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and swung round his revolving a keen look at the man, but never a chair, bowing Emily towards it. She glance at Emily. laughed at his grand air, but moved “I never did—that's a fact," was reluctantly toward the chair.

the prompt answer. "Well, if that isn't good enough "Well, just you take care of 'em for your ladyship,” he cried, “give for me." She pushed them towards your commands; they shall be him. “You'll put 'em in the safe

. obeyed.” Emily laughed again, here?" but did not make any demands; she

"That's where everything goes, moved about looking at the photo- ma'am. There they'll be when you graphs and ornaments in the room.

want 'em.” The door to the deck, which had "That's all right, then. If you'll been left open, closed gently as

give me the receipt, I'm done." she stood at a table opposite.

"We don't give a receipt for such "That's a pretty picture, isn't it?" things,” the purser spoke, insolentthe purser said at her elbow. It was

ly. “If you want the stuff locked a photograph of a vine-covered

up, well and good ; if not, look after English cottage. "It's my little it yourself, madam.” But the last place in Lancashire," the man went

word had no respect in it. on. “Look at this one here in the

“Now see here,” Mrs. Skinner's corner"; he guided her to it; his

tone was business through and hand on her arm. The hand caused through. “You can't impose on me, her a sudden annoyance; lifting the

sir; I know you'll take better care arm to release the hand, she glanced of the jewelry than you do of pasat him and met a look that made her sengers, but I want my receipt in recoil, but a hot breath had brushed

one should throw you her face.

overboard before we reach port." At that instant, a sharp rap on the

At the last word she glanced at door was followed by its immediate Emily, and as the purser went to the opening; Mrs. Skinner stood a mo

safe, she gave that escaping young ment looking in, then deliberately

woman the benefit of a mirth-prostepped over the high sill and

sill and voking wink. walked up to the desk.

It was in confusion of mind and "Some way, I've got uneasy

with a desire to cry and to laugh at

the same time that Emily, hurrying about my jewelry,” she said ; "half the voyage is half over, but I guess of the two people she had been

to the deck, ran almost into the arms you'd better put it in the safe for

avoiding. Mutual apologies lengthme.” "All right, madam.” The purser

ened into a conversation, and in a

few minutes the chasm that separwent forward with alacrity. "Pleas

ates the stranger from the friendly ure to serve you. Have you got the

acquaintance, however new, was jewelry now?”

crossed. Mrs. Skinner put her hand in her

"Have you seen the yacht?" asked pocket and brought out a chamois

the gray-eyed woman. Emily had bag; this she untied and turned it

seen none, but taking the resource wrong side out over the table. A

of the shy or unready thinker, asked, flash and sparkle of light seemed "What yacht?" poured there; diamonds set

“Why, the English boat. She's every conceivable way; rings,

on her way back, you know. Too brooches, combs, buttons, pins,

pins, bad she didn't win this time, just buckles, necklaces, a bewildering to hearten the adversary; but there collection of gorgeous gems.

is always another chance." “Did you ever see anything hand- "If you'll take the glass, Miss Arsomer?” cried their owner, darting not, you may be able to make her


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out," said the gentleman. Emily's Frances Wylie and Doctor Heard confusion was still too great to per- left Emily no more lonely hours on mit her to feel surprised at the use the Slavic. Through them, she came of her name, but by the time the to know again something of Westyacht was sighted she had been set ern interests, and she learned of at ease by the easefulness of her many other persons who had been companions. They had looked up connected with the life that seemed her name, they confessed, on the so long ago. Deigo Delmar she repassenger list, and then felt sure she membered hearing was a cousin must be the daughter of the man of her mother's, but that relative who had been the friend of the one she had never known. She knew and the old-time teacher of the that all his fortune had gone to a other. Emily laughed at being told motherless little girl, who was beher father had given a course of ing brought up in boarding schools. lectures on political economy at the It was pleasant to learn of the University before he expected to growth of little Stratton Wylie, practice the economy necessary to who, when he was ten years old, a diplomat whose country pays its had been used to make splendid lesser representatives parsimoni- pictures on his copy-books and talk ously.

of all the wonderful things he meant "Miss Wylie won encomiums by to do for his big sweet-heart (Emily passing your father's examinations herself), when he should be a man. with honor, Miss Arnot. The ex- The voyage began to be almost aminations were stiff, too; I tried gay.

Other passengers

became a similar set several years before friendly;

friendly; acquaintances, so easily and-failed. So I left politics and formed at sea, grew toward friendeconomy forever."

ships to be cemented or dissolved “The Doctor was trying to intro- as fate and the future should deduce phonetic spelling, you see,” ex- termine, and the days, with the plained Miss Wylie, “and his exami- miles, were left behind as the ship nation papers couldn't be made out. approached the haven which to some

"Orthography is always disdained meant home, and to others a final by the great-and the foolish, severance with dearer lands. In laughed the doctor. “There

spite of the Doctor's questions as to Deigo Delmar, with all his millions the safety of a ship that carried two would never buy a spelling book women who were not always confor his library. One day some trou- scious of their clothes, nothing reble arose with the combination of his markable happened, and the voyage office safe; the thing couldn't be drew calmly to its close. opened. Delmar said the word In a blaze of morning sunshine the was "boots." When every one had Slavic steamed up to quarantine off tried to open it and failed, he was the green shores from which nestasked how he spelled "boots." ling homes looked down. There 'Why, b-u-t-s, of course, you idiots! across the Narrows were the chimhe shouted."

neys and gardens of other homes; As a merry laugh rang out from beyond and further up the bay, rose Emily, Mrs. Skinner, coming from the mammoth warehouses and the purser's office, stopped and crowded docks from and to which looked at the group. Emily, quite hurried the numberless craft that conscious of what the woman had cut pathways in the wide stretch of done for her, started towards her, waters, and yonder above all the but the owner of the diamonds de- rest, glimmered the towers, the pinliberately passed the girl, gazing nacles, the golden dome of buildstraight ahead, as if seeing nothing ings where the great city, floating short of the bowsprit.

its smoke airily over its proud head


stood ready to welcome alike com- minute, Miss Arnot," he said, bepatriot or alien.

tween counting out greenbacks to Crowding the decks, the passen- a passenger. Emily sat down wongers, having signed the customs dering. Several others were waitdeclarations and reassured their ing to be served; several others consciences for the more

or less

came in, in haste; it looked as heinous prevarications they had though she might have to remain practiced, made ready to wave to some time, and she was impatient. the devoted friends who were really She got up and went to the door, interested enough in coming or re- whereupon the purser seemed to inturning voyagers to endure the te- tercept her egress. dious wait on the dock, to welcome "I'll get that article from the them. Emily knew there would be safe,” he said, drawing her towards no one to welcome her; she had the place where the safe stood; then been told to go to a hotel named by lowering his voice: "You saw me Uncle Billy, and wait there his com- put it in here, didn't you?” Emily munication. But she knew also the looked blank. "Mrs. Skinner's dialength of wait she might have and monds,” he went on. “You were the inadequacy of her funds to meet here when she brought me her diahotel bills. From Frances Wylie monds to store. She's lost some of she had learned of less extravagant them since she took them out of here places where she could lodge, and this morning. She's pretty wild to one of these she determined to go. about it; says nobody on the ship

Everyone was too deeply con- but you and me knew she had 'em, cerned with his or her own affairs and she's going to make a row. I in the moment of landing to give wanted to tell you to get off the dock heed to any one else; she could only

as soon as you can. Of course, she silently look on and do as other can't do much but make it unpleaspeople did, but the loneliness of a ant, but she'll do that pretty well if great crowd in which one is soli- she gets started, and you don't want tary became for the girl again sorely to be mixed up with that sort of a oppressive.

woman even in a case of investigaAs she stood watching the frantic tion. Hurry off now, as soon as greetings of waving handkerchiefs, your luggage's been examined. I'll umbrellas and hats by friends dis- keep her aboard if I can till you're tinguishing each other, a steward out of it. Just

you coming to Emily asked if she would

bother, you know." be good enough to step to the pur


exclaimed ser's office. The message aston- Emily, "you're kind to think of it, ished her. She had never been in the but I can't run away, you know. office since the day Mrs. Skinner It's absurd about the diamonds, but had interrupted, to her relief, an un- I couldn't run away on that account. pleasant encounter; she had not Why, if she can even think such a often, indeed, spoken to the purser thing I want to stay until she is since then. She went reluctantly convinced.” now towards the office, round which “Oh, hang it all,” cried the purwere crowding people who had de- ser, and being called peremptorily layed getting money exchanged or to the desk, he left Emily standing reclaiming property.

The purser

by the safe, looking with indignant was working fast at his desk, and dismay at the possibility before her. glancing every moment or so, out Again as on the previous occasion, of the door. When Emily stood Mrs. Skinner appeared in the doorthere he got up as if it were she he way. She saw Emily at once and had been looking for.

came towards her. “Just come in and sit down a You've heard about my dia



monds, have you?" she asked going to have an investigation, but abruptly, but in a low tone.

nobody needs you, child. Hurry "Yes, I'm waiting to hear more, off.” She pushed Émily towards declared Emily.

the door. "Well, I'm just looking for you The girl sped down the gangway; to tell you to get ashore as quickly nobody she knew was in sight; a as possible. The purser will want customs' officer came to her heap of to bring you up to testify that you luggage, and after the proper hesisaw the diamonds here; it'll cnly tations in spite of the signed declaraget your name mixed up with it for tion, he chalked the various pieces, no good at all, and I want you to and Emily was free to lose herself be out of it. Go, get off the dock and her belongings in the metropoas soon as you can. Of course I'm lis of the New World.

(To be continued.)

The Strength of a Nation

Though strength of arms, broad acres and great forts
Are well enough to view, it takes supports
Of stronger worth to stand the test of time.
Look to the past in every age and clime
Where flourished powers great. What's left to-day
To mark the splendor of their kingly sway?
One thing remains their character lives on
The most substantial part of battles won.
Unseen the mortal world has been evolved
From thoughts clear and distinct each race has

The influence that Socrates has shed
Is with us yet, though Grecian power is dead;
The Roman Empire long has passed away-
Her heroes breathe again in deeds to-day;
And Shakespeare, Goethe, Homer are a part
Of modern times to mould the human heart.

O great Republic, for whom countless died
That thou mightst be the home where freedom smiled
How will the coming ages read thy fate?
Will love of gold and foreign lands inflate
Thy pride, and will thy sons awake too late
To the real claims that make a Nation great?
Far be removed the hour of thy downfall;
Oh, may thy subjects rally to the call
To higher hopes and broader views. And each

Feel it a duty ignorance to teach,
To bravely toil as part of that grand whole
For weal or woe a Nation's lasting soul.

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