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Don't take our word for it-
If you don't-
We both lose.
If you are "up to the minute'
You must seli
Chi-ches-ters Diamond Brand Pills
For they are and have been
Standard and Reliable for 25 Years.

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A NEW OFFER With every $16.00 order for Chichestens Pills, single or assorted sizes, we give you 300 Fine Imported Post Cards, consisting of Birthdays, Best Wishes, Refined Comics and Art. These cards are carefully selected;

up-to date designs; gro fresh, new goods, no old stock or discarded do"Igns. No advertising on them. Sell anywhero at Irom 3 to 10 cents each, affording you an extra proit of at least $10.00.

DO YOU WANT THAT $10.00? Order today from your Jobber. All Premium. sont direct.

CHICHESTER CHEMICAL CO., 2316-17-19 Madison Square

Philadelphia, Pa.

To Members of the C. C. Co, Spatula Club:

IMPORTANT-Have you received the handsome Scarf Pin which I am sending to members? Too expensive to send unless I am sure of your Intext and correct address, which, if you have not already received your pin, please send with Membership Certificate Number to

J. O. HOOPER, Secretary C. C. Co, Spatula Club. 2317 Madison Square, Philadelphia, Pa.

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