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and in household articles. It is most extensive of all the discoveries, good for the individual inside and the great reduction in price has enout, and for the clothes he wears, able the poorest to use


Mr. and for the house that he lives in, Smith is one of the best examples from the basement to the lace cur- of the captains of industry of the tains in the parlor and to the tiles West. Starting out as a poor youth on the roof.

he has, entirely unaided, steadily Mr. Smith, by his individual ef- climbing the ladder of success, atforts, has brought borax from the tained its rounds through his own point where druggists sold it at 35 individual efforts. More than the cents a a pound to the position riches that he has gained, he has where it is an important article of the admiration and respect commerce and a household staple of all who know him and his many of universal use. Although practi- friends love him not only for his cally controlling the borax market wealth and upright nature, but for of the world, and the richest and his fine personal qualities.


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A gilt, of bronze, of brass, of

ROW of little Buddhas of night amplify or unravel forever.

The rudest of these pedestals wood, or of ivory, are seated seems to speak loudest.

It has a in meditation on the shelf ui an Ori- mere indication of the lotus upheld entalist's studio. In front of them by imploring figures, rough cut lies a folio of the sacred writings of though they be; above sits Buddha the East. It is forty inches long and with folded hands, meditating, as so bound as to open and close like a his creed commands. God above folding fan, only the spokes in this destiny, struggling men beneath it! case are completely covered with But Buddha's hands are not always paper and are not fastened at either folded—another familiar position is end. The margins of the one great the left hand in front of him and the enclosed page are illuminated in the right on his knee, with the wrist þest art of Siam, and the outer turned down and the straight, exspokes, or covers of the book are tended fingers pointing direct to the washed with gold-leaf, for who ground. There is a legend that when would think of using an alloy here? Buddha took his seat in Heaven the So touch the holy volume with a hosts about inquired, “By what gentle hand; yes, and with a gentle right?” Buddha pointing downward spirit.

replied, “Let earth be witness of my On the corner of the shelf lies a good works." Buddha, the meditator. leaflet from Pudd’nhead Wilson's Here is an old ivory Buddha, Calendar. “Feb.25—True irrever- carved with Oriental patience. The ence is disrespect for another man's little god is seated upon a coiled god.”

serpent, under a tree. . This eviThe pedestals of these little house- dently is historical. It must reprehold gods vary, but the convention- sent that tree under which Buddha alized lotus seems to be the favor- sat for a week in fasting and mediite throne. This lovely flower, on til he was relieved by a springing from the slime of the beautiful vision, and he went forth rivers and turning its face straight with his life work forever made toward Heaven, won the heart of clear to him. As to the snake, does man immemorial ages ago, and holds it represent an ancient form of idolit yet. He felt the simile long be- atry over which a better belief has fore language grew subtle enough risen, unconsciously triumphant? In to express it, and the Egyptians Christian art, the serpent is generaltook the flower that had led his ly writhing beneath its virtuous torthought through nature up to na- mentor. Here Buddha and the snake ture's God as the symbol of Osiris- are at peace.

It is the boast of the noblest of his deities.

Buddhism that it has never drawn The Greek, artist that he was, the sword, offensive or defensive; seems to have found entire satis- and if to this, some savant unearths faction in the material grace of the some wisely forgotten exception, lotus, and it came to mean to him who then would dare compare the content in the present. The Arab, Christian record with it? the fatalist, called it "the flower of As I was stroking the rough little destiny,” “the fruit of Paradise." scales of the snake, Mrs. Searby But where blossoms and fancies Simms Smith, retailer of didactic have been so long interweaving, one information, lady bountiful of orthodox mis-information, high priestess darted off to rescue one of her cusof prejudice, parlor lecturer to nice tomers, who was asking a question ladies, poked me in the back, say- of our host, the Orientalist. Suping, "Buddhism is the Protestant- pose he should shake her faith in ism of Asia. Its ceremonials re- Mrs. Searby Sims Smith and culsemble those of the Catholic church ture! -bells, Cassocks, tonsure, rosaries, The old gentleman, driven from holy water, celibacy, confession, etc., the pretty woman's side, timidly but Buddhism, like Protestantism, called my attention to a standing teaches individual salvation through wooden Buddha with a Roman nose. individual merit. (She must have He had picked it up in South-.


A Buddha with a Roman nose. read a little of the 4th chapter of ern Siam, and it looked very old. A Clark's 'Ten Great Religions.”) standing image is rather unusual, Look at those ever-prevalent, ri- and how did it get that nose? diculously elongated ear lobes, and "Well, Buddhism is an elastic bethe fingers all of a length and toes." lief; it embraces something from

"Well," said I, "the faces of the almost every creed. Why not a Greek gods were plans, not por- nose from the Occident?” traits. Why not Buddha's hands? Here is a little Buddha exactly Buddha's ear is no more unlikely in half clad. A diagonal line drawn nature than Apollo's nose.”

from the shoulder to the pedestal But my supposed listener had front and back would divide the

clothed and naked halves.

which varies a little of course in “Do you like legends?”

the different countries. But Buddha "Indeed I do; and I believe in was born a prince, entitled by Orithem. They speak the longings of ental law to disport all the insignia our simpler brothers. Give me fan- of royalty. There are certain little cies upon facts, but deliver me from Buddhas jeweled and draped, which facts about fancies.”

are preferred by the materialists of "Well, the story goes that some the Buddhist flock. Here is one, a Buddhist monks suspected that some

little blaze of color in a gilt-lined Jains were intruding at their rites. shrine-but still the same meditaThe sacred images of the Jains are tive Buddha on the lotus, for “Even always nude, and their religion in a palace life may be well led.” strictly prohibits them from passing above one of them. So these I like the barbaric splendor lavBuddhists placed a little naked Jain ished upon this tiny god. It is as idol on one of the lower steps at sweet as the generosity of babyhood the entrance of their temple. The that presses its toys upon us.

I Jains painted clothing over half the wonder if, like the baby, it asks image and then quietly walked past for that treasure back? Well, if it. This tactful solution pleased impulse is better than afterthought, some broad churchmen of the Far why, give to impulse its due credit ? East, and ever since these diago- I like to close the shrine and muse nally draped images have been mem- upon the black laquered box before bers of good standing among the -this altar of an unseen, unBuddhas. Buddha is most often known God, Father Almighty, represented in the dress of an ascetic Maker of Heaven and Earth.


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Spirit! who hath a soul of melody;

And who canst echo into every soul
A portion of thy very spirit's whole,

Like the reverberations of the sea;
The very thoughts breathe in an ecstacy;

As if thou hadst from the celestial Pole
Descent, to choir on this mortal shoal,

And sing of the eternal Destiny.
O! There hath been a rapture in Thy song,

That hath not been in any other art;

Except within the realm of Poesy,
Which hath itself a string within the heart.

Yes, thou dost sing; and on this little sphere,
Make angels of us while we linger here.

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