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Webster's NEW INTERNATIONAL Dictionary

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The Merriam-Webster

This host of successful Webster owners who are satisfied with Webster service, who have their needs anticipated and supplied, whose questions about new and old words, noted persons and places, questions of what, why and how, here answered with the authority of the world's scholars, should encourage the young man or woman, even though near the foot of the ladder, to profit from the same service. The one who knows wins success.

Write for specimen pages, illustrations, etc.
Free, a set of pocket maps if you name Overland Monthly
Springfield, Massachusetts

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A new science for the Promotion of Health

Not concerned with medicaments, movements, massages or electric rays

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Thermics cannot harm you; there are no nostrums to work havoc with your good physician's labors, or his expert care. There are no mystic features. Like other sciences, thermics proves its way first by reason then by results.

Thermics being a new science much remains to be done; yet perhaps, the very ill of you or yours may lie within the category of its


The tools of this broad science are called Thermalaids, some of which are adapted to conditions which require only a general diagnosis, and work with prompt effectiveness. Some are adapted to simple, some to the intricate, faults in the health fabric, internal or external. You will want to know how this science is applied and you can get its story without trouble or obligation or annoyance. Just mention your health fault. A card will do, or if you want a personal letter give all the details for an intelligent response. It will incur no obligation. Just address

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Has twenty (20) inches of stem; fits snugly into any vest pocket; has four separate and complete drip chambers; weighs only one and one-fourth (14) ounces; positively cannot draw tobacco particles into mouth; cleanest, coolest, most wholesome smoke there is; so light in weight that you scarcely know you have a pipe in your mouth. Remember, the size of the pipe is only four and one-half (42) inches from tip of stem to extreme outside upper edge of bowl, yet you have twenty (20) inches of cooling stem. Order today or send for circular. Once you use the Baechtel Pipe, no other smoke tastes half so good.

Price of Baechtel Pipe, complete, securely packed and shipped by insured or registered mail to any address upon receipt of price, $5.00.

Send currency, check or money order to


Hagerstown, Maryland

(We ship C. O. D. if preferred)

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C. Van Der Zwaal, Secretary and Treasurer. Twenty cents a copy; $2.00 per year.

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March 3, 1879.

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return postage, and with the author's name and address plainly written in upper corner of first
page. Manuscript should never be rolled.

The Publishers of the Overland Monthly will not be responsible for the preservation or mail
miscarriage of unsolicited contributions and photographs.

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without paying one cent in advance, and try it six days in your own home, without obligation. If perfectly satisfied, pay for it on easy payments to suit your convenience. Mention the instrument interested in and a complete catalog will be mailed free.

BUESCHER BAND INSTRUMENT CO. Makers of Everything in Band and Orchestra Instruments 8034 BUESCHER BLOCK ELKHART, INDIAN


Tax Included



Every Sunday

The Ideal Trip to the State Capital


The Scenic Route

The San Francisco

Sacramento Railroad Co.

"Sacramento Short Line"

Berkeley Ticket Office:
2011 Shattuck Avenue

S. F. Depot-Key Route Ferry Oak. Depot-40th & Shafter Av. Write for the "Romance of California"

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May we send you our guide of Buffalo and Niagara Falls? TOURISTS planning to visit Buffalo

and Niagara Falls can get a good guide with the compliments of this modern, fire-proof hotel. Contains photographs of important landmarks and features - also map of Buffalo, Niagara Falls and surrounding country.


North St. at Delaware Ave. Buffalo's ideal hotel for tourists. Quietly situated. Convenient to theatre, business and shopping districts. First-class garage.

Fire-proof European plan,
all outside rooms, from $2.00
per day up.

Motorists follow Main
St. or Delaware Ave.
in to North St.
On Empire Tours.


Please Mention Overland Monthly When Writing Advertisers

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