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Kurasch, Martin-Continued.


Bethlehem Steel Corp., C-170, R-177.
Allis-Chalmers, R-455.

Pacific Gas & Elec., R-274.
Zoslow, C-276.

Associated Press, C-249, R-182, 1511.
Associated Press, R-536.

Joslin Schmidt, R-549.

Shipowners Assn. of Pacific Coast.
Waterfront Emp. Assn., R-572.

Walla Walla Meat Co., C-391.
Dartmouth Woolen Mills, C-441.
Exchange Lumber, R-598.

Fedders Mfg. Co., C-621.

Newark Rivet Works, C-497, R-587.

Marcus, Sumner, Pittsburgh, as See Below.
Field Exam.

Mett, Frederick P., Minneapolis, Ralph A. Freundlich, C-78.
as Reg. Atty.

Carslie Lumber Co., Inc., C-93.

Pacific Greyhound Lines, Inc., C-134.
Cities Service Co., C-135.

Tidewater Express Lines, Inc., C-146.

Moore Dry Dock, R-116.

Crystal Springs Finishing Co., C-163.
Merchants & Miners Trans. Co., R-118.
Waldorf System, Inc., C-151.

Cherry Cotton Mills, C-69.

S & K Knee Pants, C-106.

Acklin Stamping, R-142.

Todd Seattle Dry Docks, R-147.

Mooresville Cotton Mills, C-85.

Mutual-Sunset Lamp Mfg. Co., C-208, R-243.

Washington Mfg. Co., C-218.

Cactus Mines Company, C-1185.

Midonick, Millard L., New York Advance Pressure Castings, Inc., C-187. as Field Atty.

Huth & James Shoe Mfg. Co., R-174.

Marlin Rockwell, R-342, C-967.

Wald Transfer & Storage Co., C-212.

B. F. Goodrich, R-227.

Botany Worsted Mills, Inc., C-216.

Ingram Mfg. Co., R-234.

W. Va. Pulp & Paper, R-257.

Pennsylvania Salt Mfg. Co., R-262.

Lee Clay Products, C-248.

Red River Lumber, C-1023, R-1104-5.

Boyertown Casket Co., C-119.

Condenser Corp., C-259, R-323, 324.

Ingram Mfg. Co., C-335.

Harry Schwartz Yarn Co., C-340.
Roberti Bros., C-507, R-554.

Marcus, Sumner, Pittsburgh, as American Mfg. Co., C-378.

Field Atty.

American Mfg. Concern, C-403.

Union Dye Case Co., C-360.

Southern Pacific SS. Co., C-457.

Pure Oil Co., 8-C-202.

American Oil Co., R-703.

Boston Daily Record, R-720-21-22.

Phelps-Dodge Corp., C-500.

Callun and Sons, C-462.

Lindeman Power & Equip. Co., C-578.

San Diego Ice & Cold Storage, C-436.

Joliet Wrought Washers, C-623.

Servel, Inc., C-488.

Aluminum Lines, et al., R-870-925, Inc.

Mobile Steamship Assoc., et al., R–391.

Marcus, Sumner-Continued.


Stockholders Publishing Co., C-742.

Herring Hall Safe Co., 9-C-804 (Review on appeal).

Utah Copper Co., 22-C-179 (Review on appeal).

Remington Rand Co., 20-C-533 (Review on appeal).

Brashear Freight Co., C-752.

Atlas Powder Co., 2-C-1959 (Review on appeal).

Harris Woolen Mills Co., C-905.

National Dairy Products, C-1203.
Lee Rubber & Tire Co., C-1331.

Pascal, Victor A., New York, as Wilmington Transportation Co., R-399.

Field Exam.

American Woolen Co., R-400.

Mergenthaler Linotype Case, R-351.
St. Paul Garment, C-312.

Cardinals Trucking Co., C-225.

Mid-States Gummed Paper, R-483.

Trenton Phila. Coach, C-241.

Empire Worsted Mills, C-326.

Harter Corp., R-340.

Cowell Portland Cement Co., C-390.

Hercules Campbell Body Co., C-382.

Boorum & Pease Co., R-731.

Burlington Dyeing & Finish (R-700; C-772).
Hanson-Whitney Machine, C-455.

Mann Edge Tool Co., R-835.

Vesta Underwear Co., R-823.
The Arbuckle Bros., R-824.
Byron-Jackson Co., C-377.

Union Premier Foods, R-859.

Arcadia Hosiery, C-675.

Mid-States Gummed Paper, 13-C-631.

Colonial Optical Co., 1-C-731 (Review on appeal).

The William Powell Co., R-1013.

Afro-American Publishing Co., C-904.

Vanadium Corp. of America, R-1022.

Cudahy Packing Co., C-650.

Afro-American Co., C-1207.

Yale & Towne Mfg. Co., C-928.

Lightner Publishing Co., C-633.

San Fernando Lemon Assn., 21-C-1052 (Review on appeal).

International Harvester Co., 18-C-274 (Re

[blocks in formation]

Perkins, Richard A., Litigation. California Wool Scouring, R-447.

Swift Spinning Mills, R-457.

Mosaic Tile, R-498.

Bradley Mfg. Co., R-459.

Eagle Phenix Mills, C-944, R-456.

Swift Mfg. Co., R-458.

North Star Specialty, R-466.

Daily Mirror, Inc., R-467.

Tennessee Copper Co., R-574.

Jefferson Elec. Co., C-336.


Perkins, Richard A.-Continued.

Swift & Co., R--605.


Rex Mfg. Co., R-663.

Loose-Wiles Biscuit Co., C-506.
Roma Wine Co., R-639.

Pure Oil Co., R-468, C-458.

Kokomos Sanitary Pottery, C-913.

David Strain Mfg., C-373.

Internation'l Shoe Co., 14-C-177, C-773.
Alba Twine Mills, C-699.

Western Garment Mfg. Co., C-658.

W. W. Kimball Co., 13-C-689 (Review on appeal).

Rob Roy Shirt Co., V-C-483 (Review on appeal).

James Graham Mfg. Co., 20-C-319 (Review on appeal).

F. W. Woolworth Co. of France, Inc., C-751.

Persinger, David, Litigation----. Duplex Printing Press Co., R-13.

Renown Stove Co., C-79.

Associated Press, C-138.
Shell Oil Co., C-152, R-123.

Welwood-Norwich Silk Mills, C-120.
Milfay Mfg. Co., C-172.

Robison, Joseph B., Litigation___ Seagraves Corp., C-189.

Rose, George. Indianapolis to
Rev. Div. to N. Y. as field atty.
Rosenberg, Allan R. Legal As-
sistant to the Secretary.

Globe Machine & Stamping, R-178-180.
City Auto Stamping Co., R-203.
General Steel Castings, R-196–199.
National Motor Bearing Co., C-221.
Goodyear Tire & Rubber, R-230.
Nat'l Elec. Prod. Corp., C-219, R-241.
Zellerbach Paper Co., R-355.

M. Lowenstein & Sons, Inc., C-358.
Whiterock Quarries, C-205.
Keystone Mfg., R-599, C-380.
Berkshire Knitting Mills, C-385.
Marks Bros., C-464, R-619.
Rockwood Mills, C-750.

Monmouth Publishing Co., C-698.
Falls City Tobacco Co., C-692.
Consumers Power Company, C-790.
Consumers Power Company, R-1004.
Consumers Research Inc., C-52.
To be supplied (see below).

Oregon Worsted, C-167.
Dickson-Jenkins Mfg. Co., C-192.
Pacific Greyhound, R-195.
Bemis Bag, C-55, C-95.

Pennsylvania Greyhound Lines, R-151.
Republic Steel, C-184.

Rosenfarb, Joseph. Litigation Di- American Mat Mfg. Co., C-49.


Beaver-Lois Mills.

[blocks in formation]


Rosenfarb, Joseph-Continued.


Calvert-Md. Distilling, C-157.
Wallace Mfg., C-62.

Grower-Shipper Veg. Assn. of Central Cal.,

Boyertown Burial Casket, C-119.

Schleifer, Mary L., Litigation--- United Fruit Co., C-159.

Houston Cartage Co., C-153.

Fred'k. R. Barrett, C-173.

Rocks Express, C-161.

I. M. M. Luckenbach, Black Diamond,
R-144, 5, 6.

American France Line, et al., R-157.
William Dimond, et al., R-130-141.
American-Hawaiian Steamship Co., 21-R-117.
New York & Cuba SS. Co., R-121, 122.
U. S. Stamping Co., C-203.

International Freighting Corp., R-159, R-236.
United States Lines, et al., R-335-8.
Curtis Day Towing Co., R-365-377.
Semet-Solvay Co., C-384, R-547.
H. J. Heinz Co., C-304.

M. & J. Tracy Co., C-594, R-760.
Gowanus Towing Co., R-634.
National Weaving Co., C-356.
Sheppard, S. S., II-C-1575.

Owens-Illinois Glass Co., C-630.
Seas Shipping Co., R-109.
Grace Line, Inc., R-110.

Clyde-Mallory Lines, II-R-11 (R-112)

Aluminum Co. of America, C-147.

Bell Oil & Gas Co., C-143, C-144.

Ocean Steamship Co. of Savannah, R-119,


United Fruit Co., C-159.

Atlanta Woolen Mills, C-13.

John Blood & Co., Inc., R-20.

Columbia Radiator Co., C-66.

Greensboro Lumber, C-17.

Jeffery DeWitt Insulator Co., C-21.

Pittsburgh Steel Co., R-15.

Pusey-Maynes-Breish Co., C-28.

Utterstrom Bros, Inc

International Nickel Co., R-30.

Nat'l. N. Y. Packing & Shipping, C-83.

Bradley Lumber, R-28, C-87.

Lykes Bros., R-36-38.

Demarest Silk Co., IV-C-42.

D & H Motor Freight, C-112.

Luckenbach Steamship Co., R-41, R-60.

Pacific Steamship Co., R-64-76, R-79–102,


Admiral Lines, et al., R-64.

Welwood-Norwich Silk Mills, C-120.

Agwilines, Inc., R-112.

International Mercantile Marine Co., R-144


Schulson, Hyman S., Chicago as Elbe File & Binder Co., Inc., C-158.

field atty.

Clermont Cravat, C-140.

Black Diamond Steamship Co., C-174.

R. C. A. Communications, Inc., R-152, R-153.
Memphis Furniture, C-118, R-35.

Boss Mfg. Co., C-115, R-40.

Atlas Mills, C 107.

Marcus Loew Booking Agency, R-184.

Metropolitan Engineering Co., Inc., C- 202.



Schulson, Hyman S.-Continued.

[blocks in formation]

Louisiana Terminal Co., R-221.

Todd Shipyard Co., R-237 & C-239.
Campbell Machine Co., R-249-51.

San Diego Marine Const. Co., R-252, 53 and 54.

Standard Oil Co., R-265.

Solvay Process, C-291.
Taylor Trunk Co., C-286.
Halff Mfg. Co., C-1314.
Armour & Co., R-611.
American Brass Co., R-392.
Perry-Fay Co., R-393.

N. Y. Mail & Trans. Co., R-401.
Ward Baking Co., R-322, C-492, 3.
Armour & Co., R-435-446.

Armour & Co., R-476.

Armour & Co., R-494.

Armour & Co., R-584, C-695.

Armour & Co., R-710, C-647, 8, 9.

Unit Cast Company, 8-R-103.

Godchaux Sugar Corp., C-499.

Armour & Co., R-658.

Alaska Glacier Sea Food, C-496.

Armour & Co., C-661.

Armour & Co., R-1040.

Aerovox Corp., R-1056.

Ex-Lax, Inc., C-1038.

[blocks in formation]

Fiedman Blau Farber Co., R-284.
Armour & Co., R-275.

Southgate-Nelson Corp., R-311-13.

S. Cohen & Sons, C-98.

Ohio Fuel & Gas Co., C-279.
Standard Lime & Stone, C-220.
Fashion Piece Dye Works, C-22.
Federal Carton, C-306.

Yale & Towne Mfg.. Co., C-272.
Harry Schwartz Yarn Co., C-340.
Consolidated Aircraft Co., R-761.
Southport Refinery, C-477, R-600.
McGoldrick Lumber, C-639-40-1-2.

Decatur Garment Co. XIII-C-501 (Review on appeal).

Home Mfg. Co., XIII-C-534 (Review on

[blocks in formation]
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