Official Congressional Directory, Volume 57, Issue 1, Part 1; Volume 57, Issue 2, Part 1

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1901
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Includes maps of the U.S. Congressional districts.

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Page 237 - Washington, a department of education, for the purpose of collecting such statistics and facts as shall show the condition and progress of education in the several states and territories, and of diffusing such information respecting the organization and management of schools and school systems and methods of teaching as shall aid the people of the United States in the establishment and maintenance of efficient school systems, and otherwise promote the cause of education throughout the country.
Page 215 - States as may be designated, and the Academy shall, whenever called upon by any department of the Government, investigate, examine, experiment, and report upon any subject of science or art, the actual expense of such investigations, examinations, experiments, and reports to be paid from appropriations which may be made for the purpose, but the Academy shall receive no compensation whatever for any services to the Government of the United States.
Page 242 - Agriculture, the general designs and duties of which shall be to acquire and diffuse among the people of the United States useful information on subjects connected with Agriculture, in the most general and comprehensive sense of that word, and to procure, propagate and distribute among the people, new and valuable seeds and plants.
Page 241 - That the provisions of this act shall apply to any common carrier or carriers engaged in the transportation of passengers or property wholly by railroad, or partly by railroad and partly by water when both are used, under a common control, management, or arrangement, for a continuous carriage or shipment...
Page 241 - Act and the employees of such carrier, seriously interrupting or threatening to interrupt the business of said carrier, the chairman of the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Commissioner of Labor...
Page 241 - That the commission hereby created shall have authority to inquire into the management of the business of all common carriers subject to the provisions of this act, and shall keep itself informed as to the manner and method in which the same is conducted...
Page 230 - ... the administration of the Department. He is also charged by law with the supervision of suits and proceedings arising out of the provisions of law governing national banking associations in which the United States and any of its agents or officers are parties; also with the charge, release, and sale of lands acquired in payment of debt, excepting those acquired under internal-revenue laws.
Page 225 - In no manner discriminate against any port or place; and at such ports and places within the United States as have no quarantine regulations under State or municipal authority, where such regulations are, in the opinion of the Secretary of the Treasury, necessary to prevent the Introduction of contagious or Infectious...
Page 219 - War and all bureaus and offices under his d1rection; all accounts relating to the military establishment, armories and arsenals, national cemeteries, fortifications, public buildings and grounds under the Chief of Engineers, rivers and harbors, the Military Academy, and to all other business within the jurisdiction of the Department of War, and...
Page 215 - Said association shall report annually to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution concerning its proceedings and the condition of historical study in America. Said secretary shall communicate to Congress the whole of such reports, or such portions thereof as he shall see fit. The Regents of the Smithsonian Institution are authorized to permit said association to deposit its collections, manuscripts, books, pamphlets, and other material for history in the Smithsonian Institution or in the National...

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