Approval of Cherry Marketing Orders: Hearing, Eighty-ninth Congress, Second Session

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Page 34 - shall not become effective in any marketing order unless separately approved by producers in the same manner provided for the approval of marketing orders and may be terminated separately whenever the Secretary makes a determination with respect to such provisions as is provided for the termination of an order in subsection 8c(16)(B). Disapproval or termination of such order provisions shall not
Page 10 - the list is Mr. Robert N. Hampton, director of the Marketing Services of the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives. Mr. Hampton? STATEMENT OF ROBERT N. HAMPTON, DIRECTOR, MARKETING SERVICES, NATIONAL COUNCIL OF FARMER COOPERATIVES Mr. HAMPTON. Mr. Chairman, I am Robert N. Hampton, director of Marketing Services of the National Council of
Page 1 - found in a letter signed by the Secretary, Mr. Freeman, dated September 23, and addressed to Senator Ellender, chairman of the full committee; I ask that that letter be incorporated in the record at this time. (The report is as follows:) DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, Washington, DC, September
Page 10 - All regulations and projects initiated by these programs are to be effective up to that point where the producer makes delivery of his product to a handler. Such orders and agreements should enable producers to develop marketing programs in the following categories:
Page 12 - In our current policy statement, which I will not read in detail—on page 2 of the testimony I have here—I want to point out that we specifically recognize that this so-called producer marketing order refers to all regulations and projects initiated by programs to be effective up to that point where the producer makes delivery of his product to a handler.
Page 10 - 1. Grade, size and quality standards 2. Container standards 3. Promotion-advertising 4. Market service—merchandising 5. Research— a. market statistics b. economic price analysis c. production problems d. handling and engineering problems e. new product development 7. Surplus control" 6. Third party grading The recent report of the National Commission on Food Marketing has recognized very clearly that improving farmers
Page 5 - of our agricultural economy. In the case of the sour cherry, the great bulk of the crop is sold to the retail market only after processing, so that argument can be made from their point of view, from the point of view of the processor, that
Page 32 - have a statement I would like to file for the record. Mr. Chairman, if it is possible to do so. Senator HOLLAND.
Page 35 - 3420, a bill to amend the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act, as amended "so as to eliminate certain requirements with respect to effectuating marketing orders for cherries.
Page 32 - The National Milk Producers Federation is a national farm commodity organization which represents dairy farmers and the cooperative associations which these dairy farmers own and operate. Through these cooperative associations, dairy farmers act together to process and market on a cost basis the milk and butterfat produced on their farms. Cooperative association members of the National Producers Federation process and market virtually every form of dairy product made in the United States.

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