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ins, on Northwestern turnpike; thence, with line of
said Preston and Hawkins, to lands of W. M. Tate ;
thence, with line of said Preston and Tate, to lands of
the Gawthrop heirs; thence, with line of said Preston
and Gawthrop heirs, to the Morgantown pike; thence,
with said pike, south west, to corner of lands of said
Gawthrop heirs and Mrs. Ollie Willis, so as to include
all lands of Geo. W. Preston ; thence, with lines of said
Gawthrop heirs and Willis, to line of Geo. W. Frum ;
thence, with lines of said Gawthrop heirs and Frum, to
line in lands of L. E. Stout; thence, with line of said
Frum and Stout to Ridge road; thence, with said road,
west, to east line on said road, of dowry lands of Eliz-
abeth Dunkin; thence, with lines of said Elizabeth
Dunkin and James Dunkin, to line in lands of Anna
Dunkin ; thence, a direct line to corner of lands of John
Comer and O'Brien Reynolds, on Baltimore and Ohio
railroad, near No. 19, or Rock cut; thence, with lines
of said Comer and Reynolds, to line in lands of Samuel
Corpening heirs; thence, with lines of said Reynolds
and Corpening's heirs, to line in lands of Hannah C.
Drummond ; thence, with lines of said Reynolds, Drum-
mond and others, to Northwestern turnpike, so as to in-
clude all the lands of said Drummond ; thence, a direct
line, through lands of Richard Pike, Samuel Corpen-
ing's heirs, and others, to the lands of Jessie Johnson
and Joseph J. Johnson, and in line of lands owned by
Abner Parr ; thence by a direct line, through lands of
the said Joseph Johnson, to the place of beginning.
2. At a special election to be held in pursuance of

Question to be law, within Simpson district of Harrison county, on submitted to the twenty-fifth day of May, one thousand eight hun vote of people; dred and ninety-five, it shall be the duty of the board of education of said Simpson district to submit to the legal and competent voters residing therein, the question of the adoption or rejection of the provisions of this act, of which election the said board of education shall give thirty days' notice, by posting the same in three tion. public places within said district.

Said election shall be held and conducted and the re- How consult thereof ascertained and declared in all respects as

ducted, etc. now provided by law for general elections in this state, except that the officers to conduct said election and the ballots to be voted thereat shall be appointed and prepared by the said board of education, which said ballots Ballots; who to shall have printed thereon "For Independent District," to be printed and "Against Independent District," and the legal voters in said district voting at said election in favor of the establishment of said independent district, shall strike


Notice of elec


on them.

Ballots, booths, ballot boxes,

nished by the board.

from the ballot voted by them the words, "Against Independent District," and those voting at said election against the establishment of said independent district shall strike from their ballots the words, "For Independent District."

The said ballots and the necessary booths, ballot ete, to be fur- boxes, poll books, and all other appliances required by

law and necessary for the holding of such election shall be furnished and supplied by the said board of education, which shall also peform all the duties and be sub

ject to all the penalties prescribed by law for ballot comExpense of

missioners. The expense of said election shall be paid election; how by the said board of education in case the majority of paid.

the voters voting at said election is against the establishment of said independent district; but if otherwise

such expense shall be paid by the board hereinafter procommissioners vided for and elected at said election. At the said electo be elected; tion there shall also be elected by the legal voters resid

ing within the boundaries mentioned in the first section of this act three persons also residing and legal voters within said boundaries, one of whom shall be desig

nated as president and the other two as commissioners, porated. who when elected shall be a body corporate as provided

in the first section of this act, and the person so to be Nominations: voted for shall be nominated or designated as now pro

vided by law, and the ballots therefor shall be furnished and supplied by the said board of education of Simpson district, acting as ballot commissioners, to whom certificates of such nominations or petitions therefor shall be delivered.

President and

Board incor

how made and certified.

Election of new board; when.

3. At the election mentioned in the preceding section, and every two years thereafter at the time for electing school officers, there shall be elected by a separate and distinct ballot by the qualitied voters residing in the territory described in section one of this act, a board of education for said independent school district, consist

ing of a president and two commissioners, who shall Term of office. hold their office for the term of two years and until

their successors are elected and quaified as provided by law. They shall be a body corporate in law, styled the "Board of Education of the Independent School Dis

trict of Bridgeport," and by that name may sue and be Powers, duties, sued, plead and be impleaded, purchase and hold so

much real estate and personal property as may be necessary under the provisions of this act, and without any transfer or conveyance they shall be deemed the owners of all real estate and personal property within the territory aforesaid, now owned or held and used for free school purposes by the board of education of Simpson

Corporate name.


district; and they shall have all the powers, perform all the duties, and be subject to all the liabilities both of boards of education and of trustees under the general school law, except as qualitied or enlarged by the pro- ; visions of this act. For their services they shall receive No compensano compensation.

4. The election for the purpose of electing officers Elections ununder this act shall be held on the day provided for the delethiseach general school election and at a separate place to be pro- how conducted. vided by the board of education of said independent district, and by commissioners who shall also be appointed by said board of education, and for so conducting the election the board of education may allow said election officers such compensation as they deem best, Compensation to be paid out of the building fund of said independent cers. district.

when ;


to levy.


5. It shall be the duty of the board of education at Duty of board its meeting in July, or as soon thereafter as practicable, to ascertain as near as may be the amount of money necessary to conduct the schools of the said independent district, in addition to the money on hand, or that may come to hand during the year, belonging to teachers and building funds, respectively, to keep the schools of said district in operation at least five months in the year, length of for which amount the board shall levy a tax upon the school term. property of said district, which shall be collected and

How levy colaccounted for in all respects by the sheriff of the county, lected. as other school moneys: Provided, horrorer, That the rate of levy in any one year shall not exceed the rate Maximum levy prescribed by the general school law; but in case said rate will permit, the board of education may provide for a longer term of school than five months in the year without recourse to a vote of the people in the independent district. All taxes levied shall be a lien upon Taxes a lien on the property of said district, as provided by the general property. law for other taxes.

ized to



6. In addition to the levies provided for in the pre-Board authorceding section, the board of education of aforesaid in- bonded debt: dependent district shall be and is authorized, and is within what hereby empowered at any time within five years from the

passage of this act, at any general school election or special election they may call for that purpose, to borrow money and issue therefor bonds for the purpose of erecting and completing a public school building for the iise of said independent district.

Said bonds shall draw no greater rate of interest than Bonds: rate of six

per centum per annum, and shall be made payable payable:

interest: when Limit of indebtedness.


in not less than one nor more than twenty years: Provided, Such indebtedness shall not exceed, including existing indebtedness, in the aggregate, tive per centum of the taxable property in said independent district of Bridgeport, to be ascertained by the last assessment made for state and county taxes next before incurring of such indebtedness, nor without at the same time pro

viding for the collection of a direct annual tax sufAnnual tax to ficient to pay annually the interest on such indebtedpay interest, ness, and the principal thereof, within and not exceeding

twenty years; and, Proridell, further, That no debt shall be incurred or contracted under this act unless all

questions connected therewith shall have been first subQuestion to be mitted, in the manner prescribed by law, to the voters

of the said independent district at an election held for

that purpose as aforesaid, and shall have received threerequired.

fifths of all the votes cast for and against the same.

7. The board of education shall hold stated meetings ings of board at such times and places as they may appoint, two cial meetings. members constituting a quorum, for the transaction of

business. Special meetings may be called by the president, or by the secretary, at the request of either members.

submitted to vote of the people; vote

Stated meet

; quorum: spe

Power of board

schools, etc.

Text books.

8. The board of education shall have power to make as to govern- all necessary rules and regulations for the govern

ment of the schools of the independent district, for the admission of the pupils therein, for the exclusion of pupils whose attendance would be dangerous to the health or detrimental to the morals or discipline of the schools.

They shall prescribe the text-books to be used in the schools of their district, and may furnish books and stationery for the use of indigent children in attendance at the schools; they shall furnish all necessary apparatus and books for the use of the schools, and incur such other expenses necessary to make the system efficient for the purposes for which it was established.

The schools shall be subject to such grading as the Non-residents board may adopt, and non-residents of the independent

district may be allowed to attend the schools of the dis

trict upon such terms as the board of education may how applied.

prescribe, and all tuitions received from such non-resident pupils shall be applied to the teachers' fund of the district.

Grading of schools.

may attend: tuition received from,

Teachers; appointment, salary, etc.

The board of education of the said independent school district shall, at a meeting to be held not later than the first day of August of each year, appoint the teachers necessary to give proper instruction to the

pupils within said independent district, and shall fix the salary which each of said teachers may receive, and all teachers so appointed shall be subject in all respects to the rules and regulations adopted by the board of education.

10. All provisions of the general school law of the Provisions of state, and all laws and acts heretofore existing, which law to apply, are in any manner inconsistent with the provisions of except, etc. this act, shall be void within said district; otherwise the general school law shall remain in full force and effect in this district, as elsewhere in the state.

Speaker of the House of Delegates."

President of the Senate.


February 21, 1895.
I certify that the foregoing act, having been pre-
sented to the governor for his approval, and not having
been returned by him to the house of the legislature in
which it originated within the time prescribed by the
Constitution of this State, has become a law without his

Secretary of State.


[NOTE BY THE CLERK OF THE HOUSE OF DELEGATES. The foregoing act takes effect from its passage, twothirds of all the members elected to each house, by a vote taken by yeas and nays, having so directed.]

(House Bill No. 311.)


AN ACT to amend and re-enact sections one and two of

chapter fifty-three of the acts of the legislature of West Virginia, passed February twenty-eight, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-one, so as to add to the territory of the independent school district of

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