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12mo. pp.

pap. 25

the Latin extracts from the Holy Father by a *REID (Capt. MAYNE)-The Forest Exiles; or, The ARCHER (W. H.)—Statistical Register of Victoria, Clergyman. Tb which are appended a Discourse Perils of & Peruvian Family amid the Wilds of from the foundation of the Colony. 8vo. pp. 436. on the Immaculate Conception, by St. Alphonsus the Amazon. 16mo. pp. 860. Illustrations. [Guillaume.]

15s. Marie de Liguori; the Letters Apostolic of His [Ticknor & Fields, Bost.]

75 ASHPITEL AND WHICHCORD.--Essay on the Erection Holiness Pope Pius IX; Cardinal Wiseman's (* ROBERTSON (WILLIAM)— History of America, Con- of Fire-proof Houses, in Flats. 8vo. pp. 40. Pastoral on the Declaration of the Dogma at tinued by a New and Complete History of the [Weale.]

28. 6d. Rome, etc. 12mo. pp. viii, 256. Frontispiece.

United States to the Present Time. By an Amer- BALFOUR (H.)—Manual of Botany. 3d edition, re[D. & G. Sadlier & Co., N. Y.] 50 ican Historian. R. 8vo. pp. xiii, 1148. Engrav

vised and enlarged, by Joseph Williams, M. D. * LIGUORI (ST. ALPHONSUS MARIA DE)— The Mysteries ings. [A. R. Phippen, N. Y.]

4 00

8vo. pp. 720. Numerous illustrations. (Encyof the Faith ; The Incarnation, containing Medi- ROSSER (Rev. L.)-Class Meetings : Embracing

clop. Metropolitana, Vol. 13.) (Griffin.] 108. 6d. tations, Discourses, and Devotions on tho Birth their Origin, Nature, Obligations and Benefits; and Infancy of our Lord Jesus Christ. Newly also, the Duties of Preachers and Leaders, and BARKER (W. B.)-A Short Historical Account of translated from the Italian, and edited by Robert an Appeal to Private Members, and their Tempo

the Crimea, from the Earliest Ages to the Russian A. Cofin. 16mo. pp. xv, 262. [Edw. Dunigan ral Advantages. 12mo. [Richmond, Va.]

Occupation; and a Description of the Geographi& Bro., N. Y.] 50 ROSSER (Rev. L., of the Virginia Annual Confe

cal Features of the Country, and of the Manners, *LINGARD (JOHN, D. D.)— History of England from rence)-Reply to “ Evils of Infant Baptism, by

Customs, &c. of its Inhabitants; with Appendix, the First Invasion by the Romans to the Acces- Robert Boyle C. Howell, D. D. 12mo. [Rich

bringing down the History to the present time. sion of William and Mary in 1688. A New Edi- mond, Va.]

Compiled from the best authorities. Fop. (Hert

ford), with maps and engravings. (Trubner.] tion, as enlarged by Dr. Lingard shortly before *SMITH (WILLIAM, LL. D.) A History of Greece

38. 6d. his death. In Thirteen Volumes. Vols. 8–13. from the Earliest Times to the Roman Conquest :

BIDDULPH (M. N.)- Assault of Sevastopol. Two 12mo. pp. x, 481; viii, 409; ix, 440; viii, 375; with Supplementary Chapters on the History of viii, 366; vi, 382. [Phillips, Sampson & Co., Literature and Art. With Notes, and a Conting

Topographical and Panoramic Sketches, repreBost.]

senting the advanced Lines of Attack and the per vol. 75

ation to the Present Time, by Prof. C. C. Felton, MOMILLAN (Rev. E.)Evils of Dr. Howell's Book on LL. D. 8vo. pp. 670. [Hickling, Swan &

Russian Defences in front of Sevastopol; with a the “Evils of Infant Baptism.” A Review. Brown, Bost.]

Description and Remarks. Folio. (Chapman &


H.) [M. W. Dodd, N. Y.]

SPALDING (M. G., D. D., Bishop of Louisville) MAGUIRE (Rev. EDWARD)- The New Romish Dogma

Miscellanea : Comprising Reviews, Lectures and

BUCKINGHAM (J. S.)- Autobiography, including his of the Immaculate Conception; or, Trial of the Essays on Historical, Theological and Miscella

Voyages, Travels, Adventures, Speculations, Church of Rome Before a Jury of Roman Catho- neous Subjects. 8vo. pp. 439. (Webb, Gill &

Successes, and Failures, faithfully and frankly

narrated; interspersed with Characteristic lics, on a Charge of Imposing on the Consciences Levering, Louisville.]

Sketches of Public Men with whom he has had of Christian People “A Yoke which neither SPRAGUE (WILLIAM B., D. D.)-Visits to European we nor our Fathers were able to bear." 16mo. Celebrities. 12mo. pp. 305. [Gould & Lincoln,

intercourse during a period of more than fifty Bost.] pp. 101. [T. L. Magagnos, N. Y.]

1 00

years. Vols. 1 and 2, post 8vo. with portrait. [Longinan.)

21s. *Mayhew (HENRY)—The Story of the Peasant-Boy Sr. Rose, of Lima, (Life of )--Edited by the Rev.

Philosopher; or, "A Child Gathering Pebbles F. W. Faber, D. D. 12mo. pp. 265. [P. T. Can-Busch (0.)—- Manual of German Conversation. Post on the Sea-Shore.” Founded on the Early Life

ningham, Phil.)
75 8vo. [Williams & N.]

48. of Ferguson, the Shepherd-Boy Astronomer, and STOWE (HARRIET BEECHER)-- The May Flower, and CERVANTES' Exemplary Novels. To which are added intended to show how a poor lad became acMiscellaneous Writings. 12mo. pp. 471. Portrait.

El Buscapié, or The Serpent, and La Tia Fingida, quainted with the Principles of Natural Science. [Phillips, Sampson & Co., Bost.]

1 25 or The Pretended Aunt. Translated from the 16mo. pp. 500. (Harper & Bros., N. Y.] 75 STROTHER (J. HUNT)—The Golden Calf; or, The Al

Spanish by Walter K. Kelly. Post 8vo. with MOORE (J. G.)-Patent Office and Patent Laws; or,

mighty Dollar. A Satire. 12mo. pp. 32. [Press

portrait of Cervantes. [Bohn's Extra Volume.] A Guide to Inventors and a Book of Reference of Geo. E. Leefe, N. Y.]

38. 60. for Judges, Lawyers, Magistrates, and Others. Sue (EUGENE)—Price of a Crown; or, John, the COLE (E.)--Practical Discourses on God's SovWith Appendices. 12mo. pp. 342. [Parry & Alchemist. 8vo. Pp. [T. L. Magagnos,

ereignty. Crown 8vo. (Hamilton.]

4s. McMillan, Phil.)

1 25
N. Y.]

pap. 75; cl. 1 00 COLENSO (J. W.)—Ten Weeks in Natal: a Journal
NATURALIZATION Laws (The) of the United States ; SUMMER-LAND (The)-A Southern Story. By a of a First Tour of Visitation among the Colonists
Also, A Synopsis of the Alien Laws of all the
Child of the Sun. 12mo. pp. 264. [D. Appleton

and Zulu Kafirs of Natal. Fcp. pp. 271. [Bell.] States, together with the Forms for Naturaliza

& Co., N. Y.]

58. tion, Important Decisions, General Remarks on (TURNBULL (ROBERT)— The Genius of Italy; or, COMMINES.--Memoirs of Philip de Commines, conthe Subject, Historical, Past and Present, &c.,

Fact and Poetry from Italian Life, Literature and taining the Histories of Louis XI. and Charles &c. By a Member of the Bar. To which is

Religion. Fourth Revised and Illustrated Edi- VIII., Kings of France, and of Charles the Bold, added The Constitution of the United States.

tion. With an Appendix, containing Sketches of Duke of Burgundy. To which is added, The 8vo. pp. 87, 15. [D. M. Dewey, Rochester.]

Mazzini, Gavazzi, and others. 12mo. pp. 377. Scandalous Chronicle, or Secret History of Louis
Illustrations. [Jas. S. Dickerson, N. Y.] 1 00

XI., by Jean de Troyes. Edited, with Life and Navy Register of the United States for the Year WARREN (Prof. John C.)-Genealogy of Warren, Notes, by A. R. Scoble, Esq. 2 vols. Vol. 1, 1855. 8vo. pp. 135. (Washington.]

with some Historical Sketches. 4to. pp. 113. with Portrait, post 8vo. (Bohn's Library of [Privately printed, Boston.]

French Memoirs.] *NEILL (PATRICK)—The Practical Fruit, Flower and

8s. 6d. Vegetable Gardener's Companion, with a Calen- Willis (N. PARKER)—The Rag Bag : A Collection Cowie (M.) – Scripture Difficulties: Sermons dar. Adapted to the United States by G. Emer

of Ephemera. 12mo. pp. 356. [Chas. Scribner, preached before the University of Cambridge, inson, M. D.; with Notes and Additions by R. G.

1 25

cluding the Hulsean Lectares for 1854, and three Pardee. 12mo. pp. 408. Illustrations. [C. M. WISEMAN (Cardinal)— Fabiola; or, The Church of

other Sermons. 8vo. pp. 284. [Rivingtons.] 7s.6d. Saxton & Co., N. Y.]

1 00

the Catacombs. 16mó. pp. 385. [D. & G. Sad- CRIMEA (The); its Towus, Inhabitants, and Social

lier & Co., N. Y.] O'CALLAGHAN (E. B., M. D., Editor)-Documents

Customs. By a Lady nine years resident near Relative to the Colonial History of the State of

the Alma. 18mo. with an engraving of SimpheNew York, Procured in Holland, England, and

ropol, the Capital, pp. 150. [Partridge & 0.] France, by John Romeyn Brodhead, Esq., Agent. ENGLISH.

28, 6d. Vol. 5. 4to. pp. xix, 985. [Press of Weed, Par- PUBLISHED FROM THE 28TH OF FEBRUARY, TO CUTHBERT (A.)-Infants Asleep in Jesus; or, Light sons & Co., Albany.]

THE 14TH OF MARCH, 1855.

on Little Graves. 18mo. pp. 192. [Hamilton.] *OBERLIN (JOHN FREDERICK, Pastor of Waldbach,

29. 60. in the Ban de la Roche)-Memoirs. Compiled Addison's Works; with the Notes of Bishop Hurd. DAVY (J.)—The Angler and his Friend; or Piscafrom Authentic Sources, chiefly French and Ger- New edition, to which are added upwards of 100 tory Colloquies and Fishing Exeursions. Fop. pp. man, with a Dedication, and Translations by Rev. Unpublished Letters. In 5 vols. Vol. 4, post 206. (Longman.)

Bs. Luther Halsey. 18mo. pp. 246. (R. Carter & 8vo. [Bohn's British Classics.) 3s. 6d. DEMOSTHENES' Orations on the Crown and on the Bros., N. Y.]

40 ARAGO (F.)---History of My Youth. Translated by Embassy. Translated, with Notes and copious OFFICIAL Army Register for 1855. 12mo. pp. 51. the Rev. Baden Powell. 16mo. pp. 122. (Long- Illustrations, by C. Rann Kennedy. Post 8vo. (Washington.]

1s. [Bohn's Classical Library.]


pap. 25

N. Y.]

ENGLAND's Fall is Babylon's Triumph; an Original Neff (Felix), Life of. 12mo. [Seeleys.] 28, 6d.

Interpretation of the Apocalypse ; with a Special Nunn (T. W.)—Inflammation of the Breast, and
Reference to the Greek Church. Fcp. pp. 154.

Milk Abscess, with Observations on the Effects PUBLISHED DURING THE MONTH OF JANUARY, (Shaw.]

28. 6d.

of Oversuckling. 8vo. [Renshaw.] 28. 6d. English, French, Turkish, and Russian Vocabulary. OUR WORLD; or, the Democrat’s Rule. By Justia,

The Prices are in France and Centimes. 12mo. pp. 74. [Thimm.]


& Knownothing. 2 vols. crown 8vo. pp. 805. EXILE (The): a Tale of the Sixteenth Century. By Philip Phosphorus. 8vo. pp. 808. [Bosworth.] 6s. PHILIPPSOHN (L.)—The Development of the Relig


168. ANCIENS Chateaux, demeures féodales, forteressees, FALKENER (E.)— The Museum of Classical Antiqui

citadelles et ruines historiques de l'Europe par ties : a Series of Papers on Ancient Art. R. 8vo.

ious Idea in Judaism, Christianity, and Mahom- M. B. B. 8vo.

edanism, considered, in Twelve Lectures on the ART (l') médical. Journal de médecine générale et pp. 879, illustrated with plates and cuts. 42s, FIRST STEPS to the British Flora. 16mo. (Wer

History and Purport of Judaism, delivered in

de médecine practique. Janvier, 1855. 8vo. Magdeburg, 1847. Translated by Anna M. Goldtheim.) 58, 6d.

The year, 18 00 smid. 8vo. pp. 268. (Longman.) Gay (J.)-On Indolent Ulcers. 8vo. (Highley.]

88. BABANTE (M. de)-Histoire du Directoire de la ré83. 6d. RANDOLPH: a Poem. Post 8vo. pp. 105. [Saunders publique française. Tome ler. 8vo. HANDBOOK of Domestic Medicine ; popularly ar

& 0.]

58. BOSSUET.-Chefs-d'oeuvre. Les oraisons funèbres, ranged. By an Eminent Physician. Post 8vo. Richards (G)- The Champion : a Course of Practi- etc. 2 vols. 8vo.

6 00 pp. 700. [Bohn's Scientific Library.] 5s. HAPPY SUNDAYS for the Young and Good. By a the Devil. 12mo. pp. 198. [Rivingtons.] 4s. 6d. 8vo.

500 Lady. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 294. [Dean.) Each 8s. ROYLE (J. F.)— The Fibrous Plants of India fitted DELAISTRE (Louis)-Cours complet de dessin linéaire, HARDWICKE's Shilling Peerage for 1855. Compiled for Cordage, Clothing, and Paper; with an ac

gradué et progressif, contenant la géométrie pracby Edward Walford. 32mo. pp. 278. [Hard- count of the Cultivation and Preparation of Flax,

tique, etc. 4to.

18 00 wicke.)

1s. Hemp, and their Substitutes. 8vo. pp. 404. DENONVILLIERS (C.) et L. GOSSELIN.—Traité théoHOME Book of Household Economy. 12mo. pp 180. (Smith & E.]

128. rique et practique des maladies des yeux, 12mo. [Routledge.] 1s. 60. RYLE (T.)- American Liberty and Government

6 00 HURTON (W.)- The Doomed Ship; or, the Wreck Questioned. Post 8vo. pp. 196. [Longman.] 78 DESCRIPTION des machines et procédés consignés of the Arctic Regions. 12mo. pp. 174. [Lea.] 15. SINGLETON (R. C.)—The Works of Virgil closely

dans les brovets d'invention, eto. T. LXXXII. INDISPUTABILITY Disputed : a Review of the Profes


15 00 sions and Practices of certain Modern Life Offices. British Poets of the 16th, 17th, and 15th cen DESJARDINS (E.)— Essai sur la topographie du LaBy a Templar. 8vo. pp. 76. [E. Wilson.] 1s. 6d.

tium. 4to. turies. 2 vols. Vol. 1, post 8vo. pp. 424. [Bell

10 00 JEWSBURY (G. E.)-Constance Herbert, 3 vols. 8vo.

& D.]

DESTERACT (A.)– Traité complet, selon le système

99. pp. 910. (Hurst & B.]

818, 6d.
SMITH (W. T.) The Path ology and Treatment of

métrique, pour la réduction des bois de charKINGHORN (J.) of Norwich: a Memoir. By Martin Leucorrhæa. 8vo. pp. 217. (Churchill.]

penté équarris, eto. 4to.

20 00 Hood Wilkin. With Introductory Chapter, Pre-SMYTH's Lectures on Modern History; from the

DOMBALE (HENRI)-La Maison Rustique française. face, &c. By Simon Wilkin. 8vo. pp. 474. [Hall.]

Tome 1 et 2.

10 00 Irruption of the Northern Nations to the close GRANGEZ (E.)—Précis historique et statisque des 88.

of the American Revolution. New edit. in 2 LARDNER'S Museum of Science and Art. Vol. 5.

voies navigables de la France et d'une partie de vols. Vol. 1, post 8vo. (Bohn's Standard Libra12mo. pp. 208, with illustrations. [.Walton.] 1s.6d.

la Belgique. 8vo.

15 00 ry.]

3s. 6d. LINDLEY (N.)- Introduction to the Study of Juris- STIRLING (W.)–Velazquez and his Works. Fcp. pp.

GEATRY (A.)-Philosophie. Logique. 2 vols. 8vo. prudence. 8vo. pp. 380. [Maxwell.] 12s.

12 00 526. (Parker & Son.] LINDSAY (W.)—Inquiry into the Christian Law as TAYLDER (T. W. P.)—The Mormons' Own Book.

HUMBOLDT (ALEX. de)-Mélanges de géologie et de to the Relationships which bar Marriage. 12mo.

physique générale. Traduits par Ch. Galusky. 8vo. pp. 230. [Partridge & 0.]

8s, 6d.

Tome ler. 8vo. pp. 230. [Hamilton.]

8s. 64. TAYLOR (J.)--The True Doctrine of the Holy Eu- HURÉ JEUNE.—Le Zoophile, ou le Défenseur des LUCAS (Mrs.)The Quicksands of Fashion. 3 vols.

charist as instituted in Scripture and received by post 8vo. [Newby.] 31s. 6d. the Catholic Church in all Ages , in refutation of LABORDE. --Athènes aux XVè, XVIe, et XVIIe siè

8 00 LUND (T.)— Elements of Geometry and Mensura- Archdeacon Wilberforce's Book, and the Popish tion; with Easy Exercises. Part 1, Geometry Views of that Sacrament in general. 8vo. pp.

cles, d'après des documents inédits tirés des aras a Science; Part 2, Geometry as an Art. Fop.

chives impériales de Venise, eto. 2 vols. 8vo. 580. (Longman.] 12s. 6d.

20 00 pp. 192. (Longman.]

88. 63. THOMSON (H. B.) — The Military Forces and Institu- LANFREY (P.) — L'église et les philosophes an MARSDEN (J. B.)--History of Christian Churches

tions of Great Britain and Ireland; their Consti

XVIIIe siècle. 18mo.

3 50 and Sects. Part 4, 8vo. (Bentley.) 38. 6d. tution, Administration, and Government, Military LEBRUN (CAMILLE—Le Miroir de la France. 2e MEREDITH (0.)-Clytemnestra; The Earl's Return; and Civil. 8vo. pp. 399. Smith & E.] 158. The Artist; and other Poems. 12mo. pp. 352. TRORNEY Hall; a Story of an Old Family: By Massé (J.)—Encyclopédie de la Santé. Cours d'hy

vol. 8vo.

10 00 [Chapman & H.]

78. 6d. Holme Lee. Post 8vo. pp. 338. [Smith & E.] 6s. METRICK (J.)-Papal Supremacy Tested by An- WAKEMAN (J.)—The Mysterious Parchment. 12mo. MONCEL (TH. du)— Exposé des applications de l'élec

giène populaire. 2 vols, 18mo.

7 00 tiquity. Fop. pp. 84. [Longman.)

[J. Blackwood.]

tricité. 2e. vol. 8vo.

5 00 MONTAGU (J.)—Biographical Memoir of John Mon-WATHEN (G. H.)—The Golden Colony; or, Victoria NETTEMENT (ALFR.)— Histoire de la littérature frantague, with a Sketch of some of the Public Affairs

in 1854 : with Remarks on the Geology of the connected with the Colony of the Cape of Good

çaise, sous le gouvernement de juillet. 2 vols. Australian Gold Fields. Illustrated.


11 00 Hope, during his administration as Colonial Sec

263. [Longman.) retary, from 1843 to 1853. By W. A. Newman. Watts (I.)–Catechism of Scripture History ; with PISTOVE (A. de) et CH. DUVERDY.— Traité des prises

8s. 6d. PARADIS (le) terrestre. 2 vols. 8vo.

7 00 8vo. with plates, pp. 612. [Harrison.]


Introductory Notice by the Rev. W. K. Tweedie. MORRIS (B. R.)-- British Game Birds and Wild Fowl.

maritimes, dans lequel on a refondu, en partie, le 12mo. pp. 380. [Theobald.]

Traité de Valin en l'appropriant à la législation 4to. pp. 252, with 60 cold plates. [Groombridge.! Waugh (E.)-Sketches of Lancashire Life and Lo

nouvelle. 2 vols. 8vo.

15 00 45s. calities. Post 8vo. (Whittaker.]

6s. MORRIS (T. O.)—Natural History of Nests and Eggs WELLINGTON (Duke of.)—Memoirs. By J. M. Wil- POUJOULAT (B.)-Charles Ier et le parlement. 12mo.

of British Birds. Vol. 2, 8vo. pp. 150. [Groom- son. Vol. 2, royal 8vo. pp. 682. [Fullarton.] 188. Reech (M. F.)-Machine à air, d'un nouveau sysbridge.]

21s. Woman's Educational Mission : being an Explana- tème, déduit d'une comparaison raisonnée des MULLENS (J.)-Missions in South India Visited and tion of Frederick Fröbel's System of Infant Gar- systèmes d'Ericsson et Lemoine. 4to.

6 00 Described. 8vo. pp. 191. [Dalton.]

4s. dens. Roy. 8vo. 8 illustrative engravings on Richet (M. A.)– Traité pratique d'anatomie médiNATURAL PHILOSOPHY, in 4 Treatises: 1. Mechanics; steel. [Darton.]

38. 6d. co-chirurgicale.

10 00 2. Hydrostatics, &c.; 3. Optics; 4. Astronomy. W RIGHTSON (R. I.)—A History of Modern Italy SAND (GEORGE)--Histoire de ma vie. Tome 6, 8vo. Each 12mo. pp. 62. [Allman.] 1s. from the French Revolution to the Year 1850.

7 50 NEALE(J. M.)-Lent Legends : Stories from Church 8vo. pp. 412. (Bentley.)

10s. 60. SAVARY (Comte de)-Guide de l'ami du cheval, reHistory, for Children. 18mo. pp. 212. (Masters.] | WYATT (M. D.)-Views of the Crystal Palace and vue scientifique, historique et practique. N. 1. 2s, 6d. Park, Sydenham. Ist sories, fol. [Day.] 31s. 6d. Janvier, 1855. 8vo.

The year, 12 00


8vo. PP.



VINET (A.)–L'éducation, la famille et la société

. Perczel (G. A.)-Iconum Botanicarum index lo




TERRE (la) promise. Journal poétique. 1re annéo

Natural Sciences.

BOOKS WANTED. N. 1, 1855.

The year, 10 00 GEINITZ (H. B.)—Die Versteinerungen der Stein-L.-Vol. 1 of the PRINCETON ESSAYS. TOUSSENEL (A.)-L'esprit des Bêtes. Lo monde kohlenformation in Sachsen. (The Petrifactions 11.-NORDHEIMER'S HEBREW GRAMMAR.

des oiseaux. Ornithologie passionnelle. 2e par- in the Carboniferous Formations of Saxony.) 1 and 2.
tie. 8vo.

6 00
Imp. fol. in port fol.

20 00IIL—THE PLAYS AND POEMS OF WM. SHAKEVEUILLOT (Louis) - La guerre et l'homme de guerre. HAMMER-PURGSTALL (Frhr.)—Das Kamel. (The

SPEARE, corrected from the latest and best London edi12mo.

3 00
Camel.) Gr. 4to

1 25

tion, with Notes by Samuel Johnson, LL. D. To which

are added a Glossary and Life of the Author. Embel8vo. 6 00

lished with a striking Likeness, from the collection of his cupletissimus. Pt. 11. gr. 4to.

3 15

Grace the Duke of Chandos. Phila: printed and sold by WAGNER (H.)-Gras-Herbarium. Pt. 2, fol. 017

Bioren & Madan, 1793. (Number of vols, not known.) GERMAN.

Mathematics, Astronomy, Architecture, Mining, Oi- IV.—U. 8. EXPLORING EXPEDITION. The volumes vil Engineering.

comprising Dana's Geology and Pickering's Races of PUBLISHED DURING THE MONTH OF JANUARY. Annales de l'observatoire physique central de V.-Any Original AMERICAN PLAYS printed prior to

Man. Royal 4to.
The Prices are in Thalers and Silber-groschen.

Rassie, publiées par A. T. Kupffer. Année 1851.
2 vols. gr. 410.

7 00

Any person owning and wishing to dispose of the above BUDGE (J.)—Ueber die Bewegung d. Iris. (On the works will please notify the publisher of this Journal, stating Theology. Philosophy. Education.

movement of the Iris.) Gr. 8vo.

1 15 condition and price. Bauer (B.)—Die Russische Kirche. (The Russian Holz (F. W.)-Entwuerfe zu Land-und Stadt-GeChurch.) 8vo.

0 06

baeuden. (Designs of Buildings for Town and Slavery in its Social, Moral, and Political Aspects. Didascalia Apostolorum syriace. gr. 8vo. 4 00

Country.) Pt. 5, fol. in port folio.

2 00 HENGEL (W. A. van)--Interpretatio epistolæ Pauli Kaura (J. B.)—Bauentwuerfe im Byzantinischen ad Romanos. Fasc. II, gr. 8vo.

1 08
Style nebst projectirten im Dorischen Style.

ROEHRIG (T. W.)-Mittheilungen aus d. Geschichte

(Plans for Buildings in Byzantine and projected d. evangel. Kirche d. Elsasses. (Notices from

Dorian Style.) Gr. fol. in port folio. 20 00 the History of the Evangelical Church in the Al- STRECKER (A.)—Das chemische Laboratorium der sace. 2 vols. gr. 8vo.

4 15
Universitaet Christiania. (The chemical Labora-

POSITIVELY READY APRIL 2011. STIER (R.)-Vertheidigung der unlutherischen The

tory of the University at Christiania.) 4to. 100 sen. (Defence of the Un-Lutheran Thesis.) 8vo. Commerce, Technology, Agriculture.

0 06 BEIL (J. A.)– Technologisches Woerterbuch in
Philology. Archæology.
deutscher, franzoes. u. engl. Sprache. (Techno-

Busou (0.)-Manual of German conversation. A logical Dictionary in German, French, and Eng-

choice and comprehensive collection of sentences lish. Vol. II. English, German, French, by The Slabeholder's Daughter. on the ordinary subjects of every-day life. 8vo. Franke.) Pt. 2, 4to.

0 20 Bound, 1 10 BIEDENFELD (Frhr. F. v.)-Handbuch aller bekann

In one large 12mo. volume, over 600 pages, beautifully Frost (w.)-Voltstaendiger Orbis pictus f. den ten Obstsorten. Band 2.: Aepfel. (Handbook of

Anschauungsunterricht. (Complete Orbis pic- all kinds of Fruit. Vol. II.: Apples.) Lex 8vo. 2 00 ILLUSTRATED,

tus for intuitive instruction.) Gr. 4to. 4 12 MAHNKE (C.)-Die Seeschifffahrt Preussen's. (The HARPOCRATIONIS lexicon in decem oratores atticos Navigation of Prussia.) Gr. 8vo.

Embossed Muslin, price $1 25.

1 10 ex recensione D. Dindorfii. II tomi. gr. 8vo. 7 00 Pabst (W. H. v.)-Lehrbuch der Landwirthschaft. A work that appeals to the Common Judgment, the Com

2. Bd. 1 Abth.: Viehzucht. (Compendium of Agri- mon Sympathies, and the Common Justice of Mankind. History. Geography.

culture. Vol. 2, Pt. 1.: Breeding Cattle.) Gr. 8vo. CRUSENSTOLPE (M. J. v.)-Der Versailler Hof im 18.

The publishers will only add their deliberate conviction,

1. 10 und 19. Jahrhundert

. (Tho Court of Versailles SCHUBARTH.— Reportorium der technischen Litera- that no work has ever been published which presents so in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries.)

tur die J. 1828–1853 umfassend. (Repertory of full, so accurate, and, at the same time, so deeply interesting Vols. 1, 2. 8vo.

2 15 the technical Literature from 1828 to 1863. Pt. a view of the WHOLE QUESTION of Slavery, as will be found HOLTZMANN ( A.)--Kelten u. Germanen. Eine his- 2. Lex 8vo.

1 00 in "The Slavebolder's Daughter." torische Untersuchung. (Kelts and Germans.)

General Literature, Belles-Lettres, Music, Fine Arts, 4to. 1 26

Pr Advancs Orders will be filled simultaneously, suliLAMONT (J.)-Magnetische Karten v. Deutchland HEGEWALD (L.)—The Ladies' German Companion. sequent ones in the order of reception. u. Bayern. (Magnetical Maps of Germany and


0 14

MILLER, ORTON & MULLIGAN, Bavaria.) Gr. fol.

25 SCHNAASE (C.)-Geschichte der bildenden Kuenste. WILLKOMM (M.)—Die Halbinsel der Pyrenacen. (History of the Plastic Arts.) Vol. 4, pt. 2, gr.

Publishers, Auburn and Buffalo. (The Peninsula of the Pyrenees.) Gr. 8vo. 3 22


4 10 After May 1st, at No. 25 Park Row, opposite Astor House,

New York, where they hope to offer to the Trade such Medicine.

inducements as will render it an object for them to call.

HENNIG (C.)-Lehrbuch d. Krankheiten des Kindes
in seinen verschiedenen Alterstufen. (On Dis-
A perfect copy of the splendid original edition of the

To Autograph Collectors. eases of Children.) Pt. 3, gr. 8vo.

0 20

QUADRUPEDS OF NORTH AMERICA, KOEHLER (R.)-Handbuch d. speciellen Therapie, By, AUDUBON and BACHMAN; consisting of one hundred

FOR SALE: einschliesslich der Behandlung der Vergiftungen. and fifty plates, in 3 yols. imp. fol., and 8 yols of royal 8vo.

A COMPLETE COLLECTION OF THE (Handbook of special Therapeutics, including be obtained, on application to the subscriber, for the sum of

AUTOGRAPHS OF the treatment of Poisoning.) Vol. 2, pt.2. Lex $250--the original price being $300. Two of the volumes

of plates are found in cloth, with morocco backs and cor8vo.

1 15 ners, somewhat rubbed; the other plates unbound; the LEUBUSCHER (R.)—Die Pathologie u. Therapie der text in cloth, as published. Gehirnkrankheiten. (Pathology and Therapeu

E. C. HERRICK, Librarian of Yale College.

Consisting of Letters and Documents of Napoleon, Jourtics of Diseases of the Brain.) Gr. 8vo. 1 15 New Haven, April, 1855.

8-20 dan, Serrurier, Lannes, Brune, Perignon, Oudinot, Soult, LINHARDT (W.)-Compendium der chirurgischen

Davoust, Massena, Murat, Mortier, Ney, Poniatowski, Operationslehre. (Compendium on Surgical Oper

Grouchy, Bessiers, Berthier, Suchet, St. Cyr, Victor, Mon

NOTICE TO BOOK-BUYERS. ations.) Pt. I, lex 8vo. Complete, 3 10

cey, Marmont, Macdonald, Bernadotte, Augereau, Lefeb

John RUSSELL SMITH, of Soho Square, London, begs to LOHYEYER (C. F.)-Die Schusswunden und ihre

vre, and Kellermann. call the attention of book-buyers in the United States, to Behandlung. (Gun-shot wounds and their Treat- his Catalogue for 1855, containing 4,000 articles of choice, with portraits, price $100.

In one volume, folio, half bound in morocco, illustrated ment.) Gr. 8vo.

1 00

useful, and curious Books in most classes of literature, at SPIELMANN (I.)-Diagnostik der Geisteskrankheiten. reasonable prices. It may be had, free of charge, on appli

For further particulars address (Diagnostic of Mental Debilities.) Lex 8vo. 3 00cation to Mr. CHARLES B. Norton, Agent for Libraries,

Box 216 P. O. UPMANN.-Diagnose dør Exantheme. Gr. 8vo, 15 New York, who will attend to any orders.





The First Complete School Exhibition Book ever published in the U.S.

American and Continental


The Exhibition Speaker,



(Old and Modern)

Portions of the Table of Contents,
Books, Periodicals, Newspapers, Philosophical Char. I.— The Voice, Elements of Sound, &o.

Part III.
CHAP. II.- General Precepts, Improvement and Manage-

ment of the Voice.

Part IV.
And everything connected with
CHAP. III.--The Countenance.

CHAP. IV.-On Gesture, with Illustrations,

Part V.
They possess advantages, with respect to capital and ex-
Chap. V.-The Stage, Hints on Position, Action, Costume,

TABLEAUX VIVANTS, Illustrated. perience, which enable them successfully to compete with

No. 1. Washington's Dream of Liberty.

No. 2. Marion and the British Offioer. any London House.

Part I.

No. 8. Young America. DRAMATIC.--Plays, Farces, Tragedies, Dialogues, &c. No. 4. Classical, Roman, Mythology, for Young Ladies only. CONSIGNMENTS OF AMERICAN BOOKS,

Purity, Beauty, Plenty, Liberty, and Justice. From all parts of the United States, are respectfully so

Part II.

No. 5. Oppression, Vice, Fame, and Despotism, for Boys

only. licited; and T. & Co. are at all times prepared to make ad


No. 6. Reward of Prizes, to close an Exhibition, vances of ONE HALF the invoice value.


Also Single Pieces in Prose and Verse, Dramatic, Senatorial, Comic, Humorous, and Miscellaneous; together with Plain

and Practical Directions for an Exhibition, Hints on Construction of Stage, Positions on Stage, Costumes, and the T. & Co. believe they are the only firm in the AMERICAN

proper Representation of Plays, Farces, Tableaux, &c.; also, a Complete Treatise on Oratory and Elocution. The business who have established Agents in Paris, Vienna,

wbole designed expressly for School Exbibitions. By P. A.' FITZGERALD, Tragedian. To which is added, & ComSt. Petersburg, Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Leipsic, plete System of CALISTHENICS for young ladies and girls, and GYMNASTICS for young men and boys,

with full Instructions for Teacher and Pupils. Illustrated with fifty woodcuts. etc., and dealing directly with these Agents, are able to

The Publisher takes pleasure in announcing a work, the importance and utility of which have been so long felt. offer superior advantages for buying and selling on the Con- Teachers and Scholars in all our Academies and Common Schools are now supplied with a Book from which they can tinent.

select at once all the variety of pieces suitable for an Exhibition, as well as with a complete Manual of Oratory. The Plays, Farces, Tableaux, &c., are mostly original, with full descriptions for Costume and Stage Management, and they are

all chaste and elegant productions, abounding with keen Wit and Satire, taking off the follies and absurdities of the age Messrs. TRUBNER & Co. having been appointed in such a manner as to render them highly attractive, while the force of their moral tone

cannot fail to be felt. The Systems of Calisthenics and Gymnastics are proper exercises for young persons of both sexes, designed to promote health as Agents for the sale of the books published by the anthority well as beauty and grace of manners, cannot be estimated too highly. A work on this subject has long been demanded. of the Hon. East India Company, have just completed a Teachers and Pupils will be gratified and delighted with this work. Catalogue of ORIENTAL LITERATURE, containing all 2 The work is a 12mo. of about 250 pages. Illustrated. Price 75 cts. Orders from the Trade solicited. the Company's Books, and a selection of the best works of Continental Oriental Scholars. The Catalogue may be had

D. M. DEWEY, PUBLISHER, of any bookseller in the United States.

Arcade Hall, Rochester, N. Y.

[blocks in formation]


By Mrs. E. C. KINNEY.


A Catalogue of Books published in the United States from October, 1852, to April, 1855, with their eizes, style of binding, prices, and publishers' names, Compiled and arranged by


In one volume, royal 8vo., cloth, net price to the Trade, Tbree Dollars. This Work contains about 6,500 Titles, three-fourths of which are New Books published since October, 1862; the remainder comprise Books that have either changed publishers or prices. *** The Supplement will be sent per mail, post-paid, on receipt of Three Dollars.

0. A. ROORBACH, Jr.,







In Crown Octavo.


White St., over N. Y. & New Haven R. R. Depot, The attention of the Trade is called to this interesting PHILOSOPHY OF LANGUAGE. and elegant contribution to literature, from a source so

Room 33, New York,

BY SIR JOIN STODDARD, LL. D. distinguished. The scenes of the romance are laid in

FAC-SIMILES OF WOOD CUTS and all kinds of TypePart II.-Containing UNIVERSAL GRAMMAR; or, The Italy, France, and Algiers, and are portrayed in lines whose

Pure Science of Language. Third Edition, entirely re

work, and Copper-plate Engraving, made to order, by the sweetness and power have rarely been equaled in modern written,

Electrotype Process, in a workman-like manner. times.

In preparation, Part 2, GLASSOLOGY; or, The Histori. The proprietors of this Establishment, having long been emThe mechanical parts of the book will be in the very cal Relations of Languages.

ployed in the establishment of J. W. Wilcox, Bostonbest style of the art-appropriate and tasteful.


the first to apply the Electrotype Art to Wood Cuts and 12mo., cloth, 75 cents. RICHARD GRIFFIN & CO.,

Types-confidently assure the Public that their long ex

perience enables them to practice the art in its highest Orders from the Trade solicited.

Publishers to the University of Glasgow. perfection,




the "Traveller Buildings,” corner of State and Congress

Streets, Boston, by WORTHINGTON, FLANDERS & Co., at (SUCCESSORS TO A. HART, LATE CAREY & HART,) $6 00 a year, strictly in advance.

It is a prominent object of the Traveler to furnish, in adPHILADELPHIA,

dition to all the news, a large amount of miscellaneous read

ing. It contains, too, & great amount of valuable original HAVE JUST PUBLISHED,

and selected scientific information. Its correspondents, 1.

foreign and domestic, are numerous and reliable; and its

facilities generally, for obtaining the materials for making ROBERT G R A H A M :

a first-class newspaper for business men and the family use, A SEQUEL TO LINDA; OR, THE YOUNG PILOT OF THE BELLE CREOLE. By Mrs. CAROLINE LEE HENTZ are unsurpassed by any of its cotemporaries. 1 vol., cloth, 75 cts. ; paper, 30 cts.

It is designed to furnish in a clear but compendious man



Particular attention is paid to Reports of Lectures upon

scientific and literary topics, and such other public disA Tale for Youth, conveying admirable lessons of Moral and Religions Truth, in an attractive and popular style. By a courses, delivered in the city and elsewhere, as are interestYoung Lady of Philadelphia. Cloth, 18mo., fine paper, 50 cents.

ing and instructive to the general reader,--the reporters in III.

this department being the most accurate and celebrated in



Its digest of railroad matter is also particularly full and Being a Brief History of the Progress of Inventive Genius, including an Abstract of the Laws of Foreign countries on accurate, including information respecting the condition

the subject of Patents: to which is added a Digest of the Patent Laws of the United States; Decisions of the United and progress of railroads, as well as other routes of travel States and State Courts in cases of Appeal and otherwise ; Opinions in Cases of Appeal from Decisions of the Com- throughout the United States, and constitutes a distinguishmissioner of Patents, &c, &c.; together with General Directions to Applicants for obtaining Patents, with the forms ing feature of the Traveller. to be observed in Applications; Form of Caveat; Proceedings to be instituted as preliminary to final Appeal, &c., &c.

MONEY MATTERS. With an Appendix, by J. G. Moore, formerly of the New York Courier and Enquirer. 1 vol. 12mo., cloth, $1 25.

Carefully prepared articles on Money Matters are given This work may be relied on as a faithful expositor and usefal cade meoum to the inventor. It dispenses with the from a competent and authentic source, with the daily stock necessity of employing intermediate agents to conduct an application, and acquaints the inventor with all that is requisite sales at the Brokers' Board. or indispensable to him for the attainment of his object. IV.


Ample means have been secured for obtaining the FULLTHE ISLAND EMPIRE;

EST DETAILS OF FOREIGN AND CALIFORNIA News on the OR, THE SCENES OF THE FIRST EXILE OF THE EMPEROR NAPOLEON I. Together with a Narrative ofers, both at Boston and New York; a very extensive Coe

arrival of the European, California, and Australian 'steamhis Residence on the Island of Elbe taken from local information, the papers of the British Resident, and other RESPONDENCE at various points of importance throughout authentic sources. By the Author of "Blondelle." (Shortly.)

the country, has been established. Experienced and com

petent REPORTERS are employed; and extended arrangeMILTON FOR THE MILLION. A Book for every Bookseller and Librarian.

ments bave been made for obtaining, through the ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH, the earliest and most reliable intelligence apon all matters of public importance.

BOOK TRADE The Poetical Works of John Milton.

Particular attention is given to the Book Trade, in the

Traveller. Advertisements of new books are classified in a With a Lle of the Author; Dissertations on each Poem;

prominent position, and set up in an attractive manner, in Notes, Critical and Explanatory; and Index to the Sub

the paper. The Literary Department, Critical Notices, and jects of Paradise Lost

, and a Verbal Index to all the A CATALOGUE OF AMERICAN PUBLICATIONS, Reviews of New Books, is under the management of a genPoems. Edited by CHARLES D. CLEVELAND, author of

tleman of acknowledged literary talent and ability, and " Compendium of English Literature," "English Litera

every attention is given to the interests of the Trade. ture of the Nineteenth Century," &c. The whole comREPRINTS AND ORIGINAL WORKS,

CORRESPONDENCE. prised in one large duodecimo of 688 pages, for $1 25.

The Traveller has numerous Correspondents at different Uniting BEAUTY, CHEAPNESS, COMPACTNESS, and COMPRE

From 1820 to 1852, inclusive,

points throughout this country and in Europe, as well as HENSIVENESS, in a manner hitherto unattempted.

regular contributors among travellers for observation and “ An edition which must have cost immense labor, from With the sizes, prices, and publishers' names ; together with pleasure. From this source the paper is furnished—not the care and accuracy with which every word has been

a List of

only with early accounts of passing events, meetings, conweighed."-National Magazine.

ventions, and whatever else is transpiring—but with enter"A pre-eminently appreciable pleasure it is, to find a

PERIODICALS new and carefully prepared edition of a favorite writer."

taining descriptive letters, sketches of travel in interesting Knickerbocker.


localities, &c. No newspaper, probably, has a wider and "Indispensable even to those who possess the most costly

more attentive and intelligent circle of miscellaneous coreditions." —Daily Register.

Compiled and arranged by

respondents. "The Index of Subjects is full and judicious; the Verbal Index remarkably accurate; and the Notes signally perti

NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. Dent"-Bibliotheca Sacra.


The extensive circulation of the Traveller renders it an “Unquestionably the best edition of the immortal bard."

unusually excellent medium for advertisers. Advertise-Christian Advocate.

8vo., 652 pages, cloth, price $6. “Books, facilitating critical study in English Literature,

ments are inserted in all THREE EDITIONS OF THE DAILY have recently accumulated upon us, such as Cleveland's This volume will be found of very great value for

without extra charge. admirable edition of Milton, containing a perfect Verbal In

The circulation of the Traveller has equalled the most dex."-James P. Holcombe's Address before the alumni of reference. To every Bookseller, especially, and every sanguine expectations of the proprietors. Not only is it disthe University of Virginia.

"The Text I have found in all cases the best; the Notes conntry library, it is almost indispensable, as there is no tributed by our carriers to the dwellings of subscribers in complete and faultless as far as human labor can be.”—J08. remain of the revised edition (published at 87), which will men at all the depots in the city, and also by the news most judiciously selected or supplied; while the Index is other work giving the same information. A few copies every part of Boston, Roxbury, Cambridge, Chelsea, East

Boston, and South Boston, but it is sold by regular newsG. Cogswell, Librarian of the Astor Library. be sent, POST-FEER, on receipt of $6.

venders on all the trains that pass over roads diverging from Published by

Boston. It is also for sale by the newsmen at all the prin




cipal towns on the lines of all the railroads in New England, J. C. DERBY,

and it gives us pleasure to state that the circulation is still PHILADELPHIA,

on the increase. PUBLISIER,

Office, Traveller Buildings, And for sale by Booksellers generally throughout the


119 NASSAU ST., New York, WORTHINGTON, FLANDERS & CO., Publishers.


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