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A Comedy of Industry

By F. Lorence

A Group of Idols

By Minnie D. Kellogg

A Ride Up Marble Mountain ...By Alma Glasgow White .40
A Prairie Borgia
..By John G. Neihardt

Among the Redwoods of Humboldt County ..

A Weird Flirtation
..By Margaret Schenk

An Imperial Garden Party in Tokyo.. Emily J. Hamilton

A Trip to the Famous Mitla Ruins. Mexico. . By G. F. Paul 189
A Mexican Memory (Verse). . By John Meyers O'Hara .195
A Mother
By May C. Ringwalt

Across the Autumn Grasses (Verse)..By Aloysius Call ..

A Commonsense View of Trusts. . By J. Olivier Curwood ..250

Lucille Wentworth McPherson.315
A Morning Glory (Poem)

By Florence Jackson

Alliteration (Poem)

By Sadie McCann

A Pennyworth in London Town. . By G. L. Wakeman

A Unionized City....

By Guy Raymond Halifax

A Dream

By Maida Castlehun

A Covenant Redeemed

By Helen Ellsworth Wright. .417
A Thanksgiving

By Ednah Robinson

A Prize

By Joseph Crosby

A Caliposa Christmas Goose. By Henry M. Hoyt

Borax Industry and its Chief Promoter

- 24

By Sam Ware

Builder, The (Verse)

By Henry T. Fee

Bret Harte in Switzerland. By S. H. M. Byers

Battle, The (Poem)

By John C. Catlin

. 310
Beauty and the Footlights. Leigh Gordon Giltner

Challenger and Defender for America's Cup. . By William Jardine...3
Chinese Lily, The
..By Olive Diebert

Curious Facts and Statistical Truths

Cataract Canyon, The Havasupais. . By Arthur Inkersley

Cruise of the Bogota, The. By Arthur H. Dutton

Conqueror, The...

By Hilton R. Greer

Eye of the Serpent, The.

By Helen Ellsworth Wright 18
Egyptian Excavations of the University of California

By J. Leslie Dobbins

Edelweiss (Verse)

By Ada Phelps

El Llano Estacado
. By Fred A. Hunt

Exterminating of the Fur Seal .. By Lynn Tew Sprague ..435
Educational Question in the Philippines..By Pierre N. Beringer. .520
Fearless (Verse)

By May Spencer

Fourth of July at Klamath Reservation. . Julia F. A. Prather. ..116
Fog 'o 'Frisco (Verse).... ..By M. Elizabeth Burns Howell. 166
Fight on Assembly No. 153, The.. By Agnes Louise Prevost ..199
For the sake of a Song (Poem). . By Chester Firkins


By Edith De Long

Feathered Californians
.. By Virginia Garland

Frenchman and the Rattler, The.. By Andrew Meloney

From the Proverbs of Japan... By Geo. Wycherly Kirkman...493
Forest Reserve Blanket, The. By U. S. Senator A. G. Foster..498


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By Corinne McCarthy

.551 Georgiana's Conscience.

. By Elizabeth Griswold Rowe. .400 Gift of Life...

By Dr. E. Spence De Pue.. .506 Haleakala, House of the Sun. By E. J. Hamilton

.241 Hermit of Marin Shore, The...... By D. Marin

.440 In San Francisco Bay (Verse). ...By Fred Adin Bennett

. 115 Industrial Development of the West—The Carthage of the West By W. W. Postlethwaite

. 168 In the Northern Silence

By Ephraim Weber Industrial Development of the West. Dredging for Gold in the Western States

By R. H. Postlethwaite

..265 Imperialism: An Historical Development. . By John F. Simmons · 311 Inter-urban Trolley as a Factor.. By Tirey L. Ford

. 379 Juliet and Her Interpreters.

By Robert Hunter

. 234 King of Horticulture

By Luther Burbank

.226 Kipling and Women .By Austin Lewis ...

357 Little Mother's Training School, The.. By Anna Morrison Reed.. 151 Labor and Capital

By Senator M. A. Hanna .170 Lost in the Sands (Verse)

By John F. Simmons

.233 Leo and Ona

By Dennis H. Stovall..

.286 Love of God, The.

By Ednah Kingsley Wallace. ..445 La Noche Buena

By A. Mathew

.476 M'sieu Quelq'un (Verse) . By E. K. Stewart

130 Men and Women. Leo XIII the Man

.254 Myths Concerning the Great Wall and its Builders, The.

By Charles E. Lorimer

..280 Merchants' Exchange of Oakland, The

..361 Mystery of a Gold Brick, The. By Fred Bennion

.411 Morning and Evening...

By Susie H. Brewer

.423 Native City of Shanghai and the Temple of Ages, The

By Emile Deschamps

.275 Nymph of Lotta's Fountain, The.. By Ella M. Sexton

.489 Not Without Witness.

By Helen Ellsworth Wright. · 521 On the Sands (Verse)

By Annie Wilson

. 105 Oakland: A Great Metropolis

.341 Oakland's Educational Advantages . . By P. M. Fisher

.351 Our Coast Police

. By Joanna R. Nichols Kyle

· 371 Old Cedar Chest, The.

By Florence Hardiman Miller..526 Ode to the Wood God (Verse)....By Prince Vladimir Vanatsky..533 Passing of a Sierra Knight, The.. By Ben C. Truman

33 Pre-historic Rock Paintings. . By Newton H. Chittenden ...106 Passing of the Dance

. By W. E. Rollins Peopling of the Plains, The. By Rezin W. McAdam

.131 Pandanus Alley

. By A. R. Rose-Soley

.156 Price of His Freedom, The.. . By Sara Andrews

.215 Padre's Misconception, The. By Mary Alice Keatinge 317 Postmistress of Circle City, The.... By Elizabeth Florence Gray ...407 Pupils of Cecil Rhodes, The. By Calvin Dill Wilson

.446 Palm of Victory, The..

By Emily L. Roberson

512 Passing of Tennessee's Partner. . By Fred M. Stocking

539 Return of Altoonah, The.

. By Lucy Baker Jerome Requiem (Verse)

By May Myrtle French

.150 Reaper, The (Verse)

. By May Ethelyn Bourne

. 290 Rest

By Elizabeth Burns-Howell ...488

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