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breezes and a redundancy of pure mountain streams, are combined with a complete absence of swamps, pools, reservoirs and irrigation ditches, the average health of the inhabitants should be good indeed. The ocean breezes on the one hand, the mountains on the other, perform nature's purifying work in her own perfect manner. The claims of Humboldt as a sanitarium have never been advanced, but it is doubtful if the Pacific Coast has any like area where the health conditions are so favorable. Yet there are no established, advertised health resorts; the whole mountain district is nature's sanitarium, where healthgiving forces are free to be enjoyed by the rich and the poor alike. The practice of camping out, thoroughly established among the people, is but

Residence of J. M. Vance. Eureka. a natural result of this disease defy- ern parts of Europe and Canada. ing combination which nature has There are no Chinese or Japanese worked out for the benefit of man- and fewer negroes than in any seckind.

tion of the State I have ever visited. The greater per cent of the popu- From 1850 the growth in population lation is native born; the foreign has been slow and sure; no wholeresidents coming mostly from north- sale influx, but a steady and sturdy

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one, composed of the bone and sinew States in particular, would bring a of this and other lands. The result flood of emigration of the proper has created an orderly, thrifty, well- kind of people, homeseekers and balanced community that has caused producers, that would astonish the the county to be always prosperous. world with their development of All occupations are fairly repre

this section of the State. sented, but lumbering in its differ- Emigration has not been so ent branches employs the greater largely invited hitherto because of number of the people. Since 1880 Humboldt County's lack of rail comthe population has increased over munication with the outer world, one hundred per cent, and several but the rapid strides and heavy invillages and communities have vestments at present being made sprung into existence as a result. by the A. T. & S. F. R. R. and the A great many of the most valuable Southern Pacific Company, insure property interests have since that in the near future ample railroad time been built and developed. This connections with this section of the is conclusive evidence of steady and State. healthy growth, for only the strong Humboldt Bay is fourteen miles and aggressive in a community build long and from one-half mile to four ships, railroads and mills, and en- miles in width. The tidal area is gage in mining and similar pursuits. about thirty miles and it has thirtyThe wonderful natural resources, five miles of navigable channels. Its the salubrious climate, together position is near the center of the with the fertile and productive soil coast line of the county, and extends of this region, if properly presented nearly parallel therewith, being septo the world at large and the United arted from the ocean by two narrow

peninsulas, these forming one of the finest land-locked harbors. Some years back, about 1889, the Federal Government began improving the harbor and its entrance by the construction of jetties. Between two and three millions of dollars, expended in this manner, has made Humboldt Bay a safe and beautiful harbor, and made it accessible by all except the deepest draught vessels. By this expenditure, a 24-foot depth of channel, 1350 feet wide, has been maintained on the bar. Humboldt Bay is 420 miles south of the mouth of the Columbia river and 216 miles north of San Francisco Bay. Communication with San Francisco is regular, with several lines of steamers, some of which make the trip in 17 hours. A line of steamers make regular trips between San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, calling at Eureka and Coos Bay, Oregon, each way. A fleet of from forty to sixty sailing vessels

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is constantly engaged in the lumber trade, carrying cargoes to California ports, to Mexico, Central America, South America, the Hawaiian Islands, Australia, China and Japan.

The flurry in real estate in Humboldt is the beginning of that development that this section of the State has been eagerly awaiting for a number of years past. But with the advent of the railroads, and they are coming now, Humboldt County will be a busy field for some years.

One of those who has faith in its ultimate development is G. R. Georgeson, who has lately constructed the Georgeson block, on Fourth and E streets. This is a handsome four-story office structure, built by the best skilled labor in day's work, and contains all the modern improvements of late office buildings. Mr. Georgeson al

owns Georgeson Hall, and a one-half interest in the Grand Hotel property

G. R. Georgeson came to Humboldt County from Scotland in 1883 when seventeen years of age.

He held positions of trust with some of the largest mercantile houses of Eureka, and finally started for himself, succeeding to his present real estate and insurance business.

The large and commodious offices

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New Grand Hotel, property of G. R. George son. and Wm. Perrott. on Third street, between E and F Keen, clear-headed and energetic he streets, are models, and show the represents the progressive man of maps of plots not only in Eureka the hour, and if Eureka had a few but the entire county. No man in more of his stamp advancement and Humboldt County is better posted speedy development would be the on timber lands, both redwood and universal watchword. pine, and his knowledge of city and Humboldt County Bank was incounty property improved and un- corporated February 27, 1873, and improved is undisputed. Mr. has therefore entered upon its thirtyGeorgeson is supervising agent in first year of prosperous existence. the county for Wells, Fargo & Co.'s It is the oldest banking institution Express, as well as the city agent in Humboldt Co. The capital paid in for that company for Eureka. coin is $200,000. The both semi-an

The insurance department of Mr. nual statement was made at close of Georgeson's business is under able December, 1902, and shows business management of capable and efficient transacted amounting to more than men, and some of the strongest com- a million dollars. The correspondpanies in the world are represented ents of the bank are Messrs. N. M. by his firm. He also represents Rothschild & Sons, London; the majority of the European steam- Messrs. Laidlaw & Company, New ship lines, and notary work and con- York; Merchants' Loan and Trust veyancy are given proper attention. Company, Chicago; The Bank of By strict adherence to business and California, San Francisco. carefully formulated detail, Mr. The officers are: J. W. Henderson, Georgeson has built up a business president; Josiah Bell, vice-presiwhich is far in advance of any like dent; F. W. Georgeson, cashier; it in city or county. His standing G. Y. Henderson, assistant cashier. in business circles is of the highest. The directors are J. W. Henderson,

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