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MORNINGS with Jesus: A Series of Devotional Read- BRODIIURST (B. E.)--Lateral Curvature of the Spine, GOSSE (E.)—Abraham and his Children; or, Pa

ings for the Closet and the Family. Carefully its Pathology and Treatment. 12mo. pp. 67. rental Duties illustrated by Scriptural Example. prepared from Notes of Sermons preached by the [Churchill.]

18mo. pp. 246. [Nisbet.]

28. 6d. late Rev. William Jay, of Bath. 12mo., pp. 480. Brooks (S.)-Aspen Court, and Who Lost and Wh

GRACE All-Sufficient; or, a Memoir of a deeply(Parry & McMillan. Phil.]

1 25 Won it. 3' vols. post 8vo. (Bentley.] 818. 6d. *North and South. By the Author of “ Mary Bar-Brown (C. R.)—Days and Lyrics. Post 8vo. pp. | GREGORY (W.)—Elementary Treatise on Chemis

tried Sufferer. Fcp. pp. 170. [Nisbet.] 28. 6d. ton." 8vo., pp. 154. [Ilarper & Bros., N. Y.]

830. [Hall.]

5s. pap. 37 BRYOLOGIA BRITANNICA: containing the Mosses of

try. Fcp. (Edinburgh), pp. 352. (Longman.] *PALLIPS (Samuel)-The Banking House. A Tale. Great Britain and Ireland systematically arranged 8vo., pp. 93. (Bunce & Bro., N. Y.]

and described, according to the Method of Bruck GURNEY (J. H.)-Grave Thoughts for the New SACRED LUTE (The); A Collection of Popular and Schimper; with illustrative plates : being a

Year; in Four Sermons, suggested by the War,

preached during the last three months of the Hymns. Selected and Arranged by Rev. E. T. new (third) edition, with many additions and

23. 60. Winkler. 32mo., pp. xii, 286. [So. Bapt. Pub.

Old Year. Pp. 113. [Hatchard.] alterations, of the Muscologia Britannica of Soc., Charleston.]

Messrs. Hooker and Taylor. By William Wil- GURNEY (J. H.)—St. Louis and Henry IV.: being Sons of the Sires (The); A History of the Rise, 8vo. pp. 444. [Longman.]


a Second Series of Historical Sketches. Fcp. pp. Progress, and Destiny of the American Party, Buds of Hope: the Poetical Remains of Esther 408. [Longman.)

6s. and its probable influence in the next presidential Pearson; with Biographical Memoir by John Gwen; or, the Cousins. By A. M. Goodrich. 2 election. To which is added a review of the letter Cooper. Post 8vo. pp. 67. [Nisbet.] 3s. 6d.

vols, fcp. pp. 596. [Parker & Son.] of the Hon. Henry A. Wise against the Know-BUNN (H.)-The Vampire of Christendom: a Book HARGRAVES (E. H.)—Australia and its Gold Fields Nothings. By an American. 12mo., pp. 223. for the Times. Fcp. pp. 182. (Hamilton.] described. Post 8vo. pp. 240. (Ingram.] [Lippincott, Grambo & Co., Phil.] 75

38.6d. HIBBERD (S.)—Brambles and Bay Leaves. Essays WALLACE (Horace Binney)—Art, Scenery, and Phi- BURKE's Works, Vol. 2, containing his Reflections on the Homely and Beautiful. Fcp. pp. 237. losophy in Europe. Being Fragments from the on the French Revolution; Letters relating to (Longman.)

5s. Portfolio of the late Horace Binney Wallace, of

the Bristol Election; Speech on Fox's East India Hints on Shooting and Fishing, &c.; or, ExperiPhiladelphia. 12mo., pp. xxxvi, 334. (Herman Bill, &c. Post 8vo. pp. 558. (Bohn's British ences of Christopher Idle, both on Sea and Land. Hooker, Phil.) 1 25 Classics.]

38. 6d.
12mo. pp. 300. [Longman.)

5s. (Wilson (John)-A Treatise on English Punctua- Cassell's Latin Dictionary. By J. R. and C. Beard. HUGHES (E.)–First Reading Lesson Book. 12mo. tion; designed for Letter Writers, Authors,

8vo. pp. 900. (Cassell.]

9s. 6d.
pp. 446. [Longman.]

88. 6d. Printers, and Correctors of the Press; and for Chaucer (G.)—Flower and the Leaf, French and Hunt's Elementary Physics : an Introduction to the the Use of Schools and Academies. With an

English. By Chev. de Chatelain. [Jeffs.] Study of Natural Philosophy. New and revised Appendix containing rules on the use of Capitals,

18. 60.

edition. Post 8vo. pp. 486. (Bohn's Scientific a list of Abbreviations, hints on the preparation Conne’s History of the Dominion of the Arabs in Library.]

5s. of Copy, and on Proof-Reading, Specimen of

Spain. Translated from the Spanish, by Mrs. IVERS (H.)—Trials of a Priest in the Nineteenth Proof-Sheet, etc. Third Edition, enlarged. 16mo., Foster. In 8 vols. Vol. 2, post 8vo. pp. 498. Century. [Bosworth.]

5s. pp. xii, 334. (John Wilson & Son, Bost.] 1 00

[Bohn's Standard Library.]

3s. 60. KALEIDOSCOPE (The); or, Worldly Conformity. CORNWALL, its Mines and Miners; with Sketches of With an Introduction by Rev. Edward K. Elliott, Scenery. Designed as a Popular Introduction to Fcp. pp. 318. [Nisbet.]

8s. 6d. ENGLISH,

Metallic Mines. 2 parts, 16mo. pp. 302, (Trav. KIDD (W.)– Happy Thoughts for Iligh Days and
Lib., 74 and 75.) [Longman.]

2s.6d. Holidays. 12mo. [Groombridge.] PUBLISHED FROM THE 16TH TO THE 31ST OF Cousins (The): a Tale; with a Preface, by the Au- KOHLBRUGGE (H. F.)- Exposition of Epistle to the JANUARY, 1855.

thor of “ Naomi.” Fcp. pp. 397. [Nisbet.] 5s. Romans, Chap. vii. Post 8vo. [Partridge & 0.] ECCLES (Mrs.)— The Riches of Poverty : a Tale.

23, 6d. Ann's First French Reading Book. By T. Didier.

Fcp. pp. 370. [Bell.]

55. KRASINSKI (II.)-Coup d'Eil sur l'Etat Actuel de 12mo. pp. 124. [Allman.]

1s. 6d. ELLIS (A. J.)-Self-proving Examples in the Four l’Europe, et Moyens de Contenir la Russie. ALEXANDER (W. L., D. D.)--The Ancient British First Rules of Arithmetic, Simple and Compound, [Jeffs.]

58. Church, and Iona. (Rel. Tract Soo.] 1s, 6d. &c. 12mo. pp. 72. (Longman.]

8s. LARDNER's Museum of Science and Art. 4 vols. in ALLIOTT (R.)—Psychology and Theology; or, Psy- ENTOMOLOGIST's Annual, for 1855. Notices of New 2. (Walton.]

78. chology applied to the Investigation of Questions

British Insects. 12mo. pp. 116. [Van Voorst.] LEASK (W.)-Character, and How to Test it. 12mo. relating to Religion, Natural Theology, and Rev

28. 6d.
[J. Blackwood.]

1s. 60. elation. Post 8vo. pp. 352. [Jackson & W.}

ETTY (W.)-Life of William Etty, R. A. By Alex- LINGARD (J.)- Abridgment of the History of Eng

78. 6d. ander Gilchrist, Barrister-at-Law. 2 vols. post land. With Continuation from 1688 to Qucen ANDERSON (J. H.)-Fashionable Science of Parlor 8vo. pp. 710. [Bogue.]

21s. Victoria. Adapted for Schools by James Burke. Magic. 12mo. [Francis.]

18. FINLASON (W.F.)–Common Law Procedure Acts, 12mo. pp. 648. (Dolman.] ARMINIUS (J.)-Life of, by Brandt. Edited by the 1852 and 1854. 12mo. pp. 604. [Stevens & N.] Lives of the Illustrious. Vol. 6, 8vo. [Partridge Rev. John Guthrie. 12mo. [Ward.] 4s.


3s. 60. AUSTRALIAN Keepsake: Scenery in New South First Steps to the British Flora, arranged accord- LOBSTER Salad Mixed. By Percy B. St. John and Wales. Oblong 4to. [Sands.]

21s. ing to the Natural System. Sq. pp. 144. 58. 6d. John E. Copping. 12mo. pp. 120, (Tinsley's BAID (J. S.)-A First Latin Vocabulary and Ac- With Natural Specimens. (Wertheim.] 88.6d. Comic Library.) (Ward & L.)

cidence for the use of Beginners. Fcp. pp. 100. Garner (R.)- Eutherapeia ; or, an Examination of London Catalogue of Periodicals (The).-A Classi[Parker & Son.]

1s. 6d. the Principles of Medical Science, with Researches tied and Priced List of London Periodicals and BARBER (M. A. S.)-The Sorrows of the Streets. into the Nervous System. 8vo. pp. 282, with Newspapers, and the Transactions of various 18mo. pp. 212. (Nisbet.] 2s. plates. [Churchill.] 108. Societies. Royal 8vo. (Longman.)

1s. BATTLE of Inkermann: a Ballad. With Balaklava, GARRETT (C. B.)-On East and North-East Winds; MACLEAN (A. J.)–Sermons on the Christian Life, Alma, Sinopo, &c. By a Retired Liverpool Mer- the Nature, Treatment, and Prevention of their

preached in Margaret's Chapel, Bath. 8vo. pr. chant. Crown 8vo. pp. 36. [Hall.] Suffocative Effects; embracing also the subjects 320. [Bell.]

108. 6d. BAYNE (P.)-The Christian Life, Social and Indi- of Diet and Digestion, their Errors and Penal-MACLISE (J.)-Surgical Anatomy. Fasc. 7, fol. vidual. Post 8vo. pp. 526. [Groombridge.] ties. 12mo. pp. 138. [Highley.)

4s. (Churchill.]

58. 7s. 6d. GLOVER (R. M.)--A Manual of Elementary Chemis- MARRYAT (F.)-Mountains and Molehills; or, ReBIELFIELD (II.)-Guide to Painting on Glass. 12mo. try: being a Practical Class Book. Crown 8vo. collections of a Burnt Jourpal. With illustra[Bielfield.) ls. pp. 321. [Tegg.)

78. 6d. tions by the Author. 8vo. pp. 442. [Longman.] BIOGRAPHY of Eminent Christians: being the Goodwin '(II.)--A Guide to the Parish Church. Twelve Numbers of the Biographical Series in 1 18mo. pp. 224. [Bell.]

38. 6d. Mason on Self-Knowledge, and Melmouth's Imvol. (Rel. Tract Soc.]

28. GORDON (R.)— Exposition of the Old Testament. portance of a Religious Life. 1 vol. 24mo. pp. BRADLEY (W. W.)-Latin Exercises : consisting of In 4 vols. 8vo. Vols. 8 and 4 (Prophetical Books), 206. [Scott.] English Sentences translated from Cæsar, Cicero, pp. 1032. [Theobald.]

21s. MASSEY (G.)-War Waits. Fcp. pp. 41. [Boguc.] Livy, &c. 12mo. pp. 320. (Longman.] 3s. 60.

Complete, 42s.




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MASSEY (W.)--A History of England during the SPINOZA, Refutation of, by Leibnitz. 12mo. (Hamil ABMÉES (les) des puissances, directement ou indiReign of George III. Vol. 1, 1745–1770. 8vo. ton.)


rectement engagées dans la question d'Orient. pp. 552. [Parker & Son.] 123. SUETONIUS.-Lives of the Twelve Cæsars, and other Statistiques militaires. 8vo. .

4 00 MONTGOMERY (J.)-Memoirs of the Life and Writ

Works. The Translation of Thomson, revised, BÉCLARD (J.)-Traité élémentaire de physiologie ings of James Montgomery: including Selections with Notes, by T. Forester. Post 8vo. pp. 557. humaine. 8vo.

11 00 [Bohn's Classical Library.]

5s. from his Correspondence, Remains in Prose and

BERTHERAND (E. L.)-Médecine et hygiène des Verse, and Conversations on various Subjects. Talbot Hall. By R. S. Carter. 3 vols. post 8vo.

Arabes. Eludes sur l'exercice de la médecine et By John Holland and James Everett. Vols. 1 (Newby.]

31s. 60.

de la chirurgie chez les musulmans d'Algérie. and 2. (Longman.) ea, 10s. 60. Taylor (B.)- Pictures of Palestine, Asia Minor,


7 50 MONTGOMERY (J.)-The Poetical Works of James

Sicily, and Spain; or, the Lands of the Saracen.

BLANCHARD (EMILE)—La Zoologie agricole. OuMontgomery, collected by himself. Vol. 1, fep.

By Bayard Taylor. Crown 8vo. pp. 451. | Low.]

78. 60.

vrage comprenant l'histoire entière des animaux pp. 310. (Longman.] Bs. 60.

nuisibles et des animaux utiles. Les Plantes d'orTaylor (W. F.)- The Seven Churches: a Series of MORGAN (Dr.)-- The Penitent: an Exposition of

nement. le livraison. 8vo.

1 50 Seven Popular Discourses on the Second and Psalm LI. 12mo. (Hamilton.)


Third Chapters of the Revelations. 12mo. pp. Blot-LEQUESNE. De l'autorité dans les sociétés O'BYRNE (R.)-Naval Annual for 1855. 8vo. [Pi- 83. (Hamilton.]

1s. 6d.
modernes. 8vo.

5 00 per.)

25. THORNDIKE (H.)-The Doctrine of the Holy Eu- BORDIER (H.)—Les Archives de la France, ou HisOLDKNOW (J.)--A Month in Portugal. Fcp. (Bir- charist as expounded by Herbert Thorndike, toire de l'empire, des archives des ministères, mingham), pp. 106. (Longman.) 2s. D. D.: with Notes and a Preface, by J. D. Cham- etc. 8vo.

8 00 PARRY (E.)—God's Word the Basis of Faith: an

bers. 8vo pp. 92. (Masters.)

2s. 6d. BREMER (FREDERIKA)-La Vie de Famille dans le Appeal to Common Sense. Pp. 90. [Burns & Tracts for Christian Seasons--Epiphany. 12mo.

nouveau monde. L.]

18, 6d.
[J. H. Parker.]

28. BRESSE (M.)-Recherches analytiques sur la flexion

TRENCH (R. C.)- Alma, and other Poems. 12mo. et la résistance des pièces courbes. 4to. 15 00 Peile (T.)-Church Principles as incidentally re

[Parker & Son.]

1s. BRETON (ERNEST)-Pompéia, décrite et dessinée. Gr. cognized and asserted in their applications at this WAKE (Lady) - Bible Readings : a Simple Com- 8vo.

10 00 day to the Protestant and National Church. 8vo.

mentary on the Four Gospels. 4 vols. in 2. CHATELET (C.)-La Vérité sur la Russie, ou histoire pp. 52. [Rivingtons.]

1s, 6d.


abrégée de l'empire russe, depuis son origine Prilo Jud&rs (The Works of). Translated from WARHAWK. By the Author of the “Two Midship

jusqu'à nos jours. 8vo. the Greek by C. D. Yonge, B. A. In 4 vols. Vol.

men." 3 vods. [Newby.)

31s. 6d. CHEVALIER (Ch.)- Daguerréotypie et photographie 8, containing, On the Life of Moses, On the Ten WESTWOOD (J. 0.)--Butterflies of Great Britain. sur papier, verre et métal. 8vo. Commandments, On Circumcision, On Monarchy,

Plates, roy. 8vo. (Orr.]

158. CIÉMENT (M. P.)–Portraits historiques. 8vo. 7 00 On the Festivals, On Rewards and Punishments, Wilson (C.)—The Pathology of Drunkenness: a CONNAISSANCE des temps ou des mouvements célesOn Curses, On Nobility, &c. Post 8vo. [Bohn's

View of the Operation of Ardent Drinks in the tes à l'usage des astronomes et des navigateurs, Ecclesiastical Library.]

Production of Disease, founded on Original Ob-

pour l'an 1857. 8vo.

5 00 REES (W.J.)-Lives of the Cambro-British Saints,

servation and Research. Fcp. (Edinburgh), pp. CORVISART (LUCIEN)-Dyspepsio et consomption from Ancient MSS. Royal 8vo. (Longman.]

830. (Longman.)


8vo. 31s. 6d.

WRATISLAW (A. H.)-Ellis on Greck Exercises. CULLERIER. De l'entérito syphilitique. 8vo. RIDGWAY's Royal and Imperial Calendars for 1855.

Part 1, fep. 127. [Parker & Son.)

DEUMIER (J. LE FEVRE)-Oehlenschlager, le poëto 12mo. 278. Peerage and Baronetage, separate, Wright's Christianity in Arabia. 12mo. pp. 200. national du Danemark. Etude biographique et [Ridgway.]


littéraire. 16mo.

2 00 Robinson CRUBOE. With illustrations by Stothard YEAR-Book of Facts in Science and Art for 1855 ; DUBU (II.)— Histoire, description et annales de la and Harvey. Post 8vo. 12 beautiful engravings exhibiting the most important Discoveries and

basilique de Notre-Dame de Paris. 12mo. 4 00 on steel, and 74 on wood, pp. 442. [Bohn's Il- Improvements of the Past Year. By Jobn Timbs. DUCIENNE (G. B.)—De l’Electrisation logalisée et lustrated Library.)

Fcp. pp. 288. [Bogue.]

58. Robson (W.J.)-Love and Loyalty : a Play. By

de son application à la physiologie, à la patholoW. J. Robson. (Lacy.] 38. 6d.


gie et à la thérapeutique. 8vo. ROGERS (H.)-Essays selected from Contributions

DUCKETT (A.)--La Turquie pittoresque. Histoire,

SOCIETIES. to the Edinburgh Review. By Henry Rogers. AGRICULTURE, Scotland. No. 47,

38. moeurs, description. Gr. 8vo.

10 00 Vol. 3, 8vo. pp. 388. [Longman.] 108. Arts and Sciences, Newton's. No. 1, new series, Dumas (Alex.)—Le Page du duc de Savoie. 2 vols.




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Edited by Mrs. Whately. Fep. pp. 221. Nisbet.; LingeAN SOCIETY of London. The Transactions DF: DUMAS (ALEX.) - La Conscience." Drame en cing


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8s. 6d.
Vol. 21, part 8, 4to. illustrated with plates.

actes. 18mo.

2 00 RUSKIN (J.)-Giotto, and his works in Padua;


DUMAS FILS (ALEX)—Diane de Lys. Ce qu'on ne sait being Explanatory Notices of the series of Wood- MEDICINE." New sories, No. 1, 8vo.

pas. Grangette. Une loge à Camille. 16mo. 1 00 cuts executed for the Arundel Society, after the PHILOSOPHICAL, Edinburgh. New series, No. 1, DUPLay, ainé (P.) — Traité des liqueurs et de la Frescoes in tho Arena Chapel. Royal 8vo. pp. 8vo.


distillation des alcools. Tome ler, 8vo. complet. 74. [Bell.] 108. PSYCHOLOGICAL Medicine. No. 29, 8vo. 3s. 60

15 00 SCORESBY (Dr.) — Letter on the Compass in Iron Royal Irish Academy, Transactions of the. Vol. FÉLINE (ADR)-Lettre á S. M. l'empereur d'AuShips. 8vo. (Longman.)

22, part 5, 4to. [Boone.]

158. triche sur le rétablissement de la Pologne. 8vo. Scott (HI.)-The Scottish Education Question. 8vo.

FERRY (Gabr.)-Scènes de la vie Mexicainc. 18mo. pp. 80. (Saunders & 0.]


3 50 Shakspearian Character Cards, providing an intel- CHANCERY (Draery). Vol. 3, part 1. [Stevens & Féval (Paul)-Blanchefleur. 2 vols. 8vo. lectual and withal merry game for the social cir- N.]

58. 6d. FRESQUET (R. DE)—Traité élémentaire de droit rocle. [Mead.) 28. HOUSE OF LORDS' CASES (Clark). Vol. 4, part 4.

main. 2 vols. 8vo.

14 00 SIBSON (F.)—Illustrations of Medical Anatomy. By


199. 6d. GÉRARD (JULES)-Le Tueur de Lions. 2 vols. 8vo. Francis Sibson. Fasc. I, folio. [Churchill.] 58.

7 00 SIGOURNEY (L. H.)-Past Meridian. 12mo. pp. 239.

GERHARDT (CH.) et G. CHANCEL. Précis d'analyse [11all.]

8s. 6d.
chimique qualitative. 18mo.

5 00 SIMEON (St. A.)-Lexicon French Grammar for PUBLISHED DURING THE MONTH OF DECEM GUERONNIERE (A. DE LA)—Les Hommes d'état de English Students. 12mo. [Nutt.]

BER, 1854.

l'Angleterre au XIXe siècle, suivis d'un coup SOUVESTRE (E.)—Leaves from a Family Journal.

The Prices are in Francs and Centimes.

d'æuil sur la Russie et sur sa politique. 18mo. From the French of Emile Souvestre. Fcp. pp.

4 00 318. [Groombridge.]

55. ARAGo (Fr.)-Oeuvres. Publiées d'après son ordre GUERROIS (CH. DE)-Pensées de l'art et de la vie. SPEECHLES of Eminent British Statesmen during the

sous la direction de J. A. Barral. Notices bio


4 50 Thirty-nine Years' Peace. 1st series, from the graphiques. Tome 2, 8vo.

7 50 HOM&OPATHIE (l')— Epitre à Mme. ***. Close of the War to the Passing of the Reform Arago (Fr.) – Astronomie populairo. (Oeuvre ISAMBERT (M.) – La Palestine, le Jourdain et la mer Bill. Fcp. pp. 331, [Grillin.] 88. 6d.

750 posthumo.) Tome ler, 8vo.

Morte. 8vo.

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JAMIN (E.)–Fontainebleau.. Précis historique.


Medicine. (1169-1854.) 18mo.

PUBLISHED DURING THE MONTH OF BERNHARD (M.)-Medicina castrensis. Hand-und Journal du Marquis de Dangeau, publié en entier,


Hilfsbuch f. Aerzte und Wundaerzte im Kriege. pour la première fois, par Soulié, Dussieux, de

(Handbook for Physicians and Surgeons in the Chennevières, avec les additions inédites du Duc

The Prices are in Thalers and Silber-groschen.

War.) 8vo.

2 00 de Saint-Simon. Vol. II., 1687–1689. 8vo. 6 00

Bock (C. E.)-Atlas der patholog. Anatomie. (AtJOURNAL des minos, organe spécial de l'industrie

las of Pathological Anatomy.) Part 5. 2 20 minière et métallurgique en France et à l'étran

Theology-Philosophy-- Education.

HANDBUCH der syeciellen Pathologie und Therapie. ger. 1re année. 52 numeros.

20 00 DONALDSON (J. G.)-Jashar. Fragmenta archetypa (Handbook of Pathology and Therapeutics.) Ed. LACROIX. Fleur de Serre et fleur des Champs. 8vo.

carminum hebraicorum in masorethico Veteris R. Virchow. Vol. II., part 1. Lex.-8vo. 8 14 12 00 Testamenti textu passim tessellata. Gr. 8vo. MIDDELDORPF (A. TH.)—Die Galvanocaustik, ein

2 20 LAMARTINE (A. v.) – Histoire des Constituants.

Beitrag zur operativen Medicin. (The GalvanoTome ler. 8vo.

5 00

DRECHSLER (M.)—Der Prophet Jesaia. Uebersetzt caustic; a contribution to Practical Medicine.) u. erklaert. (The Prophet Isaiah; translated and Gr. 8vo.

2 15 LAMARTINE (A. DE)-- Histoire de la Turquie. Vol. 8.

explained.) Vol. 2, part 2.

1 00 REICHENBACH (K. FRHR v.)- Der sensitive Mensch. 5 00

Hahn (G. L.)—Die Theologie des Neuen Testa- (The Sensitive Man.) Vol. 2, gr. 8vo. 3 00 LAVALLÉE (Théop.)--Atlus de géographie militaire, ments. (The Theology of the New Testament.) SILBERT (A.)-Diagnostik der Krankheiten des Unadopté par le minister de la guerre, pour l'Ecole Vol. 1, gr. 8vo.

2 04 terleibes. (Diagnostic of Maladies of the Abdoà Saint-Cyr. Fol. 20 00 MOLL (C. B.)—Christologiae in epistola ad Hebraeos men.) Lex.-8vo.

200 L ECOQ (H.)-Scènes du monde animé. Les Saisons. scripta propositae particula I: Prolegomena. Gr. WEISSBROD (J. B. v.)-Leitfaden der geburtshilfl Gr. 8vo.

0 10 Klinik. (Guide to the Clinios of Midwifery.) 8vo. LEGOUVÉ (ERNEST)—Médée. Tragédie en 3 actes et MONUMENTA sacra inedita. Nova collectio. Vol. 1:

2 00 en vers. 18mo. 1 50 Fragmenta sacra palimpsesta cum Novi tum Ve

Natural Sciences. teris Testamenti. Nunc primum eruit atque ed. LUZARCHE (V.)--Adam. Drame anglo-normand du

A. F. C. Tischendorf. Imp. 4to

16 00 ALBERS (J. Ch.)-Malacographia Maderensis 8. XIIe siècle. 8vo.

10 00

Philology-Archæology. MAURICE (J. J.)-Traité complet du choléra-mor

enumeratio molluscorum quae in insulis Maderao bus, contenant la description des symptômes, etc. COBET (C. G.)-Variae lectiones quibus continentur Bischof (G.)-Lehrbuch der chemischen und phy

et Portus Sancti-reperiuntur. Gr. 4to. 8 00 8vo. 1 00 observationes criticae in scriptores Graecos. Gr.

sikalischen Geologie. (Compendium of Chemical MOLENES (P. de)-Histoires sentimentales et mili


2 10 taires. 18mo.

and Physical Geology.) Vol. II., part 7. Gr. DEMOSTHENIS orationes. Edidit I. Bekker. Vol. 3 00


2 20 II., 2 partes. Editio ster. in 8vo and in 16mo. MonnaRD (Ch.)—Tableaux d'histoire de la Suisse

CORDA (A. C. J.)-Icones fungarum hucusque cog

each edition, o 12 au XVIIIe siècle, 1715-1803. 18mo. 4 00

nitorum. Tom. VI. curante J. B. Zobel. Gr.

Fine edition, 1 07 NIEGOLEWSKI. Les Polonais à Şomo-Sierra en 1808, FUERST (J.) - Hebraeisches u. chaldaeisches Hand- PLINII SECUNDI, C., naturalis historiae libri XXXVII.


15 00 en Espagne. Réfutations et rectifications rela

woerterbuch ueber d. Alte Testament. (IIebrew tives à l'attaque do Somo-Sierra. 8vo.

3 00

Recensuit J. Sillig. Vol. IV., gr. 8vo. and Chaldean Dictionary of the Old Testament.) PRINGSHEIM (N.)—Untersuchungen ueber d. Bau PÉCATIER (Ad.)-Aventures d'un jeune officier en Part 3, lex.-8vo.


der Pflanzenzelle. (Researches on the ConstrucAfrique. 18mo. Grimm J. & W.)- Deutsches woerterbuch. (Ger

tion of the Cell of the Plant.) Part I. Gr. 4to. PELLETAN (Eug.)- Heurs de Travail. 2 vols. 8vo. man Dictionary.) Vol. II., part 2, 4to. 0 20

2 00 7 50 Roge (V.)—De Aristotelis librorum ordine et aucto- REICHENBACH (HI. G.)—Xenia Orchidacca. Part 3, POESIE héroïque des Indiens, esquisso, suivie d'un ritate commentatio. Gr. 8vo.

1 00

2 20 choix de vers ranscrits, traduits en vers latins par


SCALEIDEN (M. J.)-Studien. Populaere Vortraege. F. G. Eichhoff. 8vo.

(Studies; Popular Reports.) Gr. 8vo.

2 00 RaoussET BOULBON (Comte G. DE)—Une Conversion. GERHARD (E.) – Ueber Griechenlands Voelker16mo. 1 00 staemme u. Stammgottheiten. (On the Nations STEUDEL (E. G.)-Synopsis plantarum Glumacea

rum. Fasc. VI. et VII. 4to.

1 22 RAYMOND (ALEX.)—Les Galants du temps jadis. and the principal Idols of Greece.) Gr. 4to. O 25 Essaies litteraires sur le moyen âge. 16mo.

GERHARD (E.)- Ueber den Volksstamm der Achaeer. WILLKOMM (M.)-Icones et descriptionos plantarum Regnault (J.)-- Manuel des aspirants au garde

(On the Tribe of the Achacans.) Gr. 4to. O 25

novarum criticarum et rariorum Europae austrod'ingénieus des ponts et chaussées. Parthie GESCHICHTE der Europaeischen Staaten. Herausge

occidentalis praecique Hispaniae. Tom. I., fasc.

2 00 théorique. Tome ler.

6 00

geben von Heeren and Ukert. 28 Lfg. 2 Abth.: SALZMANN (AUG.)-Jérusalem. Explorations pho- Geschichte v. Portugal v. H. Schaefer. 5 Bd. Mathematics- Astronomy- Architecture, Mining tographiques. lre partie. Epoguos judaïque, (History of the European States. Vol. 28, part 2.

Civil Engineering. romaine et chrétienne. Fol.

History of Portugal. By H. Schaefer. Vol.5,) gr. | ALBRECHT (M. F.) u. C. S. VIEROW. Lehrbuch der SAND (GEORGE)-Histoire de ma vie. Tome 3 et 4.


3 10

Navigation u. ihrer mathemat. Huelfs-Wissen15 00

LAUCKHARD (C. F.)—Geographische Bilder aus Af- schaften. (Compendium of Navigation.) Lex.SAUREL (Louis)–Observation clinique. 8vo. rika. (Geographical Pictures from Africa.) Qu. 8vo.

8 15 Savary (A.)-Oeuvres du prophète Jérémie, tra

2 15 ELSENLOHR (F.)–Ausgefuehrte od. zur Ausfuehduites de l'hébreu, on vers et en proso. 8vo.

MONUMENTA Germaniae historics, ed. G. H. Pertz. rung bestimmte Entwuerfe v. Gebaeuden ver5 00 Scriptorum Tom. XI. Gr. fol.

10 20 schied. Gattung. (Designs of Buildings.) Part 6. TESTAMENT de Pierre le Grand, ou Plan de domina- PRONAY (G. v.)-Skizzen aus dem Volksleben

115 tion européenne laissée par lui à ses successeurs

in Ungarn. (Sketches from popular Life in FOERSTER (E.)—Denkmale deutscher Baukunst, au trône de Russie. 32mo.

Hungary.) With 25 representations by Barábas, Bildnerei u. Malerei. (Monuments of German THÉOLOGIE (de la protestante en France. 8vo.

Sterio & Weber. Gr. fol., fine bound, 18 00

Architecture, Sculpture, and Painting.) Part 19 Tissot (P. F.)-Leçons et modèles de littérature Roost (J. B.) u. E. GRONEN. Handkarte v. Europa,

& 20. Imp.-4to.

1 10 · Française, ancienne et moderne, depuis Ville

der Nordkueste v. Afrika 0. d. Westtheile von Fricke (A.)-Wohngebaeude f. Stadt u. Land. Hardouin jusqu'à Chateaubriand. 2 vols, gr. 8vo.

Asien. (Mural Map of Europe, the Northern (Dwelling Houses for 'Town and Country.) Part 20 00 Coast of Africa, and the Western part of Asia.)

100 VAUCHER (J. B.)-Apologie des Dames de France 8 sheets upon linon. Gr. fol.

2 24 HIESSE (L.)—Sanecouci in seinen Architecturon. au XIXe siècle. 12mo.

8 50 SCHLADEBACH (J.)--Friedrich August II., Koenig (The Architecture of Sanscouci.) Part 2, gr. fol. VIARDOT (Louis)—Les Musées de Franco. Paris. von Sachsen. (Frederik Augustus II., King of

3 00 Guide et mémento de l'artiste et du voyageur.

Saxony.) 8vo.

2 00 | IIItzig (F.)-Ausgefuehrte Bauwerke. (Buildings.) 18mo. 4 50 TOBLER'S (T.)Zwei Buecher Typoaraphie v. Jern- Part 4, gr.-fol.

2 25 VIOLLET-LE-DUO (M.)-Essai sur l'architecture mili- salem u. seinen Umgebungen. (Two Books of KERL (B.)—Handbuch d. metallurgischen luetten

taire an moyen âge. Illustré de 153 gravures sur Typography of Jerusalem and its environs.) 2d kunde. (Handbook of the Metallurgical Scienco bois. 8vo. 25 00 book, gr. 8vo. 3 10 of Smelting.) Vol. 1, gr.-8vo.

2 20

gr. 4to.

8, fol.

gr. fol.

3, fol.



KUGLER (F.)-Geschichte der Baukunst. (History One volume, octava--200 pp.--Price, One Dollar.

BOOKS IN PRESS, of Architecture.) Part 1, gr.-8vo.

1 00 SAMULUNG von Grundplaenen u. DachconstructioPublished February, 1855.

nen verschied. Zeiten. (Collection of Ground-plans THE MERCHANT'S AND BANKER'S
and Constructions of Roofs from different Times.)
Qu. gr.-fol.

2 00

SKIZZEN-Brce, Architectonisches. Mit Details. (Ar-
chitectonical Sketch-Book, with details.) l'art F O R 1 8 5 5.


AMYAS LEIGH, of Brenow, County of Devon, in time 13, fol. 1 00

Reign of Queen Elizabeth, of Glorious Memory. A new

UNGEWITTER (G. G.)-Entwuerfe zu gothischen L Calendar, and Chronology of Important Financial Events Romance, by Rev. Charles Kingsley, author of


&c. Moebeln. (Designs of Gothio Furnitures.) Part II. A List of the Banks, arranged alphabetically, in every 3, gr.-fol.

II. TIE NOTE BOOK of a Young Adventurer in the 1 15

State and City of the Union-President and Cashier of
each.-Capital of each.

Wilds of Australia. By William Howitt.
General Lit.-Belles Lettres-Music-Fine Arts.

III. A List of Private Bankers in One Hundred and Forty- III. A NEW BOOK by Mrs. Mowatt, author of " Auto

eight Cities and Towns of the United States and Canada, biography of an Actress." BECK (A.)-Scenen aus dem Kriegsleben. (Scenes December, 1854.

IV. MRS. MOWATT'S PLAYS, a collected edition. IV. A List of Banks and Private Bankers in London, Nofrom the Life in War.) Qu. fol. 3 00

V. A NEW volume of Thomas De Quincey's Writings. vember, 1954, II EYSE (Paul)-Melcager. Eine Tragoedic. (A Tra-V. A List of Private Bankers in Europe, Asia, South Ame- VI. THE POETICAL Works of Rev. Charles Kingsley,

rica, West Indies, and Australia.

author of " Ilypatia." gedy.) 16mo.

0 20 VI. The Usury Laws of the States

, with the damages al- VII. THE SCHOOL OF LIFE, by Anna Mary Howitt, KLENCKE.-- Gleim. Historischer Roman. (Gleim ;

lowed in each State on Bills of Exchange returned under author of " An Art Student in Munich."

Protest-The Law of Sight Bills, &c. a llistorical Tale.) 3 vols. 8vo.

4 00

VII. Bank Architecture in New York-Recent Banking KUENSTLER-ALBUM, Duesseldorfer. (Album of the Buildings erected, with descriptions, and ten engravings. VIII. Coins and Coinage of the U. S. for each year, from

NEW WORK. Dusseldorf Artists.) 1855. Gr.-4to. 6 20

1789 to 1854. Marx (A. B.)-Die Musikdes 19. Jahrhunderts und IX. Fluctuations of Stocks, Bonds, &c., at New York and

London, during each month of the year 1954. ihre Pflege. (The Music of the 19th Century, x. Commerce, Tonnage, Revenue, Expenditure, and Public and its Cultivation.) Gr.-8vo.

2 20

Debt of the U.S., each year, 1769–1854.

XI. The Public Debts of Great Britain, France, Austria, MITTLER (F. L.)-Deutscho Volkslieder. (German Russia, and key.

Will shortly have ready for the press the following importNational Songs.) Lex.-8vo.

3 20 XII Statistical History of Great Britain for the past Fifty ant work:

RAPHAEL, Psyche. 32 Compositionen, engraved by XIII. Cotton Statistics for the past Four Years.

“ Essai sur l'inegalite des races humaines.” A. Gnauth. Qu. gr.-4to.

3 15 XIV. Coal Statistics for the Years 1525-1854.

XV. History of the London Stock Exchange. REPERTORIUM der Deutschen und auslaendischen XVI. Principles of Life Insurance.

Translated by Henry Hotz, Esq., with Introduction and coLiteratur. (Repertory of the German and Foreign XVII. Financial and Commercial Review of the Year 1964. pious Ethnological Notes, by J. C. Nott, M. D., of Mobile.

XVIII, The General Banking Law of the State of Illinois Literature, ed. E. G. Gersdorf.) 1855, part 1,

Lately Published: complete.

10 00
To be Continued Annually.

SONS OF THE SIRES, or 1776 and 1855.

NELLY BRACKEN: & Tale of 40 years ago. WELT und Zeit. Aus dem Nachlass eines russ. Published by

J. SMITH HOMANS, MIRANDA ELLIOT; or, The Will of the Spirit. Diplomaten. (World and Time ; from the In

No. 70 Wall Street, New York, MEMOIR OF DR CALDWELL, 1 vol. 8vo. heritance of a Russian Diplomatist.) 16mo. 0 20

And for Sale by all Booksellers.

BRADDOCK'S DEFEAT, 1 vol. 8vo.
Price, postage prepaid, $1 12.

MAY AND DECEMBER, 2 vols, 12mo,







copy of

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My interest in the firm of BOTANY OF TIIE SOUTHERN STATES, AR


Have just completed Nos. 1, 2, and 3 of their PRECEDED BY A LINEAN AND A DICHO

ceased on the first day of February inst. The remaining

partners are authorizeed to settle all the business of the late TOYOU'S AVALYSIS, BY PROF. JOHN

firm, DARBY, A. M. · Price $1 50.


GEXEVA, Feb. 1, 1855.
Booksellers at the South will do well to order this work
early for the Spring Schools,
No. 1 contains a very complete collection of Books in all

The interest of Thomas Orton, in the firm of Prince, OrTeachers shall have a copy for examination, at One Dollar, Languages, some of them of great rarity, for instance, a

ton & Miller, Booksellers and Stationers, having ceased on postage prepaid, upon application to the publishers,

the 1st instant, the business of the late firm will be continued

by the remaining partners, under the name of A. S. BARNES & CO., PADRE PEDRO MARBAN'S ARTE DE

PRINCE, AXTELL & MILLER. LA LINGUA MOXA. Lima, 1701, etc. 5-3 51 John Street, N. Y.

GENEVA, N. Y., Feb. 1, 1655.
No. 2 is particularly rich in the departments of Philology,

Theology, Bibliography, History of Literature, etc.

Cyclopædia of History;
No. 8 contains a large and curious collection of Books

Being a complete Series of

which specially refer to North and South America, and White St., over N. Y. & New Haven R. R. Depot,

the West Indies, a great many of them from the Li- CHRONOLOGICAL TABLES,
brary of the late Augustus Kopish of Berlin; a collection

On a new plan, comprehending an
Room 33, New York,

of Political and Religious Tracts; Antiquities; Arcbi.
tecture; Fine Arts, etc.

ALPHABETICAL ARRANGEMENT, FAC-SIMILES OF WOOD CUTS and all kinds of Typework, and Copper-plate Engraving, made to order, by the

These catalogues are to be had by application to the Electrotype Proces in a workman-like manner. booksellers of New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore,

Arrangement according to Dates. The proprietors of this Establishment, having long been em- Washington, and Charleston,

8vo, ployed in the establishment of J. W. Wilcox, Bostonthe first to apply the Electrotype Art to Wood Cuts and


TRUBNER & CO., Types--confidently assure the Public that their long ex


RICHARD GRIFFIN & CO., perience enables them to practice the art in its highest perfection,

LONDON. Publishers to the University of Glasgow.




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By CHARLES B. STUART, Engineer in Chief, U. S. N. Illustrated by thirty beautiful engravings. 4to., cloth,

8 00 fine steel engravings. 4to., cloth,

$6 00
do half Russia,

10 00 Do do do half Russia,

do cloth, full gilt,

10 CO Do do do full Turkey mor., 10 00 Do


do full Turkey mor., gilt, 12 00

T H EO LOGICAL. THE ANNOTATED PARAGRAPH BIBLE. Illustrated with Maps, THE RELIGION OF THE NORTHMEN. By Rudolph Keyzer. TransPlates, valuable Notes, and Comments. Vol. 1st, Genesis to Isaiah, lated by Barclay Pennock. 12mo.,

1 50

NATURE AND MAN BEFORE AND AFTER THE DELUGE. 8vo., just ready. Cloth, royal 8vo., 3 00


paper, Do do do half calf, 4 00 REVERENCE IN THE SANCTUARY. 16mo.,

123 NORTON'S RAILROAD LIBRARY. No. 1. MAN AND HIS MIGRATIONS. By R. G. LATHAM, F. R. S. THE INTERIOR OF BRAZIL. Illustrated with Map and Plates. Boards, 12mo., 50 Boards, 12mo.,

50 Do do do Cloth,




12 Key to all the best English and American Periodicals. 8vo., 6 00 NORTON'S LITERARY REGISTER AND BOOKBUYER'S ALMANAC

for 1853,

25 Do do do half calf,

7 00


2 00 MISCELL A NEOUS. THE GOVERNMENT AND CURRENCY. By Henry MIDDLETON. 12mo., , VOICES FROM THE PRESS, comprising Articles from Practical Print

50 ers. 8vo., cloth, GEMS OF JAPONICA-DOM; OR, SKETCHES OF THE UPPER TEN. A FEW THOUGHTS FOR THE TAX PAYERS OF NEW YORK. By JOSEPH. Illustrated with striking cuts. 12m0.,

8v0., paper,

25 NORTON'S HANDBOOK OF LIFE INSURANCE With valuable THE WILD SHRURS OF ALABAMA; or, POEMS BY Miss Julia M. HarTables. 12mo., paper, 25 RISS. 12mo, cloth,

1 00 Do do cloth,



1 25






ANDREWS’ DISCOVERIES IN CHINESE. Being an Aid to the ac- / BARNARD (Hon. H.)–Education in Europe,

3 00 quisition of the Chinese Language. 12mo.,

School Architecture,

2 00
A NEW AND COMPLETE SYSTEM OF SELF INSTRUCTION IN MYLNE (Rev. Dr.)—Popular Grammar for Common Schools. Edited by

J. F. Gibson,


The Best System of Writing in the World!


PATENTED. MACLAURIN (W. S.)-Gymnastic Exercises for Self Instruction. Nos. 1 | MALAURIN (W. S.)—Primary Gymnastic Exercises. Complete in one to 6. Per Number, 12)


large Book, Round Hand Copies, 1-2, Fine Hand Copies, 1 to 4, 123 Writing Tablets, in sets of twelve. Per dozen,

75 These Tablets are intended for Primary Schools, and are to be written over with a lead pencil. ? The Publisher, in calling the particular attention of the Trade to the above System of Writing, would state that it is now in actual operation in every State in the Union, and would suggest that every Bookseller secure a set for personal examination. In the opinion of the best judges, it will, in a short time, entirely supersede every system pow in use, and become the standard in every School in the United States.

MEDICA L. POSITIVE MEDICAL AGENTS. Being a Treatise on the new Alka- | TRANSACTIONS OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. loid Resinoid and Concentrated Preparations of Indigenous and Vol. VII. 8vo.,

3 50 Foreign Medical Plants. 8vo.,

1 50

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