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Advanced in Price January 15 from 25 cents to 50 cents a Sharo. Sure to go to

Par.-$1.00 Per Share--Soon.

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Ņo risk whatever in investing in stock in the Tonopah Central Mining Company. It's bound to double and quadruple in value very soon. 100,000 shares of treasury stock are being sold WHOLLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEVELOPING THE PROP. ERTY.

The Company owns eight of the best-located claims. The ore is rich in gold and silver. Work is now going rapidly forward. A double compartment shaft is now down 90 feet, fully timbered throughout. The following extract is from the Mining and Engineering Review, and bears out the claims of eminent experts that the Tono pah Central Mining Company's property is more favorably located than any of the other properties in the Tonopah District. “Another rich strike has been made in Tonopah. This time it is in the main shaft of the California Tonopah, which adjoins the Tonopah Central (formerly known as the St. Patrick group.) A ledge of ore has been opened up which goes over $500 per ton and is in direct line with the Tonopah Central Ledge.”

The stock of this company is non-as sessable, with a par_value of $1.00 per share. The location of the company's mine on the slope of Butler Mountain, be tween the famous Mispah Ledge and the rich strikes of Gold Mountain, indicates that its stock will be a dividend paying investment, and that it will have an early in. crease in value.

A hoist capable of sinking to a depth of 350 feet has been installed, and it is only a matter of a short time when the ledge will be encountered. The California Tonopah struck their ledge at a depth of 127 feet, and it is 40 feet wide and is continued through the properties of the Tonopah Central Mining Company.

All stockholders participate equally in the profits of the company.

Investors in shares of this company have no taxes, no assessments, fines, interests or liabilities of any kind to pay.

The shareholders' interests are mutual and collective. There is no preferred stock, inasmuch as the original stockholders have placed all their stock in escrow, there to remain until the mine is on an absolutely dividend paying basis.

No safer or more profitable investment can be made than is offered you in the shape of stock in the TONOPAH CENTRAL MINING CO. Address all communications and make remittances to OFFICES 401-28 CALL BUILDING.

J. H. N. CLAUSEN, Assistant Secretary. BAN FRANCISCO, CAL


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San Francisco

Netus Letter

Face Bleach not only removes pimples, freckles, moth, brown spots, oillness, tan, sallowne88, Acne, Eczema and other skin diseases and blemishes, but it wonderfully improves the skin. For those who doubt its marvelous efficacy I have published a few of the thousands of letters I receive which praise its merits.

PROOF POSITIVE June 15, 1902. Dr. J. B.SILVER, 12 CAUSEWAY ST., BOSTON, MASS., writes: I recommend your wonderful Face Bleach in the treatment of skin dig. eases and in the successful removal of all blotches and pimples. I daily receive the highest compliments of the efficacy of your Face Bleach.

June 23, 1902. Mrs. MARY WILCOX, MT. JEW. ETT, PA., writes: I have been using your Face Bleach for some time. It has done wonders for me. I had a very oily and pimply skin; now my skin is smooth and not oily at all.

June 21, 1902. Miss MARY MOONEY, EBERVALE, PA., writes: I am using your Face Bleach and my freckles are fading quite fast.

Face Bleach will be sent to any addreng upon receipt of price, $2.00 per bottle. Book " How to Be Beautiful" sent upon request for 6 cents stamps. MME. A. RUPPERT, 6 E. 14th St., New York City.

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Removes Tan, Pimples, Freckles, Moth Patches, Rash, and Skin Diseases, and every blemish on beauty, and defles de tection. It has stood the test of 55 years and It is so harmless we taste it to be sure it is properly made. Accept no counterfeit of similar name. Dr. L. A. Sayre said to a lady of the haut ton (a patient.) "As you ladles will use them I recommend “GOURAUD'S CREAM" 88 the least harmful of a!!

the skin preparations.'; One bottle will last six months, using it every day.

"Gouraud's Poudre Subtile” removes superfluous hair without injary to the skin. FERD T. HOPKINS, Prop'r. 87 Great Jones 8t, N. Y.

For sale by all Drugglsts : Fancy Goods Dealers throughout the U.S., Csosdas and Europe.

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8 The Commercial



In the space of quarter of a century there has taken place along all lines of commerce a change so tremendous and far reaching in its consequences, that it might well be termed a revolution. The force that has produced this change is publicity. It has altered methods, recreated standards of comparison, multiplied results. It has raised infinitely the expansive power of each and every busir.ess. It has almost eliminated the factor of time, so that a colossal business, instead of being the slow growth of years, may spring into existence full grown, as Minerva is said to have sprung from the head of Jove.

The business man has no longer justification for wasting time over the question: does advertising pay? His attitude would resemble that of the rustic in the fable who stood by the river's brink to wait till the water flowed past. While he questioned the dollars and cents value of publicity his competitor would have stolen a march and left him far in the rear. But though no one can doubt the efficiency of advertising in view of the results which it — and in some cases it alone — has accomplished, it must be admitted that the simple recommendation: “Go ahead and advertise" cannot be profitably followed without a large amount of deliberation.

The questions that have to be intelligently answered before a business man is safe in spending his money on advertising are many and various. Experimentation is always interesting but in advertising it is very costly, and there is no problem involving the welfare of his business in which a man should more earnestly seek for light than in this of publicity. How much should he spend in advertising; what mediums will bring him the best results; in what form should his appeal to the public appear; should it be reinforced by the aid of illustrations; should he use large space in a few publications or small space in many; how should he proceed when the public responds to his published appeal?

It is in answering such questions that we, as a fully organized and equipped advertising agency, are in a position to be of substantial service to the advertiser. We do not merely expend the appropriation which he decides to apply on publicity — we think for him. We give earnest consideration to the question: what is best for this particular case? We select the mediums, write the advertising and advise as to the best methods of following up results, always keeping in mind the individual characteristics of the advertising proposition. And this we are able to do efficiently because we possess the combined knowledge and experience which alone will make advertising successful. Our clients are making money through our efforts. We will be pleased to number you among them.


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