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Ser. 2

Alkahest, The, (Balzac,) 332.—American Electoral System, The, (Charles A. O'Neil,) 557.—Ameri-

can Literature, 1607-1885, (Charles F. Richardson,) 334.-American Commonwealths: New York,

(Ellis Roberts,) 446.-American Statesmen : Henry Clay, (Schurz,) 211.-Thomas Benton, (Roose-

velt,) 107.-Arteloise, 442.

Ballads of the Revolution, 442.-Balzac's The Alkahest, 332; The Two Brothers, 332.- Benton,
Thomas, Roosevelt's Life of, 107.-Between Whiles, (Helen Jackson, "H. H.",) 164.-Blind
Brother, The, 329.-Browning's Parleyings with Certain People, 550.-Buchholz Family, The,
(Julius Stinde,) 331.-Bunner's The Story of a New York House, 216.
Captain Glazier and his Lake, 224.-Captain of the Janizaries, The, (James M. Ludlow,) 328.—
Cashel Byron's Profession, 329.--Cheney's (John Vance) Thistle Drift, 433.-Child of the Century,
A, 216.-Civitas, 440.-Clay, Henry, Schurz's Life of, 211.-Club of One, A, 111.-Colonial Ballads,
Sonnets, and other Verse, (Margaret J. Preston,) 547.-Columbus, 439.-Coöperative Index to
Periodicals, The, (W. I. Fletcher,) 668.--Continuous Index to Periodicals, The, 668.-Cremation
of the Dead, The, 560.—Crowded Out, 104.-Crusade of the Excelsior, The, (Bret Harte,) 327.
Daffodils, (A. D. T. Whitney,) 546-Dante, (May Alden Ward,) 558.-Day in Capernaum, A,
(Franz Delitsch,) 560.-Devil's Hat, The, 329.-Digest of the International Law of the United
States, A. (Francis Wharton,) 556.-Dr. Channing's Note Book, 110.-Drones' Honey, (Sophie
May,) 328-Duchess Emilia, The, (Brett Wendell,) 217.

Early Tudors, The, (C. E. Moberly,) 111.-Easter Eve, 441.--Environment, 216.

Feud of Oakfield Creek, The, (Josiah Royce,) 102.—Franklin in France, (E. E. Hale and E. E. Hale,

Jr.,) 447.

Glances at the World, 441.-Guenn, (Blanche Willis Howard,) 217.

Haggard's Jess, 104.-Hale's (E. E. and E. E., Jr.,) Franklin in France, 446.-Half-Century in
Salem, 224.-Hannah Thurston, (Bayard Taylor,) 218.-Harte's (Bret) The Crusade of the Excel-
sior, 327.-Heart of the Weed, The, 438.-Henry Clay, Schurz's Life of, 211.-Hints on Writing
and Speech-making, (T. W. Higginson,) 111.--Howard's (Miss) Guenn, 217.-

I Am That I Am, 441.-In Ole Virginia, (Thomas Nelson Page,) 104.-Ivan Ilyitch and other
Stories, (Tolstoï,) 351.

Jackson's (Helen, "H. H.") Between Whiles, 104.-Jess, (H. Rider Haggard.) 104.—Jesuits Ring,

The, 329.

Keep's (Josiah) West Coast Shells, 556.-King's (Edward) A Venetian Lover, 548.—Kirkland's
(Joseph) Zury, 215.

Life of Henry Clay, American Statesmen Series, (Carl Schurz,) 211.-Life of Thomas Hart Benton,
American Statesmen Series, (Theodore Roosevelt,) 107.-Lower Merion Lilies, 437.

Ma, John, The works of, 448.-Merry Men, The, (Robert Louis Stevenson,) 104.-Monk's Wed-

The, (Conrad Ferdinand Meyer,) 351. Mr. Incoul's Misadventure, (Edgar Saltus,) 327.

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Nobleman, A, 217.-New York, (Ellis Roberts,) American Commonwealths Series, 446.

Dicta, (Augustine Birrell,) 111.-Old Garden, The, and Other Verses, (Margaret Deland,) 544.

(Thomas Nelson) In Ole Virginia, 104.-Parleyings with Certain People of Importance,

vning,) 550.-Perpetual Fire, The, 439.-Poetry, Recent, 433, 544.-Poems by M. A. Fitz-
d, 439.-Post Laureate Idyls and Other Poems, (Oscar Fay Adams,) 434.-Practical Cheiros-
560.-Preston's (Margaret J.) Colonial Ballads, 547.-Proverbs from Plymouth Pulpit, 109.
Fiction, 102, 214, 327.-Recent Poetry, 433, 544.-Regimental Legends, (John Strange
er,) 330.-Richardson's (Charles F.) American Literature, 334.-Risifi's Daughter, (Anna
erine Green,) 547.-Romance of the Unexpected, The, 436.-Roosevelt's Life of Thomas
on, 107.-Round Year, The, (Edith M. Thomas,) 667.-Royce, the Feud of Oakfield
< 102.

Schurz's Life of Henry Clay, 211.-7 to 12, (Anna Katherine Green,) 329.-Sigrid, (John Thordssön
Thoroddsen,) 332.-Six Weeks in Old France, 224.-Society Verse by American Writers, 442.
-Some Chinese Ghosts, (Lafcadio Hearn,) 104.-Songs and Song Legends, 544.-Sons and
Daughters, 216.-Stevenson's (Robert Louis) The Merry Men, 104.-Underwoods, 549.-Stinde's
(Julius) The Buchholz Family, 331.-Story of a New York House, The, (H. C. Bunner,) 216.—
Story of Kennett, The, (Bayard Taylor,) 218.--Story of Margaret Kent, The, 217.--Synonyms
Discriminated, (Whately,) 111.

Tales before Supper, (Gautier and Mérimée,) 330.--Talks about Law, (Edmund P. Dole,) 336.-Tay-

lor's (Bayard) Hannah Thurston, 218; The Story of Kennett, 218.-Temple of Alanthur, The,

439.-Thirteen Stories of the Far West, (Forbes Heermans,) 330.-Thirty Thousand Thoughts,

448.-Thistle Drift, (John Vance Cheney,) 433.-Thomas Hart Benton, Roosevelt's Life of, 107.—-

Thoroddsen's Sigrid, 332.-Told at Tuxedo, 330.-Tolstoï's Ivan Ilyitch, and other Stories, 331.—
Treatise on the Law of Divorce, 448.-Two Brothers, The, Balzac, 332.

Underwoods, (Robert Louis Stevenson,) 549.—Unseen King, The, and other Poems, (Caroline Leslie

Field,) 545.

Venetian Lover, A, (Edward King,) 548.-Voyage to the Cape, A, (W. Clark Russell,) 224.

West Coast Shells, (Josiah Keep,) 556.-Wharton's (Francis) A Digest of the International Law of
the United States, 556.-Whately's Synonyms Discriminated, 111.-Whitney's (Mrs.) Daffodils,
546.-Works of John Marston, The, 448.

Yesterdays with Actors, (Catherine Mary Reignolds-Winslow,) 224.

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