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Rice, Ralph.

Roland, Louis A..

Rosenberg, Gilbert__

Louis Weinberg Associates, Inc., R-1291.
Naumkeag Steam Cotton Co., R-1295, 1296.
International Agricultural Corp., C-1026, 1027.
Atlas Powder Co., C-867.

Burroughs Adding Machine Co., R-1343.
Perfection Steel Body Co., C-900.

Shamrock Towing Co., II-C-1027 (Rev. on

Maxwell Bros. Box Co., XIII-C-1001 (Rev. on

H. R. Webb Neckwear Co., R-772, C-1186.
Jay Shoe Co., I-C-982 (Rev. on App.).

Austin Studios, XXI-C-828 and 259 (Rev. on

W. F. & John Barnes, C-830.

Chicago Malleable Castings Co., R-1297.
Standard Insulation Co., R-1334.

American Stores Co., 2-C-1729 (Rev. on

Walgreen Drug Stores, R-1362.

J. D. Adams Mfg., XI-C-475 (Rev. on App.).
Cabot Mfg., I-C-1055 (Rev. on App.).
Barre Woolen, I-C-1041 (Rev. on App.).
Resnick Cleaners & Dyers, Inc., C-1048.

Jaubert Cie, Inc., II-C-2286 (Rev. on App.).
Sigmund Marine Elec. Welding Co., (Rev. on

Olympia Shingle Company, C-857.
Atlanta Mills, R-1175.

J. P. Smith Shoe Co., R-1179.

L. C. Phenix Company, R-1192.
Boldeman Chocolate Co., C-796.

Stratbury Mfg. Co., R-1199.

Standard Lime & Stone Co., R-1246.

Tulsa Boiler & Equipment Co., C-966.
Monarch Co., C-765.

Milton Bradley Co., R-1377.

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Bartle Daly Transportation Co., II-C-687.
Southwestern Greyhound Lines, Inc., C-1181.
City Auto Stamping Company, R-1531, R-1532.
Staley Manufacturing Co., C-1180.

Princely Products, Inc., R-1455.
Gross-Galesburg Company, R-1529.

Adams Bros. Manifold Printing Co., C-1250.
LaParee Undergarment Company, C-1121,

Johns-Manville Corp., 2-R-1239.

Jersey City Dry Docks, Co., R-1256.
Public Service Co., of Colorado R-1292.

Consolidated Chemical Industries, C-1206.

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Seeley, F. Hamilton-Continued.

Sellery, Harry A.---.

Stix, William.


Okey Hosiery Co., C-956.

General Furniture Co., C-813.
Gaffney Mfg. Co., C-1225.
Startex Mills, C-1224.

Sparton Paper Mills, C-953.

Brewer Petroleum Service Co., R-1323.
Forest City Mfg. Co., C-1231.
Pine Mt. Granite Co., C-1230.
Metal Door & Trim Co., C-1240.
Race Brothers, C-1242.
Mission Hosiery Mills, C-902.
Somersworth Shoe Co., C-1259.
Moore-Lowry Flour Mill Co., C-999.
Nutrena Mills, Inc., C-1000.
Alabama Hosiery Mills, C-990.

Paramount Broadcasting Corp., C-1013.
Piedmont Shirt Co., C-1227.

Springfield Photo Mount Co., C-1287.

Isle of Dreame Broadcasting Corp., C-1291.
Southern Mfg. Co., C-1289.

Rushmore Paper Mills, Inc., C-1212.

Brewer Petroleum Service, Inc. (Rev. on App.) I-C-1073.

American Fork & Hoe Co., C-636, 637.

Z. B. Yarn Mills, Inc., and Montgomery Dye Wks., C-1290.

United Motor Freight Terminal, Inc., C-1295. Bonnie Bros., C-540.

Moline Co., Inc., and Bendythe Corp., C-1319; R-1417.

Atlantic States Motor Lines, C-1321.

Malone Bronze Powder Works, C-1072.

A. D. Julliard Co., II-C-2461 (Rev. on App.).
Endicott-Johnson Corp., C-1341.

Titan Valve and Mfg. Company, C-1346.
Bishop Products Company, C-1355.

John Morrell & Co., R-283.

H. Neuer Glass Co., R-269.

Leviton Mfg. Co., C-246.

Kansas City Power & Light, R-298, C-451.
French Maid Dress Co., Inc., R-330.

Jacobs Brothers, C-244.

J. W. Sandera Cotton Mills, C-109.

American Hawaiian SS, C-228.

American Hawaiian SS, C-296–300.

Yates American Machine Co., C-351.

Phillips Granite Co., C-805.

Lewis Chambers Construction Co., C-819, 820,


Isthmian Steamship Co., II-C-890, R-847.
Montgomery-Ward & Co., C-987.

Congoleum-Nairn Corp., 2-R-302; 2-C-543 (Rev. on App.).

R. C. A. Mfg. Co., Inc., 4-C-462 (Rev. on App.).

Southwestern Transport Co., 16-C-177 (Rev. on App.).

G. Kreuger Brewing Co., R-1009.

U. S. Smelting & Refining, C-780.

Alaska Juneau Gold Mining Co., R-1029.

Ross Packing Co., C-962.

United Fruit Co., C-864.

Peerless Woolen Mills, C-619.

Borden Mills, Inc., C-763, R-769.

L. Greif & Brothers, Inc., C-316.

Detroit Gasket & Mfg. Co., C-782, R-849.



Stix, William-Continued.

Strong, William.

Sugerman, Sidney_.

Swope, Edwin____

Thorrens, Eugene R.-.

West Texas Utilities Co., C-847, R-998.
Vail-Bailou Press, Inc., C-899, R-881 & 882.
Burmingham Eccentric, VII-C-171 (Rev. on

Aluminum Goods Mfg. Co., C-1096.

Schacht Rubber Co., C-616.
Shenedoah-Dives Mining Co., C-617.
Int'l Harvester Co., R-1135.

Hawk & Buck Co., R-1136.

Walter C. Birk Candy, R-1154.

Bath Packing Co., C-686.

Merchants Transfer & Storage Co., C-717, R-751.

Auburn Foundry, Inc., C-925, R-810.

Linn Coal Co. & Domestic Coke Supply Co., C-931, 932.

Milne Chair Co., C-732.

Laird, Schober & Co., C-811.

Chrysler Corp., R-1307, 1308.

Cudahy Packing Co., R-1318.

Armour & Co., R-1345.

Oppenheimer Casing Co., R-1353.

Surpass Leather Co., C-955.

Motor Products Co., R-1396.

Hobbs, Wall & Co., R-1010, C-1029, 1030.

The Texas Company, R-1157.

Scobey Fireproof Storage Co., C-734.

New England Spun Silk Corp., R-1193.
Texas Co., C-850; C-1018; R-817.
Dallas Cartage Co., C-964.

Interstate Fireproof Storage Co., C-968.
Monticello Mfg. Corp., C-1024.

National Refining Co., R-576.

Wisconsin Power & Light Co., R-588.
Union Envelope Co., C-524, 525, 826.
Planters Mfg. Co., C-467; R-448.
Richardson Company, R-733.

Supplee-Wills-Jones Milk Co., IV-R-193.
Oil Transfer Co., II-R-719.

Ourisman Chev. Sales Co., C-706; R-602,

Colorado Milling Co., C-721.

A. Sartorius & Co., R-995.

Gowanus Towing Co., R-634.

Western Union Telegraph Company, Inc., R1016.

Express Publishing Co., C-1071.

International Furniture Co., C-1084, 1120;


White River Lumber Co., R-1330.

Coggins Granite & Marble Industries, R1374.

I. Miller & Sons, R-1372.

Coggins Granite & Marble Industries, 10-C481. (Rev. on App.).

Schuster, Millburg, Hayward Woolen Co., I

C-S82; 3, 4, 6; (Rev. on App.); I-C-265. Eastern States Petroleum Co., C-977 and R864.

Van Iderstine Co., C-727.

Sierra-Madre Lamanda Citrus Asso., C-1112. General Electric Co., R-285, R-286.

American Furniture Co., R-310.

Estellite Fixture Co., C-258.
Titan Metal Mfg. Co., C-247.
Kuehne Furniture Co., C-369.
R. & G. Knitting Mills, C-254.


Thorrens, Eugene R.-Continued.

Toth, Andrew J.

Turitz, George_.

West, Langdon-


Serrick Corp., R-604; C-460.
Luckenback S. S. Co., C-505.
Semet Solvay Company, C-628.

General Electric Co. (Newark Lamp Warehouse), R-1052..

L. C. Smith & Corona Typewriters, Inc., C804.

Independent Pneumatic Tool Co., C-752.

Southern Colorado Power Co., C-936.

Nelson Mfg. Co., C-1006.

Heyward Granite Company, etc., C-729, 730, 731.

General Electric Company, R-285, 286; R1462.3.4.

Atlantic Footwear Co., R-520.

Sunlight Electrical Co., R-565.
James F. Kane, C-573.

United Fruit Co., R-625.

Seiss Mfg. Co., R-629.

Cert. on Diamond Iron Wks., R-596.

Crystal Springs Fin. Co., C-163.

Brown Saltman Furniture Co., R-803.

Swayne & Hoyt, C-481.

Lancaster Iron Wks., C-651.
Marshall Field & Co., C-1215.

Bernard Schwartz Cigar Corp., C-1214.

Clinton Garment Co., C-1217.

Rob Roy Shirt Co., 5-C-540 (Rev. on App.).
Jay Shoe Mfg. Co., 1-C-982 (Rev. on App.).
Bowman Dairy Co., 13-C-955 (Rev. on App. ).
Tenn. Elec. Power, 10-C-527 (Rev. on App.).
Loose-Wiles Biscuit Co., R-389.
McKesson-Robbins et al., R-461-65.
General Cigar Co., R-430-434.
A. Margolin, R-488.

Century Mills, R-544.

Burnside Steel Foundry Co., C-339.
Pilot Radio, 2-C-205; 2-R-355-C-542.
Hawkeys Pearl Button Co., C-512.

Ansley Radio Co., C-535; R-798.

Firestone Tire & Rubber Co., C-570.

Philadelphia Enquirer, IV-C-259 (Rev. on


Panther-Panco Rubber Co., R-804.

McKesson-Robbins, C-1097; C-1103; C-1104.

Plankington Pkg. Co., R-585.

Lidz Brod., R-360.

Abrasive Co., C-479.

Cummins Engines, C-480.

Ohio Steel Foundry, R-575.

L. Libowitz, C-534.

North American Refractory, C-589.

Killark Elec. Mfg. Co., C-588.

Schacht Rubber Co., C-615.

Fosrderer, C-89.

Vogt & Sons, C-576.

H. C. Can Co., C-611.

Chic Lingerie Co.

Moline Iron Wks, C-602.

Knockerbocker Broadcasting, C-614.

Monon Stone Co., 11-C-348 (Rev. on App.).

Atlas Tack Co., C-709.

L. C. Phenix Co., C-720.

Kingan Co., C-556.

Fried-Heater, C-495.

Overhead Door, C-585; R-833.


West, Langdon-Continued.


Weston, Elizabeth___

Weston, Harold___

Williams, Richard A..

Tupelo Garment Company, C-802.
Road Brothers, Inc., C-803.

Milan Mfg., C-810.

Hartsell Mills, C-943; R-970.
B & P Transfer, C-959.
Lipscomb Grain & Seed, C-662.
La Salle Hat Co., C-954.
National Shoe Corp., C-719.
National Herald Co., C-946.
Tharinger Macaroni, C-938.
Vaughn Furniture Co., C-918.
Chopak Textile Corp., C-909.
Standard Rendering, C-910.
V. La Rosa & Sons, C-809; R-978.
Gudebrod Bros. Silk Co., C-1016.
Dixie Foundry Co., C-565; 574.
Gerling Furniture Co., C-722.

Connor Lumber & Land Co., C-986; R-979;

Muncie Gear Works, C-1035.

Bluff City Line Co., C-1041.
Sunnyvale Dress Co., C-1073.
Coty, Incorporated, C-1074.
Atlas Underwear Co., C-1092.
Murray Shoe Co., C-1093.
Essex Wire Corp., C-1020.
Firth Carpet, C-1102.

Lebanon Paper Co., C-1101.

Volupte, Inc., C-1099.

Eagle Shoe Mfg. Co., C-1106.

National Pneumatic Co., C-1109.

Maloney Trucking Co., C-1150-1171; R-12001228

Southwestern Engineering Co., R-1327, 1328. Solvay Process Co., V-C-490 (Rev. on App.). Bradley Lumber Company of Arkansas, R-1422.

Shell Petroleum Co., C-393.

Radio Condenser Co., C-1327.

Mode Novelty Co., C-1219.

Brewer-Tichnor, C-996.

Central Missouri Telephone Co., C-1294.

Paul, Siewers & McKay, C-919.

La Plant-Shoate Manufacturing Co., R-1390. Vanadium Corp., R-1405.

International Shoe Co., R-1406.

Paul A. Raichalt & Co., C-1031.

Superior Felt & Bedding Co., R-1433.

Luxuray, Inc., C-1002.

Pittsburgh Metallurgical Co., C-993.

Blossom Products Corp., C-1088.

Maye Manufacturing Co., R-1149.

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