Acts of the Legislature of West Virginia

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Public Printer, 1895
Includes extra and special sessions.

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16Prohibiting certain railroads from dealing in coal or coke
17Railroads freight classification maximum charges
18Collection of delinquent taxes redemption of part of tract or town
19Appointment of deputy clerks in criminal or intermediate courts
20Election of special judges in criminal or intermediate courts
21Compensation of special judges in circuit courts
22Protection of riparian own
23Compensation for catching drift timber
24Filling vacancies in town offices
25Appointment of trustees of religious benevolent educational and secret societies
26Amendments of lodge charters
27Compensation of assessors
28Time of working roads
31Relocation of county seats 32Abolishing the fish commission 33State board of agriculture 29Elections in towns giving less than 600 votes
30Compensation of the clerks sheriffs and prosecuting attorneys
34Justices and constables wrongful fee bills
35What are lawful fences
36How partners may sue before a justice
37School books list of sale
39Concerning the school for the deaf and the blind 38Preparatory branch of university established at Montgomery
40Establishing Bluefield colored institute
41The university state normal school
42State board of examiners for teachers
43School levies school term increased to five months
44Schools at places of reception for the poor
teachers reports salaries institutes and examinations levies and debts by boards of education issuance of bonds by certain school districts containing to...
47Of Moundsville authorized to issue and sell bonds 92
49Of Volcano repealing act establishing
50Of Bridgeport act establishing
51Of Charleston Elk City consolidated with
52Of Brandonville act creating repealed
54Of Moundsville act creating amended
55Of Weston act creating amended and reenacted

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Page 124 - ... per centum on the value of the taxable property therein, to be .ascertained by the last assessment for State and county taxes, previous to the incurring of such indebtedness.
Page 21 - Any married female may take by inheritance, or by gift, grant, devise or bequest from any person other than her husband, and hold to her sole and separate use, and convey and devise real and personal property, and any interest or estate therein, and the rents, issues and profits thereof, in the same manner and with like effect as if she were unmarried, and the same shall not be subject to the disposal of her husband nor be liable for his debts.
Page 140 - Prisons," and by that Name shall have perpetual Succession and a Common Seal, and may sue and be sued in all Courts and before all Justices and others.
Page 19 - BY THE SECRETARY OF STATE. The foregoing act having been presented to the governor for his approval, and not having been returned by him to the house of the legislature in which it originated within the time prescribed by tue constitution of the state, has become a law without his approval.
Page 101 - ... shall possess all the powers, perform all the duties, and be subject to all the obligations and...
Page 129 - City, or of the county, in which he may offer to vote, for six months next preceding the election, shall be entitled to vote, in the ward or election district, in which he resides, at all elections hereafter to be held in this State...
Page 17 - ... during each year, and shall be held at such points in the state as shall be most convenient to those presenting themselves for examination or to the state board of health. At such examinations written and oral questions shall be submitted to the applicants for license, covering all the essential branches of the sciences of medicine and surgery, and the examination shall be a thorough and decisive test of the knowledge and ability of the applicants.
Page 264 - Resolved by the House of Delegates (the Senate concurring), That a committee of three on the part of the House...
Page 83 - ... for each mile necessarily traveled in going to and returning from the seat of government...
Page 12 - Every gift, conveyance, assignment, transfer, or charge, which is not upon consideration deemed valuable in law, or which is upon consideration of marriage, shall be void as to creditors, whose debts shall have been contracted at the time it was made, but shall not, on that account, merely, be void as to creditors whose debts shall have been contracted or as to purchasers who shall have purchased...

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