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Page 7 - SEC. 3. Civilian officers and employees of the departments and establishments, while traveling on official business and away from their designated posts of duty, shall be allowed, in lieu of their actual expenses for subsistence and all fees or tips to porters and stewards, a per diem allowance to be prescribed by the...
Page 1 - The CHAIRMAN. Does any member of the committee desire to ask Mr.
Page 8 - Be it enacted by the Senate and. House of Representatives of the United States of American in Congress assembled, That this Act may be cited as the "Veterans
Page 7 - Authorizing the appropriation of the sum of $50,000 to enable the Secretary of State to cooperate with the several Governments...
Page 6 - department and establishment" and "department or establishment" mean any executive department, independent commission, board, bureau, office, agency, or other establishment of the Government, including the municipal government of the District of Columbia, but do not include the Legislative Branch of the Government or the Supreme Court of the United States; The term "the Budget...
Page 8 - England, in 1929, including travel and subsistence or per diem in lieu of subsistence (notwithstanding the provisions of any other act), compensation of employees, stenographic and other services by contract if deemed necessary, rent of offices, purchase of necessary books and documents, printing and binding, printing of official visiting cards, and such other expenses as may be authorized by the Secretary of State.
Page 9 - Authorizing an appropriation to defray the expenses of participation by the United States in the Conference on the Limitation of the Manufacture of Narcotic Drugs to be held at Geneva, Switzerland, on May 27, 1931 Resolved.
Page 9 - State, is hereby authorized for travel expenses and subsistence or per diem in lieu of subsistence (notwithstanding the provisions of any other act), stenographic and other services, by contract if deemed necessary, without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (USC, title 41, sec. 5), printing and binding, compensation of employees in the District of Columbia and elsewhere, rent of rooms, office, and typewriters, purchase of books and documents, periodicals and newspapers, official cards,...

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