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-yes shifted to them, and then he saw it: upon the mouth. In his arms she trem-his own gold ring.

bied, his for the centuries, and he held Drunk with ecstasy, incoherent, afloat her very tenderly, whispering to her how upon the tide of emotion, he laid down lonely the years had been. his glass and took her in his arms. He And after a long while they retraced pressed her hot young face to him, and their steps along the arcades, into the the touch of her satiny, white skin moonlit courts, and up the marble stairs. thrilled him with a nameless sense of As they came into the ball room, Romjoy.

meley touched him on the arm. “ Have you loved me--all these years?" “ There are no more accommodations he asked, tensely.

for Cairo," he told him. “ The Blue Star “ Yes,” she answered breathlessly, “al- closed at eight.” ways !”

Kessler turned to him a moment. “It's He pressed her face close to his, cheek no matter," he said, very indifferently. brushing cheek. Then he kissed her full “It's Calcutta direct in the morning.”

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Picturesque California.- Black Butte, near Sisson, California.

C. R. Miller. Photo.

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BY JOHN L. COWAN 10 Benjamin Franklin is ascribed politic to class the land of the free along

the honor of having been the first with the conquering and corrupt despot

to make the sage observation that isms and autocracies of the past and presthe lordly but companionable turkey, ent by holding up for the adoration of the rather than the bald and misanthropic patriotic the same symbol that crowned eagle, should have been selected as the their standards and led their legions on to emblem of the Republic. If Franklin was bloody victory or to deserved defeat. The the first, however, at least ten thousand true bird of freedom is the fat and juicy newspaper paragraphers and humorists turkey—a native of the soil, but alien ;) contend for the distinction of being the the effete and oppressive militarisms of latest, repeating the remark with various the Old World. He feeds not on carrion amplifications and arguments to prove its and offal, nor on the carcasses of victims justice at least twice a year.

Nor is the of his strength, like the eagle and other contention lacking in plausibility and : foul birds of prey, but upon the berries, show of reason. The eagle is a pirate— fruits, seeds and nuts of the fields and a freebooter of the air, seeking out whom woodlands. He is a true aborigine—nahe may slay, and showing no mercy to the tive to the soil of every State and terriinnocent and helpless. By universal con- tory in the union, from the Rio Grande sent, he is regarded as symbolic of war to the Red River of the north; from the and conquest, of the bloody battle-field, Golden Gate to Cape Cod; from the of the victory of the strong. Surely there Straits of Florida to Puget Sound. In is nothing in his history or his disposition dignity of carriage, in grace of movethat should recommend him to the favor ment, in symmetry of form and in beauty of the nation that stands for peace, con- of plumage, no bird of prey can rival him. ciliation, justice and relief to all that are He is a fitting symbol of peace, plenty, oppressed. It was the emblem of the prosperity, content, good feeling and good Roman Republic through its career of cheer.

Well might his counterfeit preconquest, and of the Roman Empire in sentment be blazoned upon our national the melancholy days of its richly merited escutcheon-the most appropriate and decline. It was the emblem of France in distinctive emblem of triumphant demothe arrogant days of the Bonapartes, and cracy that can well be imagined. is still the symbol of boastful Prussia, Nevertheless, if the fathers of the Redecadent Austria and tottering Russia. public builded not wisely in this regard, Surely, it is neither wise, appropriate nor their work will doubtless continue to endure, and the turkey, defrauded of his new hemisphere, but was thought that he birthright, will play but a minor role in had simply found a short route to the the drama of events. But twice each year Indies. The name, Turkey, was not then does he come into his own, and then in a restricted to a single country of well-demanner too tragic to fitly compensate for fined limits, but was loosely applied, like the intervening seasons of neglect. If the expression, “the Indies,” to any part not the villain of the play, he meets the of the Orient. It is, therefore, probable villain's fate. Nevertheless, his life goes that the turkey was so named for the purout in a blaze of glory, and if his end is pose of indicating its supposed Orienta? not heroic, it is far from ignoble. He is origin. Under the same misapprehension, the true lord of the feast (even though he the French named it "coq d'Inde," or "Inbe trussed and basted), at Thanksgiving dian cock," and to this day cail it "dinde." and Christmas time, when the piratic This derivation, however, is by no means eagle hardly receives a passing thought. universally accepted, and amateur etyProbably the haughty gobbler loses but mologists have exhausted their ingenuity little sleep in bootless worry over the fact in the attempt to invent a more satisfacthat the bald and worthless eagle has tory hypothesis. Some think that the usurped the place that rightfully belongs red, wattled head of the male bird sugto him. If he does, he might derive some gested the red cap or "fez," worn by the consolation from the thought that he is Turks. Others imagine that the blusterloved for himself alone; the eagle onlying turkey cock reminded observers of for what he symbolizes.

the belligerant attitude of the hated folThe turkey was introduced into Europe lowers of the Prophet, in the Middle Ages. by the Spaniards early in the Sixteenth By some it is believed that the name is a Century, and received immediate recog- corruption of the word “turquoise," renition as a valuable addition to the short ferring to the steel-blue color seen on the list of domestic fowls. Of the gifts of the plumage of the wild fowl, and by still New World and the Old, this was neither others it is fancied that it is an onomathe least important nor the least appre- topoetic word, imitating the call of the ciated. Like corn and tobacco, pota- bird to its mate, or of the mother to her toes and the peanut, maple syrup and young. the pumpkin pie, it plays a part in pro

Whatever the origin of the name, there moting the amenities and softening the is no disputing the fact that the wild turmanners of men and nations that histor- key is the noblest game bird indigenous ians and chroniclers are too prone to neg

to the Western hemisphere. Centuries of lect. A wise man of old won everlasting pot hunting and persecution have exterrenown by the exhortation, “ Let

minated it in some of the older States and write the songs of a nation, and I care have sadly thinned the flocks in all parts not who leads its armies.” Let us put in of the country; but in the heavily tima bid for fame by parodying it thus, "Let bered districts, even in the thirteen origius serve the rapid fire lunches of a people, nal States, turkeys are still abundant and we care not who builds its battle- enough to furnish royal sport to the ships." Feed them on a diet of turkey, hunter, while in nearly every State in the buckwheat cakes and pumpkin pies, and West there are unsettled districts in which ere longʻa race of poets, sages and philoso- this species of game is plentiful. In phers would be evolved whose productions Western Texas and portions of Arizona, would make the classics of the Augustan New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, age seem like the drivelings of idiocy in the Dakotas and other States, even the comparison.

hunters of big game consider it not beHow or why the turkey received the neath their dignity to engage in the purname by which it is known has long been suit of this king of American wild fowl. a matter of dispute. Probably it was be- The wild turkey, it should not be forstowed as a result of the confusion of gotten, is incomparably superior to the geographical ideas that prevailed for domesticated fowl in size, beauty, intellimany decades after

the discovery of gence and flavor—this being one of the America. It was not suspected that few species that have deteriorated under Columbus had pioneered the way to a man's influence, notwithstanding his ef


forts to achieve the contrary result. The tation of being the highest born, best bred French Canadians have a proverb, “He- and bluest blooded bird of his species in bete comme une dinde ”—“as stupid as a America. If one-half of the Rhode Island turkey.” It is evident that the coiners turkeys that are marketed every year realof the phrase had the domesticated fowl in ly hailed from that pocket-edition commind, as the wild bird possesses quite monwealth, it would be difficult, if not enough intelligence to tax the sagacity impossible, for them all to find roosting of the most experienced hunter. In rec- room within its narrow limits. Scarcely ognition of the fact that the barnyard less famous are the turkeys of Kentucky, fowl is but a degenerate scion of a noble where the soil and climate seem as well ancestry, breeders make a practice of. cap- adapted to the development of this choice turing wild turkey cocks, or of filching gift of the gods as to the production of the eggs of wild fowl for hatching, when- those other boons no less desired—beautiever possible, in order to introduce a ful women, fast horses and incomparable strain of fresh, vigorous and undegenerate corn-juice. In the Blue Grass Commonsblood into their flocks.

wealth the turkeys are reared by negroes The turkey was domesticated by the on their little patches of land. During aborigines of the Southwest and by the the early days of December, the country Aztecs of Mexico ages before the white roads are dotted with marching flocks, man first set foot on this continent. By driven by tattered men and little black these it was reared for the sake of its pickaninnies, all converging towards the feathers, rather than for its meat, al- towns. The scene is one of rustic and though there is no reason to suppose that Arcadian simplicity that the globe trotter the meat was

wasted. The beautiful will long cherish in his memory, when feather cloth obtained by the Spaniards imposing pageants and majestic scenes when they looted the city of the Monte- of nature have been forgotten. zumas—so highly prized that gifts of it It would be interesting to know just were sent to the Castilian monarchs, and how many turkeys will be slaughtered are still preserved among the royal treas- within the next few weeks “to make a ures at Madrid, was made of ocellated Christian holiday," but unfortunately no turkey feathers. This feather cloth, too, statistics of the kind can be secured. Acwas one of the most precious possessions cording to the Twelfth Census, there were of the Cliff Dwellers. It was buried along in the United States on June 1, 1900, with their dead, and many specimens only 6,599,367 domesticated turkeys over have been discovered among their ruined three months of age. The leading State homes in the Mesa Verde and the Canon in the turkey raising industry was Texas, de Chelly. The ocellated turkey of Yu- with 648,671 birds, while Illinois stood catan and Honduras is smaller than the second with 446,020, and Iowa was a close variety indigenous farther north, but far third with 424,306. However, these fig. more beautiful. Its plumage is dazzlingly ures fall far short of conveying a true lustrous, reflecting almost every color of conception of the magnitude of the turthe rainbow, and rendering it almost as key raising business. At the season of the resplendent as the peacock. The common year when the census enumerators made bronze turkey of the barnyard is believed their rounds, but few of the turkeys that to be a cross between the northern and were destined to grace the feasts of the Yucatan varieties. It is, therefore, Thanksgiving and Christmas had atquite possible that the fowl that dignifies tained the age of three months; and milthe Christmas dinner by his august prez- lions, perhaps, had not yet broken the ence may be descended on the one hand

When the census of 1890 was from some lordly turkey cock that cracked taken, an attempt was made to count acorns in the forests of New England be- turkeys of all ages, not restricting the fore the Pilgrims landed, and on the enumeration to those more than three other hand from a royal hen that ate corn months old, and the reports gave the in the coops of Montezuma before Cortez total number as being 10,754,060; but set forth on his career of conquest. even these figures give no account of the

of the turkeys of civilization, the millions of birds hatched after the first bronze fowl Rhode Island has the repu- of June and butchered for the holiday

egg shells.

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