The Illinois School Law, 1889-1895: An Act to Establish and Maintain a System of Free Schools, Approved May 21, 1889. Including Additional Acts Relative to Schools and School Officers, with an Appendix Containing Acts Establishing State Normal Schools, and Providing for County Normal Schools

Front Cover
E.F. Hartmann, State printer, 1895 - 131 pages

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Page 15 - To compel witnesses to attend and testify before it upon all matters connected with the operation of this act, in the same manner as is or may be provided by law for the taking of testimony before notaries public; and its president, or any member of said board, may administer oaths to such witnesses.
Page 1 - The General Assembly shall provide a thorough and efficient system of free schools, whereby all children of this State may receive a good common school education.
Page 83 - Act they shall forfeit the sum of one hundred dollars ($100) for each offense, to be recovered in an action of debt, before any justice of the peace, in the name of...
Page 108 - The Board of Trustees of the Illinois Industrial University;" and by that name and style shall have perpetual succession, have power to contract and be contracted with, to sue and be sued, to plead and be impleaded, to...
Page 120 - Said board shall proceed to organize, within twenty days after their appointment, by electing a president, who shall hold his office for one year, and until his successor shall be appointed.
Page 67 - No county, city, township, school district or other municipal corporation shall be allowed to become indebted in any manner or for any purpose to an amount, including existing indebtedness, in the aggregate exceeding five per centum on the value of the taxable property therein, to be ascertained by the last assessment for State and county taxes previous to the incurring of such indebtedness.
Page 85 - No teacher, State, county, township or district school officer shall be interested in the sale, proceeds or profits of any book, apparatus or furniture, used or to be used in any school in this State, with which such officer or teacher may be connected, under such penalties as may be provided by the General Assembly.
Page 56 - State certificates to such teachers as may be found worthy to receive them, which shall be ot perpetual validity in every county and school district in the State. But State certificates shall only be granted upon public examination, of which due notice shall be given, in such branches and upon such terms and by such examiners as the State superintendent and the...
Page 85 - Neither the General Assembly nor any county, city, town, township, school district or other public corporation shall ever make any appropriation or pay from any public fund whatever, anything in aid of any church or sectarian purpose, or to help support or sustain any school, academy, seminary, college, university or other literary or scientific institution, controlled by any church or sectarian denomination whatever...
Page 66 - ... to a fine of not less than twenty-five dollars ($25), nor more than one hundred dollars ($100) or be confined in the county jail for any period not exceeding thirty days for each offense.

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