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the Hammer

OF DISCHARGE, IF THE To Owl's Head trade-mark is on the stock, because the revolver hammer never touches the firing pin. This safety principle, found only in the Iver Johnson Safety Automatic Revolver, is due to the fact that the lever which transmits the blow from the hammer to the firing pin is never in position to do so except when the trigger is pulled all the way back.

It's full of firearm lore; gives important facts that every owner of
firearms should know, and goes into details and illustrates by
sectional views the peculiar construction of the Iver Johnson.

Iver Johnson Safety Iver Johnson Safety
Hammer Revolver Hammerless Revolver
8in. barrel, nickel-plated
finish, 22 rim fire cart-

8 inch barrel, nickel-plated ridge, 32-38 center

finish, 82-98 center
fire cartridge . . $5.00 fire cartridge .. $6.00
For sale by Hardware and Sporting Goods dealers everywhere, or
will be sent prepaid on receipt of price if your dealer will not supply

16 River Street, Fitchburg, Mass.
New York Office: 99 Chambers St. Pacific Coast Branch: P. B.
Bekeart Co., 2830 Alameda Ave., Alameda, Cal. European Office:
Pickhuben 4, Hamburg, Germany.



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over 55 years. By our system of payments every family of moderate circumstances can own a VOSE Piano. We take old instruments in exchange and deliver the new piano in your home free of expense. Write for Catalogue D and explanation.



Fifth Avenue & 37th Street, New York

Purchasers will be better able to judge values, by comparing the purity, quality and prices of Tiffany & Co's. diamonds

Diamond Department

Tiffany & Co. are, and for fifty years have been, the largest dealers in diamonds and precious stones in the United States, and their trade exceeds that of any other House in the world. Their facilities for securing the choicest gems from first hands enable them to maintain à most extensive stock. Their work-shops are under the immediate management of the firm, and every piece of jewelry must pass critical examination for assurance that it is worthy the stamp of the house

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Diamond Engagement Rings

Cuts of Diamond Rings, showing sizes of stones and styles of

mountings, with prices, sent upon request


$25, $50, $75, $95, upward


Solitaire Diamond or other precious stone with three small diamonds embedded in shank on each side,

- upward from $75

Two-stone rings, consisting of two diamonds, or
diamond with other precious stone, - upward from $50
Three-stone rings,-three diamonds, or two dia-
monds with ruby, sapphire or other precious

upward from $60

All Mail Orders are handled by trained men, whose experience and knowledge of what is most

in favor at the moment, assure careful selection or intelligent advice for those desiring assistance

Five-stone half-hoop rings,-diamonds, or diamonds alternating with other precious stones,

upward from $50

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Tiffany & Co. make a special feature of reconstructing old family jewels into modern settings

Tiffany & Co. 1906 Blue Book

Second Edition A compact, 530page catalogue, without pictures or cuts, but replete with descriptions, prices and helpful sugges: tions of artistic merchandise suitable for wedding presents. Sent free upon request

Fifth Avenue New York

Tiffany & Co. are strictly retailers

Overland Monthly

An Nlustrated Magazine of the West.

September, 1906

. 109


Frontispieces-- What San Francisco Has to Start With..

97 to 107 Better City, A...

Edwin Duryea, Jr. (II.) Baltimore,- Its Recovery from the Fire of February 7th and 8th, 1904.

Edwin Duryea. Jr.

.121 Sweetest Things of Life, The (poem).. Charles S. Ross..

.123 Little God in a Grocery, The.... ...F. Roney Weir...

.123 Two Armies from Seaward, (poem).... Genella Fitzgerald Nye.

128 Silverado, Scene of Robert Louis Stevenson's Honeymoon.

Harold French (M.).

.129 How the Home of Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson was Saved..

Harold French (111)

137 Spring and Autumn (poem).

Curtis Hidden Page

.138 Republic of Sojara, The..

Julien Josephson

.139 Triumph of the Automobile, The. .Arthur H. Dutton (II.)

145 Unready, The (poem)..

Charles S. Ross

.154 Earth's Messages, (Circulation) Virginia Garland

155 Truth (poem)

.Curtis Hidden Page

. 156 Memorable Commencement, A. Henry Meade Bland (Ill.).

.157 Dust Cloud, The (poem)

Charles S. Ross.

.165 National Disgrace, The-Child Labor..Austin Lewis

.166 Fate (poem)

E. F. L.

.170 Tallac and Tahoe

Eleanore F. Lewys (1)

.172 Tales of the Sea...

.Capt. Arthur H. Dutton..

..179 Edgar Samuel Paxson.

Helen Fitzgerald Sanders (IN.)....183 September (poem)

E. F. L.

In the Realm of Bookland.
In the Lair of the Bear (The Matter With San Francisco)

Eduard P. Irrin

.188 Pousse Cafe ...




All communications in relation to manuscripts intended for publication, business connecteu
with the magazine, and drafts, should be addressed to the OVERLAND MONTHLY CO.-
and not to individuals on the staff.

THE OVERLAND MONTHLY, an Illustrated Magazine of the West. Application for en-
try as second-class mail matter has been made at the Alameda, Cal., Postoffice.
We have established Northwestern offices for the OVERLAND MONTHLY


33-34 Silver Bow Block, Butte, Montana, under the management of Mrs. Helen Fitzgerald Sanders.

New subscriptions may commence at any time during the year.

Discontinuances.-Remember that the publishers must be notified by letter when a sub. scriber wishes his magazine stopped. All arrearage must be paid.

Always give the name of the Post-office to which your magazine is sent. Your name cannot be found our books unless this is done.

Contributors are requested to write name and address on first page or MSS., and on the back of each photograph or illustration submitted. It is also necessary that in writing to the magazine concerning contributions, the name of the article should be mentioned.

OVERLAND MONTHLY COMPANY, 905 Lincoln Avenue, Alameda Cal. 721 Market street, San Francisco;


Copyrighted, 1906, by the Overland Monthly Co.

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