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Page 248 - Trust Fund" applied to the education of the Indians in the schools of their choice, and the same view was entertained by the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia and the Court of Appeals of the District.
Page 250 - The parallelism between the Supreme Court of the District and the Court of Appeals of the District, on the one hand, and the district courts of the United States and the circuit courts of appeals, on the other, in the consideration and disposition of cases involving what among the States would be regarded as within federal jurisdiction, is complete.
Page 108 - The Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the judgment of the District Court in disallowing damages under the counterclaim.
Page 250 - ... for the United States Court of Appeals and the District Court of the United States for the District of Columbia, and in recent planning of other Government buildings.
Page 250 - Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia are constitutional courts of the United States, ordained and established under Article III of the Constitution; Congress enacted that the Court of Appeals "shall hereafter be known as the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia" (Act of June 7, 1934, 48 Stat.
Page 401 - ... machinery available here, and naturally they turn first to the United States for such machinery and equipment. COMPARATIVE STATEMENT ON EXCHANGE STUDENTS Senator LODGE. Would you furnish for the record a statement of the exchange students, giving the figures on it for the past 5 or 6 years? Mr. THOMSON. I shall be very glad to do so. (The statement referred to follows:) TABLE I.
Page 161 - Cushman, Chief of the Trade and Industrial Education Service of the United States Office of Education, has stated, "We think there are two groups of responsibilities (in apprenticeship). One group has to do with labor standards, wages, hours, quotas, length of apprenticeship period, etc. The other group has to do with education and training of apprentices.
Page 152 - ... it should not apply in this particular year because economic conditions have been better. Frequently when we study a case of a man who gets into difficulty we find the matter of broken families contributing to it. That cannot be attributed to any particular year though, because that varies as time goes on. It is a very difficult question to answer, and I do not think any one has the exact answer for it. Mr. McMiLLAN. Let us have that chart included in the record. (The chart referred to is as...
Page 251 - The head of each department and establishment shall designate an official thereof as budget officer therefor, who, in each year under his direction and on or before a date fixed by him, shall prepare the departmental estimates.
Page 325 - The policy of the Department of Justice with respect to the enforcement of the Refuse Act for purposes other than the protection of the navigable capacity of our national waters, is not to attempt to use it as a pollution abatement statute in competition with the Federal Water Pollution Control Act or...

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