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A Christmas Surprise Party (Ill.)..... Frances La Place


Apotheosis of the Ass (Ill.)

.John L. Cowan

Autumn Storm Sky (Poem)

Charles S. Ross

Bad Lands, The (Poem).... ..Margaret Ashmun

Baltimore,—Its Recovery from the Fire of February 7th and 8th, 1904..

Better City, A...

.. Edwin Duryea, Jr. (IN.).

"Rookie, The ” (Poem)

II elen Fitzgerald Sanders


Builders, The (Ill.)

By Members of the Committee of Forty ....2

Butte— The Heart of the Copper Industry (Illustrated.)

Helen Fitzgerald Sanders


Captives, The (Poem)

Arthur Powell

Charitable Organizations (Ill.)

. Evelyn Crawford


Christmas Sports in California (Ill.).... Arthur Inkersley

Christmas Vision, A (Poem. Ill.).....Helen Fitzgerald Sanders


Christmas in California (Poem) ..John Wright Buckham

Christmas in the Hills (Illustrated by Eloise J. Roorbach)

Virginia Garland

. 46-1

City of Mexico, (Ill.)....

N. J. Manson


Commercial Development of Rhodesia (Ill.)

D. E. Brodie, Secretary British So. African Co.....36

Country Life in North Carolina (Ill.). Mary Hanford Ford


“Doing Business Without Skyscrapers in San Francisco, (Illustrations)

...389, 390, 391, 392, 393, 394

Doves of St. Mark's (Ill.)

Katherine Elwes Thomas


Dr. Jordan and the Future of Stanford (Ill.)..Henry Meade Bland


Dust Cloud, The (poem)...

Charles S. Ross....


Earthquake Days at Stanford (Ill.).... Alice Windsor Kimball

Earth's Messages, (Circulation) . Virginia Garland ..

. 155

Edgar Samuel Paxson.

Helen Fitzgerald Sanders (111.)....183

Exiled (Poem)

..Charles L. Story


Fate (poem)

E. F. L.


Mayor Eugene E. Schmitz



Dr. E. T. Devine


.Drawing by Eloise J. Roorbach......316

Frontispieces-What San Francisco Has to Start With..

97 to 107

Arthur Inkersley


Frontispiece—Quotation from Robert Louis Stevenson (Insert)


Frontispiece-Winter Scene in Yosemite Valley


Greaser, The (Ill.)..

Alan Owen


Greater Oakland (Ill.)


By Pierre N. Beringer, Mayor Frank K. Mott, E. P. Vandercook, Edwin Stearns,

F. J. Woodward, E. II. Kramer, Wilbur Walker, Walter G. Manuel, Harold

Murdock, May Elder Leslie, Ross Gardner Dun, J. IV. McClymonds, W. E. Gib-

son, Preston Paddon, Ilalbert Higginbotham, F. L. Du Shane.

How the Home of Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson was Saved...

Harold French (Ill).

. 137

Low the Red Cross Society Systematized Relief Work in San Francisco (Ill.)

Harold French


Illustration (David Starr Jordan)


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Illustration ("The Drive to the Great House")

.488 In the White City...

Denison Ilalley Clift.

352 Jack London, Lecturer (Ill.)

.P. S. Williams

.247 Knights and Barons of our Western Empire (Ill.)

John L. Cowan

.251 Little God in a Grocery, The. ..F. Roney Weir..

123 Lord of the Feast, The (Ill.).

.John L. Couan

.363 Love That Lasts, The (Poem) .Charles S. Ross

.320 Manzanita (Ill.)

Virginia Garland

..67 Memorable Commencement, A. .IIenry Meade Bland (111.)

.157 Memory, A (Poem)

Henry Mcade Bland

.256 Montana (Poem)

. Margaret Ashman

.276 Mount Shasta (Poem)

Il elen Filzgerald Sanders

..66 Music in the Orient; the Old, the New (Ill.). Lauren T. Tuttle

..79 My Mission (Poem)

Donald A. Fraser...

.351 Nance O'Neil: Her Travels and Her Art (Ill)

Il elen Fitzgerald Sanders

.212 National Disgrace, The Child Labor.. Austin Lewis

.166 New England to the “Queen City” (poem)..Jac.Lowell

..238 Night on Glacier Point (Ill. by Author). Eloise J. Roorbach

.207 November (111.)

. Eleanore F. Lewys

.406 October (Poem)

Emma Playter Seabury

.220 Overland Among the Slovanians of Istria (Ill.)

Felir J. Koch

.221 Photo, semi-annual dinner on page 17 by Im. Dickelmann. "Picturesque California," an illustration..

..362 Picturesque California (Ill.)

49: Plumed Weeds. (Ill.)...

Virginia Garland

.317 Point of View, The (Poem)

Ruth G. Porter

.246 Question of the Unemployed, The...... Austin Lewis

.337 Quotation from Charles Wagner's “Simple Life (Ill.)

40 Reliable Fire Protection the Greatest Present Need of San Francisco.

Edwin Duryea, Jr.

.385 Republic of Sojara, The.... ..Julien Josephson

139 San Francisco as a Cynosure of the Eyes of America and the World (Ill.). ( púry

Arthur J. Ryan

.413 San Francisco Forging Ahead

.497 Santa Claus, 30 to 1 (Ill.)

Julian Josephson Sea-Sunset: In the Harbor of Honolulu (poem)

Curtis IIidden Page

228 September (poem)

...E. F. L. Silverado, Scene of Robert Louis Stevenson's Honeymoon.

IIarold French (11.)

.129 Socialism, Evolved and Ideal

Solon Orr

413 Some Facts About the Packing House. . Edward P. Irwin

71 Sonnet

Charlton L. Edholm
Sonnet for Christmas Eve (Poem) Charlton Laurence Edholm.

.487 Sonnet of Parted Lovers..

.Charlton Laurence Edholm

..312 Soul of Ramirez, The

Vaude Heath

21.3 Spring and Autumn (poem).. Curtis Ilidden Page

138 Sweetest Things of Life, The (poem)..Charles S. Ross..

.122 Tallac and Tahoe

Eleanore F. Lewys (III)

.172 Tales of the Sea..

. Arthur II. Dutton...

.395 Tales of the Sea..

Capt. Arthur II. Dutton.

..179 Thanksgiving (Poem)

Edward Wilbur Mason

.362 Thrift

Orison Swett Marden.

.310 To an Oregon Raft Log, Cast Ashore (Poem).. Charles S. Ross




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