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1--Amending divorce Law

2– Limitation of suits......

3–Concerning election by the people....

4 Assignments, etc., by insolvent debtors

Ö-Work on roads

6--Leasing, etc., of estates of msane persons.

7-State board of health; physicians.

8-Commissioners in chancery; reports, exceptions to

9 - Married woman, attorney in fact for...

10-Certain acknowledgments of married women to deeds, etc., legalized.

11--State licenses on cigarettes, merry-go-rounds, etc...

12-Costs, fees and expenses in suits

13-Reliet against erioneous assessments

14-Municipalities; paving streets, etc.; delinqnent taxes.

15- Restoration of lost records...

16 --Prohibiting certain railroads from dealing in coal or coke.

17 --Railroads; freight classification; maximum charges, etc

18—Collection of delinquent taxes; redemption of part of tract or town lot

19--- Appointment of deputy clerks in criminal or intermediate courts.....

20- Election of special judges in criminal or intermediate courts....

21-Compensation of special judges in circuit courts.

22-Protection of riparian own i'S.......

23--Compensation for catching drift timber

24 - Filling vacancies in town offices.

25 - App intment of trustees of religious, benevolent, educational and

secret societies..

26— Amendments of lodge charters, etc

27-Compensation of assessors

28-- Time of working roads

29-Elections in towns giving less than 600 votes.

30-Compensation of the clerks, sheriffs and prosecuting attorneys.

31-Relocation of county seats

32 -- Abolishing the fish commission.

33---State board of agriculture....

34-Justice's and constable's wrongful fee bills

35- What are lawful fences......

36-How partners may sue before a justice

37—School books; list of; sale of......

38— Preparatory branch of university established at Montgomery..

39-Concerning the school for the deaf and the blind.

40– Establishing Bluefield colored institute.......

41—The university; state normal school........

42-State board of examiners for teachers...

43-School levies; school term increased to five months

44-Schools at places of reception for the poor..

+54 Amendments to school law: teachers' reports, salaries, institutes and

examinations; levies and debts by boards of education; issuance
of bonds by certain school districts containing town or city; non-

paying pupils at normal schools: training of colored teachers.....

46—Removal of county and district officers.

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ACTS OF 1895.

(House Bill No. 1.)


AN ACT to amend and re-enact section thirteen of

chapter sixty-four, code of West Virginia.

[Passed February 6, 1895.]

Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia :

That section thirteen of chapter sixty-four of the code Section 13 of of West Virginia, be amended and re-enacted so as to read as follows:

chapter 64 code amended.

Decree from


By what court.



13. When a decree for a separation forever, or for a limited period, shall have been pronounced in a suit for bed and board divorce from bed and board, it may be revoked at any time thereafter by the same court by which it was pronounced under such regulations and restrictions as the Regulations court may impose, upon the joint application of the tins to be imparties, and upon their producing satisfactory evidence Who tous ply of their reconciliation; and when a divorce from bed therefore and board has been decreed for abandonment, or deser- For abandontion, or other cause, and two years shall have elapsed tion, etese time from the bringing of the suit wherein such decree is to elapse che

inake applientered, without such reconciliation, the court may upon eation for a dithe application of the injured party, and the produetion ponds or matof satisfactory evidence, taken in support of such appli- rimony cation, decree a divorce from the bonds of matrimony former hearing and upon such application the court may read and consider the evidence in the cause taken and filed in the former hearing : Prorided, The court shall be of the


vorce from

Evidence uron

may be consid

To apply to

opinion that no reconciliation is probable, and this shall what decrees apply to such decrees heretofore, as well as hereafter


(Approved February 14, 1895.)

[NOTE BY THE CLERK OF THE HOUSE OF DELEGATES. The foregoing act takes effect at the expiration of ninety days after its passage.]

(Senate Bill No. 77.)


AN ACT to amend and re-enact section 6 of chapter one hundred and four of the code of West Virginia, as amended and re-enacted by chapter one hundred and two of the acts of the Legislature of one thousand eight hundred and eighty-two, concerning limitation of suits.

Passed February 21, 1895. ]

Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:

Acts amended'.

That section 6 of chapter one hundred and four of the code of West Virginia, as amended and re-enacted by chapter one hundred and two of the Acts of the Legislature of 1882, concerning the limitation of suits, be amended and re-enacted, so as to read as follows:

certain actions


6. Every action to recover money, which is founded Time in which upon an award, or on any contract other than a judgto be brought. ment or recognizance, shall be brought within the fol

lowing number of years next after the right to bring Vpon an in- the same shall have accrued, that is to say: if the case demnifying

be upon an indemnifying bond taken under any statute, Bond of exec- or upon a bond of an executor, administrator or guar

dian, curator, committee, sheriff or deputy sheriff, clerk

or deputy clerk, or any other fiduciary or public officer, writing undera within ten years; if it be upon any other contract by before the first writing under seal, executed before the first day of Users of April, April, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-nine, within After that date; twenty years; but if executed on or after that day, Upon or contract by within ten years; if it be upon an award, or upon a con

tract by writing, signed by the party to be charged

trator, etc.

Contracts by


writing not under seal.

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