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An Ilustrated Magazine of the West.

August, 1906

Mayor Eugene E. Schmitz..

1 Builders, The (Ill.)

By Members of the Committee of Forty. 2 Commerci: Nevelopment of Rhodesia (Ill.)

D. E. Brodie, Secretary British So. African Co.....36 Quotation om Charles Wagner's “Simple Life” (Ill.).

10 Why the Cheyenne Special was Late (Ill. )..V. D. Hyde

42 Work of Woman's Relief Committee of Butte for San Francisco (Ill.)

II elen Fitzgerald Sanders

.43 Veil of Illusion, The (Ill.)

Donald Kennicott

52 To Pleasure

Charles S. Ross
Dr. Jordan, and the Future of Stanford (Ill.). . Henry Meade Bland
Mount Shasta (Poem)

Helen Fitzgerald Sanders

60 Manzanita (Ill.)

T'irginia Garland

6: Some Facts About the Packin, House.. Edward P. Irwin

71 Sonnet

Charlton L. Edholm Music in the Orient; the Old, the New (Ill.).. Lauren T. Tuttle

79 Apotheosis of the Ass (Ill.) .John L. Cowan

85 DEPARTMENTS. In the Lair of the Bear (In Quest of Bohemia)

Edward P. Irwin

91 In the Realm of Bookland . Eleanore F. Lewys

9+ Pousse Cafe

95 Photo. semi-annual dinner on pg. 17 by W'm. Diekelmann.


All communications in relation to manuscripts intended for publication, business connected with the magazine, and drafts, should be addressed

to the OVERLAND MONTHLY CO.and not to individuals on the staff.

THE OVERLAND MONTHLY, an Illustrated Magazine of the West. Application for entry as second-class mail matter has been made at the Alameda, Cal., Postoffice.

We have established Northwestern offices for the OVERLAND MONTHLY 33-34 Silver Bow Block. Butte, Montana, under the management of Mrs. Helen Fitzgerald Sanders.

New subscriptions may commence at any time during the year.

Discontinuances.-Remember that the publishers must be notified by letter when a subscriber wishes his magazine stopped. All arrearage must be paid.

Always give the name of the Post-office to which your magazine is sent. Your name cannot be found

our books unless this is done. Contributors are requested to write name and address on first page or MSS., and on the back of each photograph or illustration submitted. It is also necessary that in writing to the magazine concerning contributions, the name of the article should be mentioned.

OVERLAND MONTHLY COMPANY, 905 Lincoln Avenue, Alameda Cal. 721 Market street, 1121 Laguna street, San Francisco;


Copyrighted, 1906, by the Overland Monthly Co.

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Mount Shasta

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