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This book by Tim Sanders helped me realize that the way of the business world didn't have to be the way I would live my life. The lovecat way which Tim describes and I so related to which seemed to work for me made me realize that the rough and tough world of business didn't have to be the only way. There is a better way and it can make the place feel welcoming and embracing, caring about the people as well as the work they do.
If you aren't sure about how work life is working out for you, this book is definitely worth the read!
Big thank you goes out to Pastor Billy who gave me the book as a gift.

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Be a LOVECAT - Increase your knowledge, expand your network and share your compassion.
To succeed in business, Tim Sanders - the Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo, advises readers to follow these
1) Learn as much as you can. Read books for knowledge and newspapers/magazines for awareness in an 80/20 ratio. After encoding and processing the key messages of the book, apply this knowledge by sharing it with other people.
2) Expand your network by collecting as many contacts as possible, connecting people without expecting anything in return, disappearing when the connection is made.
3) Show compassion. Reach out to people by sensing the situation and expressing yourself with warm words and a smile. Be prepared and be spontaneous - don’t hesitate when showing you care.
I like this book because it’s core concept - always be human - is a refreshing change the common perception that to succeed in your career you need to be cut-throat and aggressive.
Personally, I would not be comfortable following Tim's advice to increase my physical contact with people I work with in the form of hugging and touching to strengthen personal connections. I suppose this is probably a case of East/West culture clash, or maybe it's something which works better for men than women.
However, overall this book is an inspiring and informative read. Readers will definitely take away something which they should be able to apply to their current working life.

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'Love is the Killer App' is all about sharing: sharing knowledge, sharing contacts, and sharing compassion. It's really about how to be an "open-source" person. Through this sharing, we add value to those around us which ultimately increases our value. Sanders doesn't just talk about these things in the book, he sets an example in the pages themselves. He makes mention of several other books and how they can be applied to particular situations. He shows it's easy to be a lovecat; you just need to go out and do it. 'Love is the Killer App' is an easy read and can be put to use immediately. Read this book to start building (or adding to) your knowledge base today! 

Review: Love Is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends

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Great book on why we should not have agendas - share what you know, who you know and show love! Sounds out there but really works - this guy worked for Mark Cuban - great insight! Read full review

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