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Along the Rio de Santa Clara...
Ninetta Eames...

Agriculture Along the Rio Grande.
0. E. Cromwell..

Agriculture as an Occupation for Women in California.....

Among the Irrigators of Fresno..
George E. Freeman

. 621
Apache Country, In the...
W. Č. Barnes...

Back-Country Type, A..

.Evelym M. Ludlum..

Book Reviews:

Abide with Me (Lyte), 110, 448.- Agatha and the Shadow, 324.--Agnes Surriage (Edwin Lasseter

Bynner), 323.-Akers's (Elizabeth) The Silver Bridge, and Other Poems, 104.- Ancient Cities,

111.-Ancient Egypt, Story of, (Rawlinson and Gilman), 663.- Ariel and Caliban, with Other

Poems (Christopher Pearse Cranch), 104.- Arise, my Soul, Arise (Sarah Flower Adams), 448.-

Ass’ya, and An Unfortunate Woman (Turgénieff), 327.- August (" Through the Year with the

Poets”), 106.

Bacon's (Leonard Woolsey) The Simplicity that is in Christ, 99.—Balzac's Cousin Pons, 327.-

Bensel's (James Berry) In the King's Garden, 105.-- Berries of the Brier (Arlo Bates), 104.-

Besant's The World Went Very Well Then, 216.—Birds' Christmas Carol, The, (Kate Douglas

Wiggin), 219.-Bishop's (W. H.) The Golden Justice.-Book of Eloquence, The, 560.--Braddon's

(Miss) Mohawks, 216.—Britta (George Temple) 215.-Buchholz Family, The, (Julius Stinde),

333.—Budget of Letters from Japan, A, 663.-Bye-O-Baby Ballads, 110.

Carving and Serving, 448.—Cathedral Days (Anna Bowman Dodd), 664.-Channing, (William

Henry), Memoir of, (0. B. Frothingham), 447.-Collin's (Wilkie) The Guilty River, 216.-

Contes Tirées de Shakespeare, 559.- Correspondent, The, 559.-Countess Almara's Murder (Julian

Hawthorne), 219.–Cousin Pons (Balzac), 327.-Craddock's (Charles Egbert) In the Clouds, 322.-

Cranch's (Christopher Pearse) Ariel and Caliban, 104.-Crime and Punishment (Dostoyevsky), 327,

330.-Cruise of the Mystery, The, and Other Poems (Celia Thaxter), 103.-Curfew must not Ring

To-night, 110.

Daughter of the People, A, (Georgiana M. Craik), 215.- Dead Souls (Nikolai V. Gogol), 327, 331.-

Dear Life, 215.—Detmold (W. H. Bishop), 336.—Diman, Rev. J. Lewis, Memoir of the, 559.-
Documents Illustrative of American History (Howard W. Preston), 112.-Dostoyevsky's Crime and

Punishment, 327, 330.-Dream of Another Country, A, 665.—Due North (Ballou), 663.
Electricity, A Century of, 665.- Elements of Knowledge (Biddle,) 665.—Eminent Authors of the

Nineteenth Century, 336.— Esther, 665. – Evolution of To-day (H. W. Conn), 100.--Evolution, Re-

cent Books on, 97.- Evolution versus Involution, 100.
Fiction, Recent, 214, 322.-Five Minute Readings for Young Ladies, 560.
Gogoľs (Nikolai V.), Tchitchikoff's Journeys; or Dead Souls, 327, 331.—Golden Bells (Francillon)

215.- Golden Justice, The, (W. H. Bishop), 325.—Goldsmith (Oliver), Selections from, 665.-

Guilty River, The, (Wilkie Collins), 216.

Harte's (Bret) The Queen of the Pirate Isle, 111; Story of a Mine, The, 336.—Heart's Own, 107.-

Helping Himself, 110.-His one Fault (J.T. Trowbridge), 110.-History of Greek Literature, A,
223.-Home Life of Great Authors, 535.—Home Spun Yarns (A. D. T. Whitney), 220.- Home,
Sweet Home, 109.-House at High Bridge, The, (Fawcett), 219.–How to Strengthen the Memory,

224.-Humorous Master-pieces from American Literature, 558.
Idyl of Santa Barbara, An, (Carrie Stevens Walter), 219.-Ingelow's (Jean) John Jerome, 217.-In Scorn

of Consequence, 215.- In the Clouds (Charles Egbert Craddock), 322, 324.- In the King's Garden,

(James Berry Bensel), 104.
Jewett's (Sarah O.) The Story of the Normans, 663.—Joe Wayring at Home, 111. -John Jerome

(Jean Îngelow), 217.—John Westacott, 215.—July (“Through the Year with the Poets”), 106.

Letters of Travel (Mrs. L. C. Lane), 663.—Life in Song, A, (Raymond), 104.--Little Miss Weezy, 111.

Mallock’s The Old Order Changes, 218.-Marquis of Peñalta, The, (Marta y María,) (Valdés), 332.-

Meditations on the Bible Heaven (Dr. Spear), 447.—Memoir of William Henry Channing (0. B.

Frothinghain), 447.—Memoir of the Rev. J. Lewis Diman, 559.—Message of the Blue-bird, The,

(Irene J. Jerome), 109, 148.—Milton, Readings from, 665.- Mitchell's (S. Weir) Roland Blake,

322.-- Modern Telemachus, A, (Charlotte Yonge), 216.-— Mohawks (M. E. Braddon), 216.—Moors

in Spain, Story of the, (Stanley Lane Poole), 664. — My Faith Looks Up to Thee, 110, 448.-

My Lodger's Legacy, 219.

Nature's Hallelujah (Irene E. Jerome), 109.-- Nearer, my God, to Thee, 110, 448.--Normans,

Story of the, (Sarah O. Jewett), 663.—November, (“Through the Year with the Poets "), 106.

October (“Through the Year with the Poets”), 106.—Old Order, The, Changes (W. H. Mallock),

218.-Orient (Joseph Cook), 448.--Our Arctic Province, 448.

Parlor Varieties, 560.- Paston Carew (E. Lynn Linton), 215.—Persia, Story of, (S. G. W. Benjamin)'

-- Perpetual Fire, The, 108.-Phantom Lover, 1, (Vernon Lee), 217.-Poems by James Vila Blake,

107.- Poems of Sorrow and Comfort, 107.-Professor Johnny, 665.
Queen of the Pirate Isle, The, (Bret Harte), 111.
Reading Club, The, 560.-Recent Books on Evolution, 97.—Recent Fiction, 214, 322.-River-

side Pocket Series, 336.- Roba di Roma (Story),664.- Rock of Ages, 110, 448.-Roland Blake (S.

Weir Mitchell), 322.-Roughing it from California through France, 448.
Saracens, Story of tbe, (Arthur Gilman), 664.–See the Land her Easter Keeping (Kingsley), 448.-

September ("Through the Year with the Poets”), 106.—Shakespeare's Comedies, Familiar Talks on,
(E. W. Latimer), 665.-Silver Bridge The, and other Poems (Elizabeth Akers), 101.--Simplicity
and Fascination, 215.- Simplicity, The, that is in Christ, (Leonard Woolsey Bacon), 99.--Snow
Image, The, (Hawthorne), 336.-Sociology (Bascom), 667.--Standard Oratorios, The, 559.—Step
Aside, A, (Charlotte Dunning), 322.--Stinde's (Julius) The Buchholz Family, 333.–Stories from
Life, 559.–Story of the Nations, 663.–Story of a Mine, The, (Bret Harte), 336.—Study of the

English Classics, 336.–Summer Haven Songs, 104.

Tchitchikoff's Journeys; or Dead Souls (Gogol), 327, 331.—Ten Dollars Enough (Catherine Owen)

336.—Teresa Itasca, 219.– Thaxter's (Celia) The Cruise of the Mystery, and Other Poems,

103.—This Man's Wife, 215.- Trial of Gideon, The, and Countess Almara's Murder (Julian Haw-

thorne), 219.–Turgénieft''s An Unfortunate Woman, and Ass'ya, 327, 329.—Two Books of Nature

and Revelation, The, Collated, 99.

Uncle Sam's Medal of Honor, 559.-Unfortunate Woman, An; and Ass'ya (Turgénieff), 327, 329.

Valdés’s (Don Armando Palacio), The Marquis of Peñalta, 332.— Vision of Gold, The, and other

Poems, 107.

Whist Scores, and Card Table Talk, 448.-Whitney's (Mrs. A. D. T.) Home Spun Yarns, 220.-

Wilful Young Woman, A, 215.— With Reed and Lyre (Clinton Scollard), 104.-World, The, and

the Logos, 98.-World, The, Went Very Well Then (Walter Besant), 216.

Year in Eden, A, (Harriet Waters Preston), 325.— Years of Experience (Georgiana Bruce Kirby),

223.—Yonge's (Charlotte) A Modern Teleniachus, 216. - Young Folks' Pictures and Stories of

Animals, 111.-Young People's Prayer Meetings, 665.

E. E. C...


Cabinet Officers in Congress.
.Sydney G. Fisher.

. 209

Cattle on a Thousand Hills, The.
. John Ambulo..


Causes of the Piute and Bannock War.
Oliver 0. Houard.


Chata and Chinita, Chapters XXI-XXXII. . Louise Palmer Heaven.. 51, 162, 294, 413, 522, 577

Early Hebrews, Social Phenomena of the
F. W. Blackmar....


Early Trinity, Some Reminiscences of.... T. E. Jones..


Episode of the Civil War, An....
John T. Doyle.


Etc. :

Editorial :

Annual Report of the President of the University.—The Street-Car Strikes ....


Gain of the Civil Service Reform Idea - Mr. George's Clash with the Catholic Church.-The

Irish and Land-Ownership.-Wage-Workers and the George Land Theory..


l'he Street-Car Strikers' Attempt at Competition.-" Northern ” or “Upper" California. ..333

The Coming Charter-Election. The Mayoralty.—The School Provisions.


The Result of the Charter Election....


A Labor Problem-Restriction of Immigration-Correction.

.. 659

Contributed :

Across the Isthmus by Canoe....
.John Penly Haines......


Kind of Protection American Labor Needs, The..J. Ė. Cunningham.


Lesson of the Alvarado Factory, The......D. H..


Poetry :

E. L. Huggins...


If my Verses had Wings.
E. L. Huggins....

. 102

Logan's Ride...
Charles J. Woodbury.


..Hilda Kent.


Song of Other Seasons.
.R. E. C. S..


The Jester Sings.
Elizabeth C. Atherton..


Title by Digestion..
Hugh Craig

Winter Morning in Town, A.
..Charles S. Greene..

Eurocs, A Trip to the, and Back in 1861. .A. S. Hallidie.

Evolution, Recent Books on..

Fiction, Recent...

214, 322
First Vessel Across the Isthmus, The..
Malcolm McLeod.

Fresno, Among the Irrigators of ....
.George E. Freeman.

Gold-Mining Camp, In a Modern.
.A. Burrows.

Grandma Bascom's Story of San Jose in '49.. M. II. Field ..

Hebrews, Social Phenomena of the Early. F. W. Blackmar.



High Sierras, Perils of the..

..Dan De Quille

In a Mining Kitchen...

..I. H. B..

In a Modern Gold-Mining Camp.

A. Burrows.
In the Apache Country.

W. C. Barnes...
In the Sleepy Hollow Country (concluded) .S. N. Sheridan, Jr
Irrigation Problem, The Present Status of the Warren Olney.
Is Ireland a Nation ?.

W. J. Corbet, M. P
Japanese Farming Class, The.

. Shosuki Sato....

Jonas Lee..

..P. L. Sternbergh.

Knights of Labor, The Mission of the..

. Irving M. Scott.

Lake and Harbor of La Ballona, The.

..S. N. Sheridan, Jr.

.I. H. Ballard ,

Lyric Poetry

..J. C. Rouell..
Mexico, Streets Scenes in.

.G. B. Cole..
Mining Kitchen, In a..

.I. H. B..
Mining Resources of Southern California, The. ..Henry De Groot.
Mission of the Knights of Labor, The..

.Irving M. Scott.

Modern Phase of American Travel, A.

W. F. Mappin...

Monument at Langston's, The..

.S. N. Sheridan, Jr..

Mrs. Douglas's Story...

.Lucretia M. Cheney.

Nurses, The Training School for, in San Francisco.. Mary D. White..

Outbreak of the Piute and Bannock War... Oliver 0. Howard.

Perils of the High Sierras, The..

Dun De Quille..

Phase, A...

Mary Willis Glascock

Piute and Bannock War, Causes of the.

Oliver 0. Howard

Piute and Bannock War, Outbreak of the.. Oliver 0. Howard.

Plains and Mines, Reminiscences of the, in ’19,'50.John S. Hittell.

Present Status of the Irrigation Problem, The.....Warren Olney.

Prof. E. R. Sill....

Psychology of a Saint, The..

Sara Carr Upton

Puntacooset Colony, The, Chapters I–XII

Leonard Kip..

Recent Books on Evolution..

Recent Fiction....

Reminiscences of the Plains and Mines in '49 and 50.John S. Hittell .

Rio de Santa Clara, Along the...,

Ninetta Eames.

Rio Grande, Agriculture Along the...

0. E. Cromwell

Riparian Decision, The, in Interior California..... B. Marks...

San José in ’49, Grandma Bascom's Story of. .M. H. Field.

Santa Clara Valley, The..

D. Belden.

Sierras, The Perils of the High..

Dan De Quille.

Sill, Prof. E. R..

Edward W. Bemis..

Social Phenomena of the Early Hebrews..

F. W. Blackmar.

Some of Jon'than's New Idees

Anna S. Murphy
Some Reminiscences of Early Trinity.

T. E. Jones
Southern California, The Mining Resources of .... Henry De Groot..
Starvation Reconnoissance, A..

Alfred F. Sears
Stranger's Story, The..

William J. Shoup..
Street Scenes in Mexico.

G. B. Cole

That Yankee Missionary

W. W. Crane

Training School for Nurses in San Francisco, The. Mary D. White.
Trip to the Eurocs and Back in 1861, A.

. A. S. Hallidie

Virgil Williams's Art Notes to a Deaf-Mute Pupil. Theophilus D' Estrella

Was it True?.....

.F. M. P. Deas...











. 467









. 275










1, 129, 252. 369, 483, 627

214, 322






. 449






California's Lily.

Climbing Fern, A.

Contra Silentium.

Down the Ravine.


Edward Rowland Sill.

In Memoriam...

Love's Ideal Real

Memories of California.

Elizabeth C. Atherton..
. Silvia Lawson Covey.

.John Vance Cheney

..Ina D. Coolbrith,

.John Vance Cheney...

Charles S. Greene.

..R. E. C. S..










. 402

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