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Overland Monthly


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AUGUST, 1903

Frontispiece—The Mid-day Rest. . From the Painting by Matilda Lotz
Egyptian Excavations of the University of California
Illustrated by photographs. J. Leslie Dobbins

.99 On the Sands (verse)

Annie Wilson

. 105 Illustrated by Alma Glasgow White. Pre-historic Rock Paintings ...... Newton H. Chittenden ...106

Illustrated from sketches by the author.
Passing of the Dance

W. E. Rollins
Illustrated by the author.
In San Francisco Bay (verse)....Fred Adin Bennett

.115 Fourth of July at Klamath Reservation. . Julia F. A. Prather .116 Woman's Friendship (verse) ....Percy F. Becknell

123 Through the Desert to the Rajaima..R. A. Martyne

124 Illustrated by Stanley Armstrong. M'sieu Quelq’un (verse)

.E. K. Stewart

.130 The Peopling of the Plains Rezin W. McAdam

131 A Weird Flirtation

Margaret Schenk

141 Through the Glass Darkly. Mrs. C. van D. Chenowith. . 143 Requiem (verse)

. May Myrtle French

. 150 The Little Mother's Training School. . Anna Morrison Reed

151 Pandanus Alley .A. R. Rose-Soley

Illustrated by Frederick Miller.
A Comedy of Industry (serial novel)..F. Lorence

Fog o' 'Frisco (verse)..... M. Elizabeth Burns Howell ...166
The Industrial Development of the West.—The Carthage of the
W. W. Postlethwaite

.168 Labor and Capital

Senator M. A. Hanna

170 The Warner Ranch Indians Frank L. Lewis

.171 Current Books

Reviewed by Florence Jackson. .174 PUBLISHER'S ANNOUNCEMENT-Owing to the advance in the price of paper, and the increased cost of all the labor that goes to make up a magazine, the Overland Monthly finds itself forced to announce an increase in price. Beginning with the September number the Magazine will be sold at fifteen cents a copy or one dollar and a half a year. The magazine will undergo a change in policy, its field will be broadened and the contents improved in all directions. Whatever profit is made by the increase in price will be immediately returned to the reader in a better magazine. The Overland Monthly was one of the first of all the Magazines to drop from twenty-five cents to ten cents. This change was dictated by a fall in the price of paper and cost of labor. With the rise in the cost of labor and material the Overland Monthly claims the privilege of meeting the conditions by a corresponding rise in the price of the magazine. OVERLAND MONTHLY CO.

THE OVERLAND MONTHLY, an Illustrated Magazine of the West. Entered at the
San Francisco, Cal., Postoffice as second-class Matter.

OVERLAND MONTHLY, COMPANY, Publishers, 320 Sansome St., S. F.
Copyrighted, 1903

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Vibration is the law of life.
The New Practice of the 20th

Dr. King's system is the most Perfect, Practical and rational means of
mechanical massage known to the scientific world to-day.

NO ELECTRICITY. All forms of disease yield to vibration. It revolutionizes the physician's practice. It does away with the old forms of massage, both mechanical and manual. It is the physician's leading instrument.—(Now in use by practitioners of all schools.) It is the family standby. It is a perfect exercise from head to foot, without putting forth any effort. Is suited to all ages, from the baby to the aged. It will positively add years to any one's life.

It is the ladies' beautifier. It is used in the best barber shops and hair dressing parlors, giving the most perfect face and scalp massage.

Instruments for the physician's office; instruments for the home; instruments for barbers' practice;instruments for hairdressers; instruments for travelers; special instruments for ladies' home use for body, face and scalp; instruments for the osteopath. Send for complete illustrated catalogue.


CAPITALIZATION, $150 000 Main office and Show rooms: 806 Market street, San Francisco, Cal. Telephone Black 5144. Phelan Building, second floor.



Cured to Stay Cured. No Cutting or

Pain. Guaranteed Cure or Money Refunded.

The Master Speclalist, who Cures VARICOCELE. Under my treatment this insidious disease


Varicocole, Hydrocele, and troats stantly. The stagnaat blood 18 driven from the dilated veins and all soreness and

Pationts Personally. swelling subsides. Every indication of Varicocele vepishes and in its stead comes

Esthe pleasure of perfect health Many ailments are reflex, originating from other

tablished 1869. diseases. For instance, innumerable blood and nervous diseases result from poisonous teints in the rystem. Varicocele and Hydrocele, 11 neglected will under mtue physical strength, depress the mental faculties, derange the nervous system, and ultimately produce complicated re sults. In treating diseases of men I always cure the effect as well as the cause. I desire that every person affiicted with these or allied diseases write me so I can explain my method of core, which 18 safe and permanent. My consultation will cost you nothing, and my charges for a perfect cure will be reasonable and not more than you will be willing to pay for the bene fics conferred.

What I I can do . I

Certainty of Cure what you

want. I give a legal guaranty to cure or refund your money. Correspondence Confidential. Obce personal tv ledet mi.comce de preferred, but de se te impos

bible you to call, write your condition fully, and you will receive in plain envelope a scientific and honest opinion of your case free of charge, My homo troatment is suc. cessful. My books and lectures malled free upon application.


Safe Deposit and Trust Company's Building, 701 First Avenue, Seattle, Wash.


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Fifty minutes

from San Francisco


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