Co., C-1026. Stylecraft Leather, C-210. Fort Wayne Corrugated Paper Co., C-656. National Supply Co., (9–862. American Can Co., R-1177, 1178. Universal Match Co., C-922. Yale Woolen Mills, 7-C-381 (Rev. on App.). Globe Bosse World Furniture Co., IX-C-164

(Rev. on App.). J. H. Erstein Bros., Inc., 2-R-578; 2-C-980. Pure Oil Co., C–429 (Rev. on App.). Fitzgerald Cotton Mills, R482 (Rev. on App.). Baron Bros., 13-C-442 (Rev. on App.). R. Wolfenden, 1-C-114 (Rev. on App.). Duro-Glass Rubber Co., 2-C-906 (Rev. on



Name Lippman, S. G.–Continued.

Little, William

Loeb, Edna.

Container Corp. of Am., 11-C-245 (Rev. on

Los Angeles Examiner, 21-C-547 (Rer. on

Chesapeake Shoe Co., C-544 (Rev. on App. ).
Montana Power, 22-C-163 (Rev on App.).
Plywood, Inc., XI-

C32 (Rev. on App.).
Alabama Mills, Inc., R-1394.
Selby Shoe Co., R-1418, R-1419.
B. F. Goodrich Company, R-1428.
Kansas Milling Company, R-1439.
Sparks-Withington Company, C-1050.
Hollywood Citizen News Company, C-947.
L, Salenfried, R-491.
Ira Bushey, R-519.
Mahon Co., R-497.
Atlantic Basin Iron Wks., R-566.
Stoneville Furniture Co., C-317.
Crossett Lumber Co., C-201 ; R-211.
Carolina Marble & Granite Corp., (-493.
Interstate Granite Corp., C-445 ; R-589.
Kavenson & Levering Co., C-693.
The Shelby Shops, C-652; R-808.
U. S. Smelting & Hof., C-780.
Inman Mills, R-972.
Greenbaum Tanning Co., C-684.
Blanchard Brothers & Lenes, Inc., R-986.
S. B. Penick & Company, C-718; R-799.
Empire Worsted Mills, C-826.
Perkins Marine Lamp, II-C-1773 (Rev. on

App.). Interstate Water Co., C-1111. Alloy (ast Steel Co., R-1116. Red River Lumber Co., C-1023; R-1104. Combustion Engineering Co., C-1108. American Scale Co., C-701. M. A. Hanna Co., C-939; R-840. Sunshine Wet Wash Co., 2-C-1627 (Rev. on

App.). Miller Corsets Co., C-447. Kingsbury Mfg. Co., C_366. Monon Stone (o., et al., R-775 thru R-790. North River Yarn Dyers, C-367. Ed Friedrich, Inc., C-338. Ilighland Shoe Co., C-965. People's Gas, Coke & Light, 13-C-754 (Rev.

on App.). Aluminum ('o. of Am., R-617. ('ote Bros., R-621. Walworth Co., (-927. Meadow Valley Lumber Co., C-531. Aluminum ('o. of Am., R-619. Ronni-Parfums, (435. Times Pub. Co., R-771. Spotless Stores, R-795. (rescent Bed (Co., (-434. Times Pub. Co., (-746, Aluminum Co. of America, R-939. Pine Mt. Granite, R-952. McCall Corporation, R-958. Richmond Hosiery Mills, R-9.39. Rockola Mfg. ('o., 13-C-643 (Rev. on App.). Koppers ('oal Co., 9 8–182 (Rev. on App.). Bennett-Hubbard Candy ('o., (-609. Azar & Solomon, (-856. Spartan Paper Mills, C-953.

Lush, Phillip B.--

Meigs, Richard H.--


Name Meigs, Richard H.-Continued.

Metzger, Stanley -

Miller, V. Barr.--

Morris, W. Young-.

Foster Bros. Mfg., C-1209.
Florence Pipe Foundry & Machine Co., C-980.
Consolidated Cigar Corp., C-1236, 1237.
Iowa Southern Utilities Co., R-1456, R-1457.
American Hair & Felt Co., C–1142.
Lambert Meter Company, II-C-2306.. (Rev.

on App.) Upland Citrus Association, C_1138. Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co., R-1359. Merrimac Hat Corp., R-1361. Wade Mfg. Co., R-1356. Woodward Iron Co., R-1370. Wilson & Co., R-1375, Philadelphia Inquirer & Philadelphia Record,

R-1385, 6. Armour & Co., R-1388. Swift & Company, C-923. American Hair & Felt Company, R-1435. Selby Shoe Co., 9-C-919 & 9-C-1009. (Rev.

on App.). Donnelly Garment Company, XVII-C-371. American Hair & Felt Co., II-C-2109. (Rev.

on App.). Diamond Crystal Salt Co., R-694. Union Lumber Co., R-659. Pacific Lumber Inspec. Bureau, R-699. Century Woven Label Co., R-704. Magnolia Petroleum Co., R-735. Robbins Meyers Co., R-739, 740, 741. Schwab & Schwab, C-400. Southwestern Gas Electric, C_482. I. Lewis Cigar Mfg. Co. (II-C-1742). (Rev.

on App.). Thompson Cabinet, C-629. Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Co., R-988. Truitt Bros., Inc., C-670. Reading Batteries, Inc., C-865; R-794. Empire District Electric Co., C-874. Federal Mining & Smelting Co., C-830. Crown Worsted Mills, Inc., 1-0–856. (Rev.

on App.) Rochambeau Worsted Mills, Inc., 1-0-1072.

(Rev, on App.) Producers Mines, Inc., C-538. Hearst Consolidated Publication, C-559. Superior Tanning Co., C-560. Arma Engineering Company, C-605; R-723. Standard Oil, et al., R-805, 806. Times Publishing Co., C-746. Petroleum Iron Works Co., R-429. Tupelo Garment Co., C-240. Alabama Drydock Co., R-473, 472. Cudahy Bros., R-475. Tidewater Assoc. Oil Co., R-477 thru 481. Tidewater Assoc. Oil Co., R-743. Tidewater Assoc. Oil Co., 2-R-703. Tidewater Assoc. Oil Co., R-515-518. Tidewater Assoc, Oil Co., R-500-514. Shell Oil Co., R-551. Erwin Cotton Mills, R-552, 553, 555. Newton Pkg. Co. (Swift Co.), R-580, C-450. Horton Mfg. Co., R-606. Stolle Corp., C-539. Tidewater Assoc. Oil., R-743 thru 746. Centre Brass Co., C-567, R-693. Weber Dental Mfg., C-714.

Newman, Louis.-

Nolte, Walter..

21805440—vol. 1-12


Name Nolte, Walter-Continued.

Odisho, John K.-.

Paone, Francis V...

Peterson, Ivar---

Bitzwoller Co., C-643.
Dickson-Jenkins Mfg. Co., C–192, R-815.
Aragon-Baldwin Cotton, R-1152.
Rils Mfg. Co., R-1161.
Interstate Aircraft & Engineering Co., C-816
Morse Bros. Machinery Co., C-740.
J. Chesler & Sons, C-801.
Skinner & Kennedy Stationery Co., C-784.
Carbola Chemical Co., C-948.
Buckley Hemlock Mill Co., R-974, C-985.
The Harris-Hub Bed Co., R-1401.
Jaden Manufacturing Co., C-1179.
Emerson-Radio & Television, C-998.
Royal Warehouse Corp., R-838.
Standard Cap & Seal Co., R-812.
Merry Shoe Company, C-673.
Belmont Iron Works, R-956.
Hat Corporation of America, R-976 and 977.
Lincoln Mills of Alabama, R-1034.
The Tex:is Co., R-1023, 1027.
United Commercial Co., R-1119.
Standard ('ap & Seal Co., R-1133.
Brooklyn Daily Eagle, R-1173.
Warren Telechron Co., R-1348.
John Morrell & Co., R-1351.
Rockford Mitten & Hosiery Co., C-989.
Hoosier Veneer Co., (-1094.
Reading Transportation Co., R-869.
Texas Corrugated Box, R-S58.
Milwaukee Pub. Co., R-953.
Hoffman Beverage Company, R-993 & 994.
Aluminum Ore Company, R-985.
American Safety Razor, 2-C-1790 (Rev. on

Sam J. Aronson, 2-C-1666-84 (Rev. on App.).
Signal Knitting Mills, 10-C-200 (Rev. on

App.). Sinclair Navigation Co., R-1038. Swift & Co., C-613. Roche Harbor Lime & Cement, C-994. Hamilton Realty ('o., R 1144. Appalachian Mills, C-970. Mohawk Carpet Co., (-781. Ford Motor Co., C-199. Michigan Bumper (o., 7-C-250 (Rev. on

App.). Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Railway Co.,

(-1039, Wheeling Steel Corp., 6-C-313 (Rev. on App.). Union Premier Foods Stores, R-879. Sm Shipbuilding & Drydock Co., R-S65. Showers Brothers ('o., Inc., R-1357. Weirton Steel Co., C-115 1. Blackstone Mfg. Co., R-758. Model Blouse Co., R-814. Hudson Terraplane Sales ('o., R-S02. Metropolitan Eng. Co., R_S08. Ashville Hosiery Co., C-792. Armour & Co., RS43. Maine Shoe ('o., (_664-608, 9, 671, 672. Southern Calif. Gas., R-S01. Seattle Post Intelligencer. R--765, C-795. Continental Oil Co., C-627, R-653. Kellefer Mfg. Corp., (9-S13, R-8557. ('olorado Fuel & Iron Corp., (-983, 984,


Rein, David.

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