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American Diplomacy .....


American, Labor, Protection to.
Irving M. Scott.


Anarchisme and Imitative Mania.
A. A. Sargent.


Around the Horn in ’49...

M. S. Prime.

93, 144

Art and Nature.....
Evrt V. Carlin...


Ascent of Mount Tacoma..
George Bayley


Astronomy, Photography the Servant of.
Edward S. Hollen


Beer-Drinking in Germany.
Austin Bierbouer.


Beet-Sugar Industry in California, The.
E. W. Hilgard.


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Royce's California, 216, 222, 329.- American Diplomacy (Eugene Schuyler), 213.-American

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Arnold's (Edwin) India Revisited, 3:37. - Atalanta in the South (Maud Howe), 107.-Ausge-

wählte Briefe (Schiller), 559.

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Children's Books, 670.--Chivalric Days (E. S. Brooks), 671.-Chosön (Percival Lowell),
111.-Christmas Country, and Other Tales, The, 671-Colfax, Schuyler, Life of, 674-Con-
stance of Acadia, 328.--Constitutional Law of the United States, Introduction to, (John
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“ H. H."), 101.--Histories, Young People's: England, Germany, Norway, Spain, +43 ; Carth-

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The, 559.-Holiday Books, 668.-Househol«l Remedies, :336.-Hunting Trips of a Ranchman

(Theodore Roosevelt), 223.-Hungary, The Story of (Vambéry), 672.-Hutchings's (J. W.)

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Haines) The Man Who was Guilty, 107.

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