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.J. H. Culver..


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Crossing the California Sahara .
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('urrituck Joe....
Thos. S. Collier


Episode of Chub Gulch, An
L. A. B. Curtis.


Epoch-Making Lie, An
Mary E. Grafton.




The English Crisis.- The Suggestion of Federation....


Magazines and Great Public Questions.-The Riparian Discussion.-The San Francisco Boys'

High School. -Lack of the Higher Educational Spirit..


The Law School Matriculation


The State Elections


The State Campaign.—The Municipal Tickets.—The Prohibition Movement.-The Labor

Movement.-The American Movement. The Independent Movements.- Women upon the

Board of Education ....


The Chief Need of Observatories.--Mr. Lowell and Charles Francis Adams.-The Elections.-
The Charter and the Mayor..

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At Mission Dolores (Illustration).. E. M. Reynolds...

Bibliography of John Muir..

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* Personal Recollections of the Vigilance


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Boat Riding on Blue Lakes, California.. Marthu L. Hoffman...

From the Train ..

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llow the ('attle Got into Newport Bay. Augusta E. Tourner

In Stubblefield..

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La Siesta....

De Wilt Hubbell ..

Mount Shasta as Seen from Tehama. ...J. S. M.

On Chevenne Mountain....

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To My Correspondent who Writes of the Weather...

San Emigdio.

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Some Zuñi Traditions..

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The Triumph of Art..

Washington Territory

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Views on Oakland Creek (Illustration) .E. M. Reynolds,

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Fred's Relations

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In an East Oakland Brook .

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Personal Recollections of the Vigilance Committee. Il'. O. Ayres....

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Phæbus or Cupid...

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A Princely Pioneer.....

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Protection to American Labor.

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Roanoke: A Tale of Raleigh's Colony.

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Romance of South Dome, A..

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Romance of the Redwoods, A..

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Saturday Night in London.

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Shakspere's Law—The Case of Shylock. .John T. Doyle ..

Silver Question, The....

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“Snow-Shoe Thompson

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Robert Hanna.
Women as School Directors.

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Works of Thomas Middleton, The.
Writings of Laura Bridgman,

E. (. Sauforil....


.350), 577


At Dawn.....

At Lone Mountain ..


Day-Dream, The

“Head us off, and then Corral l's!”.
Inland Autumn, An...

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In Thrall to Love..

Load of Wood, A.

Lost Ideals..

Lost Island, A.

Meeting, A.

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Poet's Pipe, The..

Poppy, The..

Prone on Dear Earth..

Red Rose, H.

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Three Sonnets in Memoriam.

The Cudertow..


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endanger the safety or peace of the ha

cienda. It is not to be supposed that this bloody Their signals, however, served to arouse deed occurred entirely unsuspected. Pedro, Pedro, who, shaking in every limb, his brain the gatekeeper, lay half-stunned upon the reeling, his heart bursting with apprehension, stones, where he had been cast by the man crawled to the postern, and after many aborwho called himself Planillos, and listened tive efforts managed to secure the bolts. He with strained ears to every sound. No in- then staggered to the alcove in which he slept, dication of a struggle reached him, but his and searching beneath the sheepskin mat horrified imagination formed innumerable which served for his bed, found a small flask pictures of treacherous violence, in which of aguardiente, and taking a deep draught of one or the other of the men who had left the fiery liquor, little by little recovered his him figured as the victim. He dared give outward composure. no alarm ; indeed, at first he was so un. No niore for that night, however, did sleep nerved by terror that he could neither stir visit his eyes; and he spent the hour before nor speak. At length, after what appeared dawn in making to himself wild excuses for to him hours, but was in reality only a few his treason, in wilder projects for fight, and minutes, he heard the shrill neigh of the in mentally recapitulating his sins, and prehorse, and the sound of rearing and plun- paring himself for death; so it can readily ging, followed by the dull thud of retreating be imagined that it was a haggard and disfootsteps, and shrill whistles in challenge and traught countenance that he thrust forth answer from the watchmen upon the hacien- from the postern at dawn, when with the first da roof, who, however, took no further steps streak of light came a crowd of excited viltowards investigating the drunken brawl, lagers to the gate, to beat upon it wildly, and which had taken place, almost out of hear with hoarse groans and cries to announce ing, and quite out of sight, and which there that Don Juan had been found murdered unfore, as they conceived, could in no wise der a mesquite tree ! Vol. VIII.-1.

(Copyright, 1886, by OVERLAND MONTHLY Co. All Rights Reserved.)



“Impossible! Ye are mad! Anselmo, and fight of the murderer, even while most thou art drunk-raving !” stammered forth eagerly seeking them. the gatekeeper. “Don Juan is at the haci- John Ashley had been an alien, and a herenda de beneficio."

etic. No longer ago than yesterday, there “Thou liest !” cried an excited villager; had been many a lip to murmur at his foreign “he is in purgatory! God help him! Holy ways. In all the history of the hacienda de angels and all saints pray for him!” beneficio never had there been known a mas

“Ave Maria ! Mother of Sorrows, by the ter so exacting with the laborer, so rigorous five wounds of thy Son, intercede for him!” with the dishonest, so harsh with the careless; cried a chorus of women, wringing their yet he had been withal as generous and just hands, and gesticulating distractedly.

as he was severe. The people had been “Open the gate, Pedro !” demanded the ready to murmur, yet in their secret hearts throng without; by this time almost equaled they respected and even loved the young by that within, through which the adminis. Ingles, who knew how to govern them, and trador, Don Rafael Gomez, was seen for. to gain from them a fair amount of work, cing his way, holding high the great keys of for a fair and promptly paid wage ; and who, the main door. He was a small man, with from a half ruinous, ill-managed source of a pale but determined face, before whom vexation and loss, was surely but slowly the crowd fell back, ceasing for a moment evolving order and the promise of prospertheir incoherent lamentations, while he ity. helped Pedro to unlock and throw open The bearers and the crowd of laborers bethe doors.

longing to the reduction works were admitted “Good Heavens, man, are you mad ?” he with their burden, and as they passed into exclaimed, as Pedro darted from his side, the large and scantily furnished room which and rushed towards the group of rancheros, John Ashley had called his own, they rever who, bearing between them a recumbent ently pulled off their wide, ragged straw hats, form, were slowly approaching the hacienda. and many a lip moved in prayer as the “Ah! Ah, that is right !” as he saw that Pe- people, for a moment awed into silence, dro, with imperative gestures and a few ex- crowded around to view the corpse, which pressive words, had induced the bearers to had been laid upon a low, narrow bed, with turn, and proceed with the body towards the a striped jorongo thrown over it. As the hacienda de beneficio. “ Better there than coarse covering was thrown back, a woeful here. What could have induced him to sight was seen. The tall, lithe figure, the roam about at night? I have told him a straight features, the downy beard shading score of times his foolhardiness would be cheeks and lips of adolescent softness, the the death of him !” and with these and sim- long lashes of the eyelids now closed forilar ejaculations Don Rafael hastened to join ever, and the fair curls resting upon the the throng by this time pouring into the marble brow, all showed how comely he had gates of the hacienda de beneficio.

been. The women burst into fresh lamenta. Meanwhile came from within the great tions, the men muttered threats of vengeance. house the cries of women, above which rose But who was the murderer ? Ay, there was one piercing shriek; but few were there to the mystery. hear it, for in wild excitement, men, women,

" He has a mother far off across the sea," and children followed the corpse to the ha- said a woman, brokenly. cienda, thronging the gates, which were “Ay, and sisters," added another; "he closed in their faces, or surrounding with bade us remember them when we drank to gaping looks, wild gesticulations, and mean- his health, on his saint's day. 'In my couningless inquiries the tree beneath which the try we keep birth days,' he said-I suppose, murdered man had been found, thus com- poor gentleman, he meant the saints had pletely obliterating the signs of the struggle, never learned his barbarous tongue-and

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