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Blood Culture as an Aid in the Early
Diagnosis of Typhoid Fever.....289
Carbuncle ...

Celiotomy, The Importance of Proper
Feeding After.....


Cerebral Hemorrhage, The Treatment
of ......

Chloroform Habit, The.....



Congenital Laryngeal Stridor-with

Report of a Case....

Deafness, Its Cause and Newest








Doctors and the People..

Doctor, The, Twenty-five Years Ago
and Now....


Dyspepsia, Chronic..


European Travel Notes........110, 146
Gall-bladder Disease, A Few Recent

Cases Illustrating Some Phases of. 129
Head Injuries-with Specimens..... 97
Hypophysis Cerebri, The-Its Func-

tions and Diseases, with a Report
of a Case of Hypophyseal Tumor. 353
Indebtedness of Posterity to the Pio-

neer Surgeon of the Mississippi
Valley Medical Association......168
Infantile Paralysis (Acute Anterior

Iodine As An Antiseptic...





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Surgery; Wm. Wood & Co.....287
Brown: The Surgery of Oral Dis-

eases and Malformations-Their
Diagnosis and Treatment; Lea &

Browning: Recent Methods in the
Diagnosis and Treatment of Syph-
ilis (The Wassermann Serum Re-
action and Ehrlich's Salvarsan);
Lea & Febiger....
Bryant and Buck: American Practice
of Surgery; Wm. Wood & Co...128
Campbell: A Text-book of Surgical

Anatomy; W. B. Saunders Co...160
Cheyne: A Manual of Surgical Treat-

ment; Lea & Febiger....... ....382
Cornell: Health and Medical Inspec-
tion of School Children; F. A.
Davis Co.....
Dannreuther Minor and Emergency
Surgery; W. B. Saunders Co....352
Davis: Operative Obstetrics Includ-

ing the Surgery of the Newborn;
W. B. Saunders Co......
Delafield: A Text-book of Patholo-



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Einhorn: Diseases of the Stomach,
A Text-book for Practitioners and
Students; Wm. Wood & Co.....256
Ely: Joint Tuberculosis; Wm. Wood
& Co......
Fiske: Structure and Functions of
the Body; W. B. Saunders Co... 96
Galbraith: Personal Hygiene and
Physical Training for Women;
W. B. Saunders Co.....
Geier: Proceedings of the American
Association Medical Milk Com-
Goepp: State Board Questions and

Answers; W. B. Saunders Co...222
Griffith: The Care of the Baby;
W. B. Saunders Co.....
Guenther Physiology. A Manual
for Students and Practitioners;
Lea & Febiger.....
Hare: Modern Treatment, The Man-
agement of Disease with Medical
and Non-Medical Remedies; Lea
& Febiger....

Hare: Progressive Medicine; Lea &
.94, 288, 351
Harrington: A Manual of Hygiene,
for Students, Physicians and Health
Officers; Lea & Febiger.....160, 320
Holland: A Text-book on Medical
Chemistry and Toxicology; W. B.
Saunders Co.....
Holmes: The Friends of the Insane;


The Lancet-Clinic Pub Co.......384
Hutchinson: Food and the Principles

of Dietetics; Wm. Wood & Co... 30
Kanavel: Infections of the Hand. A
Guide to the Surgical Treatment
of Acute and Chronic and Suppu-




rative Process in the Fingers,
Hand and Forearm; Lea & Feb-
iger ...
Kyle: Manual of Diseases of the Ear,
Nose and Throat; P. Blakiston's
Sons & Co.....


.. 94

Little: Anatomy. A Manual for
Students and Practitioners; Wm.
Wood & Co......


McCombs: Diseases of Children for
Nurses; W. B. Saunders Co..... 31
Mallory and Wright: Pathological
Technique. Including Directions
for the Performance of Autopsies
and for Clinical Diagnosis by Lab-
oratory Methods; W. B. Saunders
Marrow: Diagnostic and Therapeutic
Technic, A Manual of Procedure
Employed in Diagnosis and Treat-
ment; W. B. Saunders Co.......256
Marrow: Diagnostic and Therapeutic

Technic; W. B. Saunders Co....160
Medical Record Visiting List; Wm.
Wood & Co....
Montgomery: Practical Gynecology;
P. Blakiston's Sons & Co........384
Musser: A Handbook of Practical
Treatment; W. B. Saunders Com-
...62, 352
Niles: Pellagra; W. B. Saunders Co. 350
The Practitioners' Visiting List, 1912;
Lea & Febiger....
Phillips Diseases of the Ear, Nose
and Throat. Medical and Surgi-
cal; F. A. Davis Co...
Potts Electricity-Its Medical and
Surgical Applications. Including
Radiotherapy and Phototherapy;
Lea & Febiger....





Paul: Nursing in the Acute Infec-
tious Fevers; W. B. Saunders Co. 287
Pilcher: Practical Cystoscopy and the
Diagnosis of Surgical Diseases of
the Kidneys and Urinary Bladder;
W. B. Saunders Co...
Physician's Visiting List (Lindsey &
Blakiston's) for 1912; P. Blakis-
ton's Sons & Co....

Clinical Memoranda.


Sahli: Diagnostic Methods; W. B.
Saunders Co.....
Sheffield: Modern Diagnosis and
Treatment of Diseases of Chil-
dren; F. A. Davis Co......
Smith: What to Eat and How;
W. B. Saunders Co.....
Stedman: A Practical Medical Dic-
tionary of Words, Their Deriva-
tion and Pronounciation, Etc.;
Wm. Wood & Co......
Scudder: The Treatment of Frac-
tures with Notes Upon a Few
Common Dislocations; W. B.
Saunders Co......
Stevens: A Manual of the Practice

of Medicine; W. B. Saunders Co. 288
Taylor: The Taylor Pocket Case


Atypical Diphtheria.-Atypical Scar-

latina ....



Record; The Medical Council Co.383
Witthaus: Medical Jurisprudence,
Forsenic Medicine and Toxicolo-
gy; Wm. Wood & Co.....
Wolbarst: Gonorrhea in the Male;
International Journal of Surgery
Co. ..


Wilson: A Reference Handbook of
Obstetric Nursing; W. B. Saun-
ders Co.....
.222, 383




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Labor With Complications-Report
of Case....

Local Transient Edema Limited to
Left Side of Face and Cheek-Re-
port of Case...
Permanent Hæmianopsia in a Patient
Long Subject to Migrane with
Temporary Hæmianopsia........ 80
Pylorectomy Specimen Eighteen
Months After Operation-Report
of Case.....

Post Operative Hernia with Resection


of the Intestine-Report of Case..113
Perforated Gastric Ulcer-Report of
Quinin Amblyopia-Report of Case..373
Ruptured Duodenal Ulcer-Report of
Report of Case of Dorsal Myelitis.... 78
Report of Cases Suggestive of An-
terior Poliomyelitis..
Rheumatic Endocarditis in Children-
Report of Two Cases with Exhibi-
tion of Patients.....

Some Recent Gall-bladder Cases.....366

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