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Sun Fire Office, Pope a share-
holder, 456

Sutton, Sir George, 355
Swan Tavern, Fleet-street, 150
Swift's acquaintance with Pope,

99; deferential flattery of Pope
to Swift, 100; Swift the Cory-
phæus of the wits, 237; his
vaunt on Pope's Homer, 104;
Swift and Pope's Miscellanies,
240, 250, 251, 253; St. Patrick's
Dean, a title made immortal by
Swift, 100; a 'gladiator pug-
nans,' 110; his retreat in Upper
Letcombe, 109; foreboding im-
pulse on Gay's death, 300; his
misanthropy, 235; love of fame
stronger than his misanthropy,
365; entreaty to Pope 'orna
me,' 364; baffled hopes of Church
preferment, 240; desert of ex-
istence, 65; last visit to Eng-
land, 241; awful ruin of sus-
pended faculties, 366
Swift, Deane, 351, 362
Swinburne, of Capheaton, 465 note
Swinburne, the traveller, 403 note

T. P. personated by Savage, 322


Temple of Fame, a vision, 111
Theobald's Shakspeare Restored,
232, 266; hero of the Dunciad,
232; displaced for Cibber, 373;
editor of Wycherley's
humous works, 334
Thomas, Mrs., Cromwell's mis-
tress, sells Pope's letters to
Curll, 44, 318, 320, 326
Thomson and Cowper distin-
guished as descriptive poets, 18;
Thomson visited in Kew-lane
by Pope, 340; Pope's inter-
leaved copy of Thomson's Sea-
sons, ib.
Thomson, Dr., quack practitioner,
Pope's last medical attendant,

medy: persons to whom the
characters allude, 155, 156
Tickell excites Pope's irony, 93;
his translation of Homer con-
demned, 114; Tickell and
Pope's versions compared, 115,
116; named by Pope, Addison's
"humblest slave," 119
Tidcombe, Colonel, Pope's early
friend, 39, 54
Timon's villa.


See Canons, 289,
Tonson's Miscellany, edited by
Dryden, 47

Tory governments unpopular, 109
Tracasseries of the Court, 135
Translations of Homer read by
Pope, 21
Translators saddest rogues in the
world, 141
Travelling charges from Bath to
Marlborough, 379
Trumbull, Sir William, envies
Pope's artichokes, 17; reads
the manuscript of Pope's Pas-
torals, 29; dies, 147
Twickenham, 148, 166; described,
167, 168, 224, 314; plan of
Pope's garden, 445, 446; Pope
monuments in Twickenham
Church, 403, 404


Ufton Court described, 207 note
Undertaker applied in ridicule to

Pope, 233
post-Universal Prayer founded on the
Universities make pedants, 140
system of free will, 294
Use of Riches, 386
Utrecht Treaty censured, 91


Three Hours after Marriage, co-

Valetudinarian unsocial qualities,


Venus at Bath, 36

Verses by Pope to Teresa Blount,
66 nole

Verses to Imitator of Horace; in-
quiries respecting the author,



Vertue's engraved portrait of
Pope, 160

Vestal fire of undecaying hate,


Vida's Game at Chess, translated
by Pope, and by Goldsmith, 106
Villars, Abbé, Comte de Gabalis,

[blocks in formation]


Welsted provokes Pope's ven-
geance, 157, 270, 275
Wesley, John, 346
West, Gilbert, 452
Weston, Mrs., of Sutton-place, 83,

"What d'ye Call It," conjointly
written, 155

Ward's Pulvis Antimonialis Pills,
282; Bolingbroke proposed his
prescribing for Pope, 383
Warton's, Thomas, History of
English Poetry, a vast store-
house, 361
Warwick, Edward Henry, Earl
of, 200, 206
Watkins, Arbuthnot's associate,
200, 205

Way to Heaven, to starve and
pray, 71

Whist first mentioned by Pope as
"whisk," 72
Whitehead, Paul, 349
Whitehead, William, poet-lau-
reate, 291

Whiteway, Mrs. Swift's cousin,
and "female Walpole," 333, 351,
362, 363 note
Wife of Bath, 109
Wild beast, Pope entertained as
one, 146

Wilde's, W. R., closing years of
Swift's Life commended, 351


Will of Alexander Pope, senior,


Will and bequests of the poet
Alex. Pope, 450

Will of Martha Blount, 465
Will's Coffee-house, corner of Bow-
street, 21, 36, 440
Willow-tree planted by Pope, 167,

169 note

Winchelsea, Anne, Countess of,
199, 205
Windsor Forest, 90, 99
Withers, "hospitable" General,
136; biographical notice, 202


Wits move from Will's to Button's,

Wood's Copper Coinage for Ire-
land, 237

Woodman, Rev. C. Bathurst, 239,

Worms, the, a Satire on John
Moore, 153

[blocks in formation]

Wycherley, Pope's earliest poet-
friend, 29; commends Pope, 48;
Pope prunes Wycherley's faded
laurels, 30; his last illness de-
scribed, 32; Theobald edited
his posthumous works, 334;
Gildon's Life of Wycherley, 130;
Pope's letters respecting Wy-
cherley, 334


Young, Edward, D.D., 201, 208,

Younger, Mrs., marries the brother
of Earl of Winchelsea, 137


Zephalinda, i. e. Maria Teresa
Blount, 71, 439







Detailed Catalogue, arranged according to the various
Libraries, will be sent on application.

ADDISON'S Works. With the Notes of Bishop Hurd, Portrait, and 8 Plates of Medals and Coins. Edited by H. G. Bohn. 6 vols. 35. 6d. each.

ASCHYLUS, The Dramas of. Translated into English Verse by Anna Swanwick. 4th Edition, revised. 5s.

The Tragedies of. Translated into Prose by T. A. Buckley, B.A. 35. 6d.

ALLEN'S (Joseph, R. N.) Battles of the British Navy. Revised Edition, with 57 Steel Engravings. 2 vols. 5s. each.

AMMIANUS MAROELLINUS. History of Rome during the Reigns of Constantius, Julian, Jovianus, Valentinian, and Valens. Translated by Prof. C. D. Yonge, M.A. 7s. 6d.

ANDERSEN'S Danish Legends and Fairy Tales. Translated by Caroline Peachey. With 120 Wood Engravings. 5s. ANTONINUS (M. Aurelius), The Thoughts of. Trans. literally,

with Notes and Introduction by George Long, M.A. 35. 6d. APOLLONIUS RHODIUS,

The Argonautica.' Translated by E. P. Coleridge, B.A. 5s. APPIAN'S Roman History. Translated by Horace White, M.A., LL.D. With Maps and Illustrations. 2 vols. 6s. each. APULEIUS, The Works of Comprising the Golden Ass, God of Socrates, Florida, and Discourse of Magic. 5s. ARIOSTO'S Orlando Furioso. Translated into English Verse by W. S. Rose. With Portrait, and 21 Steel Engravings. 2 vols. 5s. each. ARISTOPHANES' Comedies.

Translated by W. J. Hickie. a vols. 55. each. ARISTOTLE'S Nicomachean Ethics. Translated, with Introduction and Notes, by the Venerable Archdeacon Browne. 55.

Politics and Economics. Translated by E. Walford, M.A., with Introduction by Dr. Gillies, 55.

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