FCC Record: A Comprehensive Compilation of Decisions, Reports, Public Notices, and Other Documents of the Federal Communications Commission of the United States

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Page 5591 - The transcript of testimony and exhibits, together with all papers and requests filed in the proceeding, shall constitute the exclusive record for decision in accordance with section 8 and, upon payment of lawfully prescribed costs, shall be made available to the parties.
Page 5600 - ... interactive computer service to display in a manner available to a person under 18 years of age, any comment, request, suggestion, proposal, image, or other communication that, in context, depicts or describes, in terms patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards, sexual or excretory activities or organs...
Page 5632 - Additional allocation: the bands 27.500-27.501 GHz and 29.999-30.000 GHz are also allocated to the fixed-satellite service (space-to-Earth) on a primary basis for the beacon transmissions intended for up link power control.
Page 5499 - Basic service elements are optional unbundled features that enhanced service providers may require or find useful in the provision of enhanced services, as defined in Amendments of part 69 of the Commission's rules relating to the Creation of Access Charge Subelements for Open Network Architecture, Report and Order, 6 FCC Rcd , CC Docket No. 89-79, FCC 91-186 (1991).
Page 5554 - The petition shall contain specific allegations of fact sufficient to show that the petitioner is a party in interest and that a grant of the application would be prima facie inconsistent with the public interest, convenience and necessity.
Page 5441 - In accepting a grant of an equipment authorization the grantee warrants that each unit of equipment marketed under such grant and bearing the...
Page 5783 - ... that act on the format, content, code, protocol or similar aspects of the subscriber's transmitted information, or provide the subscriber additional, different, or restructured information...
Page 5829 - Companies (33.65(b)) differs from the definition in the Uniform System of Accounts for Class A and Class B Telephone Companies ( 3l.01-3(ff in that the expression "as nearly as may be

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