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him go down among Philistine sinners, and slay heaps upon heaps, with sermons, crooked, may be, as the jaw-bone of the ass. With it he slew a thousand men; in it God gave him a miraculous well of pure water to quench his thirst after battle, just as he refreshes my soul in prayer and action! Samson called the place En-hakkore, that is, the well of him that called, or cried. Judges 15. Many such wells does the Lord cleave for my thirsty soul in the heat of action. Hallelujah!

A larger number of souls saved last night, I understand. The work advances with such impetuosity that a poor sermon, if it does no good, has no power to retard. Praise Jesus for that! The people light their torches from above. The angel of the Lord has no lack of coals on the holy ltar to scatter among the people, if my poor words do seem ake coals fallen out of the grate till cold and dead. - Rev. 8: 5.

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Past five o'clock. There is a great thaw upon the eearts of the people. Spring has come indeed, with "the Anging of birds." He caused the wind to blow, and the waters flowed. He sent forth his commandment, and his word runs very swiftly. He sent out his word and melted them, and the hills flowed down at his presence. He prepared the rain for the earth, and made the grass grow upon the mountains. Ps. 147.

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I was thinking, to-day, that when winter is disputing the ivance of spring death is in the aspect of everything. Ihere is nothing around to give sign of a change of season. But how deceitful are such appearances! Break a twig, how rife it is with sap! Scrape away the earth, behold the germs and buds of life! The sap is ascending dead-looking trees vigorously, and circulates noiselessly and unseen over all the branches; by and by the infant green is appearing

everywhere with buds and blossoms. It is just so previous to a revival, frequently. So it has been and so it is in Huddersfiela !

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There is a great bowing among the people, with groaning which sometimes cannot be uttered, but now and then loud enough, with entire consecration, "irreclaimable burnt-offerings to Christ," as Fenelon expresses it. The wise men of the East bowed before the infant Christ. It was wise in them to bow the knee, and wise to offer gold, frankincense, and myrrh. It is wise in this people to bow the knee, but wiser still to present an offering more valuable than gold, and frankincense, and myrrh !

Say, shall we yield him, in costly devotion,
Odors of Eden and offerings divine?

Gems of the mountain, and pearls of the ocean,
Myrrh from the forest, and gold from the mine?

"Vainly we offer each ample oblation,

Vainly with gifts would his favor secure ;
Richer by far is the heart's adoration,

Dearer to God are prayers of the poor."

Sinners are laying down their weapons in considerable numbers daily. There appears to be an extensive disposition to surrender. Thinking, when out around, of the old stories I used to read of battles and sieges, and surrenders of besieged castles,-how vigorously they resisted, how obstinately they held out, but, in extremity, to save themselves from the horrors of famine, they surrendered upon terms, or at discretion Acts 9: 6,- thus it comes to pass in these days.

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Saturday morning, Dec. 21.- Preached last night on sanctification:- Acts 26: 18. "Sanctified by faith that is in me." Dwelt on the substitutes for faith employed by

some to obtain sanctification,- such as abandonment of sin, prayer, entire consecration, deep conviction, and substituting the blessing itself for the faith that brings it. Showed their inefficiency. Guarded my sentiments by insisting upon the necessity of these things previous to sanctification; that God never cleanses a heart where sin is indulged; faith in the world's rotundity would as soon purify the soul, as faith in Christ's veracity, when sin is held on to, where prayer is restrained, consecration refused, and conviction unfelt. Yet, these may all be practised, but, if faith be wanting, so will purity. They are to the soul what Moses was to the Israelites, a guide to the verge of the promised land. Faith is the Joshua to conduct the soul through Jordan over into the Canaan of perfect love. Believe that ye do receive it,-Mark 11: 24,-was pressed home. Many saw their error and embraced the Gospel plan, and were saved.

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THIS chapter records Mr. Caughey's trip to Hull on a brief missionary campaign. His reception there by the enemies of Christ was singularly annoying, as the reader will see. But they overreached themselves, and what they meant for evil was overruled for good. This chapter also relates to the further success of the truth in Huddersfield. It will both please and profit the reader.

December 24.-On Saturday, 21st inst., I visited Hull for the purpose of preaching some missionary sermons. Found the wicked in a great stir to render my visit disagreeable to myself, and to defeat the hopes of the friends. of missions. Handbills had been scattered broadcast over the town, and placards posted upon the walls, designed to prejudice the people. One of them read thus :




By Command and under the immediate patronage of his most Sulphuric Majesty Beelzebub.)


His Satanic Majesty's Servants will perform, for the first

time, a New, Grand, Serio-Comic Extravaganza Burlesque, from the pen of MESSRS. SELF-CONCEIT & VAIN-GLORY, entitled


Being for the Benefit of the Foreign Missions (?)

The leading character will be performed by YANKEE DOODLE, who has been engaged expressly for this stunning occasion. This distinguished gentleman has, on former occasions, acquitted himself in a pretty considerable tarnation sort of a manner, and who, we calculate, will on this occasion astonish the Britishers.

The Proprietors beg to state that this powerful production must be seen to appreciate its excellence. Its effects upon the audience are electrifying, some being so excited, that, in spite of all decorum, they cannot refrain from throwing off the mask of politeness, and giving vent to their enthusiasm in various shouts, screams, groans, grimaces, contortions, hysterics, transformations, &c. &c., surpassing everything on this side the RIVERS HUMBER, STYX and MISSISSIPPI.


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The entertainments will conclude with the exhibition of the

RESTITUTIONISTS AND THE FAIR PENITENTS, In which the celebrated DR. CANTWELL, King of the Hypocrites, will appear, aided by a number of local and itinerant auxiliaries of various denominations.



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