Emergency Conservation Work

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1933

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Page 17 - An Act to provide compensation for employees of the United States suffering injuries while in the performance of their duties, and for other purposes", approved September 7, 1916, as amended, shall extend to persons given employment under the provisions of this Act.
Page 34 - Stat. 351) ; the appropriation of $899,675,000 for emergency relief and public works, and the appropriation of $525,000,000 to meet the emergency and necessity for relief in stricken agricultural areas, contained in the Emergency Appropriation Act, fiscal year 1935, approved June 19, 1934 (48 Stat.
Page 33 - AN ACT For the relief of unemployment through the performance of useful public works, and for other purposes. Be it enacted T>y the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That...
Page 35 - President is hereby authorized to establish such agencies, to accept and utilize such voluntary and uncompensated services, to appoint, without regard to the provisions of the civil service laws, such officers and employees, and to utilize such Federal officers and employees, and, with the consent of the State, such State and local officers and employees...
Page 36 - In carrying out the provisions of this joint resolution the President is authorized (within the limits of the appropriation made in section 1) to acquire, by purchase or by the power of eminent domain, any real property or any interest therein, and improve, develop, grant, sell, lease (with or without the privilege of purchasing), or otherwise dispose of any such property or interest therein.
Page 36 - State and local officers and employees, as he may find necessary, to prescribe their authorities, duties, responsibilities, and tenure, and, without regard to the Classification Act of 1923, as amended, to fix the compensation of any officers and employees so appointed.
Page 7 - For the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Act there is hereby authorized to be appropriated to the Office of Education, Department of the Interior, for vocational education, for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1937, and annually thereafter the sum...
Page 35 - The provisions of section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (USC, title 41, sec. 5) shall not apply to any purchase made or service procured in carrying out the provisions of this joint resolution when the aggregate amount Involved Is less than $300.
Page 36 - Columbia, and self-liquidating projects of public bodies thereof, where, in the determination of the President, not less than twentyfive per centum of the loan or the grant, or the aggregate thereof, is to be expended for work under each particular project...
Page 33 - An Act to maintain the credit of the United States Government", (Public No. 2, 73d Congress), approved March 20, 1933. (2) The Secretary of War, the Secretary of Agriculture, the Secretary of the Interior, and the Secretary of Labor each shall appoint a representative, and said representatives shall constitute an Advisory Council to the Director of Emergency Conservation Work.

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