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Sheriff of Marin County



SAN RAFAEL, Cal., June 30, 1903.
Three-Day Liquor Cure Institute,
Suite 301, Starr King Building,

San Francisco, California. Gentlemen-After observing the complete physical and mental transformation your cure has worked on a citizen of this county, who was a slave to the whiskey habit, I have only words of praise and commendation for the efficacy and permanency of the Three-Day Liquor Cure.

For reasons which I ascribe to both curiosity and friendly solicitation, I have carefully watched this gentleman since he left your institute, and can candidly state that his behavior, bearing and general demeanor leaves

absolutely no doubt in my mind that he is

permanen tly cured of the Liquor Habit. I cannot too urgently advise any one who is unfortunate enough to be addicted to the excessive use of spirituous liquors to take the Three-Day Cure, and will add in all sincerity that any drinking man who is allowing a sense of false pride to deter him from entering your institute, is certainly prostituting his manhood.

You are at perfect liberty to make public use of this letter, and I earnestly hope what I have said will have the good effect of reclaiming some unfortunate from the thralldom of drink. Yours very truly,

(Signed) W. P. TAYLOR,

Sheriff Marin County. Our Cure has been earnestly endorsed by distinguished Judges of San Francisco and Los Angeles, other prominent men of both these cities and citizens everywhere of eminence and probity from whom no money could procure an undeserved commendation.

A WOMAN'S WARD. We have equipped a ward for the treatment of women patients. Lady attendants, thoroughly versed in their duties, administer to the patients' wants.

ALL COMMUNICATIONS are sacred, and we hold secret the fact that any person has taken our cure unless authorized in writing to publish the fact.

Physicians who refer their patients may be sure they will be returned to them permanently cured of their desire for Alcoholic Stimulants. FOR GENERAL INFORMATION in reference to the business, write or apply to the executive officers : THREE-DAY LIQUOR CURE INSTITUTE, Inc.

OFFICE OPEN SUNDAYS Suite 301, Starr King Building, 121 GEARY ST., San Francisco, Tel. Private Exchange 216

LOS ANGELES INSTITUTE, 445% South Spring St., Los Angeles

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