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Tacitus, quoted to Boswell by a neighbour at Auchinleck, 3.11.

Tuisck, account of people hearing taiscks, 128.

Tidisker, described, 211 j the laird of. 214, a 19.

Tanning, Johnson's knowledge of the process of, 209.

Tea, Mrs. Boswell indulges Johnson's taste for, 11.

Theophilus Insulauus, a treatise on second sight, 191.

Thompson, William, author of The Man in the Moon, 3U2.

Thrale, Mrs., Johnson's Latin ode to, 126; her influence exerted to persuade Johnson to undertake the Tour, 3 n.; Johnson refuses to drink her health in whisky, 301; Johnson accuses her of flattery and she retorts thai she has to be civil for two, 384.

Mr., Johnson is angry because he sits silent, 236.

Threshing and thatching, Johnson's ideas about, 226.

Tobermorie described, 266.

Tour.Johnson and Boswell make the, too late in the season, 27U; conclusion of it, 352.

Transubstantiation, Johnson discusses, 52.

Trapaud, Mr., deputy governor of Fort Augustus, 105.

Traveller, Goldsmith's, quoted, 299.

Trees, only two in Fife, 353.

Trevelyan, Mr., his Life of Lord Maeaulay, quoted, 92, 93.

Trinity, Johnson on the doctrine of the, 66.

Troughton, Lieutenant, described by Mrs. Thrale, 389.

Tuli's Husbandry, Johnson and J)r. John Campbell, dispute over, 281.

Turkish Spy, The. Johnson finds at a house in Mull, 296.

Tyers, Tom, his saying that Johnsonwas like a ghost, 54.

Tyler, William, •' the acute vindi

cator of Mary Queen of Scots,"

337 n.; thinks Kmgal genuine.

338 n.

Ulinish, its great cave and line garden, 202; the laird of, much struck with the variety of Johnsun's information, 210 ; his boatj 212.

Ulva, the custom, there, of giving a sheep to the chief on the marriage of the tenants, 277.

"Understanding, a lady of a mighty unpliable," 254.

Unfortunate fair ones, Johnson chooses wrong instances of, 32, 33.

Union, benefits of the, to Scotland, expatiated on rather strongly, 99.

Urie, Capt, breakfasts with John son «t Fort Augustus, 105.

Urn, Mr. Myddelton erects an urn to commemorate Johnson's visit, 394.

Ursa Major, Lord Auchinleck's name for Johnson, 334.

Vanity of Human Wishes, quoted, 32.

Veronica, Countess of Kincardine, Boswell's great grand mot her, 13.

Boswell's daughter, 13.

'Verse sweetens toil,' &c., lines quoted by Johnson, 91.

Vicious intromission, Johnson dictates a law paper on, for Boswell, 32.

"Vinegar cruet, a mind as narrow as the neck of a," 231.

Vitriol, oil of, Burke's sally about Johnson's being like, 4 n.

Voltaire, Boswell tells him of Juhnson's intention to visit the Highlands, 1-2; his saying about Prince Charles, quoted, 165; on the misfortunes of the Stuarts, 166; Boswell reads his kistory of the war in 1741 in Sky, 233; still on his trial, Johnson says, 268; many years collecting material fur Louis XIV., 342.

Wages and prices, Johnson's notions concerning, 226.

Walk. A young man in Col walked two hundred miles and back every year for the sake of learning. 260.

Walker, Mr. Hobert, one of the clergymen described in Guy Mannering, 341.

Walpole, Sir Hubert, a fixed star, 294.

Warburton, his relations with Pope, 60; Johnson thought his abuse so extended as to become ineffectual, 69; his contest with Lowth, 96, 97.

Waterfalls, fifteen within a quarter of a mile, 217.

Watson, Dr., the historian of Philip II., 42.

Webster, Dr. Alexander, account of his double character for religion and gaiety, 35,

Wesley, thought of religion only, 21.

Whig, Johnson's hatred of a, 21S.

Whisky, served Highland fashion in a shell, 249.

Whitby, Dr. Daniel, his Commentary", 236.

White Horse, Boyd's Inn, Edinburgh. Johnson arrives at, 9.

Whit Held had a mixture of politics and ostentation, 21; his great eloquence, 21.

"Wig, a yellowish bushy," part of

the costume of a Highland

gentleman, 130. Wilberlbrce, Correspondence of

William, quoted, 371. Wilkes, Mr., Hogarth's caricature

of, 152; Johnson's ion mot

about, 294 n. Williams, Hanbury, has no fame

but from boys who drank with

him, 230. Willis, Dr. Thomas, his discourses

on the Soul of Brutes. 271. Wind, the, louder in Col than in

any other place, " its noise all

its own," 354. Wisedome, Robert, his hymn,

'Preserve us, Lord,' 386 n. Wishart, Dr. William, against

Repentance, 215. Wit, Johnson called a dungeon of,

294. Wives, two allowed to the Land

grave of Hesse, 182. Worthington, Dr., a Welsh clergyman, 386. Writing, a man may write at any

time if he will set himself doggedly to it, 25. Wynne, Mrs. Glynn, sings Welsh

songs to Johnson, 392. Sir Thomas, Lord Newborough, 339 n.

Yesterday. 'He was a man yesterday,' a Highland servant's definition of death, 249.

Young, Dr., read to Johnson his 'Conjectures on Original Composition," 231; cause of quarrel with his son, 232.

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Detailed Catalogue, arranged according to the various
Libraries, will be sent on application.

ADDISON'S Works. With the Notes of Bishop Hurd, Portrait, and 8 Plates of Medals and Coins. Edited by H. G. Bohn. 6 vols. y. 6d. each.

.ffiSCHYLUS, The Dramas of. Translated into English Verse by Anna Swanwick. 4th Edition,

revised, y.

The Tragedies of. Translated into Prose by T. A. Buckley, B.A. y. 6d.

AGASSIZ and GOULDS Outline of Comparative Physiology. Enlarged by Dr. Wright. With 390 Woodcuts. $s.

ALFIERIS Tragedies. Translated into English Verse by Edgar A. Bowring, C.B. 2 vols. y.6d. each.

ALLEN'S (Joseph, R. N.) Battles of the British Navy. Revised Edition, with 57 Steel Engravings. 2 vols. 5*. each.

AMMIANUS MARCELLINUS. History of Rome during the Reigns of Constantius, Julian, Jovianus, Valentinian, and Valens.

Translated by Prof. C. D. Yonge,
M.A. -js. 6d.

ANDERSEN S Danish Legends and Fairy Tales. Translated by Caroline Peachey. With 120 Wood Engravings. 5*.

ANTONINUS (M. Aurelius), The Thoughts of. Trans, literally, with Notes and Introduction by George Long, M.A. 3*. 6d.

APOLLONIUS RHODIUS. 'The Argonautloa.' Translated by E. P. Coleridge, B.A 5*.

APPIANS Roman History. Translated by Horace White, M.A., LL.D. With Maps and Illustrations. 2 vols. 6s. each.

APULEIUS, The Works Comprising the Golden Ass, God of Socrates, Florida, and Discourse of Magic. y.

ARIOSTO'S Orlando Purloso. Translated into English Verse by W. S. Rose. With Portrait, and 24 Steel Engravings. 2vols. y. each.

ARISTOPHANES' Comedies. Translated by W. J. Ilickie. 2 vols. y. each.

ARISTOTLE'S Nicomachean Ethics. Translated, with Introduction and Notes, by the Venerable Archdeacon Browne. 5*.

ARISTOTLE'S Politics and Economics. Translated by E. Walford, M A., with Introduction by Dr. Gillies. 5r.

Metaphysics. Translated by

the Rev. John II. M'Mabon, M.A. S*.'

History of Animals. Trans.

by Richard Cresswell, M.A. $s.

Organon; or, Logical Treatises, and the Introduction of Porphyry. Translated by the Rev. O F. Owen, M.A. 2 vols. y. 6d. each.

Rhetoric and Poetics.

Trans, by T. Buckley, B.A 5*.

ARRIAN'S Anabasis of Alexander, together with the Indica. Translated by E. ]. Chinnock, M.A., LL.D. With Maps and Plans. 5*.

ATHENiEUS. The Deipnosophlsts; or, the Banquet of the Learned. Trans, by Prof. C. D. Yonge, M.A. 3 vols. 5*. each.

ATLAS of Classical Geography. 22 Large Coloured Maps. With a Complete Index. Imp. Bw). Jl. 6d.

BACON'S Moral and Historical Works, including the Essa>s, Apophthegms, Wisdom of the Ancients, New Atlantis, Henry VII , Henry VHP, Elizabeth, Henry Prince of Wales, History of Great Britain, Julius Gesar, and Augustus Cresar. Edited by J. Devey, M.A. y. 6d.

- Novum Organum and Advancement of Learning. Edited by J. Devey, M.A. 5*.

BALLADS AND SONGS of the Peasantry of England. Edited by Robert Bell. 3*. 6d.

BASS'S Lexicon to the Greek Testament. 2s.

BAX'S Manual of the History of Philosophy, for the use ot Students. By E. Belfort Bax. 5*.

EEAUMONT and FLETCHER, their finest Scenes, Lyrics, and other Beauties, selected from the whole of their works, and edited by Leigh Hunt. 3*. 6d.

BECHSTEINS Cage and Chamber Birds, their Natural History, Habits, Food, Diseases, and Modesof Capture. Translated, with considerable additions on Structure, Migration, and Economy, by II. G. Adams. Together with Sweet British Warblers. With 43 coloured Plates and Woodcut Illustrations. 5*.

BECK MANN (J.) History of Inventions, Discoveries, and Origins 4th edition, revised by W. Francis and J. W. Griffith. 2 vols. y. 6d. each.

BEDE'S (Venerable) Ecclesiastical History of England. Together with the Anglo-saxon Chronicle. Edited by J. A. Giles, D.C.L. With Map. $s

BELL (Sir Charles). The Anatomy and Philosophy of Expression, as connected with the Fine Arts. By Sir Charles Bell, K.H. 7th edition, revised. it.

BERKELEY (George), Bishop of Cloyue, The Works of. Edited by George Sampson. With Biographical Introduction by the Right Hon. A. J. Balfour, M.P. 3 vols. 5*. each.

BION. See Theocritus.

BJORNSON'S Arne and the Fisher Lassie. Translated by W. H. Low, M.A. y. 6d.

BLAIR'S Chronological Tables. Revised and Enlarged. Comprehending the Chronology and Historyof the World,from the Earliest Times to the Russian Treaty of Peace, April 1856. By J. Willoughby Rosse. Double vol. \os.

BLAIR'S Index of Eates. Comprehending the principal Facts in the Chronology and History of the World, alphatx tically arranged; being a complete Index to Blair's Chronological Tables. By J. W. Rosse. 2 vols. 5*. each.

BLEEK, Introduction to the Old Testament By Friedrich Bleek. Edited by Johann Bleek and Adolf Kamphausen. Translated by G. H. Venables, under the supervision of the Rev. Canon Venables. 2 vols. $s. each.

BOETHIUSS Consolation of Philosophy. KingAllred'sAngloSaxon Version of. With a literal English Translation on opposite pages, Notes, Introduction, and Glossary, by Rev. S. Fox, M.A.

BOHN'S Dictionary of Poetical Quotations 4th edition. 6s.

Handbooks of Athletic

Sports. In 8 vols., each con-
taining numerous Illustrations.
3*. 6d. each.

I.—Cricket, Lawn Tennis,
Tennis, Rackets, Fives,
II.—Rowing and Sculling,

Sailing, Swimming.
III.- Boxing, Broadsword,
Single Stick ,&c., Wrest-
ling, Fencing.
IV. —Rugby Football, Associa-
tion Football, Baseball,
Rounders, Fie Id ball,
Quoits, Skittles, Bowls,
V.—Cycling, Athletics, Skat-
VI.—Practical Horsemanship,
including Riding for
VII.—Camping Out, Canoeing.
VIII.— Gymnastics, Indian Clubs.

BOHN'S Handbooks of Games. New edition. In 2 vols., with numerous Illustrations 3*. 6V. each.

Vol. I.—Table Games :—Billiards, Chess, Draughts, Backgammon, Dominoes, Solitaire, Keversi, Go-Bang, Rouge etNoir, Roulette, P.O., Hazard, Faro.

Vol. II. — Card Games : — Whist, Solo Whist, Poker, Piquet, Ecarte, Euchre, K£zique, Cribbage, Loo, Vingt-et-un, Napoleon, Newmarket, Pope Joan, Speculation, &c., &c.

BOND'S A Handy Book of Rules ana Tables for verifying Dates with the Christian Era, &c. Giving an account of the Chief Eras and Systems used by various Nations; with the easy Methods for determining the Corresponding Dates. By J. J. Bond. 5*.

BONO MI'S Nineveh and its Palaces. 7 Plates and 294 Woodcut Illustrations. 5*.

BOSWELLS Life of Johnson, with the Tour In The Hkbrides and Johnsoniana. Edited by the Rev. A. Napier, M.A. With Frontispiece to each vol. 6 vols. 3*. 6J. each.

BRAND'S Popular Antiquities of England, Scotland and Ireland. Arranged, revised, and greatly enlarged, by Sir Henry Ellis, K.H , F.R.S., &c., &c. 3 vols. 5 .'. each.

BREMER'S (Frederika) Works. Translated by Mary Howitt. 4 vols. 3*. 6d. each.

BRIDGWATF1R TREATISES. Bell (Sir Charles) on the Hand.

With numerous Woodcuts, y. Klrby en the History. Habits,

and Instincts of Animals.

Edited by T. Ryiner Jones.

Wii h upwards of 100 Woodcuts.

2 vols. 5*. each.

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