The Islands of the Pacific: From the Old to the New

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American Tract Society, 1908 - 369 pages

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Page 2 - European connections, although actually becoming more intimate will, nevertheless, relatively sink in importance ; while the Pacific Ocean, its shores, its islands, and the vast regions beyond, will become the chief theatre of events in the world's great hereafter...
Page 346 - Larger constellations burning, mellow moons and happy skies, Breadths of tropic shade and palms in cluster, knots of Paradise.
Page 171 - ... to consider the Sandwich Islands as an Independent State, and never to take possession, either directly or under the title of Protectorate, or under any other form, of any part of the territory of which they are composed.
Page 113 - Good is the Word of God. It is now well with Aitutaki. The good Word has taken root at Aitutaki.
Page 56 - Society that its design is not to send Presbyterianism, Independency, Episcopacy, or any other form of Church Order and Government (about which there may be difference of opinion among serious persons), but the glorious Gospel of the blessed God, to the heathen; and that it shall be left (as it ought to be left) to the minds of the persons whom God may call into the fellowship of His Son from among them to assume for themselves such form of Church Government as to them shall appear most agreeable...
Page 103 - We were not long at a loss as to what to ascribe it ; the missionary had been at work here, and his exertions had been based upon a firm foundation ; the savage had been changed to a reasonable creature. Among the inhabitants was a native missionary, who had been instrumental in this work. If the missionaries had effected nothing else, they would deserve the thanks of all those who roam over this wide expanse of ocean, and incur its many unknown and hidden dangers.
Page 56 - Society, that our design is not to send Presbyterianism, Independency, Episcopacy, or any other form of church order and government (about which there may be...
Page 194 - Peace," which she has proved to be on many occasions. The hanging of the rudder occasioned me some difficulty ; for having no iron sufficiently large for pintles, we made them from a piece of a pickaxe, a cooper's adze, and a large hoe.
Page 115 - Roma-tane was powerfully impressed by these vivid representations of the folly of idolatry, especially by the words, " with part thereof he roasteth roast, and is satisfied; and the residue thereof he maketh a god, and worshippeth it, and prayeth unto it, and saith, Deliver me, for thou art my god.
Page 92 - We have given up our island to Jesus Christ, to be governed by him as our King. We have given ourselves to him that we may serve him. We have given our property to him for the advancement of his glory; we have given him our all, and desire to be entirely his.

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