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18. Street, any street, avenue, road, alley, lane, highway, boule vard, concourse, driveway, culvert, sidewalk and crosswalk, every class of public road, square and place, except marginal wharf;

19. Street purposes, the purposes of a street, park, bridge or tunnel or approach to either, except marginal wharf;

20. Vessel, a lighter, tender or other boat or ship, whatever its means of propulsion;

21. Water front property, any wharf, marginal wharf, pier, dock, ferry terminal, bulkhead, slip or basin, and all structures thereon, and the land under water beneath the same, and lands under water below high-water mark, and all easements appurtenant thereto, and upland and made land adjacent to such wharf, pier, dock, bulkhead, slip, basin and lands under water, jurisdiction over which is possessed by or may be assigned to the department of docks and ferries by the sinking fund commission, together with the easements, uses, reversions and appurtenances belonging to the same; excepting therefrom such upland or made-land as constitutes a street, the driveway authorized by chapter 102 of the laws of 1893 and acts amending the same, and such lands as have been or shall be acquired! for public parks;

22. Water rents, the expense of meters, with their installation, connections, setting and maintenance, and all rents, rates and other charges for water supply, and all fines and penalties imposed for violations of laws or ordinances relating to water supply;

23. Water supply purposes, the purposes of maintaining, preserving and increasing the city's water supply and preventing its contamination or pollution.


MISCELLANEOUS REGULATIONS Sec. 2. City seal. § 3. Official city flag.

4. Mayor's flag. § 4a. Aldermanic flag. $ 5. Flags and decorations on city hall. 8 6. Publication of general ordinances.

7. Designation of acting head of department. $ 8. Office hours. § 9. Meetings of boards. § 10. Municipal reference library to have reports, etc. § 11. Sales of waste material.

Sec. 2. City seal.-a. Description. The corporate seal of The City of New York, as adopted by the common council on July 24, 1686, with the alteration adopted by the common council on March 16, 1784, is hereby re-established, and the following device is hereby adopted as the device of said seal, to wit:

Arms: Upon a shield, saltire-wise, the sails of a windmill. Between the sails, in chief a beaver, in base a beaver, and on each flank a flour barrel;

Supporters: Dexter, a sailor, his right arm bent, and holding in his right hand a plummet; his left arm bent, his left hand resting on


the top of the shield; above his right shoulder a cross-staff. Sinister, an Indian of Manhattan, his right arm bent, his right hand resting on the top of the shield, his left hand holding the upper end of a bow, the lower end of which rests on the ground. Shield and supporters resting upon a horizontal laurel branch;

Date: Beneath the horizontal laurel branch the date 1664, being the year of the capture of New Amsterdam by the English and the first use of the name of the City of New York;

Crest: Upon a hemisphere, an American eagle with wings displayed;

Legend: Upon a ribbon encircling the lower half of the design the words "Sigillum Civitatis Novi Eboraci”;

The whole encircled by a laurel wreath.

b. Design. The following design is hereby adopted as the official and standard design of such corporate seal:

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c. Execution and custody of. The city clerk shall cause to be executed and cast in bronze a model of the foregoing design as the standard corporate seal of the city and shall keep the same in his custody. The city clerk shall also cause the said design to be engraved in accurate conformity therewith upon metal as the seal of the city and shall keep and affix the same, as provided in § 31 of the charter; and he shall also provide in the same manner for all other officers of the city who are required or authorized by law to have or use the corporate seal of the city.

d. Date of effect and use of. On and after June 24, 1915, the said seal shall be used for all requisite purposes and all representations of the seal of the city impressed or printed on and after said date on documents, publications or stationery issued or used by or in the name or under the authority of the city or of any borough or department thereof, or carved, or otherwise represented on buildings or structures owned by the city; or otherwise officially portrayed shall be in exact conformity with the aforesaid standard design without alteration or addition, except that the legend "Sigillum Civitatis Novi Eboraci” may be omitted when the design is used on the city flag or for architectural or ornamental purposes. The seals now in use by the city clerk and by any other city officers shall be defaced and cancelled on said date by the city clerk and shall remain in his custody.

Any representation of the City seal used on any vehicle other than one owned or used by the City, shall subject the owner of such vehicle to a fine of $25 or by imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 days. (Adopted March 8, 1921, approved March 14, 1921.)

§.3. Official city flag:--The following design is hereby adopted as the design of the official flag of the city and as a substitute for the flag now in use, to wit:

A flag combining the colors orange, white and blue, arranged in perpendicular bars of equal dimensions (the blue being nearest to the flagstaff) with the standard design of the seal of the

city in blue upon the middle, or white bar, omitting the legend “Sigillum Civitatis Novi Eboraci,” which said colors shall be the same as those of the flag of the United Netherlands in use in the year 1626.

And the American flag shall be displayed on all city-owned or other buildings occupied by any city department or institution of whatever character on all days of the year, excepting Sundays. (Amend. app. February 27, 1917.)

8 4. Mayor's flag.-The official flag of the mayor shall be the same in design as the official flag of the city, except that upon the middle or white bar there shall be above the design of the seal in a semicircle, five blue-pointed stars, typifying the five boroughs of the city; the dimensions of such flag shall be thirty-three inches by forty-four inches. (Amend. app. May 1, 1915.)

$ 4a. Aldermanic flag.-The official flag of the board of aldermen shall be the same in design as the official flag of the city, except that upon the middle or white bar there shall be below the design of the seal, in a straight line, the words “Board of Aldermen"; the dimensions of such flag shall be the same as the standard size of flags used for state and parade occasions. (Approved Nov. 8, 1918.)

85. Flags and decorations on city hall.--All power and authority to display flags or other decorations on, in or about the city hall, or other public buildings within the City Hall park, is hereby vested in the mayor, unless otherwise ordered by the board of aldermen,


by a vote of a majority of all the members elected to the board. (Amend. app. May 1, 1915.)

The section numbers of this article were renumbered as above by the amendment approved May 1, 1915.

86. Publication of general ordinances. 1. Proposed ordinances.The clerk of the board of aldermen shall have printed, within 4 days after the introduction thereof, 500 copies of each proposed ordinance which adds to, amends, alters or repeals any provision of the code of ordinances. All ordinances amending or repealing any existing law or ordinance shall, when printed, contain in brackets the parts repealed, and all new matter shall be printed in italics. Each ordinance, printed in accordance with the provisions of this subdivision, shall bear the name of the introducer and its introductory number, and a brief statement of the disposition made thereof upon its introduction. A copy of each ordinance, printed in accordance with the provisions hereof, shall be delivered or mailed by the city clerk to the head of every department and bureau in the city. The remaining copies shall be retained by him for distribution, within his discretion, to persons desiring the same; provided, however, that he shall always retain at least 50 copies until such time as the ordinance shall have taken effect, or the term of the members of the board, during which it was introduced, shall have expired. (Ord. Nov. 11, 1913; revised.)

2. Adopted and approved ordinances. The clerk of the board of aldermen shall cause 300 copies of each general ordinance to be published in separate leaflet form, consecutively numbered and paged in the form and style of the Session Laws of the State of New York, within 10 days after its approval by the mayor, or upon its taking effect without his approval or disapproval, or after reconsideration and readoption by the board of aldermen subsequent to his disapproval thereof, as provided by section 40 of the charter, as amended and supplemented, except that, if an ordinance shall be of such a nature that demand for copies may be in excess of 300 the clerk may, by requisition on the Supervisor of the City Record, apply for more copies than herein provided. Adopted July 10, 1917. Became effective September 18, 1917.

$7. Designation of acting head of a department.The mayor is authorized to designate some senior officer in any department or bureau, to serve as the acting commissioner or chief of the department or bureau when the commissioner or chief thereof is absent from the city, or sick, for more than 10 consecutive days; provided such commissioner or chief of department or bureau is not authorized by law to designate any subordinate to act in his place, or, if so authorized, has failed to make such designation. The mayor may authorize any acting commissioner or chief of bureau to make appointments or removals during the term of his designation, which shall not exceed 30 days and may be revoked at any time by the mayor. Where a bond is required by law from the commissioner or chief of bureau, a similar bond shall be given by the acting commissioner or chief of bureau, designated pursuant to the authority conferred by this section. (Ord. Nov. 19, 1913; revised.)

$ 8. Office hours.-Except as herein otherwise provided, the office hours for all public offices of the city, and of all county offices within the city, unless otherwise fixed by law, shall be from 9 o'clock a. m. to 5 o'clock p. m.; provided, however, that the head of a city office or department, or a county officer who comes within the foregoing provision of this section, may adopt a rule that his office shall be closed to the public at 4 p. m. when in his judgment the period between the hours of 4 p. m. and 5 p. m. is required for the performance of the work of his office. During the months of July and August the office hours of such offices shall be, if the head of the office or department in his discretion só orders, from 9 o'clock a. m. to 4 o'clock p. m. The foregoing provisions shall be subject to the qualification that on Saturdays the office hours of such office shall be from 9 o'clock a. m. to 12 o'clock noon. (C. O. § 489 as amend.)

§ 9. Meetings of boards.--All meetings of boards or commissions, constituting departments of the government of the city, shall be held openly, and shall in all cases be accessible to the public. They shall be held at such times and places as the board or commission may determine, and due notice thereof shall be published daily in the City Record. (C. O., § 488.)

10. Municipal reference library, to have official reports, etc. - The head of each department, bureau, board, commission or office of the city shall transmit to the municipal reference branch of the New York Public Library, in the municipal building in the borough of Manhattan, 4 copies of each annual or quarterly report or other publication of such department, bureau, board, commission or office, immediately after the same shall have been issued. (New.)

§ 11. Sales of waste material.--All old and waste material, under the care of any department, shall be sold from time to time as may be deemed best for the public interest, in accordance with law. Any such sale shall be conducted under the immediate supervision of the head of the bureau having charge of the material to be sold and the proceeds thereof shall be collected by him and transmitted, within 24 hours, to the head of the department for deposit in the city treasury, except as otherwise specially provided by law or ordinance. (c. 0. 8 490, revised.)

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