Goethe's Reineke Fox ; West-Eastern Divan ; And, Achilleid

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G. Bell and Sons, 1890 - 376 pages

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Page 4 - History of the French Revolution from its earliest indications to the flight of the King in 1791.
Page 368 - Ellis. 2 vols. 3^. (>d. each. BURN (R.) Ancient Rome and Its Neighbourhood. An Illustrated Handbook to the Ruins in the City and the Campagna, for the use of Travellers. By Robert Burn, MA With numerous Illustrations, Maps, and Plans. js. 6rf. BURNS (Robert), Life of. By JG Lockhart, DCL A new and enlarged Edition. Revised by William Scott Douglas. BURTON'S (Robert) Anatomy of Melancholy. Edited by the Rev.
Page 368 - BROWNE'S (Sir Thomas) Works Edited by Simon Wilkin. 3 vols. 3*. (xi. each. BURKE'S Works. 8 vols. 3*. 6d. each. I. — Vindication of Natural Society — Essay on the Sublime and Beautiful, and various Political Miscellanies. II. — Reflections on the French Revolution — Letters relating to the Bristol Election — Speech on Fox's East India Bill, &c.
Page 6 - V — The Laws. Translated by G. Burges. VI.— The Doubtful Works. Translated by G. Burges. Summary and Analysis of the Dialogues. With Analytical Index. By A. Day, LL.D. 55-. PLAUTUS'S Comedies. Translated by HT Riley, MA 2 vols. 5^.
Page 366 - BELL (Sir Charles). The Anatomy and Philosophy of Expression, as connected with the Fine Arts. By Sir Charles Bell, KH 7th edition, revised.
Page 376 - IRVING'S (Washington) Com. plete Works. 15 vols. With Portraits, &c. 3*. 6J. each. I. — Salmagundi, Knickerbocker's History of New York. II.— The Sketch-Book, and the Life of Oliver Goldsmith. III.— Bracebridge Hall, Abbotsford and Newstead Abbey. IV.— The Alhambra, Tales of a Traveller. V. — Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada, Legends of the Conquest of Spain. VI. & VII.— Life and Voyages of Columbus, together with the Voyages of his Companions. VIII.— Astoria, A Tour on the Prairies.
Page 8 - Craven.' With 62 Engravings on Wood after Harvey, and 9 Engravings on Steel, chiefly after A. Cooper, RA 5*.
Page 368 - Religion, Natural and Revealed, to the Constitution and Course of Nature ; together with two Dissertations on Personal Identity and on the Nature of Virtue, and Fifteen Sermons, y.
Page 11 - SWIFT'S Prose Works. Edited by Temple Scott. With a Biographical Introduction by the Right Hon. WEH Lecky, MP With Portraits and Facsimiles.
Page 16 - THE CHISWICK SHAKESPEARE Illustrated by BYAM SHAW. WITH INTRODUCTIONS AND GLOSSARIES BY JOHN DENNIS, Printed at the Chiswick Press, pott 8vo., price is.

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