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Now readyTiffany 1907 Blue Edition - No illustrations. 621 pages of concise descriptions and prices of Jewelry, Silverware, Watches, Clocks, Bronzes, Pottery, Glass and other articles suitable for Christmas gifts

Biue Book sent upon request


Ladies' Gold Watches Small open-face, 18-karat-gold watches, suitable for young women

$25, $35, $45, upward Small chronographs in 18-karat-gold cases for Trained Nurses

$50 Men's Gold Watches New model, open-face watches, in 18-karat-gold cases, adapted for young men $60, $95, $100, upward Open-face, 18-karat-gold minute repeaters, $135 and $240

Ladies' Diamond Rings Solitaires

$25, $50, $75, $95, upward Solitaires with small diamonds embedded in shank

$75, upward Two-stone diamond rings

$50, Three-stone diamond rings

$60, Five-stone half-hoop diamond rings


Best French eight-day movements, in gilt bronze
and glass cases, Traveling Clocks $12, $14, $20, $28
Mantel Clocks striking hours and half-hours on
Cathedral gong

$20, $35 and $55
Fork and Spoon Chests
Tiffany & Co.'s copyrighted patterns of Sterling
Silver Forks and Spoons. Prices include handsome,
compact, hardwood chests, with lock and key
5 dozen sets

$100 to $200 6

$140 to $250 7

$175 to $300 8

$250 to $350

Upon advice as to requirements and limit of price, Tiffany & Co. will send photographs, cuts or careful descriptions of what their stock affords

Goods Sent on

to any part of the United States, to persons known to the house or who will make themselves known by reference from any National Bank or responsible business house

Fifth Avenue New York

Tiffany & Co. are strictly retailers. They do not employ agents or sell their wares through other dealers

Tiffany & Co. always welcome a comparison of prices

Overland Monthly

An Ilustrated Magazine of the West.

December, 1906


Cover Design (Madrone Berries)

.Drawn by Eloise J. Roorbach Frontispiece-Quotation from Robert Louis Stevenson (Insert)

. 411 Frontispiece— Winter Scene in Yosemite Valley San Francisco as a Cynosure of the Eyes of America and the World (Ill.).

Arthur J. Ryan

413 Santa Claus, 30 to 1 (Ill.)...

Julian Josephson

.421 Christmas Sports in California (Ill.)... Arthur Inkersley

433 Socialism, Evolved and Ideal

. Solon Orr

443 A Christmas Surprise Party (Ill.) . Frances La Place.

447 Captives, The (Poem)

. Arthur Powell

.453 Illustration (David Starr Jordan)

454 To Make the Gift Divine (Ill.)

. Henry Meade Bland

.455 To an Oregon Raft Log, Cast Ashore (Poem)..Charles S. Ross

461 Christmas Vision, A (Poem. Ill.)..... Helen Fitzgerald Sanders

.462 Christmas in the Hills (Illustrated by Eloise J. Roorbach)...

Virginia Garland

- 464 Yule Tide in Merrie England (Ill.).... Katherine Elwes Thomas

.470 Illustration (Izeita Jewel)

..480 Charitable Organizations (Ill.).........Erelyn Crawford

.481 Sonnet for Christmas Eve (Poem).....Charlton Lawrence Edholm

.487 Illustration (“The Drive to the Great House.”)

.488 Country Life in North Carolina (Ill.).. Mary Hanford Ford

.489 In the Lair of the Bear

. John L. Cowan. Christmas in California

.John Wright Buckham

.496 San Francisco Forging Ahead

497 Picturesque California (Ill.)

.499 In the Realm of Bookland

.500 Pousse Cafe

.Slliott Flower



All communications in relation to manuscripts intended for publication, business connectea with the magazine, and drafts, should be addressed to the OVERLAND MONTHLY CO.and not to individuals on the staff.

THE OVERLAND MONTHLY, an Illustrated Magazine of the West. Entered as second class matter June 25 1906, at the Post-office at Alameda, California, under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1879.

We have established Northwestern offices for the OVERLAND MONTHLY at 33-34 Silver Bow Block, Butte, Montana, under the management of Mrs. Helen Fitzgerald Sanders.

New subscriptions may commence at any time during the year.

Discontinuances.-Remember that the publishers must be notified by letter when a subscriber wishes his magazine stopped. All arrearage must be paid.

Always give the name of the Post-office to which your magazine is sent. Your name cannot be found on our books unless this is done.

Contributors are requested to write name and address on first page or MSS., and on the back of each photograph or illustration submitted. It is also necessary that in writing to the magazine concerning contributions, the name of the article should be mentioned

OVERLAND MONTHLY COMPANY, 906 Lincoln Avenue, Alameda Cal. 721 Market street, San Francisco;

Copyrighted, 1906, by the Overland Monthly Co.



The offers below are good only when accompanied by the coupon

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Ferry Building, San Francisco. Gentlemen: I saw your ad. in the Overland Monthly. Please find herewith in acceptance of the subscription off er which I have marked above. Send the maga. zines to the address given below.


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Subscribed Capital

Paid-in Capital

3,000,000 Proiit and Reserve Fund

Monthly Income, over

To help its members to build homes, also to make loans on improved property,
the members giving first liens on real estate as security. To help its stockholders
to earn from 8 to 12 per cent per annum on their stock, and to allow them to open
deposit accounts bearing interest at the rate of 5 per cent per annum.

Church and Market Sts. San Francisco.

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