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1. Your profit-a good one; practically 100%.
2. The quality of the candies—they not only give satisfaction,

but every box sells two more. Take for instance

Texas Girl Chocolates

“College Edition” Embossed box in 5 colors-each chocolate double wrapped, first in wax paper, then in purple and gold foil—it keeps them fresh. The centers of these chocolates are of pure crushed fruits in a rich, flowing cream, dipped in the very highest grade of chocolate coating. A complete assortment of flavors in each package-Apricot, Lemon, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, Cherry, Almond Enrobed, Maple, Pecan Enrobed. And don't overlook

Brown's Famous Varsity Chocolates Embossed box in two colors-packed in 1 lb. boxes only. First wrapped in wax paper, then in gold and silver foil, thus insuring their reaching the consumer as fresh as the day they were made. A complete assortment of the following pure crushed fruit flavors in each package- Apricot, Lemon, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, Cherry, Pecan Enrobed, Maple.

NOTE ESPECIALLY That pennants, hangers, posters, inserts and window trims, advertis

ing the two above brands are included in each shipment.


We can get out for you on short notice a high grade line of candies put up under your own name or private brand. The quality in every way equal to our own brands. Do not overlook this opportunity for some good SELF ADVERTISING.

Write for Our Special Price List On Candies And information and prices concerning our Soda fountain requisites for hot drinks. Get the prices that Brown makes

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The Big Selling Cough Remedy

This remedy was designed by a Pharmaceutical Chemist to take the place of a thousand and one home-made remedies used by housewives to cure coughs.

People that used to come to the druggist for five cents' worth of glycerine and a nickel's worth of hoarhound tea, licorice or something else, are now buying 50 cents' worth of. Pinex.

They get a better remedy and they pay the druggist a better profit.

Pinex has created a lot of brand-new, profitable cough medicine sales to a class of people who would not buy an ordinary cough syrup.

If you're not selling it you should. We guarantee the sale. Unsold bottles returnable at any time.

Any jobber will supply you. $4.00 per d'ozen, Retails at 500 the bottle.

The Pinex Company

Fort Wayne. Ind

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