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has pledged his veracity, and brought himself under obligation to fulfil its askings; so sure he will never trifle with it never! Victory shall be thine, and full salvation. Let us all kneel and test the doctrine, whether it be of God!


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1ST. LET that new convert hearken!. The remains of sin yea, the seed of every sin—is within, till you are cleansed throughout spirit, soul and body. That was a good remark of one, "There is much of the old man in the new." Already have you been made sensible of the fact. Those seeds have taken root. They are rooted in that heart of yours, among the plants of grace, like weed-roots in a bed of vegetables. They must be uprooted, or they will destroy or dwarf the plants of grace within you.

Indwelling sin is Satan's capital. He who has a small capital will keep adding to it. It is Satan's investment, and he will not neglect it; the devil's stock, and he will watch its rise and fall in the market close as any stock-jobber. Sin is, in itself, an accumulating principle. A slight cold is prone to additions. It is so with indwelling sin. Its nature is to render you cold to duty, and cold in your affections toward God and his people. It contracts the fine affections of your soul, as a cold the fine vessels of your body, rendering you chilly and shivering in the presence of a good Gospel fire.

It is just so with some old professors in this town. When we see a man shivering in the sunshine, or by a warm fireside, we suppose his ague is bad enough. To see a professor shiver in the warm sunshine of the Gospel or encom

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passed by the blaze of a glorious revival such as this, argues an inveterate spiritual ague. The devil has his eye upon such, to give them a hot corner in hell, by and by. It is to save you from such an ague I address you, young convert, while you have indwelling sin in you. You have the elements of this ague within; it has begun, in fact, in these incipient stages.

Get rid of it. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth of it. The medicine is ready, if your faith is ready. Why not now? "All things are possible to him that believeth." May you have no rest till you are cured of these ague-fits,―slight, indeed, at present; it would be a wonder were it otherwise, considering your present advantages. But it has a lodgment in your nature, and every exposure to "evil air," to bad company and bad influence, will add to it; your ague-fits will increase, until you will be ashamed to be seen in a class-meeting. Better you never had been converted, than enter the lists of these aguish professors. 2d. Let the "prone to wander" new convert listen.—If so now, that proneness may increase ten-fold hereafter. Purity of heart is your remedy. Be not deceived. Are you clear in your conversion? If not, in all likelihood you will wander back to the devil. Some children stray away from their parents and return again. His eye is upon you - he never took it off you in all your "ins and outs" among us. Forgive the apparent harshness. You understand me. I would fain probe your soul to the bottom. It will do you no harm, if a genuine convert; if otherwise, you may, peradventure, recover yourself out of the snare of the devil.

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Be not deceived in your intentions regarding sin. You have put it away; surely you have, if regenerated. But have you parted with it forever, think you? Have you

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quite removed your eye off it? no treacherous inclinations towards it? no hankering after it? Do you hate sin? There was much in that remark of one, that many deal with their sins as the mother of Moses with her boy put him away, but provided for him; hid him in the ark of bulrushes, as if she had forsaken him quite, but upon him, and, at last, became his nurse. leave, but love, their sins. They hide them from the eyes of others, but their hearts go after them. At last they take their sins to nurse, and give them the breast. Can you detect anything of this in yourself? Then let me shout in "Make a clean breast of it," as they your ear, PERIL. say sometimes to criminals. Resolve upon heart purity. It is your only safety. The blessing is your spiritual birthright, if you are born from above. You will backslide, perhaps foully and fatally, without it. That was a wise prayer of Beza, "Lord, perfect what thou hast begun in me, that I may not suffer shipwreck when I am almost at the haven." Ay, that would make damnation what Aristotle said death was, "The terrible of terribles!" If ever you are to be saved from such a hell, you must follow after holiness with the same ardor that a hunter pursues his game.

Let some old Christians present look back upon past life. How near you were to falling, at such and such a time, perhaps did fall,- altogether by your corruptions! How prone to step out of the order of God! How often has Providence formed itself into a hedge of thorns, or spears, to keep you back from ruin, as you were impelled on by your unsanctified passions! When about to be carried headlong into an ocean of miseries, it required an angel of the Lord with a drawn sword, between two walls, to keep you back, as in Balaam's case,- forcing you to stand still,

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with a bruised foot, or a broken limb, or a disordered body, or deranged affairs, or wounded feelings.

Behold that solitary backslider who sits over yonder. He has a history. Would that you could hear it, new convert, that he would think aloud! What a commentary upon my remarks would be his experience! Backslider, what has been the root of all thy sins and sorrows? Anything else than indwelling sin? You were cleansed from outward sin in the days of your first love; but, alas! you were not cleansed from inward sin. As streams may be traced to their fountain-head, so may the troubled and polluted streams of thy wickedness and backslidings to the fountain of a corrupt heart. O backslider, I will take up for thee Martha's lamentation over her dead brother, "Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died." Lord Jesus, if holiness had been in my brother's heart, he had not died; for it was unholiness drove thee from his heart, and then he died. New convert, let his case be a warning to you. "Christ in you the hope of glory," says St. Paul. And again, "That Christ may dwell in your heart by faith." Yes; but reflect. Will Christ dwell in an impure heart? Does he esteem a clean heart less than you do a clean home? You cannot suppose any such thing. "What concord hath Christ with Belial?"-2 Cor. 6:15. An unholy heart is a Belial.

3d. A few words to another, to "one but newly found in Christ." —Yes, you find some professors who speak lightly of holiness, and of those who enjoy it. They seem to glory in the fact that they are not of the number —just as if it were a merit to be unholy. I wish I could shout those words of an old author into their ears, with the voice of a trumpet: "Some thank God they are not of this holy number; those who thank God for their unholiness had

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