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Automobile of the U. S. Army Inspector, passing the Post-office at San Francisco. the

distance. The regular water supply of the work of relief, cheerfully and gladly, for city having been broken off, the salt all San Franciscans were brothers and water from the bay was available for sisters in those days. the waterfront and vicinity, provided en- Much more could be said of the wide gines, fire tugs and other pumps were

field of activity of the automobile during available. But the extent of the use of the fire—the automobile, so widely missalt water was limited by the amount of understood to be but the toy of the rich hose available. Early in the fight with and the luxurious. It has demonstrated the fire along the water-front, Lieutenant most forcibly that it is an agent of F. N. Freeman, of the navy, who was sent

humanity and of civilization generally, to to the city from Mare Island br Rear- be regarded as such in future along with Admiral B. H. McCalla to lend the the telegraph, the telephone-even the navy's aid, saw the possibilities of addi- steamship and the railroad. tional lengths of hose. Hose was sent Of special interest, however, were the for. It was brought at top speed by all- difficulties under which the machine had tomobiles, and to this speed, not other- to perform these multitudinous duties. It wise obtainable, was due the salvation of was no pleasure jaunt, no touring over many a structure within reach of the country roads and along smooth boulewater from the bav.

vards. It needs but slight knowledge of Automobiles of every description, de- the conditions under which the machines livery, touring, runabout and all, were were operated to appreciate the severitv pressed into service for transporting re- of the test to which they and their oelief supplies, particularly medicines, food cupants were subjected. and other emergency goods. They were Few streets in the city were in their kept at this, night and day, for several normal state. Most of those in days. Inspecting officers of the army and

burned area were filled for days—some marine corps—for the marines played an for weeks—with debris of various kinds important part in guarding the city- and degrees. Many streets, both in and used automobiles for inspecting their out of the burned district, were distorte: various stations

Mavos more or less by the earthquake. In Schmitz, Generals Greely and Funston, Valencia street there was a subsidence of and the many relief committeemen, all six feet, making a bad gully. Subsidhad their special machines always at ences of less depth existed in many other hand, and hard service they gave them, places. There were corresponding uptoo. The officials of the steam and the heavals here, there and everywhere. street railways were also tireless users of Broad Van Ness avenue, sharing with automobiles, none working harder than Market street the largest amount of they in steps to restore transportation travel, was for a long time a succession of for the benefit of the aflicted city. As little hills and vallers, clefts and mounds. for the newspapers, they used automo- During the first few days it was hazardbiles where they formerly used telephones ous in the extreme to traverse these and and street cars. Reporters sent on dis- many other thoroughfares. At night it tant details had automobiles in waiting was highly dangerous, for lights were for them, to remain under their orders not permitted for some time. Going at until their return to the office with the high speed, even the smallest irregularity “story” they were after.

might cause a serious accident, possibli It was a characteristic sight when fatal disaster. When obstructions a foot handsome big machines, which before the or more high-or deep—were to be enfire bore happy, fashionable parties to countered every block or so, coolness and Burlingame and San Mateo, or on long caution of the highest order were detours about the State, were seen, grimy manded. They are vet, and will be for with dirt and dust, careering through some time, until the streets shall have the streets with soldiers or hospital been restored to their former smoothnurses, or filled with supplies for the re- ness. lief stations. The fashionable world lent So much for the strain and danger to its cherished automobiles as it did its the human occupants of the machines. mansions and its personal services to the As for the machines themselves, it may

and posts.


This White automobile. used by the military, was in constant service day and night for over extent, in spite of the hard tasks it was subjected to over the rough streets and debris.


weeks, without overhauling to


readily be seen that the rough roads over the high value of the automobile dexionwhich they had to travel were hard trials strated by its performances during and upon their mechanism. Jumping and after the San Francisco earthquake and jolting, stopping suddenly,

suddenly, turning fire has not been lacking. It has come sharply, crashing into unexpected ob- from no less a source than the United structions, dodging others, all of these States Government, whose officers tested experiences were of hourly, in fact, con- it so thoroughly and profited by it so stant occurrence. Every part of the

the highlv. The United States Government machine, however large or small, is proverbially conservative in its adopcalled upon to respond to extreme strain. tion of innovations—far too much so at

And the way they responded to the de- times. The army has experimented to mands made upon them is a source nf some extent during the past few years wonderment and pride to all American with automobiles, for use in its Sign-ul inanufacturers as well as owners of aụ- Corps, Hospital Corps and Quartermas. tomobiles, for there were few of foreign ter's department. A few automobiles make in San Francisco. The various have been purchased for army use, an:



Garage of the Auto Livery Company, and temporary office of the Middletos, sntor Car Company on N. W. corner of Golden Gate and Van Ness avenues,

machines of American make have over they have given satisfaction, but until and over again shown their speed. They now the tests were never thought suffi. have also shown other fine qualities, but ciently conclusive to justify general adopthis time they exhibited an endurance tion wherever vehicles may be used. Now which is long to be remembered. The re- it is different. It is unofficially stated pairs made necessary by the experiences that lengthy reports, praising automobiles of the machine have been remarkably few in the highest terms, have been forwarded and of remarkably small extent. Of to the War Department in Washington, course, there were a few break-downs un- as a result of the experience that the army der violent conditions, but that they were officers had with them during San Frannot worse and more numerous is aston- cisco's days of misfortune. It is further ishing. They were barely appreciable in stated that the War Department has been the sum total of performances.

so impressed by these reports, together It is notable that official recognition of with others it has received from othe:

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Å San Francisco “ bread line."

The officials in the automobiles are inspectors, whose duty It


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