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copy, £5 58

Is 6d

585 BURNET'S (Bishop) History of the Refor- 603 BURTON'S Anatomy of Melancholy, abridged

mation of the Church of England, new edition, from the larger Work, 12mo, cloth, 2s 6d 1865 revised and compared with the Records, and 604 BUSHNELL'S (Dr. Horace) The New Life ; collated with the Originals, by N. Pocock, 7 Every Man's Life a Plan of God, Dignity of Huvols, 8vo, full bound, calf, very elegant, a choice man Nature, The Reason of Faith, Regeneration,

1865 The Power of an Endless Life, &c., 12mo, cloth, 586 BURNET'S History of His Own Times, from

1866 the Restoration of King Charles II to Queen 606 BUSHNELL'S The Vicarious Sacrifice, Anne, illustrated with 51 fine portraits, from the grounded on Principles of Universal Obligation, original paintings, 2 vols, royal 8vo, full bound, crown 8vo, cloth, 6s 6d

1866 smooth best calf, pannelled backs, a choice and 607 BUSHNELL'S Sermons on Christ and his Salbeautiful copy, £2 28

vation, crown 8vo, cloth, 5s 6d

1866 587 BURNS (Robert) Complete Works, Poetical 608 BUSINESS Life; or a Complete Guide to the

and Prose, with Memoir of His Life, by Allan Shopkeeper, including certain methods of acquirCunningham, complete in 1 vol, royal 8vo, full ing a Fortune, crown 8vo, cloth, 1s 1866 bound, best morocco, elegant, 258

1855 609 BUTTERFLIES. Westwood's Butterflies of 588 BURNS' Poetical Works, edited with Notes Great Britain, with their Transformations delin

and Memoir, by Charles C. Clarke, 2 vols, 8vo, eated and described, royal 8vo, many beautifully · half morocco, richly gilt, gold edges, 12s 6d 1864 coloured plates, cloth, 10s, pub 21s

1860 589 BURNS' Poetical Works and Letters, with 610 BUTTERFLIÉS. Morris's History of British

Copious Explanation of Scotch Words and Butterflies, Illustrated with 70 fully and beautiMemoirs of His Life, 12mo, fine plates, full fully coloured plates, representing many thousand bound, best morocco, gilt leaves, 6s 6d 1865 species, royal ovo, cloth extra, 15s, pub 258 1x60 Another Copy, in cloth, gilt edges, 3s 6d

611 BUTLER'S Arithmetical Questions, last edition, 599 BURNS' Works and Life, by Chambers, 4 vols, 12mo, "cloth, his

1833 8vo, library edition, fine portrait, cloth 188 1856 612BUTLER'S (Rev. W. Archer) Sermons, Doctri. 591 BURNS' Songs, including all the copyright nal and Practical, edited, with Author's Life, by

ones not in other editions, and some important Woodward, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth extra, last edition, variations from original MSS. in Burns's own 14s

1466 Hand-Writing, 12mo, beautifully printed, cloth 613 BUTLER'S (Bishop) Complete Works, with a 4s 6d

1864 Memoir of the Life, by Bishop Halifax, 2 vols 592 BURNS and Scott's Works; the Complete 8vo, full bound calf extra, £l Is

1849 Poetical Works of Robert Burns and Sir Walter 614 BUTLER'S Analogy of Religion, Natural and Scott, fine steel portraits, and a fac-simile of Revealed, crown 8vo, fine portrait, full bound, MSS. letters, complete in 1 vol, royal 8vo, cloth, smooth calf elegant, 5s od

1860 extra, 5s

1866 Another Copy, in cloth extra, 3s 6d 593 BURNS'S (Dr. J.) Four Hundred Sketches and 6 BUTLER'S Analogy of Religion, edited with an

Skeletons of Sermons, 4 vols, crown 8vo, cloth, Analytical Index by Dr. Steere, 8vo, beautifully 12s, pub les


printed by C. Whittingham, in large handsome 594 BURNS'S Pulpit Cyclopædia and Christian type, cloth extra, Es, pub 128

1857 Minister's Companion, 4 vols, crown 8vo, cloth, 616 BŪTLER'S Hudibras, with Notes and Memoir 128


of Author, !smo, portrait, and woodcut plates, 595 BURNS'S Christian Exercises for Every Lord's very expressive of the character, cloth, 2s 1866

Day Morning and Evening in the Year, post 617 BUTLER'S Hudibras, and his other Works, with Evo, portrait, cloth, 38


Life and Explanatory Notes, by Gilfillan, % vols 596 BURROUGHS (Rev. J.) Exposition of the Pro- 8vo, fine large library copy, half green morocco, phecy of Hosea, new edition, edited by Rev. 12s

1862 James Sherwin, royal 8vo, cloth extra, "9s 60 618 BUXTON'S (Sir Thomas F.) Memoirs of his (pub 243 )

1863 Life, and Selections from his Correspondence, by 597 BURROWS' (Rev. H.) Parochial Sermons, 12mo, his Son, 8vo, fine portrait, full bound, smooth cloth, 3s 6d (pub 6s ) 1857 brown, calf elegant, 18s

1848 598 BURTON'S (John Hill ) Scot Abroad, 2 vols, 619 BUXTON'S (Charles, M.P.) The Ideas of the crown 8vo, half morocco neat, 12s 6d 1864 Day on Policy, 8vo, cloth, 6s

1866 599

The Book Hunter; or, How to gain 619 BYZANTINĖ Architecture. Examples of the a proper and comfortable Knowledge of Old Books Edifices erected in the East during the earliest and Booksellers, crown 8vo, half morocco neat, Ages of Christianity, with historical descriptions, 6s 6d

1865 70 beautifully executed plates, many of them in 600 BURTON'S ( Captain R. ) Travels in Central gold and colours, folio, cloth, £3 3s, pub £6 6s

Africa, its Lake Regions and Explorations, 2 vols, 620 BYRON'S (Lord) Complete Poetical Works, col8vo, coloured plates, full bound smooth calf, very lected and arranged by Thos. Moore, with Notes elegant, 14s 6d ( pub £? 28 )

1860 by Sir Walter Scott, Lord Jeffrey, and others, 601 BURTON'S Anatomy of Melancholy, new ed., complete in l vol, royal 8vo, splendid portrait

complete in 1 vol, with a fac-simile of the old and fac-simile letter, full bound Turkey morocco Frontispiece, 1652, thick vol, 8vo, plates, smooth elegant, gold edges, 24s calf elegant, a fine copy, 128 6d

1803 621 BYRON's Poetical Works. New and complete 602 BURTON'S ( Dr. Ed.) History of the Christian Edition, 6 vols large demy 8vo, splendid portrait, Church from the Ascension of Christ to Con- full bound, smooth calf, elegant, £3 10s

1855 stantine, 1:?mo, cloth, 3s 6d (pub 6s) 1859 A must beautiful and desirable Set of Books." 605 BUSHNELL'S Nature, and the Supernatural, 622 BYRON'S Poetical Works, edited, with Author's 623 BYRON'S Complete Works, edited by Thomas ( 643 CAMPIN'S Hand-Turning - The Complete Guide

as together constituting the One System of God, Life, 12mo, plates, mor., gold leaves, 6s 6d 1865 12mo, cloth, 3s 6d

1864 Another Copy, in cloth extra, 3s 6d

Moore, with Notes by Sir Walter Scott, com- to the Practice of Turning in Wood, Ivory, Shell, plete in 1 large vol, portrait and plates, 10s 1866 &c., crown Svo, cloth, Plates, os

1861 624 BYRON'S Complete Works, with Memoir of his 644 CAMPBELL'S (J. F.) Life in Normandy

Life by Anderson, and copious Sotes, 2 vols royal Sketches of French Fishing, Farming, Cooking,

8vo, portrait and plates, cloth extra, 38s 1866 Natural History, and Politics, drawn from Na625 BYRON'S Life, Letters, and Journals, by Thos. ture, 8vo, Plates, cloth, 6s

1865 Moore, with Notes by Lord Jeffrey, complete 645 CAMOEN'S (Luis de) Lusiad, or the Discovery in 1 vol royal 8vo, fine portrait and vignettes, of India, an Epic Poem, translated by Mickle, cloth extra, Jos 1860 2 vols 8vo, Portrait, calf, 3s 6d

1791 626 BYRON'S Select Poems. · A new Selection of 646 CAMPBELL'S Travels in South Africa, 8vo, Pieces from the Poems of Lord Byron, with a Plates, half calf, gilt, 3s id

1815 Preface by Algernon Swinburne, square 12mo, 647 CAMBRIDGE Memorabilia Cantabrigiæ, or an fine portrait, cloth, 5s

1866 Account of the different Colleges in Cambridge, 627 BYRON'S Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, 12mo, with Biographies of their Founders, and many

plates, full bound Turkey morocco, 6s tid 1853 Anecdotes, 8vo, numerous fine Portraits and Another Copy, 12mo, Plates, cl., gilt edges, 3s 6d Plates, half calf elegant, 4s

1863 628 BYRON Beauties; the Gallery of the most cele- 648 CAMPBELL'S Lives of the Lord Chancellors

brated Female Beauties mentioned or described and Keepers of the Great Seal of England, from in Lord Byron's Poems, with Description, 29 the Earliest Times till the Reign of George IV., Portraits by Heath, royal 8vo, morocco extra, 10 vols crown 8vo, half calf elegant, a handsome 128, pub £3 3s 1845 and choice library set, £3 18s

1856 629 BYTHNER'S Lyre of David ; Edited and Trans- 649 CAMPBELL and COLERIDGE's Poetical Works,

lated by Dr. Dee, 8vo, cloth, 10s 6d, pub 24s 1847 with Lives of the Authors, complete in l vol 639-BOYES'S (J. F.) Lacon in Council, or Short and 12mo, Plates, full bound, best morocco, gilt Pithy Sayings illustrative of Character, of Rogu- edges, his rid

18115 ery, of Friendship, of Antipathy, of Enmity, of 650 CAMPBELL'S (Thomas) Poetical Works, with

Love, of the Fair Sex, &c., Svo, cloth, 5s 6d 1865 Notes and Memoir of his Life, illustrated with 63YCABINET Lawyer, a Popular Digest of the 37 exquisite Engravings from original designs by

Laws of England, Civil, Criminal, and Constitu- Harvey, thick vol 12mo, full bound best Turkey tional, intended for Practical Use, brought down morocco, gold edges, 10s 6d

1863 to the Present Time, thick vol, 12mo, cloth, 10s 651 CAMPBELL'S (Thomas) Poetical Works, 8vo, 6d

1867 morocco, illustrated by 20 Vignettes, from de632 CABINET Editions of the Works of the British signs by Turner, and 37 Woodcuts, from designs

Poets, a Collection of the Entire Works of 32 of by Harvey, fine early fresh impressions, good our most Popular Poets, 4 vols, post Svo, por

1843 traits, cloth, 12s

1831 652 CAMDEN'S Britannia, or Description of Eng. 633 CÆSAR'S Commentaries on the Gallic and Civil land, Scotland, and Ireland, and the Islands

Wars, including his Alexandrian, African, and adjoining, with their Antiquities, Curiosities, Spanish Wars, literally translated, with Notes, and other Relics, translated from the Latin, in post 8vo, cloth, 4s 6d

1863 1 very thick vol, folio, Maps, calf, neat, 18s 634 CALENDAR of the Prayer Book, illustrated 653 CAMDEN'S Britannia, a Chorographical De

from the Early and Mediæval Monuments, post scription of Great Britain, Ireland, and Adjacent 8vo, cloth, extra, 6s

1866 Isles, translated and enlarged by Bishop Gibson, 635 CABINET Library of Scarce, Celebrated, and Portrait, and numerous engravings of Coins, In

Useful Tracts, 8 vols, 12mo, cloth, 15s, pub £! scriptions, and other antiquities, and Maps, 28

1835 2 vols folio, good sound copy, in calf, 258 1722 686 CAIRD'S (Rev. Dr. John) Sermons on Great 654 CAMBRIDGE-Ackerman's History of the UniTexts, new edition, 12mo, cloth, 5s

1864 versity of Cambridge, its Colleges, Halls, and 637 CALDERON COMEDIAS, Corregidas per J. J. Public Churches, and Public Buildings, with

Keil, 4 vols, royal 8vo, fine portrait, half bound 100 coloured Plates, by Pugin and Nash, incalf elegant, 225, pub £4 4s

1-30 cluding the Costumes of the Students and the "This Edition of the immortal Calderon includes Interiors of the Colleges, 2 vols royal 4to, half the entire of his Works."

morocco, neat, 30s, pub £15 15s

1815 638 CALMET'S Dictionary of the Bible, with the 655 CANOVA- Memoirs of Antonio Canova, the

Biblical Fragments by the late Charles Taylor, Sculptor, with a History of Modern Sculpture, illustrated with 200 Engravings, 5 vols 4to, cloth, by J. S. Memes, 8vo, Portrait, calf, gilt, 3s 6d, £2 158, pub £10 10s 1847

18:25 639 CALLCOTT'S (Sir A.) Landscapes of the most 656 CANDLISH'S (Rev. Dr.) Lectures on the Book

beautiful Scenery in England and Italy, 26 large of Genesis, being. Contributions towards its Exand fine tinted Drawings on stone, imperial folio, position, 3 vols 12mo, cloth, 14s

1863 half bound, £?, pub £4 4s

1848 657 CANDLISH'S Life in a Risen Saviour, a series 640 CALVIN'S (John) Memoirs of his Life, and of of Discourses on the First of Corinthians, crown

the Geneva Reformation, 12mo, cloth, Plates, 8vo, full bound purple morocco, a splendid copy, 3s 6d 1864 12s id

1859 841 CALLCOTT'S (Lady) Little Arthur's England, Another copy, 12mo, cloth extra, 5s 6d 1865 last edition, 12mo, cloth, 2s 6d

1866 658 CANDLISH'S Discourses on the Two Great 642 CALVERT'S Psalter and Canticles of the Morn- Commandments, 8vo, cloth, 6s 6d

1860 ing and Evening Services, divided and printed 659 CANNING'S (Right Hon. George) Speeches in for Chanting, with Prefatory Directions, 12mo, Liverpool, demy ovo, Portrait, cloth, 4s, pub morocco, richly inlaid sides, 6s, pub 15s 1844 158


copy, 268

pub 153

660 CAPPE'S (Rev. Newcombe) Discourses on the ( 681 CARTER'S Specimens of Gothic Architecture

Providence and Government of God, 12mo, half and Ancient Buildings in England, 4 vols, 120 calf, neat, 2s

1818 fine Plates, half morocco, 128, pub £2 2s 1839 661 CAPE'S Mathematical Tables, comprising Lo- 682 CARTWRIGHT (Thomas the Nonconformist)

garithms, Sines, Tangents, and Secants, royal His Life, and of some of his Contemporaries in 8vo, cloth, 3s 6d, pub 10s 6d

1838 the reign of Elizabeth, 12mo, cloth, Is od 1848 662 CAPEL'S (Lord) Daily Meditations, Divine and 683 CARAFAS of Maddaloni-Naples under SpaMoral, 24mo, calf, ls 6d

1679 nish Dominion, translated from the German of 664 /CARLETON'S Traits and Stories of the Irish A. de Reument, post 8vo, Portrait of MassaPeasantry, new edition, with Autobiographical niello, cloth, 3s

1854 Introduction and Explanatory Notes, embel- 684 CARTWRIGHT-Autobiography of Peter Cartlished with numerous spirited Etchings and wright the Backwoods Preacher, 12mo, cl, 2s 1862

Woodcuts, 2 vols 8vo, cloth, 9s, pub 24s 1865 685 CARPENTER'S Arithmetic, last edition, 12mo, Admirable, truly, intensely Irish; never were the outra

cloth, ls id

1852 gebus whimsicalities of that strange, wild, imaginative 686 CARREL'S History of the Counter-Revolution people so characteristically described.-BLACKWOOD.

in England for the Re-establishment of Popery 665 CARPENTER'S Animal Physiology, Vital Oper

under Charles II. and James II.; also in same ations of Animals, General View of the Animal vol, the History of the Reign of James II., by Kingdom, Nature and Sources of Animal Food, the Right Hon. C. J. Fox, post 8vo, cl., 3s 1846 Digestion, of the Blood and Circulation, Ner- 687 CAREY'S Ireland Vindicated, and a Reply to vous System, Structure of the Senses, &c., new the Misrepresentations of May, Temple, Clarenedition, many Plates, cloth, 4s 6d

1859 don, Macaulay, and others, and particularly the 666 CARPENTER'S Mechanical Philosophy, Horo- Tales of the Pretended Conspiracy, &c., 8vo, logy, and Astronomy, new edition, post 8vo, cloth, 3s

1837 numerous Engravings, cloth, 5s ed 1857 688 CASQUET of Gems, Choice Selections from the 667 CARPENTER’S Vegetable Physiology and Sys- Poets, thick vol, 12mo, Plates, cloth, 3s 6d 1866

tematic Botany, edited by Dr. Lancaster, many 089 CASSELL'S Popular Educator, an Illustrated Engravings, post 8vo, cloth, 5s 6d

1860 Journal of Instruction in all the various Arts 668 CARLYLE'S (Thomas) Works, new and uniform and Sciences, with several hundred Engravings, edition, 15 vols, crown 8vo, comprising-Past 6 vols 4to, cloth extra, 27s

1866 and Present, Chartism, Essays Critical and Mis- 690 CASSELL'S Illustrated Exhibitor and Magazine cellaneous, German Tales and Translations, of Art, containing Painting, Sculpture, ArchitecLives of Schiller and Sterling, Wilhelm Meister's ture, and Industry of all Nations, 2 vols 4to, Travels from Goethe, Oliver Cromwell's Letters, many hundred Plates, cloth, 10s tid, pub 248 Speeches and Elucidations, Latter-Day Pam- 691 CASSELL'S Colloquial French Reader, or interphlets, History of the French Revolution, hand- esting Narratives in French for Translation, last some set, in half brown calf, elegant, marbled edition, 12mo, cloth, 2s 6d

1856 edges, £5 158

London, 1865 | 692 CASSELLS' Latin Reader, adapted to Andrews 669 CARLYLE'S French Revolution, a History of and Stoddard's Latin Grammar, last edition, 12mo the Bastile, the Constitution, and the Guillotine, cloth, ls 6d

1853 2 vols, crown 8vo, cloth, 10s

1866 693 CASSELL'S First Latin Lessons, comprising 670 CARLYLE'S Latter-Day Pamphlets, new edi- Grammar, Exercises, and Vocabulary, 12mo cloth, tion, crown 8vo, half calf, gilt, és

1865 Is 6d 671 CARLYLE'S History of Frederick the Great of 694 CASSELL'S Latin Dictionary. Latin English,

Prussia, Portraits, 6 thick vols 8vo, the complete and English Latin, by J. Beard, 8vo, last edition, work cloth, £4 10s, sells £6 1858-65 cloth, 78

1866 672 CARLYLE'S Past and Present; and in same

695 CASSELL'S Lessons in French, 12mo, cl. 4s 1866 vol, Chartism, crown 8vo, half calf, gilt, 6s 1866 696 CASSELL'S Euclid. The first Six Books, and 673 CARLYLE'S Translation from the German of the Eleventh and Twelfth, from the text of Robt.

Goethe's Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship and Simson, 12mo, cloth, ls 6d

his Travels, 2 vols, crown dvo, cloth, 10s 1864 697 CATHEDRALS. The Hand-Book to the Cathe. 674 CARLYLE'S Translations from the German, drals of Bristol, Gloucester, Hereford, Worcester,

comprising the choice pieces from Richter, Tieck, Lichfield, with a History of their Origin, Anti:

Musæus, in l vol, crown 8vo, cloth, 5s 1863 quities, Patrons, Monuments, Tombs, &c., 8vo, 675 CARLYLE'S Critical and Miscellaneous Essays, many beautiful Plates, cloth extra, 168 1864 4 vols, crown 8vo, cloth, 21s

1865 698 CATLIN'S Illustrations of the North American 676 CARLYLE'S Oliver Cromwell's Letters and Indians, their Customs, Manners, and Condition,

Speeches, with Elucidations, 3 vols, crown dvo, written during eight years of Travel and Adven. cloth, 158

1865 ture among the wildest and most remarkable 677 CARLILE'S Manual of Freemasonry-the First Tribes now existing, with 360 Engravings from

Three Degrees; The Royal Arch and Knights the Authors' own Drawings, 2 vols royal 8vo, Templar Druids - The Degrees of Mark Man, cloth, 25s, pub £4 4s

1857 &c., 12mo, cloth, 3s 6d

1866 699 CATULLUS and Tibullus; also, the Vigils of 678 CARLYLE'S Past and Present, crown 8vo, cloth, Venus, translated into English, with Notes, post 4s, pub 10s id 1843 8vo, cloth, 48 6d

1855 679 CARLYLE'S (Rev. G.) Miscellaneous Discourses, 700 CATULLUS, Tibullus, Propertius, and Ovid, 12mo, cloth, 3s 6d

1866 Selections from, with Notes by Donne, 12mo, 680 CARY'S Lives of English Poets, from Johnson cloth, 2s

1860 to Kirke White, designed as a Continuation to 701 CAVELER'S Specimens of Gothic Architecture, Johnson's Lives, 12mo, full bound smooth calf, comprising the finest Examples of Architecture, elegant, 7s

1846 4 vols 4to in one, many Plates, half morocco, 248

702 CÆSAR'S Commentaries on the Gallic War, 1 721 CHAMBERS'S Atlas of Modern and Ancient

with Notes in English by Author, and Index, Geography for general reference, 34 Maps col. 12mo, bound, 4s 6d

1865 oured, and an Index of subjects, 4to cloth, 10s 703 CECIL'S (Rev. Richard) Remains and Life; by 6d

1866 Rev. Jos. Pratt, 12mo, Portrait, cloth, 2s 6d, pub 722 CHAMBERS'S Traditions of Edinburgh, viz., The 6s

1830 Changes of the last Eighty Years ; The West 704 CELEBRATED French Authors. Half-hours Bow: Curious Stories of the Countess of Stair ;

with the best French Authors; being Short Pas- The Old Bank Close; Tales of the Old Taverns, sages from the most Celebrated Prose Writers of and their frequenters; The Mint Close; Darn. the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries, trans- ley's Murder, and other Reminiscences, 12mo, lated into English, with 30 beautiful Wood En. cloth, 3s, pub 6s

1860 gravings from Designs by Emile Bayard, royal 725 CHAMBERS' Commercial Tables, consisting of 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt edges, 10s 6d

1866 Reckoning, Interest, Annuity, Money, Weights, 705 CELEBRATEĎ Naval Commanders, Memoirs Measures, and other Tables, 12mo, bound neat, of all the Commanders forming the Naval Gallery 3s

1866 of Greenwich Hospital, imp. 8vo, 20 Portraits, 724 CHAMBERS' History of the Rebellion of 1745-6,

blue morocco, gilt edges, 8s, pub £2 2s 1829 with many Historical and Curious Incidents, 706 CERTAYNE Sermons or Homilies appointed by collected from authentic sources, 12mo cloth, the Kynges Maiestie to be declared and redde, 2s 6d, pub 78

1817 by all persons, Vicars or Curates, every Sondaye 725 CHAMBERS'S Papers for the People. An Asin their Churches, where they have cure. 4to, semblage of Articles, by original and talented first edition, black letter, antique calf binding, contributors, consisting of Biographies, Tales, wants one leaf in the middle, slightly stained at cor. Short and Humourous Sketches, Adventures, ners, and worm-eaten at back of leaves. Imprinted at Narrative Scenes founded on Facts, &c., &c., 12 London the xxi day of August, in the firste year vols bound in 6, crown 8vo, cloth, extra, 18s 1864 of the reign of our sovereigne Edward VI, in the 726 CHAMBERS' History of Scotland, new revised yere 1547, £2 2s

edition, calf, elegant, 59 60

1849 707 CERVANTES' Exemplary Novels. A series of 727 CHAMBERS' Book of Days; a Miscellany of

Amorous Tales of Life in Spain, translated from Popular Antiquities in connection with the Calenthe Spanish language by W. Kelly, post 8vo, Por- dar, including Anecdotes, Biography, History, trait of Author, cloth

1855 Curiosities of Literature, and Oddities of Human 708 CHALMERS' (Rev. Dr.) Power and Wisdom of Life and Character, 2 large thick vols, royal 8vo,

God, and the Moral and Intellectual Constitution cloth, many hundred engravings, 208 1864 of Man, being the Bridgewater Treatise, post 8vo, Another Copy, half morocco, very handsome, 358 cloth, 4s 60

1853 728 CHAMBERS' Cyclopedia of English Literature, 709 CHALMERS' Select Sermons, new edition, 12mo, a History, Critical and Biographical, of British cloth, Is

1864 Authors, from the earliest to the present times, 710 CHALMERS' Natural Theology, 2 vols 12mo, 2 large thick vols, royal 8vo, illustrated through: cloth, 4s 6d, pub 12s

out, cloth, extra, 168

1866 711 CHALMERS' Congregational Sermons, 3 vols, Another Copy, 2 vols, half calf, bands, very hand. 12mo, cloth, 78, pub 18s

1853 some, 213 712 CHALMERS' Astronomical Discourses on the 729 CHAMBERS' Enclopedia, or Dictionary of

Christian Revelation, 12mo, cloth, best edition, Universal Knowledge for the People, 9 vols, im. 3s 6d

1854 perial 8vo, illustrated with numerous Maps and Another Copy, cheap edition, 12mo, 18 1865 many hundred Engravings, drawn and newly 713 CHALMERS' Discourses on the Application of engraved, cloth, extra, £3 10s, Edinburgh 1864-67

Christianity to the Commercial and Ordinary 730 CHAMBERS' History of the Russian War, with Affairs of Life, 12mo, cloth, best ed., 3s 6d 1853 Plates and Maps, complete in 1 large vol., royal Another Copy, the popular edition, 12mo, ls, 1865 8vo, cloth, extra, 9s, pub 16s

1865 714 CHALMERS' Sketches of Moral and Mental 731 CHAMBERS' History of the Indian Mutiny, and Philosophy, 12mo, cloth, 2s 6d

1854 of the Expeditions to Persia, China, and Japan, 715 CHALMERS' Introductory Essays to Select

illustrated with Plates and Maps, royal 8vo, cloth, Christian Anthors, 12mo, cloth, 2s, pub 68 1836 extra, 9s, pub 16s

1864 716 CHAMBERS' (Sir W.) Civil Architecture, Illus- 732 CHAMBERS' Information for the People, 2 vols,

trated with many fine large plates, royal folio, royal 8vo, many hundred illustrations, cloth, extra, calf, 1 ts 1759 last improved edition, 168

1866 717 CHAMBERS’S Domestic Annals of Scotland,with 733 CHAMBERS' Pocket Miscellany, a most exten.

much curious Information, Anecdotes, &c., com. sive Collection of Sterling Popular Readings, piled from authentic Sources, 3 vols, 8vo, Plates, Tales, Adventures, &c., &c., 24 vols, 18mo, in 12, cloth extra, 26s, pub £3 38 1859 cloth, extra, 18s

1862 718 CHAMBERS'S Atlas for the People, containing 734 CHAMBERS' Songs of Scotland, (a Collection of)

37 elegantly coloured Maps, Illustrative of the prior to Burns, being a Collection of the choicest most Important Portions of the Globe, ancient and most spicey songs of Scotland, with the and modern, with an excellent Index, royal 4to, Music tunes, edited by Robert Chambers, 12mo, cloth, extra, 128 6d 1866 cloth, 6s

1862 719 CHAMBERS'S Parlour Atlas of the World, with 735 CHAMBERS' Rudiments of Vegetable Physio. a Copious Index, 36 coloured Maps, royal 8vo, logy, 12mo, cloth, 19 9d

1844 cloth, 158

1866 | 736 CHAMBERS' Practical Mathematics, 12mo, 720 CHAMBERS' Historical and Miscellaneous Ques

1852 tions, in 1 thick vol, 12mo, numerous Engravings, 737 CHAMBERS' Mathematical Tables, consisting bound neat, 4s 6d

cloth, 3s

1866 of Logarithmic and other Tables, 12mo, cloth, 3s

pub 158

738 CHAMBERS' Algebra, Theoretical and Practical, | 760 CHARNOCK'S (Rev. Stephen) Whole Works, 12mo, cloth, 3s

1861 consisting of Treatises, Commentaries, Sermons, 739 CHAMBERS' Latin Dictionary, Latin English, edited with Life, by Edward Parsons, 9 vols,

and English Latin, thick vol, 12mo, bd, 6s 1866 royal 8vo, fine portrait, half calf, neat, gilt bands, 740 CHAMBAUD'S Fables Choisies des personnes £2 10s, pub £6 6s

1815 qui commencent à apprendre la Langue Fran- | 761 CHARLES THE BOLD, Duke of Burgundy: His çaises, last edition, 12mo, cloth, 2s

Life and His Times, by John F. Kirk, 2 vols, 741 CHAPMAN'S Every Day French Talk, last 8vo, portraits, full bound, smooth calf, elegant, edition, 12mo, cloth, 2s

richly gilt, 225

1863 742 CHARADES, Enigmas, and Riddles, collected 762 CHAIRMAN and Speaker's Guide, with Instruc.

from the best sources, by A. Cantab, 12mo, cloth, tions how to Manage a Meeting, how to Make & frontispiece, 2s 6d

1865 Speech, and on the Conduct of a Debate, 12mo, 743 CRANBROOK'S (Rev. James) Credibilia, or boards, 18

1864 Discourses on Questions of Christian Faith, crown 763 CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH'S Personal Recol. 8vo, cloth, 3s

1866 lections, with many Interesting Anecdotes, 12no, 744 CRANBROOK'S Divine Providence in its Re- cloth, portrait, 4s 6d

1854 lations to Prayer and Plagues, 8vo, ls 1866 765

JUDAH'S Lion, 12mo, cloth, 5s 745 CHAVASSE'S Advice to a Mother, on the Man- 766 CHATEAUBRIAND'S Memoirs of His Life,

agement of Her Children, and on the Treatment written by himself, translated from the French, on the moment of their more pressing Illnesses, post 8vo, portrait, half calf, bands, 4s 6d 1848 12mo, 2s 6d

1866 767 CHAUCER, (Geury) The Workes of, newly 746 CHAVASSE'S Advice to a Wife on the Man- printed, with dyvers Workes, as the table more

agement of her own Health, 12mo, 2s 6d 1866 playnly doth appere, thick folio, black letter, a 747 CHANDLER’S Life of Wm. Waynflete, Bishop of very fine and clean copy, in calf, £5 5s, with

Winchester, and Lord High Chancellor of Eng. curious frontispieces, Imprynted at London, 1687 lanıl, in the reign of Henry VI, royal 8vo, portraits This is an unusually fine copy, and the volume throughand plates, bds, 3s 6d

1811 out remarkably clean, with the addition of the Ploughman's 748 CHANNING'S (Rev. Dr.) Complete Works, con- Tale, and the story of the Siege of Thebes.

sisting of his Lectures, Essays, and Orations, 768 CHAUCER'S Canterbury Tales, also an Essay on 2 vols, 8vo, cloth, 9s


His Language and Versification, Notes and 749 CHARTERS of the Duchy of Lancaster, trans- Glossary, by Tyrwhitt, with a Memoir of Chaucer, lated and edited by W. Hardy, 8vo, cloth, 4s, by Gilfillan, and Dissertations by C. Cowden


Clarke, 3 vols, 8vo, half mor, gilt edges, 188 1861 750 CHARLES I. Eikon Bazaikh: the Portraiture Another Copy: 3 vols, 8vo, full bound, cf, elegt, 24s

of his most Sacred Majestie Charles I, in his 769 CHAUCER'S Canterbury Tales, and all His Solitude and Sufferings, 8vo, plate of Charles I other Poems, with an Essay on his Language,

at his Prayers, boards, 3s 1618, reprint 1824 Notes and Glossary, by Tyrwhitt, royal 8vo, 751 CHURCHILL'S Mount Lebanon: a Ten Years' splendid portrait, full bound, smooth, calf elegant Residence, from 1842 to 1852, with the Manners, 18s 6d

1864 Customs, and Religion of Its Inhabitants, and 770 CHAUCER'S Canterbury Tales, with Notes and also, History of the Mountain Tribes, Dresses, Glossary, by Tyrwhitt, thick vol, 12mo, illustrated &c, &c, 3 vols, 8vo, plates, cloth, extra, 148, by Corbould, full bound, best Turkey morocco, pub £2 88

gold erges, 9s

1865 752 CHINA and JAPAN. Oliphant's Narrative of the 771 CHRISTIAN Year; Thoughts in verse for the

Extraordinary Mission, from this Country, of the Sundays and Holy Days throughout the Year, by Earl of Elgin, to China and Japan in the years Keble, 12mo, illustrated with a beautifully illu1857, 1858, 1859, with many interesting details minated frontispiece and photograph of the of the Country, its People, and Customs, 2 vols, Saviour, full bound, best Turkey morocco, 8vo, num fine Plates, cloth, 12s 6d, pb 428 1860

antique style, carmine, gold edge, 228 1866 753 CHINA Opened. Gutzlaff's History of the Another Copy, 12mo, with 12 splendid photograph

Customs, Manners, Topography, Literature, &c, plates of the Old Masters, smooth calf, antique of the Chinese Empire, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth 5s 6d 1838

style, 248

1866 754 CHAPMAN'S Elements of Art, a Manual for the Another Copy, 18mo, morocco, antique, 12 beauti. Amateur, and Basis of Study for the Professional

ful photographs, 21s Another Copy, 14s Artist, with numerous progressive engravings Another Copy, 32mo, morocco, 5s, another 3s, of Drawings, &c, 4to, cloth, 78 6d, pub £1 ls 1858

another, in cloth, ls 6d 755 CHAPMAN'S Translation of Homer's Iliad, and 772 CHRISTIAN'S Mistake, by the Author of 'John

Homer's Odyssey, with copious Notes, 4 vols, Halifax, Gentleman,' with engraved frontispiece, crown 8vo, cloth, extra, 20s

crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 5s

1866 756 CHILDREN'S Garland, from the Poets, selected 773 CHRISTMAS with the Poets, a Collection of Ca

and arranged by Coventry Patmore, 12mo, cloth, rols, Songs, and Descriptive Verses, from the

eleg’ly printed, beautiful Frontispiece, 4s 6d 1864 Anglo-Norman Period to the Present Time, royal 757 CHARLES'S (Rev. Thomas, of Bala) Essays on

8vo, every page illuminated with gold lines and a Religion and Interesting Papers, edited by Mor. series of exquisite pictures, richly bound, inlaid gan, 12mo, cloth, 58 6d

sides, 20s

1862 758 CHARLES'S (Rev. Thomas, of Bala) Memoirs 774 CHESHIRE. King's Vale Royal of England, or

of His Life and Labours, by Rev. Edw. Morgan, the County Palatine of Chester, condensed, with

12mo, five portrait, calf, gilt, 4s 6d, pub Jos 1831 Historical and Biographical Notes, by T. Hughes, 759 CHAMBERLAIN'S Position of our Church; or plotes, crown 8vo, cloth, scarce, 2s 6d 1842

The True Sense of the Non-Supremacy Clause of 775 CHRISTIAN Scholar (The), by the author of the New Oath, royal 8vo, half morocco, 4s 1860

The Cathedral,” 12mo, cl., 5s, pub 108 6d 1849

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