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Section 80.0 Dangerous articles list (freight)-Continued.

Name of artic.

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Amyl acetate..
Anhydrous ammonia-
Aniline oil..
Antimony pentachloride
Arsenate of lead.
Arsenic acid.
Arsenic trichloride..
Arsenic trioxide.
Arsenic, white.----
Arsenical compounds or mixtures n.o.s.
Arsenical dust..
Arsenious acid.
Artillery shells.
Ashes, hoto-
Azide, lead, wet. (See Lead azide, wet.)
Bags, nitrate of soda, empty--
Barium chlorate..
Barium nitrate.
Barium peroxide (binoxide, dioxide).
Batteries, storage, wet, less than carload.
Battery charger.
Battery fluid..
Battery parts, unwashed, exhausted, plates,

Benzol (benzene)
Benzoyl chloride
Benzoyl peroxide.
Benzyl chloride..
Black powder.
Black powder igniters.
Blasting caps.
Blasting caps in less than 1,000 lots-
Blasting caps with safety fuse..
Blasting gelatin---
Blasting powder.
Bombs, chemical..
Bombs, explosive, aeroplane, depth.
Bombs, fireworks..
Bone, chipped, hot-
Boosters, explosive---
Box toe gum.
Bronzing liquid.
Burnt cotton....
Burnt fiber, as described..

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Inflammable liquid.

-docCorrosive liquid. Inflammable solid. Corrosive liquid--Dangerous explosiveRelatively safe explosive. Dangerous explosive.. Relatively safe explosive.-80. 19 Dangerous explosive.

doc--do... Compressed gas.

80. 90 Poison.. Dangerous explosive- 80. 19 Less dangerous explosive. Semihazardous..

80.90 Dangerous explosive.. 80. 19 Inflammable liquid. Poison...

do... Corrosive liquid.

>80. 90 Inflammable liquid. Inflammable solid. Forbidden article

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Section 80.0 Dangerous articles list (freight)–Continued.

Name of article

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>80. 90

80. 19

180. 90

Calcium arsenate.

Poison.. Calcium carbide..

Semjhazardous. Calcium cyanide.

Poison.. Calcium chlorite..

Oxidizing material. Calcium phosphide

Inflammable solid.
Camphor, crude..

Cannon powder. (See Smokeless powder.)
Cannon primers.

Relatively safe explosive--
Cap ammunition, paper, fireworks..

Less dangerous explosiveCaps, paper, fireworks.

..doc Cap torpedoes.

-docCarbolic acid (phenol) liquid (liquid tar acid Poison..

containing over 50 percent benzo-phenol). Carbolic acid (phenol), not liquid. Carbon bisulphide (disulphide)

Inflammable liquid. Carbon dioxide.-

Compressed gas. Carbon remover, liquid.-

Inflammable liquid.. Carbonyl chloride (phosgene)

Poison. Casinghead gasoline.

Inflammable liquid. Caustic potash, liquid.

Corrosive liquid. Caustic soda, liquid.

do. Celluloid scrap

Inflammable solid. Cement, leather

Inflammable liquid. Cement, liquid, n. 0. s.

-do--Cement, roofing, liquid.

do. Cement, rubber

do. Charcoal, animal..

See $ 80.131 Charcoal, bone...

--do. Charcoal briquets.

---do... Charcoal, wood, ground, crushed, granulated Inflammable solid

or pulverized Charcoal, wood, lump- Charcoal, wood, screenings.

-do. Chemicals (see Drugs)

do... Chemicals (see Drugs)

Oxidizing material. Chemicals (see Drugs)

Inflammable liquid. Chemical ammunition..

Poison... Chemical bombs..

Dangerous explosiveChemical grenades..


Poison.. Chloracetyl chloride.

Corrosive liquid.Chlorates n. 0. 8...

Oxidizing material. Chlorate of potash..

---do... Chlorate of soda..

_.doc Chlorate powders.-

Dangerous explosive. Chloride of phosphorus.

Corrosive liquid. Chlorides, anhydrous liquid.

...doc Chloride of sulphur..

- do.--Chlorine...

Compressed gasChlorpicrin

Poison.. Chromic acid

Oxidizing material. Cleaning fluid or liquid.

Inflammable liquid. Cloud gas cylinders...

Dangerous explosive. N. o. S.-Not otherwise specified.


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80. 19

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80. 19


80. 19

Page 909 Name of article

Section 80.0 Dangerous articles list (freight)—Continued.

Classed as

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Semihazardous -Forbidden article..

Compressed gasInflammable liquid. -do

>80.90 -do--Inflammable solid. Semihazardous... Inflammable liquid.

--docLess dangerous explosive. 80. 19 Inflammable liquid

80. 90 Relatively safe explosive.-80. 19

Coal briquets, hot..
Coals, ground bituminous, seacoal, coal fac-
ing, etc., as described.

Coal gas..

i ! A

Corrosive liquid
Inflammable liquid.



Corrosive liquid.---
Inflammable liquid.---

80. 90

Coal tar light oil.
Coal tar naphtha.
Coal tar oil.
Cobalt resinate, precipitated..
Coke, hot..
Cologne spirits (alcohol).
Colored fire.
Columbian spirits (wood
Combination fuzes..
Combination primers.-
Compounds, cleaning, liquid.
Compounds, cleaning, liquid...
Compounds, lacquer, paint or varnish reduc-

ing, liquid.
Compounds, lacquer, paint or varnish re-

moving, liquid. Compounds, lacquer, paint or varnish re

moving, liquid.
Compounds, paint, varnish, or lacquer thin-

Compounds, polishing, liquid--
Compounds, vulcanizing, liquid.
Compounds, vulcanizing, liquid.
Compounds, type cleaning, liquid..
Compressed gases n. 0. 8.-
Cordeau detonant..
Corrosive liquid n. 0. 8.
Cotton batting-
Cotton wadding-
Cotton waste.
Cotton waste, oily, as described..
Crude nitrogen fertilizer solution.
Crude oil, petroleum.
Cyanide of potassium.-
Cyanide of potassium, liquid..
Cyanide of sodium..
Cyanide of sodium, liquid..
Cyanides; mixtures.-
Damp fiber, as described..
Delay electric igniters.--
Depth bombs.
Detonating fuzes..
Diazodinitrophenol, as described.
Diazodinotrophenol, wet..

N. 0. 8.-Not otherwise specified.

> iiiii

Corrosive liquid..
Inflammable liquid.

Compressed gas--
Relatively safe explosive.- 80. 19
Corrosive liquid.
- doc


Forbidden article.
Compressed gas.
Inflammable liquid. 180. 90


Forbidden article...
Relatively safe explosive..
Dangerous explosive..

>80. 19
Forbidden article..
Dangerous explosive...

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Section 80.0 Dangerous articles list (freight)-Continued.

Name of article

Classed as

Beginning at section

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Compressed gas. Dimethyl ether-

do... Dimethyl sulphate...

Corrosive liquid. Dinitrochlorbenzol..-..


80. 90 Diphenylaminechlorarsine.



Inflammable liquid. Dressing, leather.

--do... Driers, paint or varnish.

--do..--Drill cartridges


80. 19 Drugs, chemicals and medicines.

Inflammable solid. Doc.

Oxidizing material. 80. 90 Drugs, medicines or chemicals, liquid, n. 0. 8.- Inflammable liquid. Dummy cartridges...

Nonexplosive.. Dynamite...

Dangerous explosive. Electric blasting caps.

>80. 19 Electric blasting caps in less than 1,000 lots-- Relatively safe explosive.. Electric squibs.

do.. Electric storage batteries.

Corrosive liquid.

*80. 90 Electrolyte (battery fluid).

-do... Empty cartridge bags with black powder Relatively safe explosive..

igniters. Empty cartridge shells, primed.

do.---Empty bombs....


>80. 19 Empty grenades, primed..

Relatively safe explosive.Empty mines.

Nonexplosive.-Empty projectiles.

do... Empty torpedoes.

do... Eradicators, paint or grease, liquid.

Inflammable liquid. Ethane....

Compressed gas. Ether..

Inflammable liquid. Ethyl acetate.

do.-Ethyl aldehyde.

>80. 90 Ethyl chloride.. methyl ketone..

_do. Ethylene..

Compressed gas. Ethylene oxide.

Inflammable liquid..

Explosive bombs. (See Bombs.)
Explosive grenades.

Dangerous explosive----- 80. 19
Explosives, high. (See High explosives.)
Explosives, low. (See Low explosives.)
Explosive mines..

Dangerous explosive.-Explosive projectiles


80. 19 Explosive torpedoes., liquid, flavoring

Inflammable liquid. 80.90 Feed, wet, mixed..

Semihazardous.. Fertilizer 'ammoniating solution containing Compressed gas.

" free ammonia.

>80. 90 Fiber -

Inflammable solid. Fibers or fabrics with animal or vegetable oil.. do.. Firecrackers.

Less dangerous explo- 80. 19

sive. N. 0. 8.-Not otherwise specified.

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Section 80.0 Dangerous articles list (freight)-Continued.

Name of article

Classed as

Beginning at section

Fire-extinguisher charges

See $ 80.151..

80.90 Fire extinguishers, hand.

See § 80.171 (b)--
Fireworks, as described..

Forbidden or less dan-
gerous explosive.

>80. 19 Fireworks bombs...

Less dangerous explosiveFireworks shells..

..doc Fish scrap, as described..

Forbidden article...

80. 90 Flame projectors.

Dangerous explosive. Flares (fusees), fireworks

Less dangerous explosive.
Flash crackers. (See Fireworks.)
Flash powders not exceeding 2 ounces each.-- Less dangerous explosive-
Flash powders exceeding 2 ounces each.- Dangerous explosive...
Flash powder sheets..

do... Flash salutes. (See Fireworks.)

>80. 19 Flash sheets...

Less dangerous explosiveFlash or spreader cartridges exceeding 72 Dangerous explosive.--

grains each. Flash or spreader cartridges not exceeding 72 Less dangerous explosive.

grains each. Fulminate..

Dangerous explosive.-Furniture stain..

Inflammable liquid.. 80. 90 Fusees

Less dangerous explosive. Fuse igniters

Relatively safe explosive -> 80. 19 Fuse lighters

Fuzes, combination. (See Combination fuzes.)
Fuzes, percussion. (See Percussion fuzes.)
Fuzes, detonating. (See Detonating fuzes.)
Fuzes, time. (See Time fuzes.)
Garbage tankage, as described..

Forbidden article..

80. 90 Gas bombs.

Dangerous explosive.. 80. 19 Gas drips, hydrocarbon..

Inflammable liquid.

80. 90 Gas grenades.

Dangerous explosive. 80. 19 Gas identification sets.


80. 90 Gas projectiles.

Dangerous explosive.. 80. 19 Gasoline.

Inflammable liquid.

-do... Gasoline, samples--

80. 90 Gelatine dynamite.

Dangerous explosive.. 80. 19 Grenades, chemical.


80. 90 Grenades, hand or rifle.

Dangerous explosive..
Guncotton. (See Nitrocellulose.)
Guanyl nitrosamino guanylidene hydrazine, Forbidden article.---

as described. Guanyl nitrosamino guanylidene hydrazine, Dangerous explosive.----}80. 19

wet. Guanyl nitrosamino guanyl tetrazene (tetra- Forbidden article.--.

zene), as described. Guanyl nitrosamino guanyl tetrazene (tetra- Dangerous explosive.--

zene), wet. Hand grenades. (See Grenades.) Hay..

Semihazardous. Helium..

Compressed gas.

*80. 90 Hemp.

Semihazardous--High explosives..

Dangerous explosive.. 80. 19

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