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Return reverse half of Guarantee Ticket with 10c. for pack of President Playiog Cards.






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Where living is a pleasure all the year round. Where flowers bloom in the open air in January and midwinter sea-bathing is an ordinary pastime.

Such is Californiathe Mecca of all Americansand a good way to get there is over the Salt Lake Route, the direct Scenic Line between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. In connection with the Union Pacific and Northwestern lines, the route of the Los Angeles Limitedthe famous 69 hour flyer between Chicago and Los Angeles. Standard and Tourist SleepersBuffet-Library -Observation Cars and Dining Cars.

Ask your home ticket agent about the Salt Lake Route; or write to E. W. GILLETT, General Passenger Agent, T.C. PECK, Assistant General Passenger Agent, Los Angeles, Cal.

Salt Lake
Route is
The Way

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Fifth Avenue and 37th Street, New York

To those known to the house, or who will make themselves known by satisfactory references, Titfany & Co. will ser:d for inspection selections of their stock

Gold and Jeweled Bangles

Tiffany & Co.
Blue Book

Bangles and Bracelets quoted are in 14-karat gold Open work scrolls and rosettes, burmese finish, with seven amethysts,

each $38 Oval band, richly chased, Roman finish, with eight torquoise matrix,

each $44 Open work, burmese finish, with eight peridots,

each $50 Carved scrolls, and open work, burmese finish, with six oblong amethysts,

each $55 Rosettes and open work, burmese finish, with seven aquamarines,

each $65 Renaissance scrolls, open work, burmese finish, with six Montana sapphires,

each $80 Double wire bracelet, with diamonds and seven Montana sapphires set in platinum

each $95 Double wire bracelet, with diamonds and baroque pearls set in platinum,

each $95

A compact catalogue without illustrations - over 500 pages of concise description: with an alphabei ical side index a: fording quick ac cess to the wide range of Tiffany & Co.'s stock, with the prices at which articles may be purchased.

Patrons will find this little book filled with helpful suggestions of jewelry, silverware, clocks, bronzes, and other artistic merchandise suitable for wedding presents

other gifts


Plain Gold Bangles and Bracelets


Gold bangles,

each $13.50, $15.50, $17, $20 Gold chain bracelets, each $15, $17, $20, $25, $35 Gold engagement bracelet, with permanent locking catch,

each $18.50, $27, $28, $36


Photographs of above or richer bracelets sent upon request

Tiffany & Co.
ma nufacture
their own retail
trade. Their
wares ar
sold to other deal-
ers, and can only
be purchased
their establish-
ments in New
York, Pari
or London

Fifth Avenue New York

Tiffany & Co. always welcome a comparison of prices

Overland Monthly

An Ilustrated Magazine of the West.

October, 1906

...Dr. E. T. Devine

194 How the Red Cross Society Systematized Relief Work in San Francisco (111.)

Harold French

195 Night on Glacier Point (Ill. by Author). Eloise J. Roorbach

.207 Nance O'Neil: Her Travels and Her Art (Ill)

Helen Fitzgerald Sanders

.212 October (Poem)

Emma Playter Seabury

220 Overland Among the Slovanians of Istria (Ill.)

Felix J. Koch

221 Sea-Sunset: In the Harbor of Honolulu (poem)

Curtis Hidden Page

228 Earthquake Days at Stanford (Ill.).... Alice Windsor Kimball

.229 New England to the “Queen City" (poem).." Jac." Lowell

.233 Doves of St. Mark's (Ill.)

Katherine Elwes Thomas

239 Soul of Ramirez, The

Maude Heath

.2433 Point of View, The (Poem)

.Ruth G. Porter

.246 Jack London, Lecturer (Ill.)

.P. S. Williams

.247 Knights and Barons of our Western Empire (Ill.)

John L. Cowan

.251 Memory, A (Poem)

Henry M cade Bland

.256 “Rookie, The” (Poem) .. II elen Fitzgerald Sanders

.258 When Uncle Sam Plays War (Ill.).....Helen Fitzgerald Sanders

...259 What the Governor has to Say (Ill.). . Governor Albert E. Meade

.276 Montana (Poem)

Margaret Ashman

..276 Autumn Storm Sky (Poem)

Charles S. Ross

.275 Greater Oakland (Ill.)

..278 By Pierre N. Beringer, Mayor Frank K. Mott, E. P. Vandercook, Edwin Stearns,

F. J. Woodward, E. II. Kramer, Wilbur Walker, Walter G. Manuel, Harold Murdock, May Elder Leslie, Ross Gardner Dun, J. W. McClymonds, W. E. Gibson, Preston Paddon, Halbert Higginbotham, F. L. Du Shane. Thrift

Orison Swett Marden...


All communications in relation to manuscripts intended for publication, business connectea with the magazine, and drafts, should be addressed to the OVERLAND MONTHLY CO.and not to individuals on the stafr.

THE OVERLAND MONTHLY, an Illustrated Magazine of the West. Entered as second class matter June 25, 1906, at the Post-office at Alameda, California, under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1879.

We have established Northwestern offices for the OVERLAND MONTHLY at 33-34 Silvar
Bow Block, Butte, Montana, under the management of Mrs. Helen Fitzgerald Sanders.
New subscriptions may commence at any time during the year.

Discontinuances.-Remember that the publishers must be notified by letter when a subscriber wishes his magazine stopped. All arrearage must be paid.

Always give the name of the Post-office to which your magazino is sent. Your name cannot be found on our books unless this is done.

Contributors are requested to write name and address on first page or MSS., and on the back of each photograph or illustration submitted. It is also necessary that in writing to the magazine concerning contributions, the name of the article should be mentioned.

OVERLAND MONTHLY COMPANY, 905 Lincoln Avenue, Alameda Cal. 721 Market street, San Francisco;

Copyrighted, 1906. by the Overland Monthly Co.

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