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Williams, Richard A.-Continued.

Winkler, Ralph----


Northern Cold Storage & Warehouse, XVIII-
C-291 (Rev. on App.).

I. Youlin & Co., C-1177.

Brooklyn Yarn Dye Co., Inc., R-1432; C-1328.
Southern Oil Transportation Co., Inc., C-1324.
Rose-Lee Mfg. Co., Inc., Los Ang., Calif., C-

Hirsch Shirt Corp., C-1182; R-1113.
Kessner & Rabinowitz, C-924.

Waterman Steamship Corp., R-1124.
White Sewing Machine Co., R-1132.
American West African Lines, C-1143.

Charles S. Stein (Capitol Bedding Co.) C-825.
Hillgartner Marble Co., C-747.
American Cyanamid Co., R-1165.
Hawthorne Paper Co., R-1059.

Bradley Lumber Co., of Arkansas, C-1202.

Consolidated Cigar Corp., C-1140.

Salem Brothers, 2-C-2118 (Rev. on App.).

American Grocery Co., 2-C-2140 (Rev. on

Standard Steel Works, C-812.

Falls Printing Co., 8-C-443 (Rev. on App.).
Roberti Brothers, Inc., R-1363.

Paper Supply Co., 17-C-435 (Rev. on App.).
Atlas Powder Co., 2-C-1959 (Rev. on App.).
Luckenbach Steamship, 15-C-372 (Rev. on

United States Lines, 2-C-2300 (Rev. on App.).
Delca Fish Preservers, 2-C-2174 (Rev. on

Kingan & Co., R-1371.

N. Y. Post., R-1369.

N. Y. & Brooklyn Casket Co., 2-C-2262 (Rev. on App.).

Markham & Callow, Inc., R-1376.

Harry B. Mahan Co., 11-C-512 (Rev. on App.).
Berman & Smith Co., II-C-2269.

Turner G. Blanchard, Inc., II-C-1111 (Rev. on

T. Hogan & Sons, Inc., 00-C-1182 (Rev. on

Wilson Distilling Co., IV-C-400 (Rev. on

Rea Construction Co., X-C-550 (Rev. on App.).
Armour & Co., 11-C-2331 (Rev. on App.).
Cosmopolitan Shipping Co., 2-C-1253 (Rev. on

Stanley Mfg. Co., 9-C-636 (Rev. on App.).
Johnson-Carper Furniture Co., Inc., R-1461.
American France Line & U. S. Maritime Com-
mission, 2-C-1496 (Rev. on App.).

Sanitary Grocery Company, V-C-689 (Rev. on

Harlem Card & Paper, II-C-2500 (Rev. on


The following attorneys perform miscellaneous functions such as editing the bound volumes of Board decisions, preparing a digest of Board decisions, etc. In any instance where these attorneys have been assigned to review a case, such case is noted below.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]



Asher, Lester, Minneapolis, as

Field Atty


Cherry Cotton Mills, C-69.
Interlake Iron Corp., R-316.

Aluminum Prod. Corp., C-129.

Sierra Madre-Lamanda Citrus Asso., R-309.
Waggoner Ref. Co., R-228, C-230.

N. Whittier Heights Citrus Asso., C-310.

Reliance Mfg. Co., C-471.

American Fruit Growers, R-666-690.

Western Union Tel., C-504.

Greer Steel Co., R-752.

Denver Auto, Dealers, C-554-552.

Huck Leather Co., C-638.

Shuron Optical Co., C-494.

Isthmian S. S. Co., R-870-925.

Ely & Walker Drygoods Reg. Case.
Greer Steel Co., C-1089.

Baldwin Locomotive Wks., C-49.

Barton, Wm. B., Trial Examiner Utica Knitting Mills, R-943.

Gotham Shoe Co., C-678.

Donovan Lumber Co., 19-R-156, 172, 173-
74; 180.

Hoyt-Messinger Hat Co., II-C-1538 Rev. on

Boynton & Co., C-806.

Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co., R-594, C-846.

Pacific Gas & Elec., R-274, C-1003.

Consolidated Cigar Corp., C-858.

Stearns Coal & Lumber, C-827.

Kingsley Lumber Co., C-1197.

S. E. Portland Lumber Co., C-1196.
Kingsley Lumber Co., R-1300-1301.
S. E. Portland Lumber Co., R-1301.
Phillips Petroleum Co., C-917.
Phillips Petroleum Co., C-1019.

Campbell, David Y., St. Louis as United Shipyards, R-567.

Field Atty.

Empire Furniture Co., R-386, C-305.
Eagle Mfg. Co., R-390.

United Carbon Co., C-446.

Cleveland Equip. Wks., R-630.

Harlan Fuel Co., C-489.

Bloedel Lumber Mills, R-695.

B. F. Sturtevant Co., R-811.

Los Angeles Brick & Clay, C-584.

Hammond Redwood Lbr. Co., C-593.

Riverside Mfg. Co., R-996–995.

United Carbon Co., 16-C 252 (Review on appeal).


Campbell, David-Continued.


Seatrain Lines., Inc., Reg. case.

Bemis Bros. Bag Co., R-1123.

Petroleum Navigation Co., R-1107-1110.

Dorfman, Isiah, Chicago as Reg. General Industries, C-30.


Dimick, Daniel R., Resigned, later reemployed as Field Atty., N. Y.

Fox, Henry J., Resigned___.

Gross, Ernest A., Resigned, later employed by Litigation Division.

Haffelfinger Wallpaper Co., C-46.
Internat'l Mercantile Marine, R-24.
American Tobacco Co., R-32.
Oregon Worsted, C-65 R-111.
Mesta Machine, C-100.
Claussner Hosiery, C-81.

Black Diamond Steamship, R-107.
Robinson & Gollumber, C-97.
Delaware-N. J. Ferry Co., C-4.
Internat'l Mercantile Marine, R-24.
(Supplemental hearing)

The Motor Transport Co., R-113.
U. S. Steel, C-142.

Consolidated Aircraft Corp., R-127.
M. H. Birge & Sons, R-426.
Tennessee Schuylkill, R-460.
A. Zerega Sons, Inc., R-492.
Strain Mfg. Co., R-495.
Edna Cotton Mills, R-521.
Stephen Ransom, Inc., R-530.

Spray Woolen Mill, R-531-5.

Tiny Town Togs Co., Inc., C-381.

Oral Arg. on Am. Smelting & Ref., C-353.

Express Pub. Co., C-466.

Pressed Steel Car Co., R-702.

Rabhor Co., Inc., C-29.

Midwest Stamp Co., C-726.

Shapiro Bros. & Watson, I-C635 (Review on

Security Warehouse & Cold Storage, Reg.

Eavenson & Levering, C-693.

Singer Sewing Machine Co., C-679, Cali-
fornia Woodturning, Quality Furniture
Co.. R-853.

Phelps-Dodge Corp., C-500.
Colonial Fibre Co., R-1018.

Rockwood Mills, C-750.

Independent Candy Co., R-1035.

Penn. Greyhound Lines, R-151.
Wilson & Co., C-863.

Wilson & Co., C-1117.

Gate City Cotton Mills, R-17.

Guffey, Wm. R., Litigation------ Clinton Garment Co., R-812.

Pennsylvania Iron & Furn. Co., C-45.

Patriarcha Store Fixtures, C-413.
Singer Mfg. Co., R-848.

A. H. Wirz, Inc., C-600.

U. S. Truck Co., Inc., C-543.

Corning Glass Works, C 852.

Smith Wood Products Co., C-405, C-875.
Baer & Wilde, C-388.

Christian Rd. of Publ., C-660.

Foster, Henry H., Jr., To Kansas Los Angeles Broadcasting Co., Inc., R-332.

City as Field Atty.

Showers Bros., R-339.

National Sugar Refining Co., R-341.

Mine B. Coal Co., R-361.

La Crosse Garment Co., R-388.

Lidz Bros., R-360.

Swift & Co., R-398.

Pennsylvania Shipyards, R-427.

[blocks in formation]

Droshnicop, Hilda, Litigation--- Harbor Boat Building Co., C-45.

Santa Cruz Fruit Packing Co., C-51.
Protective Motor Service Co., C-25.
Sunshine Hosiery Mills, C-58.

S. L. Allen & Co., Inc., C-60.
Mann Edge Tool Co., C-61.
Hardwick Stove Co., Inc., C-70.
Richards-Wilcox Mfg. Co., R-33.
Memphis Furn. Mfg. Co., C-118, R-35.

Rickey, Richard J., New York, as J. Freezer & Son, C-105.

Field Atty.

Robt. H. Fearderer, Inc., C-89.
Fleischer Studios, Inc., R-160.
Mansfield Mills, C-193.

Hunt A. Bruce, Trial Examiner Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., R-270.

Bingham & Taylor Co. R-261.

Waller Elec. Vehicle Co., R-319.

Wadsworth Watch Case Co., R-277.
N. Kiamia, C-280.

Marlin Rockwell, R-342.

Hood Rubber Co., R-352, C-705.
Ward Furn. Co., Reg. case.

Cohn Hall Marx & Subsidiaries, R-333,

C. C. Conn, Ltd., C-116.

W. Kentucky Coal Co., R-615, C-456.
Chicago Apparatus Co., R-490, C-485.
West Kentucky Coal Co., C-101.

Kaminstein, Abraham L., Legal Thompson Products, Inc., C-190.
Assistant to the Sec.

Celanese Corp. of Amer., R-187-188.
Indiana Textiles, C-94.

Northrup Corp., R-185.

Hoffman Beverage Co., R-214.

Knapp, Laurence A., Litigation.
Krivonos, Fred G., Secretary's

Whittier Mills, R-238, R-233.

Georgia Duck & Cordage Co., R-245.

Bradley Lbr. Co., of Ark., R-259.

Scottsdale Mill, R-244.

Zenite Metal Corp., C-214.

Missouri, Kansas & Okla. Coach Lines, R-288.

Somerville Mfg. Co., C-53.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., C-311.

Brown Shoe Co., C-376, R-557.

Devilbus Atomizer, 8-R-100.

Aluminum Co. of America, R-631.

Richland Cooperative Creamery Co., C-749.

Indiana Cash Drawer, 2-C-631, C-644.

B. Mifflin Hood Co., C-618.

J. Finkelstein & Sons, C-758.

Pure Oil Co., 16-C-277.

Fred Rueping Leather Co., C-725.
Continental Oil Co., C-911.

The E. T. Train Lock Co., C-222.
Delaware-New Jersey Ferry Co., C-4.
Wayne Knitting Mills, Inc., R-2.
Agwilines, Inc., C-103.

Atlas Bag & Burlap Co., C-34.
Baer Silk, C-8.

Brown Shoe Co., C-20.

Internat'l Filter Co., C-56, R-21.

United Aircraft Trans. Co., C-31.

Alabama Mills, Inc., C-76.

Cleveland Chair, C-18.

S & K Knee Pants, C-106.

Clark & Reid, C-128.

Panama Ry. & Steamship Co., R-108.

Martin Dyeing & Finishing, C-125.

[blocks in formation]

Kuelthau, Paul S., Denver as Esch Const. Co., 6-C-142 (Review on ap Field Atty.


Dolphin June Mill, 2-C-684 (Review on appeal).

R. Wolfendon & Sons, I-C-114 (Review on appeal).

Capitol Shingle Co., 19-C-300 (Review on appeal).

Socony Vacuum Co., II-C-1410 (Review on appeal).

De-Lux Laboratories, II-C-203 (Review on appeal).

Andrew Lead Co., Inc., I-C-621 (Review on appeal).

Anesco Derrick & Equip. Co., 21-C-566 (Review on appeal).

Dow-Jones & Co., II-C-458 (Review on appeal).

Dolphin Jute Mill, Inc., II-C-684 (Review on appeal).

McKesson & Robbins, Inc., II-C-1477 (Review on appeal).

Magnolia Petroleum, XVI-C-195 (Review on

American Insulated Wire, 1-C-637; M. J.
Merkin Co., 2-C-1415 (Review on appeal).
Friedman Harry Marks, 3-C-40 (Review on

Walker Bros., IV-C-365 (Review on appeal).
Rex Baking Co., 16-C-251 (Review on ap-

Harris Transfer, X-C-403 (Review on appeal).

Fitzgerald Mfg. Co., 11-C-970 (Review on appeal).

Sprague Specialty Co., 1-C-725 (Review on appeal).

Shetucket Worsted Co., 1-C-758 (Review on


Borden Co., II-C-1721 (Review on appeal).

Electric Boat Co., I-C-683 (Review on ap


Southgate Nelson Corp., C-182, C-185.

Central Truck Lines, C-169, R-143.

Uxbridge Worstead Co., C-131.

Lenox Shoe Co., Inc., R-209, C-255.

Great Lakes Engineering Corp., R-231.

Triplett Elec. Instrument Co., C-211, R-175.

Washburn Crosby Co. (General Mills) R-266.
American Hardware Corp., R-271.

Electric Boat Co., C-165.

Hamilton-Brown Shoe, C-281.

Calmar S. S. Co., C-417 thru 425, 426, 428.
Verona Mining Co., XII-C-241 (Review on

Nekoose-Edwards Paper Co., C-595, 6, 7, 8.
Kansas City Structural Steel Co., C-815.

Clark Shoe Co., C--789.

Hartland Tanning Co., Inc., C-1263.

Kurasch, Martin, Legal Assistant United Press Assn., R-206.

to the Sec.

Pacific Manifolding Book Co., R-183.
Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co., R-215.

Fedders Mfg. Co., R-258.

Shick Dry Shaver, R-263, 264.
Clover Fork Co., C-213.

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